Big Washing Machines Pros and Cons

Large families or flatmates need to wash a lot of clothes. Therefore, the most effective thing is to equip yourself with a large-capacity washing machine.

The main reason for buying a large capacity washing machine is that it saves electricity and water bills since you can wash more clothes simultaneously.

Did you know that large capacity washing machines have a lower consumption per kg of clothes than conventional machines?

That’s right.

When you wash fewer clothes a week, you also reduce your workload.

In addition, if it is not overloaded, the large-capacity washing machine can also wash better because its large drum removes clothes and bedding more efficiently.


Why choose a large capacity washing machine?

Why choose a large capacity washing machine

If you have a large family, the best option is to buy a large capacity washing machine. However, it is not the same to wash 8 or 9 loads of clothes a day to wash only a large load.

But even for homes with few people, a large capacity washing machine can be handy, especially if you have little time.

With a large washing machine, you can store your clothes during the week and wash a single massive load on the weekend.

In fact, in Mi Electro, you will find a wide variety of 9 kg washing machines.


What are the characteristics of a large-capacity washing machine?

The main features of large capacity washing machines are:

  • Capacity: Large capacity washing machines can wash from 9 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg, or even 16 kg.
  • Load Type: Large capacity washing machines are all front-loading, equipped with a window.
  • Dimensions: The standard size of a front washing machine by default is 60 cm wide, 85 cm high, and 57 to 69 cm deep. In a large capacity washing machine, these values increase from 2 to 5 cm.
  • Power consumption: Most large capacity washing machines have an energy rating of A.


What are the advantages of a large capacity washing machine?

These are the main advantages of the large capacity washing machine:

  • In addition, large capacity washing machines with their front load are beautiful, with glass doors and chrome details.
  • Due to its greater capacity, it allows the washing of quilting and other bulky items.
  • They don’t have agitators or impellers in the tub, giving you more space and smoother wash action.
  • They can be installed with the dryer stacked on top of the washing machine, saving space in the home.
  • They use less water than top-loading machines, and the vast majority are Energy Star rated.
  • They have excellent washing and tissue care performance.
  • They are usually quieter than top-loading washing machines with agitators.
  • They are more economical and ecological since they allow washing a greater amount of clothes simultaneously.


What benefits do you get with a large capacity washing machine?

There are multiple benefits of a large-capacity washing machine. First, the large capacity allows you to perform less laundry, which helps you save time and money. In addition, you no longer have to go to the laundry to wash quilting and other substantial garments.

Great revolution per minute: high spin speed

Large capacity washing machines have a high spin speed. This causes your clothes to slip, and you spend less time in the dryer.

The drum washing action is softer for clothes, which reduces wear and at the same time provides effective cleaning. In addition, a large capacity allows for better mixing of clothes and better ventilation during the washing cycle.


Adjust the wash according to the laundry

With large capacity washing machines, you don’t have to wait until your dirty laundry basket is full to start a machine because they have an automatic variable capacity system.

The operation is simple:

  • The drum is filled to a high level.
  • The clothes absorb the water.
  • The water level drops.
  • When it reaches the low level, the water inlet is turned on again until the clothes are completely soaked, after which the process stops.

This process allows you to wash small garments while obtaining optimal washing quality without wasting water or electricity.


What can be washed in a large capacity washing machine?

It is important to know that the capacity of a washing machine is special for cotton garments. For example, a 9 kg washing machine can wash 9 kg of a con, but only 2.5 kg of synthetic or wool fabrics.

That is why it is important to know the average weights of some common textile items to help you know what you can wash: Adult jeans: 1 kg. Jogging pants: 350 g. T-shirt: 150 g. Children’s jersey: 50 g. Pillowcase: 200 g. Large plush towel: 700 g.

Remember to pay attention when loading the machine. Make sure there is free space for washing water and for shaking clothes efficiently.

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