Top 10 Best Yoga Mat in India 2022

A high-quality yoga mat is extremely necessary to improve the stance and performance of the body. Yoga mat offers cushioning and traction and reduces the strains of the joints irrespective of the fact that you are a seasoned expert or a newbie. It enhances the stability of the posture and prevents the chances of slipping when you get sweaty.

But while choosing a mat for yourself, you should set your priorities straight and know what your requirements are. We have selected the best yoga mats based on the weight, space occupied, texture, thickness, and comfort. It is also important to notice that the mat should not be made from toxic materials.


Women Performing Yoga on the Yoga mat at 21 june as international day of yoga


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Best Yoga Mat

These are Top 10 Best Yoga Mat in India

  • AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat
  • Nivia 10 mm Yoga Mat
  • VI FITKIT Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat
  • TPE Exercise and Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines
  • Stag Yoga Mantra
  • Brandvilla Yoga Mat
  • AmazonBasics 6mm Yoga and Exercise Mat
  • Strauss Yoga Mat


Yoga Day Celebration


Best Yoga Mat in India 2022

We have chosen the top 10 yoga mats available in the Indian Market depending on their shape, thickness, size, slip-proof traction design, material, and durability. They are:

AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mat, AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

If you wish to take your workout to the next level, then AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat can be the best option for you to try. This mat is crafted with a textured surface to enhance the traction power of this product. It is an important factor for the safety and stability of your floor-exercise routines.

This 74(L) x 24(W) x 0.5(H) inches dimensioned mat is manufactured with the extra-thick condition to give you total comfort with its cushioning support while you are using it for daily floor-workout. The yoga equipment is made up of durable foam that enhances its longevity and makes it a light-weight one to use and carry.

It comes with an elastic carrying strap inside the pack that is a useful thing to keep the mat properly in shape. It is a compatible product not only for yoga but also for Pilates, meditation, stretching, other restorative and strengthening exercises.

This yoga mat from AmazonBasics is specially designed to support your body for all types of routines and poses to get most of the benefits from your workouts.

Important Features:

  • A comfortable product for yoga
  • Comes enough aerial space
  • Textured surface for traction power
  • 13mm extra-thick facility
  • A lightweight & durable product
  • Comes with a carrying strap
  • Support your body in yoga poses

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Nivia 10 mm Yoga Mat

Nivia Yoga Mat 10 mm the Best Yoga Mat in India

If you are looking for a comfortable yoga mat that is made with high-quality NBR material, then Nivia is the perfect product for you. This 10mm Yoga Mat from Nivia is made up of high-density, anti-tearing and non-toxic NBR material that helps the mat to stay at a place while you are using it for all types of floor yoga or exercise.

It is a durable product that stays for a long time even after daily use and is also an easy to clean mat to keep it fresh for use. It is highly recommended to make the mat dry immediately after washing. It comes with a black bag that is prepared with a net to carry it easily anywhere you want.

This yoga mat from Nivia has a sweat-absorbent facility. You can freely use it for exercise even in your barefoot with its non-slip surfaces grip. It can prevent injuries and is a suitable one for the wooden floor, tiles and carpeted floor to use comfortably.

Let us now check all the useful facilities of this product at a glance.

Important Features:

  • 10mm comfortable thickness
  • 180cm x 60cm x 1cm dimension
  • Made with NBR material
  • High-density, non-toxic & anti-tearing product
  • A sweat-absorbent mat
  • Non-slip surfaces grip facility]

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VI FITKIT Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat

VI FITKIT Yoga Mat Anti Skid EVA Yoga mat with Bag for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise Long Size Yoga Mat for Men and Women

Are you looking for a premium quality yoga mat that comes with total comfort? If yes, then you can try VI FITKIT Yoga Mat that is made with 8mm thick high-density foam material to give your elbows, spine, hips, and knees a total cushion comfort. It is a suitable product for both men and women due to its perfect size.

If you sweat a lot then do not worry about it, this yoga mat is completely sweat resistant. Along with this, you can take advantage of many facilities from this product like – it is a non-toxic mat, an eco-friendly product, comes with an anti-slip grip and water-resistant facility.

The special Moisture resistant Technology of this mat allows you to clean it properly with soap and water. It is designed to make you feel comfortable while you are doing exercise by protecting your joints with its extra thick material.

This product from VI FIT KIT is composed of eco-friendly and durable EVA material that lasts nearly five times more than an ordinary yoga mat. It is recommended to keep this mat away from the washing machine or dryer.

Important Features:

  • 8mm thick premium quality mat
  • Anti-slip with better grip
  • Sweat & water resistant product
  • Extra thickness for joint protection
  • An eco-friendly yoga mat
  • Made with non-toxic material
  • Easy-to-clean and wash

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TPE Exercise and Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

UN Declared 21 June as International Day of Yoga

TPE exercise and a yoga mat is an ultra high-density 6mm thick specially designed mat that comes with an extra cushioning facility to give your body maximum support while you are using it for yoga. The alignment lines and the thickness of this mat are technically crafted to reduce the high impact on your knee, spine, elbows, and hips.

This TPE mat has an anti-slip surface to ensure you maximum grip along with high-level comfort. If you are a tall person, then this mat can be the ultimate alternative for you with its 6 Feet X 2 Feet (183 X 61 Cm) extra wide feature.

The product is made of high-class eco-friendly SGS certified TPE material that is designed to give the user 100% comfort. No latex, PVC or harmful chemicals has been used to make this non-toxic yoga mat.

Let us take a quick look at the important features of this non-slip and odor-less yoga mat before investing money on it.

Important Features:

  • 6mm thick anti-slip surface
  • High density cushioning comfort
  • Specially designed for joint protection
  • A Perfect mat for tall people
  • An eco-friendly product
  • PVC, latex or harmful chemicals free product
  • Made with SGS certified TPE material

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Stag Yoga Mantra

Modi calls for Yoga Day in US General Assembly, Best Yoga Mat 2022

When you are performing a complex yoga pose or move, you always need to have the best product on the floor that can fully support your body. This Stag Yoga Mantra mat is specially designed to perform with a better grip on the surface even in difficult gymnastic positions.

It comes with slip-resistant and sweats absorbent facility that enhances the power of your physical activities like stretching, yoga, Pilates, and meditation. This mat is very much suitable for indoor and outdoor yoga practice for both men and women.

Its 8mm thickness is an ideal factor for the ultimate comfort and cushion-like feeling while you are using it. The product is made up of high-density and first-class foam material that is non-toxic and has an anti-slip facility to support your body while doing yoga on it.

It absorbs sweat during your workout, improving grip and eliminating the chances of slipping to give you a perfect day at training. Let us take a quick look at the useful features of this mat.

Important Features:

  • 60 cm(W) X 180 cm(H) X 8 mm(T) dimension product
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Sweat absorbent facility
  • Slip-resistant textured surface
  • Made with high-density foam
  • 100% comfort for physical activities
  • Comes with a carrying bag

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International Yoga Day

If you are searching for a professional yoga mat that comes with complete comfort and facilities, then CRAFTSFY TPE Yoga Mat can be then the best choice for you to buy. This 6mm thick yoga mat is made up of premium quality and density foam material and is specially designed with quick spring-back that helps you in different yoga movements.

This environment-friendly mat is completed with non-toxic, odor-free, PVC-free, moisture-proof and photodegradable TPE materials without any harmful chemicals. That is why this is a safety mat for women, children, and adults to use.

Its double-sided slip-resistant design allows the mat to grip the ground firmly to enhance your yoga performance on it. It is non-slip on wood, tile or cement floor. You can easily clean it with soap and water and dry it with a towel after washing.

The product has a creative triple-layer design with anti-tear grids that makes it durable and enhances its longevity. Let us check the vital features of this product.

Important Features:

  • 6mm thick yoga mat
  • A professional mat with quick spring-back
  • Latex, PVC, toxic, odor and harmful chemicals free
  • Made with moisture-proof TPE material
  • Two-sided anti-slip facility
  • Water-proof yoga mat
  • Anti-tear grids in the middle

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BrandVilla Yoga Mat

united nations declares 21 june as international day of yoga, Choose best Yoga Mats

Looking for the perfect sized yoga mat for your workout? Brandvilla has introduced the best mat for you with 6 feet long & 2 feet wide space to ensure you about the definitive comfort. With its 4mm thickness, this premium quality mat can protect your elbows, spine, hips, and knees from hard floors. Both men and women can use it perfectly in their workouts.

There are non-slip surfaces on both sides of this mat that is specially designed with excellent slip resistant facility to prevent any kind of accidents and injuries to your hand or foot during your practice.

The balanced resilience of this mat allows you to fix your body parts in the exercise session. Its moisture resistant technology makes it an easy-to-clean product. You can clean it with soap and water to keep it fresh every time.

The mat comes with a fixed carrying strap and a Nylon carrier bag to carry it everywhere you want. Below are all the helpful features of this mat. Here is  a glance.

Important Features:

  • 183 cm X 61 cm yoga mat
  • Made with high-density foam materials
  • Perfect size for men and women
  • Both sided anti-slip surfaces
  • Durable product with balanced resilience
  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Easy-to-clean mat

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AmazonBasics 6mm Yoga and Exercise Mat

AmazonBasics Yoga and Exercise Mat with Carrying Strap

AmazonBasics Yoga and Exercise Mat come in an attractive green and red color with 6mm thickness that can be the best partner in your yoga, Pilates or other exercise. It has comfortable cushioning support with its 1/4-inch thickness and beneficial layers inside it.

This 74L x24W x0.25H dimensioned product from AmazonBasics is textured with a non-slip surface and enhances the traction power of the mat that is an essential factor to maintain the stability in various yoga poses.

It is a useful product especially for beginners to continue their floor exercise routines. This lightweight and durable product are made with high-density foam materials to improve its longevity.

It comes with an elastic carrying strap inside the package that makes it easy to carry anywhere you want. It is a pleasure to use this mat at the gym or yoga center for the daily workout. Let us now take a quick look at the important features of this product.

Important Features:  

  • 6mm thickness for total comfort & cushioning effect
  • A durable mat for daily workout
  • A lightweight product made of high-density foam materials
  • 96cm x 60.96cm x 0.61cm dimensioned mat
  • Comes with an elastic carrying strap
  • An anti-slip facility in both surfaces
  • Textured surface for reliable traction

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Strauss Yoga Mat

Strauss Yoga Mat

If you are searching for a healthy folding mat for your daily exercise, then Strauss Yoga Mat is there to fulfill all your needs. This non-toxic yoga mat is made of a super-absorbent microfiber and natural tree rubber recycled materials. It comes with a carrying bag that makes it a convenient product for home use and travel.

This 173cm x 61cm x 6mm dimensioned yoga mat has an anti-slip ability that can prevent many accidents and injuries during the practice. The product from Strauss comes with extra padding and support to enhance your exercise ability to get the best result out of it.

The mat is designed with anti-skid bottom to provide extra stability while you are using it for yoga or other workouts. The texture patterned foam material of this mat ensures the overall grip of the mat in the ground.

Below let us take a quick look at the highlighted features of this lightweight, easy-to-roll and washable yoga mat at a glance.

Important Features:

  • Anti-skid yoga folding mat
  • 173cm x 61cm x 6mm dimension suitable for all
  • Extra padding and support for better comfort
  • Easy to wash and roll
  • Eco-friendly product with anti-scratch and anti-slip facility
  • A water-resistant product
  • Made with textured patterned foam

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VELLORA Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yoga mat

VELLORA Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yogamat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise - Long Size Yoga Mate for Men Women, Best Yogamat

VELLORA is the popular workout equipment manufacturer and has now introduced its anti-skid yoga mat that is specially designed to provide total comfort, absorb impacts. The mat prevents your elbows, knees, and joints from getting injured during the practice. The mate is specially built with a double-sided anti-slip surface that helps you to perform your yoga movements with confidence.

The textured 6mm surface of this mat ensures your gripping ability and makes your hands and feet stable on the surface. It is a suitable product for wood, tile, or cement floor for exercise.

It is a photodegradable product and it can get heat-up in the direct sunlight after a long time use. So you need to be careful about the perfect storage point of this mat. You can lean it with soap and water. Dry it with just a soft cloth to keep it always fresh.

The product is made with all the eco-friendly materials and is totally free from any latex, PVC, silicone, phthalates and other toxic elements.

Important Features:

  • 6mm surface for better comfort
  • A lightweight and portable mat
  • 72″ long x 24″ wide mat
  • Made with high-quality eco-friendly materials
  • Easy-to-wash with mild soap and water
  • 100% non-toxic and safe to use
  • Free from any harmful chemicals

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Conclusion for Winner Yoga Mat

At last, here is what we have come to our conclusion. Of all the above yoga mats from the reputed brands, AmazonBasics 13mm Extra Thick Yoga Mat is our top pick due to its high–class material, anti-slip surface and standard size that is suitable for even a tall person of 6 feet.

So which of the above mats do you like the most? Comment in the below section and let us know.

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