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Window air conditioning is prevalent because it does not cost as much and does not take up much space. However, there is also a lot to consider with these models. We introduce you to the best windows air conditioners and also tell you what to look out for when buying so that everyone finds the right model for their needs.


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Window Air Conditioning Buying Guide:

In the air conditioning buying guide , we will tell you what you are looking for at the Purchase of a window air conditioning must pay attention. We also answer the frequently asked questions. With the windows Air Conditioning Guide, you will immediately determine whether this model is also worthwhile for your requirements and for whom they are suitable.


What is window air conditioning?

By the name of air conditioning, many people understand something wrong. This is not air conditioning, which is mounted on the window. There are such models, but they are relatively unusual. Instead, air conditioning is called air conditioning with an exhaust air hose. This is usually placed near a window so that the exhaust hose can be moved outside.


Is a window air conditioning worth it?

Air conditioning is a real air conditioner, similar to a split air conditioner. However, most are mobile air conditioners and can, therefore, be placed freely. All you have to do is make sure that the hose can escape outside.

Air conditioning is worthwhile for those who really want to cool the room. Especially cheap air conditioners, which only work with water, do not manage to cool the room to a specific temperature. However, this is not the case with air conditioning. These work with coolant and can cool a room up to 16 degrees. If you need adequate cooling, air conditioning is worthwhile.


Buy windows air conditioning – What to look out for

First and foremost, you need to Buy air conditioning and make sure that the exhaust hose is also long enough to be moved outside. On some models, this can be extended, but it is not recommended. Otherwise, the hose will become too hot and may cause damage.

Keep an eye on the energy efficiency class, because the more economical a window is air conditioning, the less you pay for electricity. Therefore, it is worth spending a little more on the purchase but saving on electricity bills in the future.

Another important issue that should be considered when purchasing a window air conditioner is the volume. If it is too noisy, the user can be very strenuous, especially if the air conditioning is in the bedroom.

Mostly when used in dormitories, an air conditioner should be as quiet as possible. However, values of 50-65 dB are typical and are undercut by only a few devices. If the mobile air conditioning is used in the living room, it can also be a bit louder, as it does not bother so much. Basically, the quieter the air conditioning, the better and more relaxed. Over 70 dB, an air conditioner is disruptive, so make sure you buy a device that is as quiet as possible.


Window air conditioning price

The prices for window air conditioning are usually around 500 euros. There are cheaper but also more expensive models, but the average is 500 euros. Even if the cost sounds like a lot, it’s an average price. Split air conditioners e.B start only from this amount, in addition to 1000 Euro fees for the assembly. These are of course eliminated in the window air conditioning, as you only have to put a hose outside.


10 Best Window Ac in India 2022

In the window air conditioning comparison, we introduce you to the best windows air conditioners. In doing so, we have made sure that they are inexpensive and provide adequate cooling performance. This is the most important thing in such a kind of air conditioning system. If you are unsure whether a window air conditioning is also right for your needs, then also check out our air conditioning guide at the end, where you can find out everything you need to know.




The Klarstein Frostik 9 Air conditioning is one of the few air conditioners that need to be installed directly in the window. This is a bit tedious, but it is then correctly assembled. Also, no hose needs to be moved outside, as everything is in the air conditioning system’s body, so the hot air is automatically transported out.

With a cooling capacity of 2.7 kW, the Klarstein Frostik window air conditioning system generates pleasant desired temperatures in a hurry – for the sake of the environment with the refrigerant R32, which has only a quarter of the greenhouse potential conventional coolants. The penalties of the window air conditioning of Klarstein can be set in 4 steps.

The remote control provides convenient control, while in sleep mode, the performance adapts to the sleeping conditions. Also, control via the control panel on the front of the device with an LCD is no problem.




The Suntec mobile air conditioner Transform 14.000 Eco R290 is one of the most recommended portable air conditioners. This is suitable for large rooms up to 70sqm and has an excellent cooling capacity of up to 14,000 BTU/H. That is excellent! Also, thanks to energy efficiency class A, it is still relatively economical.

Another advantage is that it can not only cool but also heat. Therefore, the air conditioner can also be used in winter and can be used for fast heating of a room.

The abbreviation R290 stands for propane gas – a chemical compound of hydrogen and carbon elements found in nature. The use of R290 as a natural refrigerant in the use of mobile local air conditioners, in contrast to the refrigerants, used earlier with hydrofluorocarbons (here: HFCs) in air conditioning and refrigeration technology, has the advantage that its components are completely natural and ecological and therefore have neither an ozone depletion potential nor a significant direct global warming potential.




The DeLonghi PAC N81 mobile air conditioner is not exactly cheap to purchase, but it is very energy-saving and convinces excellent performance and functions. Thanks to its good cooling performance, it is also suitable for larger rooms up to 80sqm.

The PAC N81 air conditioner from DeLonghi consumes slightly less energy at 0.9 kWh/h than our favourite Trotec PAC 3500 at 1.3 kWh/h. It also offers three ventilation levels but relies on LCD technology instead of infrared for the remote control. With a cooling capacity of 9,000 BTU/h (2,400 watts) and up to 32 litres of air dehumidification per day, the DeLonghi PAC N81 cooling unit delivers good performance and cools or dehumidifies rooms up to 32 square meters (80 cubic meters). This means that its range is slightly lower than that of our comparative winner, but still sufficient for most living spaces.




In the case of TROTEC Air Conditioning PAC 4600, it is a mobile split air conditioning system. This is far from ordinary, as split air conditioners usually have to be installed firmly. However, with the TROTEC PAC 4600 air conditioning system, you can move the air conditioner to where you need it. Yet, it must be connected to an exhaust hose.

The PAC 4600 air conditioner impresses with modern mobile air conditioning combined with attractive design. Due to this air conditioner’s quiet operation, the application in living rooms or offices is enjoyable. Our split air conditioning units of the PAC series are ideally suited for economical air conditioning of workshops, construction sites, server rooms or during trade fair construction.

The split air conditioner PAC 4600 convinces with further numerous functions and features, such as. B a timer and air blow-out with swing function, an easy-to-clean and removable air filter or the adjustable blow-out direction.


Window sealing – a must!

Since the hose of the air conditioner has to be moved outside, which happens through a window, you need to seal the window additionally. Otherwise, the new warm air would always come inwards and make the air conditioning superfluous. But here there are inexpensive Window seals for window air conditioners, which we strongly recommend to you.

The HOMEE window sealing for mobile air conditioners is one of the cheapest and at the same time best models. This can be mounted in a few minutes, but can also be removed immediately. Glue the supplied tape to the window frame, attach the air conditioning window seal to the window and frame and finish. The window seal for air conditioning reliably prevents the return of warm outdoor air into the air-conditioned interior and directs the air conditioner’s warm air to the outside.

Due to the two zipper openings, the air conditioner window sealing is suitable for all portable air conditioners independent of the manufacturer. The window sealing air conditioner material is durable, UV resistant, water-repellent and washable at 40 °C.



A window air conditioning system convinces by the good cooling performance, but also by the additional functions. Relatively inexpensive, you get a proper air conditioning, which quickly brings your room to the desired temperature. Commissioning is very easy and can be carried out by any layman. It is, therefore, a good way to quickly and inexpensively use a high-quality air conditioner.

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