Best VPN in India 2022 from Top 10 VPN Service Providers like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, Windscribe, SaferVPN

WindscribeIf you attach importance to your online security and online privacy in a world where the internet is taking on an increasingly important role, then you can’t ignore it: a good VPN service (or Virtual Private Network)is a must-have. Such a connection locks all your internet traffic and allows you to artificially change your IP address, as well as your exact geographic location. This makes it possible, for example, to watch the American version of Netflix or to watch football in the Netherlands from another country.

Precisely because of the countless possibilities and incredible freedom that a VPN service guarantees, there are many different providers on the market. Every VPN connection has its unique properties and advantages, and a clear overview of the best VPN servers is therefore in place here. We compared the best VPN in India for you and put together a top 10 VPN services. This list is updated monthly.

Are you looking for the best VPN in 2022? Then you’re in the right place! We have compared all the well-known VPN services for you!


Top 10 Best VPN in India 2022

These are the 10 Best VPNs for India with Better Server

  1. NordVPN
  2. Cyberghost VPN
  3. SurfShark
  4. ExpressVPN
  5. SaferVPN
  6. IPVanish
  7. GoingVPN
  8. Windscribe VPN
  9. PureVPN
  10. HolaVPN


10 Best VPN in India 2022-2022

Below we list the Best VPN services in India 2022 for you in the form of a Top 10. With this top 10, we will also explain a little more about connection speed, user-friendliness, price, reliability, and service.

1. NordVPN – Best VPN in India

NordVPN, Best VPN in India 2022

NordVPN has more than 1000 servers in 57 different countries and operates under the jurisdiction of Panama. This location brings a lot of advantages in terms of access. In addition to providing Internet connections, the servers also provide a number of configurations for file sharing and media streaming. They work with OpenVPN, L2TP, IPsec, and their own Double VPN server that they developed themselves.

NordVPN server ensures that your internet traffic is redirected by 2 servers and encrypted with 2 layers of 256-bit encryption. NordVPN also does not keep logs and manages its own DNS servers. They also feature a kill switch, which ensures they provide excellent protection.

NordVPN speeds are relatively good, and performance is stable. This can certainly be seen as a plus for the provider. No registration is required, and you will start this service very quickly. Finally, the servers are also optimized for streaming media.


2. Cyberghost VPN

Cyberghost VPN, Best VPN in India 2022

Cyberghost has thousands of servers in dozens of countries in more than 100 locations. In addition, Cyberghost works with the standard protocols that every user knows, such as OpenVPN, L2TP, IPsec, and PPTP. You can easily configure the desired device to work with it via a VPN connection. The app is always easy to understand and intuitive to operate. There’s a kill switch on it, which also works automatically. There are also many different types of safety options. This way, you can easily link things. By default, it is possible to choose the best protocol.

Cyberghost VPN is also nice and cheap when you compare it to the competition. Moreover, you also get a lot of possibilities in return. Moreover, you can expect up to 45 days not good, money-back guarantee. That makes it even easier to just start with it. You can also connect up to 6 connections to it at the same time. That’s very easy.


3. SurfShark

SurfShark VPN

SurfShark has a large number of servers available in all kinds of countries. It is then possible to work with the protocols such as Shadowsocks, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. It is easy to configure all kinds of devices with a VPN connection. The app is equipped with a clear design, which makes it easy to understand and operate it. There is also a kill switch. Make sure it works. This is important when you look at your own security in the network. However, you can always reach the best speeds with the servers.

SurfShark has very cheap subscriptions to offer when you close for a longer period of time. It is also the case that you get access to a lot of different servers. It is possible to use a 30-day money-back guarantee. That is certainly a good start. Despite the still short existence, the quality is already considered among the top in the industry.


4. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN has a wide variety of servers available in different countries. In addition, ExpressVPN has standard protocols such as OpenVPN, IPsec, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP. You can configure any device to work with this VPN connection. The application has a very easy interface, and it is easy to operate. There is also a kill switch in the application. In addition to all security plug-ins, they also offer connections between local devices such as printers on the home network. ExpressVPN also chooses by default to take the best protocol and server for your location so that you reach the best speeds.

ExpressVPN is a bit on the more expensive side, but it also has its own DNS servers, support for many devices, and many servers. They do have a 30-day not good, money-back guarantee, which is certainly also a plus for a more expensive provider. They will therefore never insert advertisements into their apps or website. Finally, you can also connect 3 devices at once on 1 license.


5. IPVanish

IPVanish VPN

IPVanish has hundreds of servers worldwide, allows BitTorrent, has an automatic IP cycle, and is in possession of a kill switch. It is a fast top-class provider that offers one of the Best VPN services. IPVanish has hardly any limitations in terms of speed. In addition to the high speeds, IPVanish also has unlimited bandwidth. IPVanish can be used on Windows, OS X, Linux Ubuntu, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chromebooks, and routers.

Unlimited switching between different IP addresses and servers thanks to the more than 700 servers in 60 countries. There is a guarantee active of 7 days not good, money back. IPVanish also does not keep logs. IP Vanish allows you to use up to 5 equal connections on different devices to log in to 1 license.

The prices vary based on the duration of your subscription. This way, you pay less per month if you pay for an annual subscription. With any luck, you’ll get another pop-up with discounts on your screen to cut costs again. Finally, you can also watch the Netflix offer from other countries. IPVanish uses brilliant protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec, or the basic PROTOCOL PPTP.


6. GoingVPN

A standard account is a good start for this provider. You can also test a free account first. GoingVPN also has a relatively low price, so you are limited to 1 connection per device. The default account gives you access to more than 100 servers in 42 different countries and also supports OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP, and SSTP.

GoingVPN features apps, a Chrome extension, and software for most operating systems. With the free trial period, you get 6 hours to start testing the service. They also offer a 15-day not good, money-back guarantee. The speeds are good, and there is also unlimited bandwidth.

After all, you get what you pay for. If you have enough of what this provider has to offer, this service is definitely for you.


7. PureVPN


In 2022, this provider made itself known within the VPN market. With 750 different servers located in more than 140 different countries, PureVPN has realized a huge expansion. PureVPN knows how to deliver a high download speed. PureVPN meets the wishes of consumers who attach great importance to high internet speeds.

PureVPN is available on different platforms. For example, PureVPN can be used on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Phones. PureVPN is supported by various software programs, such as Linux, macOS, Android, or iOS. When using PureVPN,multiple protocols are provided (IKEv2, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, and SSTP). In addition to the wide choice of protocols and the certainty of online anonymity and security, PureVPN can also be used on 5 different devices at once. In addition, PureVPN is suitable for streaming movies and series, but you can also use the service that BitTorrent makes available on the basis of the P2P servers.


8. HolaVPN

Hola VPN

HolaVPN has an agreement with Luminati. This allows users to work on the servers of that service. You do this with holaVPN’s own protocols. These are different from the well-known protocols used by other providers. However, it is possible to configure a lot of different types of devices so that they can be used with HolaVPN. Think especially of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The biggest advantages of this provider lie in the fact that the ease of use is very high. This allows everyone to get started immediately, even if you don’t have any further experience with VPN yet. That’s attractive.

This provider has subscriptions in different price ranges, and there is even a free version that you can get started with. You get a lot of ease of use in return. There is a short period of reflection period in which you get your money back if the VPN is not good. However, data is logged. On the other hand, you can make up to 10 connections at the same time with this service.




GOOSE is the first to enter the Top 10 VPN with software for Windows, iOS, OS X & Android. This provider has brilliant protocols such as OpenVPN & IKEv2. You can pay with Ideal, Credit Card, and PayPal, you can make up to 100 connections at a time. GOOSE is based in the Netherlands and has a 100% no-log policy.

GOOSE has servers in popular locations such as the Netherlands, the United Kingdom & America. The number of servers goose offers is growing by the day due to the large number of customers taking GOOSE under its wing. GOOSE also has its own mobile app and is fast with a connection up to 50 Mbit/s which are very good speeds. As for Netflix, GOOSE is certainly suitable for this too; there are servers available in America to get the U.S. offer from your seat in any country.

Finally, GOOSE is one of the best VPN services 2022 and also has very good customer service.


10. SaferVPN


This provider has more than 700 servers in 35 different countries, does not keep logs, and also has a kill switch in the offer. You can also log in with Safer up to 5 devices at the same time, with only 1 license. SaferVPN is also available on most operating systems, is reliable, and also very fast. You can easily sign up and get started quickly with the delivered software.

The safer is easy to install. In terms of price, SaferVPN is relatively cheap. The provider does not give a 14-day good, money-back guarantee and also offers unlimited bandwidth. The protocols used are the same as those used with IPVanish & GOOSE, which is very safe. Finally, Safer has a good peer-to-peer connection in the Netherlands and excellent customer service due to the 24/7 live chat support feature that you can use if you have problems with the service.


11. TigerVPN


TigerVPN has servers in many locations and good quality in terms of performance. They have apps and software that are very easy to use for most operating systems. However, you don’t have that many options and can only make up to 2 connections at a time. They have servers in 43 countries and also run their own network and DNS. They do everything themselves, and that makes this provider unique of its kind. They don’t store logs either. However, they do store the times when you connect and how much bandwidth you used on that day. However, this data is only used to improve their service.

Registering is also very easy, and you are quickly on your way with this provider. The provider meets the consumer with an increase in the total number of devices to be connected if one chooses to take out a subscription for a year.

The protocols they hand in are standard. An OpenVPN and the like are used. They also operate under a 30% rule where 30% bandwidth is always reserved to use when needed. They automatically assign you more bandwidth, so you don’t experience connection loss or speed loss.


12. IronSocket

IronSocket has about 70 servers in 35 countries around the world. They are not the largest provider, but they are very good when it comes to customer service and privacy. IronSocket does not keep logs to ensure the privacy and anonymity of its customers. IronSocket’s headquarters are located in Hong Kong. They have developed their own proxy services and also their own DNS server that they call SmartDNS. With the SmartDNS, websites that are not available in your country can be unblocked. In addition to using the SmartDNS, they also offer you access to 160 different media websites.

IronSocket works with protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP. They also offer very strong encryption. As far as internet connections are concerned, they also have a relatively fast network.

IronSocket can be used on most operating systems, routers, smart TVs, game consoles, and smartphones. Different rates are available that are linked to the different available subscriptions. You can pay with the standard payment methods, gift cards, and Bitcoins.


13. VyprVPN

VyprVPN comes with software for all kinds of operating systems such as Windows, iOS, OS X, Android, Windows Phone, and Linux. This provider has almost all protocols: IPSec, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSL, and IKEv2. You can pay there by credit card and PayPal. VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, and you can connect up to 2 devices at a time on 1 account. What can be seen as a disadvantage at VyprVPN is that they keep logs. This means that, if requested, users’ online activities can be viewed.

VyprVPN is part of Golden Frog, a company that specializes in apps that provide privacy protection. VyprVPN is spread over 6 continents and has more than 700 servers at its disposal. Servers are also available in the Netherlands. So you can watch your missed broadcast from abroad or try to watch the offer in other countries via Netflix. You can set up the VyprVPN software so that it starts up and automatically connects to a server when you start your operating system, which can be very useful. VyprVPN only stores logs from its users for 30 days.

They work without third parties and thus manage everything from hardware to software which is a plus. This provider also has a kill switch and is quite stable and fast. Finally, they also have several subscriptions, including premium. With that premium feature, you can make 5 simultaneous connections instead of 3 with the standard subscription. With both subscriptions, the bandwidth is unlimited. Should you opt for the premium, you’ll also get access to the VyprVPN Cloud, where you can store files.


How to choose the Best VPN in India 2022

VPN providers are more than enough, of course, but not all of them are the best choice for you. For companies, other VPN providers are suitable than for individuals. In addition, a distinction can also be made between large and small companies. Excellent VPN providers are available for everyone, both business and private. However, it can be difficult to find the party that is best for you. What do you base your choice on? We give you insight into a number of things that you need to pay attention to when making a choice from the various VPN providers.


What can things be important to you?

If you want to make a choice from the various VPN providers, you will soon discover that all VPN providers offer their own service. It is therefore important to determine in advance what you do want and what you do not need. For example, the following things may be important to you:

  • The speed
  • Low price
  • Operating system compatibility
  • Log policy
  • Netflix / Torrent
  • Location of the servers
  • Number of servers available
  • Encryption protocols
  • Convenience
  • Mobile apps
  • Anti-spyware/anti-malware options
  • Dedicated IP


How to Select the Best VPN for You.

The list above indicates options that may be important to you. Are you looking for a VPN service for your business, and should employees be able to share important information with each other from remote locations? Then it is often important that Dedicated IP is possible, where the employees can all use the same IP address. Do you want to be able to switch between devices quickly and easily? Then the presence of mobile apps is important again. The more servers there are, the less likely a server will become overloaded. The closer a server is, the faster it is. These are all things you can take into account. By properly determining which factors are important to you, you can already tick off a number of VPN providers, allowing you to select the VPN providers that do meet your requirements.


Check all the important factors.

Once you’ve created a selection of VPN services that meet your key requirements, it’s tempting to focus on the price at this point. That makes sense because you want to be as advantageous as possible. However, it is important to check the other matters. What about the guaranteed speed, and can you Netflix via your VPN connection? You want to make sure that the VPN provider really suits you in all areas. For example, you don’t want to find out afterwards that you have chosen a VPN provider whose VPN service does not work at all on your operating system.


Secure internet traffic thanks to a VPN service

We have become so familiar with our data sent through Wi-Fi that most of us are not worried about the security of our data traffic. We are completely unaware that people with bad intentions can intercept and view our data. Take public Wi-Fi networks at the station or in the city; these are the ideal starting point for people with bad intentions. They are public and therefore also very accessible to people who want to intercept data. Even your own INTERNET service provider can view your internet activity and pass it on to third parties. So it’s time to think about privacy and protecting your internet traffic.

Enter the beautiful world of Virtual Private Networks. This online service is based on simple software to protect your internet traffic from all kinds of things and gives you control to decide what you look like on the world wide web. Maybe you’ve heard of it before, on TV, for example. A VPN is available on virtually all devices and thus does not exclude any internet user.



To put it simply, a VPN service is used to create a secure encrypted (encrypted) internet connection that no one can access outside of you and the address you’re browsing to. You can think of it as a kind of tunnel between your computer and a server running a system from a particular provider. Through this tunnel, you will then be part of the network to which your provider is connected. This makes it look like you are in another city or in another country.

While connected to a Virtual Private Network, all your data traffic goes through a protected tunnel. No one, not even your own Internet service provider, can still see your internet traffic. Via an unsecured HTTP website, one could normally obtain this information. If one only connects to HTTPS websites, which is almost every website today, your data remains secure, encrypted, and anonymous.

Here’s how to look at it: If you drive your car away from your driveway and you’re followed by someone with bad intentions, that person can follow your robbery. He knows where you stop, where you get out to get something to eat or drink, so the whole picture. With such a provider, you drive your car into an underground parking lot, change cars and go outside again. This way, no one knows where you’re going or what you’re doing. A Virtual Private Network is mainly used to prevent the interception of internet usage and to secure large data traffic.


Who could use such a service?

The security of both Free VPN and Paid VPN gives users many benefits. First of all, it stops everyone who is on the same network from taxing or intercepting your data connection. This is very useful for people who travel a lot or use public Wi-Fi networks or hotspots. The Wi-Fi networks, as they occur in hotels, restaurants, and stations, carry a lot of dangers. A VPN provides the appropriate security for this. In addition to the encryption that takes place with the use of a VPN, a VPN also provides anonymity. VPNs give your real IP address a cover. This virtually obtained IP address makes it harder for attackers or spies to find out and misuse your real IP address.

Many VPNs are also equipped with their own DNS system. Think of a DNS as a phone book. This changes a number to an IP address, which computers can understand. Network administrators can perfectly request your DNS and check what you’ve surfed to. Attackers can then transform your DNS into a kind of trap in which you are unwittingly lured to web pages designed to steal your data. If you use a VPN with your own DNS server, it gives you an extra layer of security.

However, the above has become a standard for most providers. But there are also people who use VPNs to prevent data leaks, such as journalists, for example. Of course, they do not want what they write to end up at another source or, worse, to be used against them. With an encrypted network, they can safely communicate with the Internet without their data being intercepted. But beware, in some countries that are very illegal! Not all countries accept VPN connections. States, where wars or political upheavals occur do not accept the use of a VPN connection. The state is trying to control internet use and is also trying to prevent uprisings.

You can also start using a VPN to secure peer-to-peer programs. But always read the provider’s rules carefully first and make sure you don’t violate any laws.


What’s the difference between proxies and VPNs?

You connect a proxy to a network, and a virtual private network connects you to a network, so they’re the same, right? This isn’t true! Proxies are usually not encrypted and, therefore a lot more unsafe. They actually have the same function, hiding your IP address. But there’s a lot more to it than just that. Privacy and anonymity are the main reasons these connections are used. Weekly messages are released indicating that sensitive information has been made public. It is therefore always indicated that using a VPN could have prevented this problem.

For example, a proxy is useful for watching YouTube videos that are blocked in your region or bypassing IP-based applications for other small things. But there’s a catch. A proxy only changes the IP address. This means that everyone can actually find out what your real IP address is.

VPN providers know how to make your IP address almost invisible. They do this by making different leaps to your end goal, taking good care of your privacy, and encrypting your data. This basically comes down to transforming your data into codes that only the sender and the recipient can decipher. This form of encryption is done by means of a certificate or protocol. That is why you sometimes see a green color or a lock at an HTTPS website in the corner. There are basic certificates that you can use for free as a website developer, but there are also certificates that are very highly secured and impossible to decipher, like those of your bank, for example.


How to choose the best VPN services in India?

The market has grown enormously in recent years, which started as a few companies has now grown into a very large market full of competition. Many services specialize in control and cybercrime. This means that with some services, you are not completely sure of your online safety.

Through devious marketing stunts and nice commitments, these providers try to persuade you to become a customer. Since there has been talking of scrapping Internet service provider rules, a lot of fake services have come on the market that you have to be very careful with.

It’s important to check out some things before you know which VPN service will be best for you in 2022. Reputation, reviews, type of encryption, ease of use, support, and extras are qualities that you need to judge. Don’t just focus on the price but also look at the quality because that’s a very important aspect. And that’s why we serve you 10 VPN services.

Finally, there are also free services to use, some you get paid for, and others give you a 30-day probationary period. If you are satisfied with that, that is usually enough to meet your requirements. If you choose a VPN provider that offers free probation, it’s best to use it too. This way, you can test and view different services, but the provider suits you best.


The danger of a free VPN

Free providers are not as safe as you think. There are 7 big hidden dangers that free providers bring.

Embedded Malware

Malware comes in different forms, but the final result is generally the same. Preying on the user’s money and stealing data. Hidden malware in VPNs can cause your data to be stolen and get into the hands of unwanted people. This is one of the biggest dangers of free VPN services. Here are some examples:

  • Harass you with targeted advertisements and spam emails.
  • Threatening to hack bank accounts
  • People make money by having stolen account data repurchased.
  • Steal and resell your digital products, such as licenses.
  • Encrypt, block, and undo your devices in exchange for money.

The number of free VPNs that contain malware is terrifyingly high. According to research by a CSIRO study, more than 40% of free services for Android systems are infected. You can always test this by having your app scanned by an antivirus app.


Hidden route tracking

Like malware, route tracking is one of the many dangers of free VPN. Route tracking is out to collect and distribute your data for money. The CSIRO study found that 75% of free apps register where you are online.


Third-party data access

It is very important to read before you agree. Most people are already sold when they see the word ‘free.’ But in most cases of free applications, your data traffic can be passed on to state authorities, lawyers, and companies. Don’t let these free apps share your data and your privacy with the outside world. Don’t risk your safety.


Stolen bandwidth

Free apps can steal bandwidth and sell it to other people. This is done, for example, to maintain peer-to-peer networks. It is therefore recommended not to come into contact with these practices.


Read browser

In principle, this amounts to the same as data access. However, browser reading is more for commercial purposes, such as highly targeted advertisements. The websites record your visit and then use it. This use results in targeted advertisements on the website that the internet user visits. Social media will also be filled with banners from this website.


IP address leaks

A good virtual private network should make your online activities safe. Encryption will have to take place. This encryption can only be deciphered by the device you are using and the recipient of this information. Unfortunately, there are free services that don’t do this and just leak your IP address. This ensures that you are completely visible to the outside world despite the idea that you are safe.



By using a free service, you put yourself in a very dangerous position. The reason for this is simply because these free services can be connected to third parties and give them access to your data traffic. This makes everything you do visible to the whole world, and this can lead to the theft of identity and fraud. If someone uses your address to carry out illegal business, you can pay for other people’s mistakes.


Can you actually trust VPN connections?

If you entrust an Internet service provider with all your internet traffic, and in doing so, the servers used for it, then you must also be able to trust a Virtual Private Network provider. It is easier to trust services that have been on the market for a long time than new services that do not yet have such a large customer base. You can focus on the security they give you and what bonus properties they bring, such as ad blockers, firewalls, and kill switches.

Kill switches can block your internet connection as soon as the VPN connection is lost and thus provide more online security. It is very important that you make the right decision to keep yourself safe. Preferably use services that use an OpenVPN. An OpenVPN is a superior security compared to PPTP’s legacy system. Finally, OpenVPN is open source, which means it uses many tips from users to keep the service as secure as possible.

To use a VPN service, the understanding is first to go through the privacy rules and transparency of the provider you want to use. See what the provider does with your data, what information it keeps, and what the responsibilities are. It is also always good to know where the company is located so that you can see what laws are in that country.

Many users want a good-looking program to manage everything the service does, but others prefer to import a file through OpenVPN. Most services have the most advanced technology and the best customer service when something goes wrong.


Free VPN vs. Paid VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is always good for a network you don’t trust. But are those free VPNs worse or better compared to paid VPN services? We give you the pros and cons of this:



What is of great importance to the customer is the price. A VPN connection can be free or paid. Depending on the price a VPN provider charges for their product, the quality of the service provided differs. There are plenty of options you can consider regarding different VPN providers. Regardless of free or paid, both forms of VPN connections can provide online anonymity.



Here we are with a big difference. Data security is very important, and the role of free or paid plays a huge role in this. This is mainly based on costs that the companies incur to keep their servers online. The free VPN providers make their money through advertisements on different media fronts. These advertisements can appear to be annoying. In your web browser, in your application, or even in specifically targeted emails. This can cause you not to be as safe as you think.

Paid VPN does not use online advertisements. The user himself keeps the servers online with his/her contribution. A paid VPN is often also more secure and therefore uses stronger encryption software. The maintenance of the server and associated encryption software are not the only costs. The VPN protocols also cost a lot of money but do guarantee your anonymity and security.


Quality and service

Make sure you get what you’re paying for. And make sure you are safe so that your data cannot be tampered with. With free VPNs, there is a good chance that you will be flooded with advertisements, and that, of course, takes away the quality of the service. Even if there is a problem, you often have a lack of good customer service, which is solved very quickly with a Paid VPN. Paid services often also have unlimited data and have thousands of connections that you can connect to.



You don’t want your provider to store data traffic, because, in the end, you opted for a VPN to counteract that. Checking for where you are, and where you’re browsing is not the intention, pay close attention to that and read carefully before you engage with a VPN provider. Also, make sure that you do not take a service that is located in a country where the privacy law is completely different, so you often avoid problems.



It all depends on whether you are willing to pay for those qualities as well. If you don’t mind that the service can see your data traffic or advertise and register, offers you advertisements while browsing or in the app, you can safely opt for a free service. For now, a free VPN provider can’t guarantee you 100% security. Free is easy, but of course, it is always better to play it safe.



If you’re looking for a good service, it’s important to know how many licenses you can take. Most users among us also have a smartphone and tablet on which you can also use a VPN.

Of course, there are also devices that do not support a VPN, such as smart home devices, refrigerators, IP cameras and so on. These devices cannot run a service on their own, but you can configure your router to work through a provider according to your choice. If you add such a network to your router, then any device connected to the router is protected from stealing data traffic. Some providers also offer dedicated routers that come with installed software to protect you, which makes it even easier to add a layer of security.

When we talk about servers within a Virtual Private Network, it is important to know how busy the server is. The traffic on the server also affects the speed of your internet traffic. It is better to sit in a calm server that is a bit further than in one that is completely filled with other users. Most providers have servers all over the world, so plenty of place and choice.

The location of those servers is therefore not insignificant. The more servers the service has in different countries, the more you can hide your location by, for example, seemingly sitting in Spain one day and then again in France or Poland the next. The closer you are to a server, the faster your connection is natural. That is why we find the best providers for you. You don’t have to connect to a server on the other side of the world to be safe, and that’s a very nice asset. For most purposes, a server on the other side of town is as good as one on the other side of the world.



Often the consideration is made between safety and ease of use. With a VPN connection, this is really not the case. If your VPN is active, you’re subconsciously taking many more steps to get to your web page. The data is sent around through all kinds of different ways to keep the customer so anonymous.

Most services offer very good internet speeds that even allow you to stream in HD or 4K. Other heavy data services like games are a different story. But you don’t really need such a service when you’re gaming a session, after all, you only send packages to the game you’re in at that moment. However, there are providers that offer such configurations.

You can also always configure your service in such a way that the connection only becomes active in unknown networks. Which is very useful for when you’re just at home, for example. In some cases, such a service can even improve your internet speed because they have access to very high bandwidth that we, as a regular user do not have access to in our regular network.


Streaming services

There are still limits on the world wide web. New movies and series often come out faster in America than with us. But some providers, for example, can configure so you’re virtually in America to access Netflix’s offerings there. However, Netflix is taking action against this and may already block some providers. Media rights are complicated. In principle, you pay a license for streaming services in the country where you live. There are a lot of laws around, so it’s better that you don’t break them.


Mobile & on the go

In principle, it is safer to make your bank transactions via your mobile network. The reason for this is that the mobile network is a lot safer than a Wi-Fi connection. There have been studies on a femtocell, which is actually a kind of fake phone tower that can be used for bad purposes. This tower can completely block and stop that 3G connection. Because the attacker controls the tower, he can intercept your data. This hasn’t happened much yet, but it’s not inevitable. Wi-Fi attacks are more common, which is why we recommend that you also take a mobile version of a VPN service 2022 so that you are always protected on the go. Even if you don’t like it all the time, it’s good that we have the ability to protect our data when it comes to confidential information or bank transactions.

Most services have apps that work for both Android and iOS. Many of these services allow up to 5 devices to be linked to one account at the same time. It is also not insignificant that the free providers usually have to pay for the mobile version. Maybe it’s better if you choose a paid VPN provider right away. Not all services are equivalent to each other. It is perfectly possible that a provider has separate servers for mobile users and has other servers for desktop connections. A good feature of a Mobile Virtual Private Network is that it can also block advertising on websites and apps.


Is this even right for me?

Computer and software developers work hard to ensure that you can start pairing any device with each other and that they are also safe from the outside world. But they don’t offer everything directly. For example, what one does not offer: the Best VPN services or an antivirus.

Both an antivirus and a VPN connection are very important, but are often overlooked. Even if you don’t use a VPN at any time of the day, get one at home and stay safe.

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