Best Wireless Home Theatre System

Going to the cinema is one of the most popular ways to spend leisure time with many people. Fortunately, the Hollywood and domestic film industry is steadily pampering us with new blockbusters, including 3D format. The audience is traditionally attracted by incredibly spectacular special effects, the beauty of which lies in the visual perception of what is happening on the screen and in high-quality sound accompaniment.

And who said that this is only available in entertainment centres? After all, almost any store of home appliances and electronics really buy a ready and balanced system “home theatre” that is just enough to connect to your TV. And you can enjoy not only the latest movies but also create your own collection, comfortably view sports, music videos and more. To do this, all you need to find a suitable for the size of the room and their own needs model. And this will help our ranking of the best home theatres available in general sale in 2022.


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Best Wireless Home Theatre System

Sony BDV-E6100 Wireless Home Theatre System

Sony BDV-E6100

If you are looking for a very high-profile home theatre – you should pay attention to the Sony BDV-E6100. The acoustics available here can please the total capacity of 1000 W. Movie explosions or percussion instruments sound as realistic as possible from the speakers. You can also display the sound on the speakers from your favourite smartphone – this uses Bluetooth. And the home theatre has different “smart” functions. This allows you to watch the content directly on the Internet. The global web connection is organized through both the Ethernet port and Wi-Fi. For more comfortable control, you can use the keyboard by connecting it to a USB port.

Key pros:

  • Decent total capacity
  • Blu-ray 3D and Smart TV support
  • A large number of decoders
  • A large number of connectors
  • The availability of FM radio


  • A small number of sound settings
  • High price



LG BH6340H 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System

LG BH6340H 5.1 Channel 3D Blu-Ray Wireless Home Theatre System

3D Blu-ray home theatre with karaoke. The model is made in a pleasant laconic design. Classic black, floor front and rear satellites, neat and compact player block.

LG BH6340H configuration – 5.1. The Korean brand’s stated total capacity is 1000 w, the subwoofer is passive. Wired network connection (Ethernet) is available, wireless via Bluetooth. Available drives play Blu-ray, DVDs/CDs. Supported 2D/3D video in Full HD 1080p resolution. There are a USB port and an HDMI connector (cable included).

Also, I would like to note the smooth work with most formats, including MKV, the presence of major Decoders Dolby and DTS.

Key pros:

  • Karaoke feature with different effects, microphone included;
  • Playing with USB media, recording capability;
  • Access to content providers on LG Smart TV;
  • There is an ARC channel;
  • Up to 50 fixed FM tuner settings.


  • Only one HDMI
  • No Wi-Fi.



Not particularly expensive, a convenient kit for a comfortable pastime in front of the TV and karaoke lovers. Of course, the specified power of 167 watts on the channel should be perceived philosophically, but in principle, the home theatre’s sound is good.


SVEN HT-210 acoustics kit

Budget option for not particularly rich moviegoers who do not want to deny themselves the pleasure of watching movies with full-volume sound. Listening to music is also more than real and pleasant. Of course, if you do not consider yourself to be a community of “burnt” audiophiles. But then the money in the purse should be incomparable more.

THE SVEN HT-210 is a 5.1 multimedia acoustics for the simple creation of a home theatre system that requires an external signal source to play multi-channel audio tracks. It can be a media, BD, DVD player, laptop or PC with a suitable set of interfaces. Bluetooth support allows you to stream music from mobile devices wirelessly.

The connection is available via linear inputs using 3 complete jack 3.5 – 2xRCA cables (the easiest way), via coaxial separation or “optics.” The latter method is usually accompanied by “dancing with a tambourine” because, without shamanism with transmitting devices, they can give only a stereo signal. And it’s not the fault of the acoustics.

Key pros:

  • Cute design with a pleasing for the eye VFD display;
  • Total capacity: 125 w (50 per subwoofer, 5 x15);
  • Clear and convenient remote;
  • The material of the acoustics buildings is MDF, complete with “ears” for wall fastening;
  • Integrated FM radio, USB port, SD/MMC card slot.


  • Marky facade;
  • Staff wires for rear satellites are short.

Models in the lineup:

  • SVEN HT-202 – power (total) 100 w (20 per subwoofer, 5×16 per satellite), single-lane acoustics, there is Bluetooth, USB, no coaxial and optical inputs
  • SVEN HT-201 – 80 W (1 x 20, 5 x12), only linear input 5.1, single-band satellites, there is Bluetooth, USB
  • SVEN HT-200 – 80-watt power, single-lane satellites, no Bluetooth


Good acoustics for a medium-sized room. Connected to the motherboard’s sound – the flight is normal for films with a 6-channel track – excellent, music – normal. I don’t really listen to the radio.


Samsung HW-Q90

A high-end device is like something much more than just a soundbar. A full-fledged home theatre in a stylish and relatively compact performance? Yes, but such a laudatory epithet will not be enough. Multichannel 5.1 audio is certainly good. 7.1-channel – quite cool! What do we see here?

A state-of-the-art, high-tech sound system developed by Samsung’s Korean delirium in collaboration with Harman/Kardon. Highly optimized for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, thanks to implementing True Sound technology with the 7.1.4-channel immersive sound coming literally from everywhere.

Acoustic composition: the base panel with a frontal, side (Surround right-left with reflection from the walls), upper (reflection from the ceiling) speakers in the company wireless subwoofer and a pair of wireless rear satellites with additional high-altitude emitters. A total of 17 drivers are used. Total capacity is 510 w.

Key pros:

  • Excellent design;
  • Premium sound (in fact, in Dolby Atmos mode, the soundbar does about the same as the much more expensive 11.2 AV-receiver kits with the elite Certified Dolby Acoustics Laboratory);
  • Adaptive sound, excellent stereo emulation in volume;
  • Optical entrance, 1xHDMI out, 2xHDMI in with end-to-end 4K support, HDR10;
  • Wireless – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (music streaming);
  • Compatibility with smart things’ proprietary sound management app through the Smart Home system.


  • High price tag;
  • No AirPlay 2, Google Assistant (adaptation only to Alexa).

Models in the lineup:

  • Samsung HW-80 – more affordable version 5.1.2 without rear speakers, 372 W, 13 speakers
  • Samsung HW-70 – no rear, end speakers, circuit 3.1.2, 330 W, 7 drivers


It’s great for a home theatre. The relics are short; the sound is clean and detailed; the subwoofer shakes like a beast! Signed up Okko, where there are movies with “roads” Atmos. When will our filmmakers duplicate more content in this format?



The soundbar is a home theatre with a wireless subwoofer from another Korean brand with similar basic characteristics but without rear acoustics. In principle, LG already has an alternative to the above Samsung with 7.1.4-channel sound (SL11RG), but the new flagship model is not on sale so far. Or it’s not for the Russian user.

However, the sound panel in question, speaking in the language of distant ancestors, is green. Equipped with frontal, side speakers of 3D sound, a pair of upper emitters of high-altitude channels for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X (good corresponding decoders are present). The final scheme is 5.1.2, the total capacity (RMS) is 570 W. If you want more, all is not lost – optional you can add a wireless rear LG SPK8-S.

Key pros:

  • MERIDIAN Audio Extension Technology;
  • Excellent cinema sound, stereo playback as up to 192 kHz/24 bits;
  • Connectivity interfaces – 2 logins, 1 HDMI HDCP 2.2 (through video 4K HDR, Dolby Vision), optics, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi (2.4, 5 GHz);
  • Chromecast support
  • Included in the PDU, optical cable.


  • Incomplete sound scene (reflection from the walls, ceiling – good, but the rear is clearly not enough);
  • Price.

Models in the lineup:

  • LG SL9Y – 4.1.2-channel panel, 500 W, 1 input HDMI
  • LG SL8Y – Channel 3.1.2, 440 W


After the acquisition of the 65-inch TV acutely became a matter of sound. Stereo for movies is no longer an ace; I want more since LG TV decided to buy the same manufacturer’s flagship soundbar. Sounds great! Too bad they didn’t find a wireless rear on sale. Let’s wait!


Onkyo HT-S9800THX

The flagship of the Japanese brand in the class of boxed home cinemas. Although it belongs to the category of “all in one” is quite conditional. What “balalaikas” in the style of DVD/BD muses. Centres with simple plastic columns and a symbolic subwoofer? It’s severe. Onkyo HT-S9800THX is a high-quality THX-certified system.

The base device is AV-receiver 7.2 (HT-R997). Power to the canal – 165 w. In the arsenal of 2 HDMI output, 7 entrances (1 front, 6 rear). Supported through video 4K/60 Hz, HDR10, Dolby Vision™ (HDCP 2.2) and a variety of audio formats, including the most advanced. Wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi (2.4 and 5 GHz), AirPlay, Spotify, Bluetooth. Built-in streaming tools: Chromecast, DTS Play-Fi.

The acoustics set consists of excellent quality wooden two-lane AU closed type with magnetic shielding. Constructively, the frontal pair and the centre are identical – two 12-centimetre HF speakers with some diffuser, a soft tweeter, at Surround speakers one HF (13 cm) – tweeter. The default sound scheme is 7.1, for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X scene-setting changes by 5.1.2/5.2.2.

Key pros:

  • Excellent sound in both multichannel and stereo 2.1;
  • The ability to create high-altitude channels by the forces of regular AU;
  • Active subwoofer 125 W with a powerful 30-cm speaker;
  • Support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, mixing with effective volume emulation in Dolby Surround, DTS Neural:X;
  • Calibration for accuE.


  • Short wires in the set;
  • High price.



A great kit for those who either do not want or do not have the opportunity, sufficient qualification for the independent selection of a decent receiver and acoustics under it. Bought, connected, simple setting – a really gorgeous sound!


Onkyo HT-S7805 Wireless Home Theatre System

Magnificent home theatre 5.1.2, which may seem expensive to some, but people who understand what it is capable of and orientate in prices on Dolby Atmos equipment, will surely understand the benefits of this offer. Well, the quality of products of the Japanese brand is not in doubt.

The basis of the design is a modern and powerful AV-receiver with a full set of analog and digital interfaces, including HDMI 2.0 (8 inputs and 2 outputs) with 4K/60 Hz video support, HDCP 2.2, USB. Accum’s auto-calibration system is in place, and the AccuReflex has an extended function for the Encoded in Dolby Digital and DTS:X tracks.

Under to become a receiver and a set of acoustics, “sharpened” under Dolby Atmos. An active subwoofer with a 20-centimetre speaker and 80-w amplifier, broadband “tiles,” a two-lane centre and a basic stereo is a classic set for 5.1 configurations. However, each of the front speakers additionally installed a high-altitude speaker in an airtight chamber, directed to the ceiling at a certain angle.

Key pros:

  • Powerful AV-receiver – 160 W per channel;
  • Support for advanced Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X formats;
  • FireConnect technology to connect to wireless speakers;
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB;
  • Full acoustic set 5.1.2.


  • The price is not affordable for everyone.


This is really the best home theatre. The configuration is optimal for spatial sound in the standard-sized living room; there is the possibility of creating an additional zone. I haven’t fully figured out all the chips yet, but it’s also so great.


Onkyo HT-S5805 Wireless Home Theater System

This model is a “lightweight” version of the home theatre with the support of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X in comparison with Onkyo HT-S7805, but with a much more attractive price tag. If someone thinks that it is expensive, you can advise to compare the cost of individual Dolby Atmos components in online stores and, as they say, feel the difference.

The set includes an AV-receiver with seven amplification channels of 100 W each, of which five are for classic acoustics (front, centre, surround) and two for high-altitude. There are decoders of almost all known volume sound formats with 4 HDMI inputs and 1 output (for 4K UHD and HDCP 2.2). The AccuE’s automatic calibration has not gone anywhere.

The acoustics of the HTP-588 is compact and easy to place. Its principled design is about the same as that of the HTP-678 from the “big brother”: an active subwoofer with a 20-centimetre speaker pointing to the floor, rear broadband AU, centre – 2 x 8 cm plus tweeter, combined front pair with main two-lane sections and built-in high-altitude speakers under Dolmus.

Key pros:

  • Relatively affordable kit 5.1.2;
  • Compact microphone for AccuE’s calibration;
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming technology;
  • FM/AM tuner with 40 presets;
  • Advanced Music Optimizer system to improve compressed files.


  • A limited number of interfaces, no USB;
  • There are no network features.


A great option to join Dolby Atmos. Compared to simple “box” home theatres really high-end sound with a lot of settings and adjustments. A quality thing!


Polk Audio MagniFi MAX SR

The excellent soundbar system, which has a cool Polk Audio Max sound panel, is complemented by wireless elements: a powerful subwoofer and rear speakers. We get a real home theatre 5.1 without unnecessary cords and hassle. And it sounds perfect. Maybe, to the level of an expensive AV-receiver with good acoustics does not reach, but nevertheless.

The total capacity of 400 w, of which 160 is a subwoofer, 180 on the base device with central and frontal channels, 60 watt divides the rear mobile pair. The manufacturer promotes its proprietary SDA volume sound optimization technology. The panel is compatible with all modern TV and consoles of many of them, although available and own.

There are 3 HDMI inputs with 4K end-to-end video support, HDR, and Dolby Vision for external connections. Of course, this interface is perfectly betrayed by digital multichannel sound. You can enjoy music in streaming mode with the built-in Google Chromecast, Bluetooth systems.

Key pros:

  • Excellent 5.1 playback quality, extended stereo;
  • Voice Adjust technology with voice selection setup;
  • Dolby Audio, DTS support;
  • 2-band Wi-Fi connection (2.4, 5 GHz);
  • The presence of optical, analog inputs (cables in the set).


  • High price tag (this soundbar is worth it);
  • Can phony rear speakers (treated with an update directly connected to the network, setting up a digital output on TV).

Models in the lineup:

  • Polk Audio MagniFi MAX – basic 2.1 model without rear acoustics


Surprisingly beautiful sound from a compact panel. Movies watch cool, music video, sports are also excellent. By design, the complete harmony with the interior and TV, done everything qualitatively. I’m happy with the acquisition.


Sony HT-S700RF Wireless Home Theatre

A highly practical and efficient home theatre system from a well-known Japanese company. Even the fact that China’s production does not spoil the overall positive impression. These are the realities of modern globalism. Interesting detail: constructively the heart of the system is an active subwoofer with a digital amplifier S-Master. And already to it wires connects a set of acoustics 5.1.

The front sound panel looks like a classic soundbar, in a monolithic case of which there are 2 front and central speakers. The rear pair of satellites is made in the form of vertical floor racks. However, if you want the speakers without much difficulty are hung on the wall. It’s a matter of taste. The stated total capacity of all channels is 1000 W.

The source of the audio signal can be chosen almost anyone, just by connecting on HDMI. Naturally, the priority is on TV. Also, the following switching interfaces are supported: analog (stereo), optical inputs, USB Type-A port, wireless Bluetooth receiver.

Key pros:

  • Excellent design, easy tuning;
  • A simple connection with TV by HDMI ARC;
  • A real ambience sound, thanks to the presence of rear aces;
  • Support for Dolby Digital, DTS;
  • Remote, long enough cords of speakers.


  • All acoustics are wired;
  • Short complete HDMI cable.


Stylish and powerful home theatre with a good sub, passive soundbar and rear speakers. Not a receiver, of course, with steep acoustics, but the price is adequate. For the movie is great, for the music is not so cool, but our family music lovers are not particularly demanding.


JBL Bar Soundbar 5.1

In its own unique solution from JBL, when the usual frontal soundbar can easily transform into a full-fledged wireless home theatre 5.1 with real ambient sound, obtained with the help of removable battery speakers (up to 8-10 hours of battery life). Such is the improvised rear or lateral surround acoustics.

The total capacity of the system is 510 w. Equipment panel: 6 oval drivers 2.25ʺ, 3 high-frequency heads 1.25ʺ (in folk slang – squeakers). Complements the sound scene with a deep bass-saturated wireless subwoofer with a solid 250-millimetre speaker.

With 3 HDMI HDCP 2.2 inputs and one entry/exit (ARC), you can connect to almost any modern TV, video player, including 4K-enabled video. It is a real gift to fans of action cinema, fans of gaming on the big screen in accurate audio positioning conditions.

Key pros:

  • Practical and comfortable design;
  • Excellent bass saturation;
  • Own remote, compatibility with TV PDS of popular brands;
  • Analog, optical inputs, communication with mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.2;
  • The optimal set of accessories – HDMI, optical cable, bracket for suspension on the wall.


  • High price, not ideal build quality;
  • The probability of a background appearing in the speakers.


In general, for movies, this bar fits well. Listen to music? Well, Fifty-Fifty. Although the subwoofer is good. After a while, the autonomy of the rears has significantly decreased, sometimes the connection is lost. Let’s see how it goes.


A Brief Reference to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

In simple terms, the usual home theatre system provides a 3D sound by playing individual channels (the number depends on the original track and equipment configuration) from several directions, but only in a horizontal plane. Therefore, we are not talking about full three-dimensionality. But in real life, there is no such restriction.

So, Dolby Atmos allows you to achieve the most realistic and object-oriented distribution of sound from all sides, including the top. Thus, we get the same 3D effect, allowing you to be directly in the centre of events. And this is a whole new level of perception.

The alternative is DTS:X. Actually, it is a product from another developer competing with Dolby, pursuing similar goals, but with its own sound encoding and settings. What’s better? Everyone decides for himself. Fortunately, leading manufacturers try to equip their receivers with decoders of both formats, and there is an opportunity to compare.



About complex consumer electronics, the method of buying on the principle of “cat in a bag”, if and has a chance of accidental success, then with very much luck. But the negative consequences are much more likely. For this reason, the choice of such a device as a home theatre should be taken seriously.

It is no coincidence that we have divided the popular and available models in the stores in the above categories, in order not only to help to navigate prices but in general clearly to mark the level to which a single home theatre corresponds. Hence the conclusion: whatever you choose, it is important to clearly understand what to expect from a single instance and what not.

Successful acquisitions!

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