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10 Best Weighing Machine In India 2022

Few people know how to choose the right Weighing Machine, what to pay attention to, which manufacturer to prefer. In our ranking, the best electronic and Weighing Machine popular in 2022 – for any taste and purse.


How to choose Weighing Machine?

  • Limit on weight
  • Mechanical or electronic modification?
  • Features and benefits of mechanical modifications
  • Features and benefits of electronic scales
  • Weight measurement accuracy
  • Steele Solutions
  • Additional functionality
  • Manufacturing company
  • Where to buy floor scales and what the price depends on

Floor scales – a device that allows establishing a person’s mass on the current volume, approximate to the force of gravity. It is an indispensable help for people who monitor their health. Weighing allows you to control several parameters, which is especially important for expectant mothers, who need to look after themselves and the baby’s development.

Modern models are distinguished by precision, rich functionality, stylish design. Some modifications are equipped with an impressive built-in “stuffing” that allows you to control several other parameters, particularly the amount of fat and muscle mass, water level, connective tissues. The abundance of offers makes it difficult to purchase, so information on choosing floor scales, further in the article.

Limit on weight Choosing such devices, the first thing to pay attention to is setting a limit on weighting. Most modifications allow 150-160.

Kg. In rare cases, you can find scales with a load of 180 kg. This allows the devices to operate in optimal mode, rather than at the limit, extending the lifespan. In addition, this approach guarantees the most accurate measurement of body weight.

Some models may also advise on loads and diet. The main thing is to choose the right type of device according to your needs and budget.


Mechanical or electronic modification?

Choosing good floor scales depends on several factors, which include the type of appliances. Mechanical modifications by cost will cost less than electronic, besides they give a result on any surface. The latter is considered the most accurate and is equipped with additional functionality to measure several parameters, such as mass dynamics. It is directly muscular and fat.

You should choose a certain option from your own preferences and budget.


Features and benefits of mechanical modifications

Mechanical scales attract simplicity, affordable pricing. Besides, they do not require the replacement of batteries and function with a spring. This is the simplest type of device that performs the task at the expense of metal properties.

When it becomes on the device, the user affects the measuring element, which leads to its stretching and turning along the scale in proportion to the gravity that is formed. Usually, the devices have a difference of 1 kg, in rare

cases – 0.5 kg.

  • Easy to operate
  • The maximum allowable load
  • No need for food sources;
  • ability to measure weight even on uneven surfaces.

But this option is timeless and accurate compared with electronic modifications and does not have additional functionality. During the weighing, the result is very strongly affected by temperature. Such scales are relevant to buy only if, except for body weight, there is no need to measure other indicators. In addition, over time, the mechanics wear out and fail.


Features and benefits of electronic scales

Electronic scales bribe with accuracy, way of data reflection, and supporting functionality. Unlike the previous version, the indicator is displayed with the LCD monitor, with a data error of 100-500 g, which is especially true for strict diets.

The identification of data in such devices takes place in different ways, associated with metal parts and their number. How to choose floor electronic scales depends, first of all, on the purpose of use because the function determines the final cost of models.

The first samples had the same structure as the mechanical version. The only difference was the conclusion of the

information. More complex modifications include two discs of metal that resemble an electric capacitor. The sliding of parts is made when exposed to the device, leading to a change in discharge. Mechanical components are completely absent from the design, which increases the reliability and lifespan of the units. The most advanced modifications are equipped with a voltage controller, through which the electric current passes.

All manipulations are carried out only with the help of electronics.

Such devices operate on batteries with a voltage of 1.5 B or 9 B, some modifications – from solar panels or energy that accumulates from the impact on the device, which has a mechanical

character. These devices are automatically switched on and off, and the zero installation is similar. Electronic elements allow you to measure several additional parameters, and the limit weight varies in the range of 130-230 kg or more.

Among the auxiliary functionality:

  • Maintaining weight change indicators over a certain period
  • setting optimal weight based on the body ratio or advice of doctors(BMI);
  • Keeping a history of weighing for both people;
  • providing individual diet and training tips;
  • balancing muscle and fat mass in the body, etc.

Choosing a specific model, you should pay attention to the “buttons” to not overpay for unnecessary functionality. Electronic modifications are more practical and convenient to operate, although they have a higher cost. But high-quality mechanical models are also not cheap at cost. It will be interesting to know“Kitchen scales: how to choose an accurate and convenient device for weighing products?”


Weight measurement accuracy

To set your body weight to grams, you need to know how to choose the exact floor scales.

In budget options, the error rate, as a rule, varies within 0.5-1 kg, at more expensive – 0.1-0.3 kg. In the first case, we will have to weigh several times and calculate the average arithmetic, which is not very

convenient. The measurement error in the devices is always laid, so if you want to be confident in your weight, it is better to prefer reliable modifications. The presence of an indicator that further reports deviations from a given indicator allow you to control the situation to minimum values.

Memory modifications This option is important if you want to buy quality scales.

This criterion, in other words, represents the number of users whose results are retained by the device. The indicator varies in the range of 2-10.

 Scales with built-in memory can compare data with each other, and some samples automatically identify each user. Depending on the number of people in the family who are constantly operating the device, the desired figure is determined. Otherwise, there is no point in overpaying for unnecessary functionality because the higher the figure, the higher the cost of modifications. If one person uses weights, it is absolutely useless to buy a device with a memory capacity of 10 people.


Steele Solutions

Now the variety of style solutions is quite large. It’s directly:

  • A strict laconic look with smooth lines;
  • bright ornaments and drawings;
  • non-trivial prints;
  • Floral patterns;
  • images of cities, food, various items, etc.

At the same time, the basis of the devices is made from a variety of raw materials: glass, polymers, metal, and even stone or wood.

Plastic and glass belong to the average price category, and therefore are very

popular. The second material differs in different drawings and tones, making the modifications original and stylish, but you need to be careful when using these devices because of the fragility. More scales with a glass surface require special care.

You should choose this option only with a rubber insert, which will reduce the degree of slip.


Additional functionality

Some features can be both useful and completely unnecessary, but the cost is several times higher. Therefore, when choosing, you need to pay attention

to the need for options, which includes

1. Determining the number of parameters: the amount of water, muscle-fat ratio, connective tissue in the body. The devices can also have recommendations regarding the need for energy components per day. This option is realized by the fact that through the user’s body passes a light discharge of electricity from special elements, which are included in the basis of the devices. Since different human body tissues are characterized by electrical resistance, their balance in the body is determined.

2. Setting a body mass index. To determine this indicator, you need to provide information about growth, number of years, gender, and several other values, after which the function calculates BMI.

 3.Memory volume. This option records information about each weigh-in, keeping the story of the previous several times. Some modifications include automatic human recognition.

4.Turn on/off mode. This option is both automatic and manual. There are several options.

5. A system that aligns the devices on an uneven surface. This eliminates the margin of error, which in some cases reaches 10%.

6. Wide LCD monitor. This feature allows you to consider all the data at a distance, which is relevant for people of age because of poor vision.

7. Removable type monitor. The device is located on the floor and display in any convenient place. Information about weight and other parameters is broadcast to the device via wireless communication.

8. USB output to connect to your laptop or computer. These devices have software that allows you to view tables, recommendations, and other apps to monitor your health.

9. Congestion indicator. Scales send a signal in case exceeding the limit.

10. Time and temperature. This option is available for the user’s convenience. The more features have modifications, the higher the cost of the devices. Therefore, you need to make a rational choice, considering the need for a specific parameter.


Manufacturing company

Which brands to choose floor scales, as in functionality, depends on your own preferences and budget. The market’s leading positions are taken by Beurer scales, distinguished by thoughtful ergonomics and style, maximum accuracy, and quality.

That’s why they have gained popularity among people who monitor their health and figure.

Scales Kenwood, Polaris, Gorenje are known among buyers for the optimal ratio of price policy and excellent qualities. Tefal and Redmoonddevices should also be included in this category.

The devices have a stylish design, characterized by ergonomics and the presence of additional functionality. The devices are also different in the case’s material, which allows you to pick up the most optimal variation. Simple and understandable management makes the operation of the technology even more comfortable and convenient. The display size is small, but it allows you to consider all the data.

At the same time, the scales CLATRONIC, Magio, DEX, Rotex are budget modifications but have a higher error in measurements.

Such devices also have a stylish appearance, auxiliary functionality, well, only in smaller quantities.

This is not the final list of manufacturers of floor scales. Popular brands are also:

  •  Hilton, Vitek, Scarlett;
  •  Orion, Saturn, Supra;
  •  Mystery, Bosch; Mirta;
  •  Elbee, Rowenta, Maxwell.

Almost all models have introduced a glass platform with different drawings characterized by increased strength characteristics, making the devices reliable. Which firm floor scales are better, decide for everyone.

Purchase of expensive modifications is unjustified if a person does not actively fight overweight and does not engage in sports. It is rational to buy quality devices that have a minimum measurement error simply.


Best Weighing Machine In India

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Digital Personal Body Weighing Scale

Open our ranking of the best floor weights diagnostic amateur Weighing Machine for those who monitor health and figure. According to the manufacturer, this technology of bioimpedance analysis is used: to get up on the surface of the scales, must be barefoot. A minimal current is passed through the body (power – from 4 batteries of AAA). For the accuracy of measurements, you need to enter your gender, height, age. Based on the current conductive characteristics of body tissues, the device gives several indicators that help to make a refined schedule of training or individual nutrition plan: weight, body mass index, subcutaneous and visceral fat, the weight of muscle mass, bone condition, biological age of the body, etc. Measuring weight to 100 grams. The size of 34 x26, thickness only 2 cm. It Will suit the owners of legs up to 44 sizes. The brand is Chinese, with a guarantee of 2 years.

Key pros:

  • Diagnostic scales with a convenient application in the English language can save parameters and chart—smartphone connectivity – via Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz).
  • Tips and tricks right on the smartphone screen.
  • Remembering the parameters of an unlimited number of users is convenient for the gym or club healthy food.
  • Weighing and analyzing in 3 seconds.
  • Information is not only in the smartphone but also on the display of scales.
  • You can set up a weigh-in reminder in the app.
  • Auto-disconnection.
  • Minimalist design, bright, red display figures.
  • The top panel is made of tempered glass.
  • Four non-slip supports.


  • The device is not suitable for people with pacemakers, is not recommended for pregnant women and young children.
  • A hard and smooth floor surface is needed for effective use.


Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Smart diagnostic scales to determine 13 physical parameters of the body. In particular, the weight, muscle, and fat composition, the level of visceral fat, metabolic age of the body, fluid content, body shape and index, bone weight, assessment of the overall physical condition is analyzed. All this data and device management are available through the Mi Fit app: scales are synchronized with the smartphone via Bluetooth, interesting features become available, such as compiling an individual diet and a lesson plan based on the received and saved measurements. Size 30 x30 x2.5 cm. The Chinese-made device, warranty – year.

Key pros:

  • Accurate definition of body weight in a step of 50 grams (max 150 kg).
  • Calculating the parameters of physical condition by the electrical resistance of tissues.
  • Maintaining settings, settings, tracking change dynamics, compiling individual programs for 16 users simultaneously.
  • Comfortable panel size: Suitable for foot owners of any size.
  • The device works in the mode of only weights: weighing small objects, parcels, food.
  • Work from 4 AAA batteries for 2 months (in Bluetooth mode).
  • A large glowing display.
  • Low price.


  • No batteries included.
  • To fully use the device, you need to study the instructions. But, having mastered the elementary connection to the application, you conclude that using this Weighing Machine is simple and very convenient.


HESLEY Premium Smart Weight Machine:

HESLEY Premium Smart Weight Machine:

Next is the ranking of the best – diagnostic Weighing Machine with the definition of 14 physical parameters of the body with the help of a special Russian-language application for the smartphone. Synchronization – via Bluetooth. As electrodes are used, not electric plates, and a special conductive film, an almost invisible coating is applied to the glass panel in the instrument for measurements. Power – from 4 AAA batteries. Size 31 x31 x2.5cm Made in China, warranty – 3 years.

Key pros:

  • Measurements from 0.2 to 180 kg with a minimum margin of error.
  • Perform several tasks: calculating, memorizing, analyzing, and systemizing the received readings, comparing physical parameters for a certain period, setting goals, general advice, and individual recommendations, sharing information about achievements with other users in messengers and social networks.
  • Synchronize with several other iOS/Android apps.
  • An unlimited number of users and their authorizing.
  • Auto-disconnection.
  • Spectacular design.


  • Several users see an approximate calculation of parameters and their rapid “adjustment” in one direction or another in a too short period. However, this is typical of almost all home analyzers.
  • The introductory age range of 18-99 years is not used for children.


Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Weighing Scale

Hoffen HO-18 Digital Electronic LCD Personal Body Weighing Scale

Diagnostic electronic scales can connect with a smartphone via Bluetooth with the established branded application Huawei Libra. For owners of smartwatches or fitness bracelets, it is convenient to use the common application Huawei Health. Here, when weighing, several indicators of the body’s physical conditions are determined, remember,d and statistically analyzed for the required period. The analysis is also possible on certain parameters, such as progress on weight change, reducing fat, and building muscle. The method is based on analyzing the bioelectric resistance of the human body—power – from AAA batteries (4 units).

Key pros:

  • Determining weight, muscle and fat, visceral fat, bone mass, water content, metabolic rate.
  • The weight capacity is 150 kg.
  • Max has 10 users.
  • The glowing display number shows weight and body fat percentage; the rest of the indicators are available in the app.
  • Reminder alarm function: to turn off the signal emitted by weights, you need to stand on them.
  • Small thickness (device size 30 x 30 x2cm).


  • Like all devices based on the definition of tissue conductivity, scales have limitations in use, for example, in the presence of pacemakers.
  • There are no batteries in the kit.

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

These electronic Weighing machines determine the number of parameters of the body. According to the manufacturer, they analyze fat tissue content, visceral fat, muscle mass, and the percentage of water content. Based on the data obtained, the device calculates bone mass, body index and determines the approximate metabolic (as opposed to natural) age. And, as the top of all these “conclusions” of diagnostic scales – the assessment of the body’s physical condition (physical rating). The size of the device is quite compact: 30x21x2.5 cm—power from 4 AAA batteries. The brand’s birthplace is Japan, made in China, warranty – 3 years.

Key pros:

  • Determining, perhaps, the entire spectrum of characteristics of the physical condition of the body.
  • The maximum weight measured is 150 kg.
  • Age range: 5… 99 years old.
  • Large LCD display: 7.5×9 cm.
  • Memorize the parameters (gender, height, age) of five users. To be diagnosed, you simply need to select the appropriate user number.
  • There is a regime of only weights without the impact of small electrics.
  • The panel of tempered glass, touch control.
  • 2 colors: black/white.


  • Don’t save more than one measurement of each user. He does not remember several measurements, for example, during a week or a month. The dynamics have to be manually fixed in a special table attached to the instruction.
  • Inconvenient for owners of large leg sizes: at 44-47 sizes, you need to choose a larger device from the line of models.


Venus Electronic Digital LCD Body Weighing Machine

Venus Electronic Digital LCD Body Weighing Machine

The manufacturer positions these electronic diagnostic scales as a device-grease analyzer: the bodyweight is determined from 2 to 150 kg (error – 1%), the percentage of body fat (5… 60%, accuracy 0.1%), body mass index (7… 90 increments of 0.1). Libra does not determine the amount of visceral fat, bone quality, muscle mass. The action is based on different current conductivity of body tissues. The current power flowing through body tissues is less than 500 mA. Impact – through the feet when standing on a platform with special electrodes. Power – from 4 elements of AAA. The size of the device: 28.5 x 21 x 3 cm. The brand’s homeland is Japan. The warranty is 5 years.

Key pros:

  • Analytical device to determine the percentage of fat in the body’s tissues, as well as the body index with the classification of the result (“-” – not enough”; “0” is normal; “Z” – redundant; “Yu” – the degree of obesity).
  • The accuracy of the measurement is 0.1 kg.
  • The ability to add 4 users (data entry: gender, age (10 to 80 years), height up to 195 cm), and guest mode of measurement.
  • “Just scales” mode.
  • Automatic on, off.
  • Code definition of measurement errors.
  • A long warranty.


  • It should not be used with established pacemakers.
  • The size of the glass panel – 21 cm – is uncomfortable for large legs – fingers hang down strongly.
  • Doesn’t remember the measurements in a few days.


Omron HN 289 Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine

Omron HN 289 Automatic Personal Digital Weight Machine

Soehnle, the winner of our ranking of the best floor weights, can evaluate 5 indicators – weight, the mass share of fat, muscle mass and water in the body, calorie intake. The memory retains values for 8 people, and its capacity will be enough for 10 years of daily measurements. The display screen on which the weigh-in results are displayed also shows the current time and temperature in the room. It can be put on the table or hung on the wall. The results of cable measurements are easily copied into the proprietary application on the computer, where graphics are automatically built on all indicators.

Key pros:

  • Measure and evaluate 5 indicators;
  • A handy takeaway screen
  • Understandable management
  • A large amount of built-in memory
  • included a program for data analysis.


  • The menu only in English.

Healthgenie HD-93 Electronic Digital Weighing Scale:

Healthgenie HD-93 Electronic Digital Weighing Scale

Diagnostic scales to control three important parameters of the body: weight, percentage of fat, amount of water in the body. In addition, the device will analyze the results and give out its resume: “0” – the norm, “-” – the disadvantage, “z” – excess, “z” – excess. The working surface is made of strong tempered glass with an oriental print: philosophical stones of the zen, a sprig of orchids, bamboo stems. For correct measurements, you need to enter your or her serial user number (the total scales can remember the parameters of 10 people), age, gender, height. The weight readings can be very inaccurate for people suffering from swelling or athletes. Weights – from 2 “tablets” CR2032. Dimensions: 30 x30.5 x 3 cm. Warranty period – one year.

Key pros:

  • The maximum weight is 180 kg.
  • In addition to diagnostics, there is a regime of conventional electronic scales.
  • Automatic on/off to extend battery life.
  • A well-read LCD, touch button control.
  • Memory for 10 users.
  • The range of normal indicators for men/women is indicated in the weight instructions.


  • Not designed for people with electric stimulants, children.
  • Slippery glass surface.


Dr. Trust Electronic Platinum Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr Trust Electronic Platinum Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Another model of diagnostic scales, which is based on the analysis of the current-conducting properties of the body. Minimal currents passing through the body determine body weight, muscle weight, fat percentage, visceral fat level, water content, BMI, bone mass, biological age, metabolic rate (kcal/kJ). The accuracy of weight measurement is 100 g, the accuracy of determining the percentage of water or fat is 0.1%. Power – from 4 AA batteries. The size of the device: 26 x21.5 x 3 cm. The brand’s homeland in Japan. The manufacturer in China. Guarantee – 3 years.

Key pros:

  • Cheap scales, analyzing the parameters of the body, nothing superfluous, all the most necessary.
  • A large weight measurement range: 2 to 150 kg.
  • A significant age range of users: up to 99 years – for adults, from 5 to 17 years – for children.
  • Memorizing introductory parameters – height, age, and gender – three users, “guest” function.
  • Clear LCD, unlit.
  • The ability to measure only weight using the technology of conventional electronic scales. In this case, getting up on the scales is not necessarily barefoot. This regime is not contraindicated for people with a pacemaker, pregnant women, small children.
  • 10 seconds to measure auto-disconnection in inactivity.
  • 4 colors of the case to choose from the buyer.
  • Acceptable price, long-term guarantee.


  • There is no function of memorizing multiple weightings. There is only a function of calling previous indicators. To track the weight dynamics and other characteristics of the body, it is necessary to manually put the readings on paper or the computer.
  • Do not calculate an acceptable daily diet (in kcal) for weight loss. But it can be roughly defined by subtracting from the indicator of energy spent by the body (the level of metabolism) a certain “deficiency” of 200… 400 kcal.
  • You need an almost perfectly flat floor; however, this condition is typical for most electronic scales.


HESLEY Weight Machine:

HESLEY Weight Machine

The lower weighting limit of Tanita weights is 2.5 kg, and according to reviews, even less. Therefore, you can weigh on them not only yourself but also children, cats, and even summer blanks in the country. The result of the measurements is stable. The device is not very capricious to the surface on which it is installed. A large display with bright blue backlights will help you see the weight without any problems, even in a dark room. The readings are extinguished only 8 seconds after the derailment, so you will definitely have time to see the cherished numbers. It is disappointing only not a quite convenient mechanism of inclusion – first, you need to easily knock a couple of times in the center of the scales.

Key pros:

  • Bright illumination of the screen;
  • The low margin of error
  • Weighed from 2.5 kg;
  • battery life is being spent.


  • don’t always turn it on the first time.



Buy floor scales following your wishes and budget. Such modifications will become an indispensable assistant for those who monitor the figure and health, pregnant, young mothers, athletes. The best variation is electronic modifications that have several useful options.

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