10 Best Weighing Machine In India 2022 | Ultimate Weight Scale Buying Guide

Home gyms have become quite common. Not only does it save transportation time, but it allows people to maintain their health within the proximity of their homes.

One such machine that people often include in their home gyms is a weighing machine, which helps them track their weight. It allows them to maintain a record of their body changes, which can help them reach their fitness goals.

With the intention to help those fitness enthusiasts, the following article explains and elaborates on the 10 best weight machines in India. Since we have explained the features in detail, you can make an informed decision.

Best Weight Machine in India 2022

These are the Best Weight Machines/Weighing Machine in India

  • HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Body Weighing Scale
  • Healthgenie HD-93 Electronic Digital Weighing Machine
  • Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale
  • HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale
  • Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine
  • BPL Medical Technologies PWS-01+ Personal Weighing Scale
  • Sansui Battery Free Digital Bathroom Scale
  • Dr. Trust 509 Weight Machine and Weighing Scale
  • Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Scale
  • Dr. Trust Electronic Supernova Digital Personal Weighing Scale


Top 10 Best Weighing Machine In India 2022

As there are hundreds of weighing machines available online, it can be challenging to choose one. Our team of experts has researched over 100 weighing machines for your convenience and finalized the ten best weighing machines.

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Body Weighing Scale

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 1.12 kgs
  • Battery-Operated: 2 AAA batteries
  • Size: 35 x 33.5 x 5.5 Centimeters
  • Accuracy Range: +/- 100 to 300g

Let us start with the best weighing machine on the market in present times. The HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Body Weighing Scale is an electronic scale that can be used at home.

This weighing scale has a hard and flat surface that will assist in getting the most accurate results. The wavy design complements its wide foot space. The surface is built with lightweight ABS material that prevents any external damage.

As this weighing machine is made by an Indian company, it is explicitly made for Indians. It provides the best results as the brightest minds have given their all in its manufacturing.

It is a user-friendly scale that features a Step-on technology for quicker results. It features four precision sensors that guarantee accuracy. As it is battery operated, you can use and place it anywhere you prefer. Moreover, it comes with batteries that run for approximately one year (may vary as per your usage).


  1. Skid-Proof: This weighing machine has an anti-skid surface that will prevent you from losing balance while stepping on it. Moreover, due to such construction, you can place it in your bathroom as well. The four silicone pads assist in rollover protection.
  2. Capacity: This weighing machine has a total weighing capacity of 180 kgs. Moreover, the machine allows you to change it from kilogram to pound or stone.
  3. Backlight and LCD: finest readability is guaranteed due to the well-lit LCD with white fonts. The reading is displayed for ten seconds, giving you the essential time to record it.
  4. Easy to Use: The Step-On technology makes this weighing scale user-friendly. Start by pressing one foot on the scale. Once you see random numbers, you know that it is functioning correctly. Place the other foot and weigh yourself. Ensure that you are standing straight with your chin held up.
  5. Design: This model is lightweight and compact. Its surface is flat and hard, thereby increasing its durability. All in all, this weighing machine has all the right features. Last but not least, it is available at a highly reasonable price!

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Healthgenie HD-93 Electronic Digital Weighing Machine

Healthgenie HD-93 Electronic Digital Weighing Machine

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 980 grams
  • Battery-Operated: 1.5V AAA batteries
  • Size: 26 x 26 x 2 Centimeters

The Healthgenie HD-93 Electronic Digital Weighing Machine is an alternative for people who wish to get the best weighing machine at a low price.

This weighing machine is user-friendly. It has a wide platform surface that makes it convenient for the person to step on the scale without the possibility of tumbling. Moreover, Step-on Technology adds to the benefits.

If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing weighing machine that complements your home decor, this is the most acceptable option. This weighing machine comes in a dark black color with a greyish printed vertical flower design.

Auto-calibration features set it apart from the majority of weighing machines. You will have to step on the machine for one second and move away, and it will get calibrated. Its G-sensors guarantee the most accurate readings.

This battery-operated weighing machine can be placed anywhere in the house or in an office space. It has an auto-off feature; you need not worry about draining the battery while it is not in use. Besides the regular weight reading, it also displays the room temperature and low battery indicator.


  1. Lightweight and Compact: This weighing machine is one of the most compact weighing machines available. If you are looking to travel with it, this machine will not prove out to be a hassle.
  2. G-sensors: The G-sensors have a sense gravity zero technique that ensures accurate results.
  3. Material: This weighing machine is made with tempered glass that not only gives it a sleeker look but it also increases its durability.
  4. Auto On-Off: If you are worried about draining the battery life of your weighing machine while it is not in use, this alternative brings in the best solution. The machine shuts off automatically when it is not in use, thereby saving money and battery life.
  5. Safety: As this weighing scale has rounded edges instead of sharp ones, there is a lesser possibility of somebody getting injured.
  6. Anti-skid platform: You can place this in a wet area. As it has an anti-skid platform, the machine will not wobble.

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Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 1.58 kgs
  • Battery-Operated: 4 AAA batteries
  • Size: 30.8 x 31 x 3.6 cm
  • Accuracy Range: +/- 100 gms

Omron is a well-established brand as a manufacturer and distributor of healthcare appliances. The Omron HN-286 Digital Weight Scale is a qualitative weighing machine that can help you get the most accurate reading.

It has 4-sensor technology for readings without any error. The structure is made with tempered glass for more durability and safety.

As it is battery-operated, you might worry about the battery running out when the machine is not in use. However, this weighing machine will turn off automatically after 16 seconds.

It is powered by a lithium battery that will last a year without any issues.

As it has a slim design, you can place and store it anywhere you like. Moreover, the machine itself is light, making it a compact alternative.

Lastly, the large LCD screen makes it easy to read the results, even in a dim-lit area.


  1. Four-Sensor Technology: This weighing machine comes with four-sensor technology that allows you to get the most accurate reading.
  2. Anti-skid Surface: You need not stay worried about losing your balance while standing on the scale due to its anti-skid surface.
  3. Weight Capacity: It has a weight capacity of 180 kg. In other words, all members of your family, irrespective of their age, can use this weighing scale without any issues.
  4. Automatic On-Off: When the machine is not in use, it automatically turns off after 16 seconds. This saves you battery life and some money.
  5. Design: This weighing machine has a sleek design with a silver-coated glass surface that can complement any home decor.
  6. Ultra-Slim: This weighing machine is lightweight as well as slim- measuring only 18 mm. You can carry it anywhere without any problems. Due to such a compact design, it becomes easier to stow it away when not in use.

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HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 1.2 kgs
  • Battery-Operated: 2 AAA batteries
  • Size: 25.9 x 25.9 x 2.1 cm
  • Accuracy Range: +/- 50 gms

Are you looking for a smart weighing machine that goes beyond just weighing your body weight? If yes, then HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale is an ideal option.

The weighing scale made in INDIA has all the features required in a weighing machine. It is capable of thirteen body composition readings.

As it is constructed with four sensors and four sensitive electrodes, you can expect nothing but perfection in its readings.

The data can be integrated with Fitdays App with its advanced BIA technology. It can be paired with Andriod as well as Apple devices for close monitoring of your progress.

But can this scale be used by my entire family? YES

You can create up to 24 different users, and every user can track their progress separately. Their data will remain isolated and separated.

Another fascinating feature of this weighing machine is the baby mode. You can track your baby’s weight while holding him/her in your hand and stepping on the scale.

The skid-proof rubberized sensors make it easier for you to step on it without losing your balance. The surface has a layer of tough glass that increases its durability. Moreover, it gives it a sleek and glossy look.


  1. Overall Body Analysis: Other than body weight, you can also calculate BMI, body fat percentage, fat-free body weight, subcutaneous fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, protein percentage, basal metabolic rate, metabolic body age, skeletal muscle percentage, body water percentage.
  2. Baby Mode: You get the liberty to calculate your baby’s weight in this mode. Moreover, you can also use it to calculate the weight of your pets.
  3. G-sensors: This weighing machine has G-sensors that make way for utmost accuracy.
  4. LED light: With its bright LED light, you can read the readings of the weighing machine due to its LED light. You can even read it without any issues.
  5. Easy Transfer: You can transfer your data and weight readings to your app without any hassle. You just need to integrate it with the app on your phone and laptop to monitor it.
  6. Use for All: As many as 24 users can use this weighing scale and record their readings.

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Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine

Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 1.2 kgs
  • Battery-Operated: 1 Lithium Metal batteries
  • Size: 29 x 27 x 2.2 cm

Are you looking for a weighing machine that will give you the reading in more than one unit? The Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Machine does precisely that. It allows you to get the weight measurement done in kgs, lbs, and st.

The digital display can be changed to your desired unit by pressing the button provided for a few seconds. This makes it convenient to maintain personal records.

The tempered glass body gives it a sleek look. If you are looking for quality that comes with an attractive design, this weighing machine is a good alternative.

Its four-sensor technology provides the most accurate results. Moreover, its thin body and anti-skid surface make it easier for you to use and place it anywhere you like to.


  1. Changeable Units: This weighing machine gives you the liberty to change the units from kgs to lbs or vice versa. You can record your weight in your convenient unit.
  2. Design and Structure: This weighing machine has a thin body structure. This allows you to stow or place it anywhere you want without any hassle.
  3. Automatic On-Off: If you are not going to be using the machine for an extended period, it will simply shut off automatically. With no intervention, the machine will shut off and save you some battery life.
  4. Anti-slip Surface: People are scared of placing their weighing machines on wet surfaces. But this weighing machine has anti-skid surface construction that prevents it from slipping off, even with extra weight.
  5. Step-on Technology: It is a user-friendly weighing scale that allows you to see your weight without any hassle. Simply step on the weighing machine’s surface, and it will indicate your weight within seconds.

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BPL Medical Technologies PWS-01+ Personal Weighing Scale

BPL Medical Technologies PWS-01+ Personal Weighing Scale

Nobody wishes to get a dull-looking weighing scale in their home. If you are looking for a weighing scale that excels not only in terms of its smooth functionality but also in its sleek appearance, you must get the BPL Medical Technologies PWS-01+ Personal Weighing Scale.

This medical weighing scale is known for its accurate readings. Suppose you are looking to lose some kgs for health purposes; this weighing scale will provide the most accurate readings without discrepancies.

The sensors integrated into this weighing machine show accurate weight readings.

The overall structure of this weighing machine is made with solid tempered glass. This accounts for its slim construction and lightweight, making it easier to carry it around.

Its automatic on-off feature allows you to use it for an extended period as it prevents the battery from draining out unnecessarily.

This weighing machine comes with a maximum weight capacity of 180 kgs. Moreover, it comes with an overload indication to prevent any malfunctioning.


  • Utmost Accuracy: This weighing machine comes with sensors. It shows you the most exact weight barring any discrepancies.
  • Automatic On-Off: The battery might drain out without any purpose when the weighing machine is lying around when not in use. But with the feature of automatic on-off, this weighing machine will get switched off when nobody is using it. This will allow you to save battery life, thereby saving some money.
  • Low Battery Indication: As it is operated on a battery, you will have to charge it. It has a low battery indicator for more convenience that will make it easy for you to charge it for uninterrupted usage.
  • LED Screen: If you had issues while reading the indicators on the weighing machine before, it wouldn’t be repeated in this weighing machine. It comes with a bright LED screen through which you can conveniently read their weight readings, even in a dim-lit area. It won’t strain your eyes.
  • Material: The tempered glass material gives it a sleek look. You can place it anywhere in the house without tampering with the home decor.

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Sansui Battery Free Digital Bathroom Scale

Sansui Battery Free Digital Bathroom Scale

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 2.21 kgs
  • Battery-Operated: No
  • Size: 32 x 26 x 2.5 cm

Are you worried about batteries harming the environment? If yes, then go for Sansui Battery Free Digital Bathroom Scale. This battery-free weighing machine is said to provide utmost and maximum efficiency without compromising on the environment.

It works on a high-precision strain gauge sensor system. It has an automatic power generation control that works without batteries. Therefore, you will be able to use this weighing machine for years without worrying about causing any harm to the environment.

Coming to the design, its tempered glass structure gives it a smooth and sleek finish. It also makes it lightweight, making it compact and travel-friendly.

Its automatic on-and-off mechanism makes it an energy-efficient weighing machine. It also comes with low power and an overload indicator. It must be noted that it has a weight capacity of 150 kgs.

The machine uses U-power technology to charge it whenever you step on the weighing scale.


  1. Battery-free: Most weighing scales work on batteries. Such a feature sets this weighing machine apart as it is battery-free. It works on high precision strain gauge sensor system and automatic power generation control. In this way, you are not burdening the environment with more waste.
  2. Anti-Skid Surface: Owing to its anti-skid surface and sturdy platform, you need not worry about the machine wobbling while standing on top of it.
  3. Safety: The edges of this weighing machine are rounded. In this way, children are not injured.
  4. LCD Display: A bright LCD is placed for better reading.
  5. Automatic Charge: Once you step on the weighing machine and press the golden button placed in the middle, it charges the machine.

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Dr. Trust Rechargeable Weight Machine and Weighing Scale-509

Dr. Trust Rechargeable Weight Machine and Weighing Scale-509, Best Weighing Machine in India 2022

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 1.56 kgs
  • Battery-Operated:  4 AAA batteries
  • Size: 32.3 x 28 x 4.5 cm

Are you looking for an all-in-one weighing machine that will measure more than just your body weight? The Dr. Trust Rechargeable Weight Machine and Weighing Scale-509 do precisely that as it is capable of tracking eighteen body metrics.

It is equipped with four sensors that help in deriving quicker and more accurate readings. This is a low-consumption scale that can be recharged with any android USB cable.

The data can be recorded on your phone after connecting the scale with an app. This machine is compatible with Android as well as Apple devices. It also works if more than one person wishes to maintain their weight record.

The structure is sleek, giving it a smooth finish. It has a wide surface area, giving you ample space to step on it while weighing yourself. You can place it on any surface without wobbling off.


  1. All-in-one Body Measurement: This weighing machine can measure 18 body metrics like BMI, bone mass, muscle, BFR, BMR, visceral fat, subcutaneous fat, protein rate, body age, and body fat. Moreover, it also measures the room temperature.
  2. Rechargeable with a USB port: You can simply use an android USB cable to recharge your weighing machine.
  3. Record your Progress: You can connect your weighing machine with an app on your phone or laptop. In this way, you can easily record and maintain, and check your progress. It works with eight users as the data is stored in isolation.
  4. Sensors: Accuracy is guaranteed with its four high-precision strain gauge sensors. You will find no discrepancies when you weigh yourself.
  5. Structure: it is a thin and lightweight structure that makes it easier to carry, place, and stow away.
  6. User-friendly: It does not have complicated or technical usage. Simply step on the weighing scale, showing the reading within seconds. The bring LED you to read it properly without any strain on your eyes.

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Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Scale

Omron HN 289 Best Weighing Machine in India

Key Specifics:

  • Weight: 1.2 kgs
  • Battery-operated: 1 Lithium Metal batteries
  • Size: 29 x 27 x 2.2 cm

Nobody wants to get a dull-looking weighing machine for their home. If you are looking for a bright weighing machine that will match your room decor, we recommend the Omron HN 289 Digital Weight Scale.

This weighing machine also gives you the liberty to change the metrics of reading at your convenience.

The structure has a sleek design with fine finishing. The tempered glass panel makes it a durable option.

Its display is best in class as the digits are shown in bright light. Anybody, even somebody with weak eyesight, can understand the readings with ease.

The sensor technology helps in getting the most accurate results.


  1. User-friendly: This weighing machine does not have any complicated mechanism. Anybody can use it at any time. The person will have to stand on the scale and look straight. In a few seconds, they will be able to get their body weight.
  2. Structure: The tempered glass structure enhances the overall look of the weighing machine. Moreover, it also increases its durability.
  3. Anti-skid Surface: You need not worry about the weighing machine wobbling while standing on it as it has an anti-skid surface. You can place it on any kind of surface without any hesitation, and your safety will be taken care of.
  4. Automatic On-Off: If you are not using the weighing scale, it automatically gets turned off. In this way, you save battery life and your money.
  5. Varying Metric Units: You can change the metric unit from kgs to lbs to st. in this way, you can have uniform maintenance of your body weight.

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Dr. Trust (USA) Electronic Supernova Digital Personal Weighing Scale

Dr. Trust (USA) Electronic Supernova Digital Personal Best Weight Machine in India

Key Specifics:

  • Weight:1.81 kgs
  • Battery-operated: 3 AAA batteries
  • Size: 35.56 x 35.31 x 5.84 cm

Lastly, the Dr. Trust (USA) Electronic Supernova Digital Personal Weighing Scale is our favorite option if you want to purchase a fancy-looking weighing machine with high accuracy.

It comes with blue perimeter lights with a matte black surface that complements any home decor. The colors are bright and pleasing to the eyes.

The high-precision sensors provided help in giving accurate weight readings.

The weighing machine is made with a tempered glass of 6 mm in width. This makes a thin, lightweight, yet sturdy alternative.

Its accessible stop-on technology gives quicker results without any hassle.

It has a large surface area for the user to stand on. Once the person steps on it, the bright LCD screen will showcase the reading for a few seconds. At the same time, you will also see the blue lights appearing on its perimeter.

The perimeter of the weighing scale has rounded edges for a lesser possibility of injuries.


  1. Looks: This weighing machine excels in terms of appearance. Its black surface with a blue perimeter helps it stand out from the rest of the weighing machines.
  2. Quick Unit Conversion: You can quickly change the unit of conversion with a button press.
  3. Step-on technology: Such technology makes it easier for everybody to use this weighing machine.
  4. Safety: As this weighing machine has no sharp edges, it is easier to use it around children.

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What is a Weighing Machine?

A Weighing Machine is a digital or mechanical device that primarily serves to determine body weight. The measuring range varies depending on the design. Some Weighing Machines can display weights of 2 kilograms or more; others only start to measure at 4 or 5 kilograms and show “0” at lower weights. The upper limit is usually in the range of 130 to 180 kilograms. Digital Weighing Machines can usually display the weight in kilograms and lbs.


Mechanical or Digital Scales- Which are Better?

More often than not, people get confused between a mechanical and digital scale. If you are given an option, which one would you prefer? Before coming to an answer, let us look at both sides of the story.

Mechanical weighing machines can handle up to 120 kgs of weight. However, the accuracy may vary according to the load in question.

On the other hand, digital scales are more accurate as they are well-equipped with technology. Not only do they have more weight capacity, but they also provide other indicators besides weight.

Hence, it is advisable to give the upper hand to a digital weighing machine. These types of weighing scales are more reliable.


Mechanical Weighing Machines

Mechanical scales are simple and most reliable. They display the weight on a rotary wheel and have no other functions. The mechanical Weighing Machines do not require a power source. Over the years, the mechanics can wear out a bit, making the measurement results less accurate. Mechanical body scales usually show the weight in KG.

Advantages and disadvantages of mechanical scales:

  • Works without batteries
  • It can be manually calibrated with a control wheel
  • Show the weight immediately
  • Have a Longer lifespan as compared to digital scales
  • Mechanics may show signs of wear over the years
  • Measurement accurate to only one kilogram
  • No backlight
  • Larger and heavier than digital models, worse to store
  • Weight can no longer be read after descending from the scale


Digital Weighing Machines

Digital Weighing Machines are now more common in households than mechanical Weighing Machines. They are available as a straightforward variant that, like the mechanical scale, only measures and displays body weight. However, the division is smaller than that of a mechanical scale. Digital body scales can accurately determine the weight to 100 or 50 grams and display it for a few seconds when the user has already risen from the scale. The range of functions of digital Weighing Machines can go well beyond weight measurement. Some models offer extensive body analysis and determine, for example, body fat percentage and muscle mass.

Advantages and disadvantages of digital Weighing Machines:

  • Lighter, flatter, and more compact than mechanical scales
  • Available in many different designs
  • Weight measurement to 100 or 50 grams exactly
  • Weight is displayed for a few seconds after the descent
  • It can have many additional functions for body analysis.
  • Require batteries or a battery and cause follow-up costs or maintenance
  • More prone to defects than mechanical models
  • Partly complex operation due to numerous functions
  • The range of functions increases the price


What Are The Aspects To Consider While Buying Weighing Scale?

A weighing machine is a…machine. By that, we mean that it has several factors and features that could turn out to be deciding factors. You need to be careful while buying one as you could be facing specific technical elements.

Smart Scales

Gone are the days when the weighing scales had basic technology. Nowadays, smart scales are available that work electronically. It not only measures your body weight but also considers other body metrics.

It has essential components that allow the user to know his/her body fat, BMI, and even body water. This data can be transferred and stored in an app, which can be further used for record maintenance.

Smart scales work on smart sensors. Most of them operate on a battery and have the facility to be connected via Bluetooth or WiFi.


Maximum Weight

Weighing machines come with a maximum weight capacity. As they are available in different weight capacities, you can choose the one that fits your requirement.

If you are looking to use it for personal use, a weighing machine with 180-200 kgs is preferable. You can change this as per your body weight.

If the machine is to be used for commercial purposes, for e.g., in a grocery store, get a weighing machine with 150 kgs of weight capacity.


Scale with Memory Function

What good are the efforts if they are not recorded to see the progress? The same logic applies to our overall weight. If you have a goal in mind, it could either be losing or gaining weight; you will require a weight machine with a memory function.

Like smart scales, certain weighing scale machines can be connected to your phone or laptop with an app, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Every time you use the device to weigh yourself, it will automatically send and record the data. This can help you document your progress.


Application and Environment

The purpose of your weighing machine should be well-defined before making a purchase decision. Different aspects and features need to be adhered to as per the required application. Will you use it for personal use, or will it be used to weigh light and heavy objects?

Besides that, you also need to consider the environment in which it will be placed. Will it be used at home or in an industrial setting? This will help in deciding the material.



As mentioned earlier, the application and the environmental backdrop determine the material of the weighing machine.

Different types of materials are best suited for the purpose in question.

E.g., if you are looking to buy one for weighing jewelry or pharmaceuticals, get the weighing machine that is compact, more preferably the one with a plastic body.

Weighing machines with metal bodies are more suitable in grocery stores. As the items over there will be bulk and heavy, the metal body will not cease to function. Some of them even have steel frames on their bottom surface for durability.

We suggest you get the one with an anti-skid base for utmost safety.



Choosing a branded weighing machine is crucial as it determines the after-sales support. You must get the required assistance in case there is a malfunctioning in the weighing machine.

A brand can also determine quality, reliability, and durability.


How do I really care?

The weighing process itself is straightforward: place on the scale, read weight, finish. However, many parameters can influence weight measurement and lead to inaccurate results. Below we have compiled some tips for weighing properly:

  1. The scale should stand on a hard, flat floor and should, at best, always be used in the same place. Soft carpet can distort the result.
  2. Always weigh at the same time – preferably once a week.
  3. After getting up and weighing before breakfast, drink a large glass of water beforehand, wait 30 minutes and go to the toilet before entering the scales.
  4. Climb on the scales without clothes and shoes – preferably naked and barefoot.

The height of body weight is always a snapshot and can be influenced by many factors. Weight fluctuations of one to 3 kilograms are normal and are rarely associated with higher fat content. Women, in particular, can store more, sometimes less, water in the tissue, which is noticeable on the scales due to hormones.


What is BMI?

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. The mass or weight and the height of the person are used to derivate this value. It is expressed in the units of kg/m2.

When the body weight or mass is divided by the square of body weight, BMI is obtained. The mass is measured in kgs, and height is measured in meters.


How to Calculate BMI for Male and Female?

The calculation of BMI remains the same for males as well as females. You will have to divide the body weight or mass by the square of the person’s height.

A person is underweight when their BMI is below 18.5. The range between 18.5-24.9 is considered to be ideal.

BMI between 25-29.9 is overweight. Lastly, BMI above 30 is obesity.

There are several calculators available on the internet that can help you calculate your BMI with ease.



Do digital scales lose accuracy?

As a weighing scale is a machine, it may suffer some consequences at the end of the day. They may succumb to certain malfunctions in the circuitry with rigorous usage. Moreover, it could show a difference in reading due to extreme temperature. If your digital scale does not have high-temperature stability, it might lose accuracy over time.


What is the difference between accurate and precise?

Accuracy and precision are different words with varying meanings. However, people use them interchangeably.

Accuracy means how close the derived measurements are to the actual value. On the other hand, precision means how close measurements are to each other.


Why does my weight fluctuate so much day-to-day?

It is usual for a person’s weight to fluctuate from 500 gms to 1 kilo on a day-to-day basis. Several factors could be responsible for it, like changes in diet, exercising, stress, change in activity, sleep deprivation, bloating, and menstruation. Moreover, you might weigh less in the morning as compared to the evening.


How much should a 12-year-old weigh?

A 12-year-old kid with an approximate height of 149 cm should weigh around 40 kg.


How much should a 15-year-old weigh?

A 15-year-old kid with an approximate height of 159 cm should weigh close to 47 kg.



As we are coming to the end of the article, it is time to select the best weighing machine. After considering all the features, prices, and functionality of several weighing machines, we consider HealthSense PS 126 Ultra-Lite Body Weighing Scale to be the winner.

The reason why it was chosen is its quality and precision provided in the readings. Not only does it have an accuracy range of 100 gms, but it is also a lightweight option. Lastly, it also excels in terms of durability and design. What more do you require? Go ahead and buy a weighing machine for yourself and kickstart your healthy journey.

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