Best Vitamin C Tablets in India for Immunity 2022

Vitamin C is a miraculous water-soluble nutrient that has several benefits. From making your skin look bright to eliminating toxic radicals from your body and boosting your immunity. Most natural food sources and fruits are rich in Vitamin C.

However, with our busy lifestyles and erratic eating habits, we fail to consume thae daily requirements of Vitamin C. Additionally, Vitamin C gets quickly absorbed and eliminated from our body as well, leaving us with minimal Vitamin C levels in the body.

To compensate for the requirements and to avail the immense benefits of Vitamin C, you can add additional Vitamin C supplements to your daily diet. However, with a plethora of brands in the market, choosing the ideal Vitamin C supplement as per your requirements can be quite a hassle.

Therefore, we decided to give you a helping hand by reviewing the best Vitamin C supplements of 2022 along with a buyer’s guide on choosing an ideal one as per your specific needs.


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Best Vitamin C Supplements For Immunity in India

After consulting several nutritionists and doctors and after a string of consumer opinions, we have reviewed the 10 Best Vitamin C supplements of the season. Read on to choose the best one for your health and requirements.

Fast & UP Vitamin C

Fast & UP Vitamin C

Power-packed with the goodness of Vitamin C and Zinc, Fast & UP effervescent tablets are one of the best Vitamin C supplements of today’s times. It has the goodness of amla extracts, a natural source of Vitamin C with high ascorbic acid content. Antioxidants help maintain a sound immune system while keeping the stress-causing radicals at bay..

The supplement is available in the form of effervescent tablets that has a refreshing, tangy taste while also improving your hydration levels. It does not cause any acidity or gastric issues and is relatively gentle on your stomach. It aids in easier absorption of the nutrient while also keeping your metabolism in check.

There is a range of pack sizes available for the product. You can purchase it as a single pack of 20 tablets or 3 packs with a total of 60 tablets. The best time to consume them for ideal absorption is after a workout. However, you can consult your physician and consume it any time of the day.

These tablets are relatively easy to consume for those who find it difficult to swallow bitter tablets. These effervescent and refreshing tablets are great for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially for those into sports or fitness and those who travel frequently and may not have adequate access to Vitamin C in their diet.

Fast & UP is known for its range of supplements to boost your healthy lifestyle. These 1000mg tablets have no ascorbic acid content as the Vitamin C comes from natural amla extracts. Users claim it is very beneficial for your body except that it has sugar; else, it is a delicious and refreshing add-on in your daily life.


  • Type: Vitamin C effervescent tablets
  • Contains Vitamin C from Amla extracts and Zinc
  • Concentration: 1000mg with 10mg of Zinc
  • Dosage: One effervescent tablet with 250 mL of water (preferably to be consumed after a workout)
  • Tangy orange flavor
  • Pack of 20 and 60 tablets available
  • Suitable for adults only

Consumers say that you may not see the results with just one pack, but eventually, it makes you active while providing all the benefits of Vitamin C.Buy Now Button


Carbamide Forte Natural Vitamin C

Carbamide Forte Natural Vitamin C

Amla is one of the best sources of Vitamin C, and Carbamide Forte Vitamin C tablets make sure to provide you the best of these extracts. These 1000 mg tablets have the best of Vitamin C and Zinc that boosts your immunity and helps fight against infections.

You need to consume one tablet a day to see the best results. These tablets, in fact, also work on building healthy skin as it has collagen. Collagen helps build your connective tissues that aid in skin cell development and rejuvenating your bones and joints.

Collagen makes sure to improve your hair, skin, and nail health, promoting the healthy growth of these three. These tablets also enhance the ability of collagen to be better absorbed by your body.

These tablets have zinc gluconate, unlike other tablets that have zinc sulfate. The benefit is that zinc gluconate is absorbed three times better by the body, which helps you avail the best benefits of zinc. Apart from its immunity-boosting and rejuvenating properties, these tablets are perfect antioxidants that eliminate toxic radicals from your body.

It gets quickly absorbed by your body. It also has anti-aging properties, and the tablets are fairly easy to swallow and consume. These tablets have no unnecessary sweeteners or additives, making them a perfect choice for the health-conscious. There are no fizzy carbonated ingredients, which can be harmful and cause acidity or gastric problems.

The tablets from Carbamide forte are 100% vegan, and each tablet has the power of 50 amlas. It also helps in improving your heart health. Each pack has around 120 tablets that fall under budget if you consume one tablet per day.


  • Type: Vitamin C tablets
  • Contains Vitamin C from Amla extracts and Zinc Gluconate
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One capsule per day or as recommended by a physician
  • Unflavored
  • Pack of 120 capsules
  • Suitable for adults only

Consumers have claimed that they have felt the difference only after 15 days of use. They love that Vitamin C is sourced from Amla extracts, and zinc is absorbed better in the body.

It has also brought some tremendous changes in people’s skin health upon use. With such positive comments and feedback, you may want to consider this supplement from the house of Carbamide Forte.

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MOUNTAINOR Vitamin C Tablets

MOUNTAINOR Vitamin C Tablets

Formulated in the USA and made using the best manufacturing practices comes another supplement from the house of Mountainor. The Vitamin C tablets from Mountainor are built with an advanced formula to give you glowing skin with enhanced antioxidant activity.

The free radicals, once eliminated from your body, are quite effective in enhancing your immunity and reducing blemishes and dark spots from your skin.

These Vitamin C capsules are have the benefits of various fruits and ingredients like Amla, Orange, Lemon, Guava, Cherry, Strawberry, etc. These ingredients have multiple benefits, being rich in collagen and serving as natural sources of Vitamin C.

They have high antioxidant properties, and the goodness of all these ingredients combined in one makes Mountainor Vitamin C tablets worth consuming.

The capsules boast all the benefits of Vitamin C, including improving your bone health and better absorption of minerals in your body. These capsules also contain Zinc which is known for its anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting properties.

The tablets are gluten and soy-free, contain no allergens, free of sulfates, do not contains GMO products, and is 100% vegan. Additionally, it is FSSAI certified, which makes it very reliable and safe to consume.


  • Type: Vitamin C capsules
  • Contains extracts from Citrus fruits along with Zinc
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One capsule per day or as recommended by a physician
  • Unflavored
  • Pack of 90 capsules
  • Suitable for adults only

Users have suggested that these capsules have left their skin feeling radiant and youthful while also preventing skin from dryness and wrinkles. It promotes good hair and nail growth, and you are bound to see results once you start consuming these capsules.

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Now Foods Vitamin C-1000 Tablets

Now Foods Vitamin C-1000 Tablets

If you want the Vitamin C supplements to sustain for a longer time in your body, Now Foods is the best supplement you can opt for. These sustained-release tablets are available in a 1000mg formulation and include additional ingredients like bioflavonoids and rose hips.

Rosehips are the round portion of a rose flower that is present below the petals. It contains the seeds of the plant. When the rose hips seeds are dried, they can be used for various purposes. Its potent health benefits include relief from joint aches and rheumatoid arthritis. It also helps in increasing fat metabolism and is a rich source of Vitamin C.

These seeds increase the potency of the tablets. The sustained release formula makes sure that the supplement is not flushed out from your body and is slowly absorbed to stay in the body for longer intervals.

Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen that helps in developing skin cells and bones. It makes you feel and look younger and radiant as it eliminates the dead cells and replaces them with new ones.

Vitamin C is also essential for amino acid metabolism and absorption in the body. It aids in neurotransmitter synthesis and absorption of many nutrients like folic acid and iron. It protects your body from the damaging effects of toxic radicals.


  • Type: Sustained release Vitamin C tablets
  • Contains rosehips as an additional Vitamin C source
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One tablet per day or as recommended by a physician
  • Unflavored
  • Pack of 250 tablets
  • Suitable for adults only

It is best to consume these tablets once a day or as recommended by the physician. Certain users claim that the tablets are overpriced, and the quality may not be as worth as the price.

Moreover, you may want to look out for the product’s authenticity and labels if it is recommended and safe to consume. All in all, it is enriched with all the goodness of Vitamin C, so you may want to consider purchasing this one definitely.

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Eucee Vitamin C chewable tablets

Eucee Vitamin C chewable tablets

If you want to add a blend of taste and health to your life, then Eucee Vitamin C supplements are the ideal purchase for you. Firstly, it is available in various flavors like lemon, raw mango, etc., which helps you add variety to your taste buds while also improving your health.

Eucee Vitamin C supplements enhance the production of white blood cells that help build a stronger immunity and tackle diseases better. A daily dose of these supplements also helps in building your cognitive abilities and mental health.

These tasty chewable tablets are made of L-ascorbic acid, which is proven to improve your skin health. These tablets are not just proven immunity boosters but also helps in treating muscle soreness after a heavy workout. They help in the production of hormones to maintain a balanced state of mind.

The supplements also have collagen that helps in building connective tissues in your body. This means it supports the connective tissue of your eyes that enhances blood flow to improve your vision. It aids in the optimum functioning of your retinal cells. It leaves you with a pigmentation-free skin guaranteed and helps in the natural cell regeneration process.

These tablets also help improve your teeth and gum health and prevent scurvy due to deficiency of Vitamin C. Maintain that sparkling smile and have no sore teeth if you consume these tablets consistently.

Vitamin C is also proven to improve heart functioning and increase its efficiency. These tablets are available in a 500mg concentration, and you can consume two tablets a day for optimum results. These tablets are optimally absorbed by the body, leaving you with a healthy heart.


  • Type: Vitamin C chewable
  • Concentration: 500 mg
  • Dosage: Two tablets per day or as recommended by a physician
  • Raw mango flavor (other flavors available)
  • Pack of 120 chewable tablets
  • Suitable for children and adults

NOW Supplements are certified by FSSAI and can be consumed by children while enjoying a great range of flavors. It is an entirely sugar-free formula making it safe to consume for diabetics and the health-conscious as well.

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MuscleBlaze Natural Vitamin C

MuscleBlaze Natural Vitamin C

Muscle Blaze is known for its range of whey protein and mass gainer supplements. These Vitamin C tablets from Muscle Blaze are yet another range of easy to consume and power-packed supplements with the goodness of the natural antioxidant.

You can consume these tablets with a fizzy experience as they are effervescent and dissolvable in water. The refreshing, tangy taste makes it an enjoyable experience along with being beneficial for your health.

Zinc is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and helps fight against various infections. It has the goodness of Amla extracts along with Zinc that acts are perfect immunity boosters.

These tangy orange flavor tablets are free from added sugars and preservatives. You can consume these tablets once a day. One pack contains 20 effervescent tablets that are easy on the stomach and gets absorbed quickly into the body. These effervescent tablets also have grapeseed extracts that work as powerful antioxidants to helps fight toxic radicals in your body.

The muscleblaze Vitamin C tablets are approved by FSSAI to benefit your overall health and well-being. These tablets are not to be consumed by children or women having any specific medical conditions.


  • Type: Dissolvable effervescent tablets
  • Vitamin C source from Amla extracts and goodness of Zinc
  • Boosts immunity and provides antioxidant support
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One tablet per day after meals with 200 mL water or as recommended by a physician
  • Tangy orange flavor
  • Pack of 20 tablets
  • Suitable for adults only

Users have suggested that the tablets are energetic, refreshing, flavorful, and also provide all the benefits of Vitamin C. However, you will have to order or consume more than one pack to see the potential benefits of Vitamin C. The tablets are slightly overpriced, but the quality of Muscle Blaze is unbeatable.

We highly recommend that if you already have a natural source of Vitamin C in your diet, you can add these as supplemental tablets. These 1000 mg tablets are vegan with no fillers and artificial ingredients, making them relatively safe to consume.

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Himalayan Organics Vitamin C 1000mg Tablets

Himalayan Organics Vitamin C 1000mg Tablets

The best investment you can make is for your health. And when it comes to health, who understands better than Himalayan Organics. Their ingredients are sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas. The ingredients are mostly unprocessed and in their raw form, which retains the potency and characteristics of the supplements.

Himalayan Organics creates and formulates its products in well-curated research labs. Each of their supplements is scientifically validated and dermatologically tested to give proven results. The best part is that their products are Sulphate, Paraben, and Silicone free, making them very safe and reliable to use.

Coming to the benefits that these supplements provide, they help strengthen and boost your immune system. It works in developing your body’s natural defenses against any infection. It also encourages the production of white blood cells and phagocytes, which help fight harmful pathogens. Due to the antioxidant properties of the natural Vitamin, it keeps toxic radicals at bay and leaves you with glowing, refreshed skin.

Vitamin C aids in bone mineralization and the formation of collagen. Collagen helps in giving you healthy gums and bones, which keeps you active and feeling youthful. These tablets are also gluten-free and have no fillers or artificial ingredients. Each material in the supplement is sourced from nature and is purely vegetarian.

With Himalayan Organics, you’d be making a smarter choice for your body as it has zero harmful chemicals. It also helps in better absorption of minerals in your gut. These 1000 mg tablets are unflavored, and you can consume one tablet a day with water for best results.


  • Type: Dissolvable tablets
  • Vitamin C source from Amla extracts
  • Supports joint health, healthy heart functioning, collagen production, and hydrating skin cells
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One tablet per day after meals or as recommended by a physician
  • Unflavored
  • Pack of 120 tablets
  • Suitable for adults only

Users have suggested that these tablets leave you feeling younger with blemish-free and youthful skin upon regular use. The Vitamin C content from amla extracts helps clean your organ systems, leaving you feeling radiant and beautiful. It is also quite remarkable as a product in terms of price.

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Natures Velvet Lifecare Vitamin C 1000mg

Natures Velvet Lifecare Vitamin C 1000mg

Nature’s Velvet is known for its exquisite range of supplements, be it milk thistle, fenugreek seed extracts, Vitamin D supplements. Their range of whey protein and melatonin supplements is very well known.

Here comes another useful supplement from the house of Nature’s Velvet – Vitamin C. Packed with the goodness of ascorbic acid, these Vitamin C supplements provide all the benefits that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

One of the best parts is that Nature’s Velvet is made in India, promoting small-scale industries and MSMEs. It would make you feel better about consuming the supplement. These supplements from Nature’s Velvet are claimed to boost the immune system and activate the phagocyte and T cells especially.

The supplements also help the body form natural connective tissues, thereby taking care of bone and joint health. It also helps in healing wounds and reforming bones and blood vessels if injured or wounded. The Vitamin C supplements from Nature’s Velvet also help in the absorption of iron from the blood.

These Vitamin C tablets also help in the formation of collagen that helps develop new skin cells. You can take one tablet a day for best results as this contains 1000mg of Vitamin C. It helps in recovering your Vitamin C deficiency in the body. The tablets should not be consumed by children. These are unflavored tablets to be consumed after meals.


  • Type: Dissolvable tablets
  • Rich source of Ascorbic acid
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One tablet per day after meals or as recommended by a physician
  • Unflavored
  • 60 tablets available in packs of 1, 2,3, and 4 bottles
  • Suitable for adults only

Certain consumers claim that the quality of the product is excellent but not as worth the price. However, it meets their daily requirements and can be considered as a part of your daily diet.

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HealthKart Vitamin C Capsules

HealthKart Vitamin C Capsules

When it comes to choosing quality Vitamin C supplements, then you can always rely on Healthkart. These chewable Vitamin C tablets from HealthKart are absolute immunity boosters and serve as potent antioxidants as well. It rejuvenates your cells and helps in renewing them, bringing them back to life.

In terms of developing your immunity, it helps multiply your T-cells and B-cells, which are the two most important aspects of your immune system. These cells attack potential pathogens and reduce their impact on your overall health.

Vitamin C also helps in quick and easy wound recovery. It helps in quick blood clotting and developing new skin cells which replace the wounded ones. These supplements also aid in the development of collagen that, in return, favors bone and joint health. These supplements serve as a good healing component and take care of your overall health and well-being.

These Vitamin C capsules from Healthkart are approved by FSSAI, meaning they are GMO and preservative-free. This makes them a reliable and safe product to consume. Some users have claimed that it may cause gastritis and other gastrointestinal issues. Therefore, you may want to consult your physician before purchasing these tablets from healthkart if you have a sensitive gut.


  • Type: Chewable tablets
  • Rich source of Vitamin C and Sodium Ascorbate
  • Concentration: 500mg
  • Dosage: One tablet per day or as recommended by a physician
  • Orange Flavor
  • Available in packs of 60 and 90 tablets
  • Suitable for adults only

All in all, users suggest that it has proven to be very beneficial in improving their resistance to infections and overall skin health. As far as the quality and price are concerned, it is pretty budget-friendly and belongs to the house of Healthkart, one of the most renowned health brands in the market. These are available in a pack of 60 and 90 tablets and are extremely easy to consume and chew anytime.

Make sure to chew these tablets well and not gulp them directly. Additionally, these tablets are recommended for adults and not children below 18 years of age.

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Healthvit Natural Vitamin C

Healthvit Natural Vitamin C

Healthvit Natural Vitamin C stands true to its name, containing ingredients from natural plant-based sources and providing various benefits to boost your health and immunity. Healthvit Vitamin C tablet has the goodness of Vitamin C from amla and citrus fruits and zinc. Both of these ingredients are highly beneficial in boosting your immune system.

Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that keeps toxic radicals away, making your skin look fresh and radiant and gives you a natural glow. It helps you fight against diseases and reduces the overall impact of infections on your health.

Daily dose of Vitamin C is also essential for collagen production. Collagen helps improve your skin, bone, and joint health, making you flexible and youthful. The goodness of Amla in these supplements rejuvenates your body and your entire organ system.

These 1000 mg supplements comprise 10mg Zinc, 40mg Vitamin C and 960mg of Amla Extract, giving you the best benefits of Natural Vitamin C extracts along with the goodness of Zinc minerals. Zinc not only improves your immune system but is also suitable for boosting your metabolism. It reduces inflammation and supports bone health in elderly women and men.

These are available as chewable tablets or even effervescent tablets, giving a fizzy feel and refreshing, tangy taste. There are various pack sizes to choose from, from 20 effervescent tablets to a pack of 60, which suffices for a good two months.

It has no gluten and fillers and is free of preservatives. It is vegetarian and GMO-free, making it safe to consume and a reliable product.


  • Type: Chewable and Effervescent Tablets
  • Contains Vitamin C, Zinc, and Amla extracts
  • Concentration: 1000mg
  • Dosage: One tablet per day or as recommended by a physician
  • Tangy Orange Flavor
  • Available in packs of 20 and 60 tablets
  • Suitable for Children above 12 years of age, adults, and senior citizens

Users state that these tablets have helped them reduce fatigue, make them feel refreshed, and improve their skin health. Certain people claim that it has also helped in reducing acne and breakouts.

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What to Look for in a Vitamin C Supplement

Vitamin C supplements have a wide range of benefits for your body. At the same time, it is available in different forms and types. Therefore, it may be difficult to choose amongst the vast range of Vitamin C supplements available in the market.

To make your choosing task easier, we have a detailed buyer’s guide to help you select the best Vitamin C supplement that suits your requirements and body type.

Form of Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C supplements are available in various structural forms as well as multiple combinations of compositions.

The various structural forms are:


As we all know, capsules are a form of medicine coated with gelatin or collagen material. This material acts as a carrier of the main ingredient, which is Vitamin C, along with other nutrients, if there are any.

These are a compact form of any supplement, and the dosage can be packed in small gelatin capsules. However, people who may have allergies to gelatin or digestive issues should not opt for capsules.



Chewable forms of Vitamin C are just like chewing onto a bar of chocolate. These are either available as lozenges flavored and packed with the goodness of Vitamin C. Else. You may find them as calcium and Vitamin C tablets that readily dissolve in water and are chewable.

Parents prefer chewable tablets for their children, as they have usually have a sweet taste that children would not refuse. For people who hate the idea of consuming bitter medicines, chewable Vitamin C supplements are a treat and healthy too.



We must have heard of gummy bears in our childhood. Gummies are a new form of consuming health supplements these days. They are almost jelly-like and extra chewy, filled with flavor, and very sweet.

Vitamin C gummies are very similar, only that they have an added benefit of Vitamin C apart from the taste factor. These are slow-releasing chewable tablets but not very healthy from the nutritional aspect.

People who have diabetes and weight issues should strictly avoid these forms of supplements. Else, children can always dive into gummies for the taste and goodness of Vitamin C.



Liquid is the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin C. For older adults who have brittle teeth or cannot chew solid food or children who still haven’t developed teeth, the liquid form of Vitamin C is the best way to consume the supplement.

Alternatively, for people with digestive and metabolism issues, liquid form is easily absorbed by the body.



If you want to combine Vitamin C supplement with your protein shake or food or almost anything you consume, or simply make a Vitamin C enriched shake, then powdered supplements are the best purchase.

These are easily dissolvable, combined with regular food and other body supplements, and are easy to consume and digest.

Powdered Vitamin C usually comes from bioflavonoids and other supplements that you may want to check based on your requirements.


Effervescent Tablets:

Various brands add a refreshing element and tangy taste by manufacturing Vitamin C in the form of effervescent tablets. These are dissolvable in water and add a fizzy feeling, which is quickly absorbed by the body.

These tablets can be carbonated, which adds to the fizz and are not as healthy. However, if you want to avoid the bitter taste of tablets and add some fun to consuming supplements daily, then effervescent tablets are a good choice.


Different types of Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is either available as ascorbic acid in natural food substances or is combined with other minerals and nutrients. Here are the different types:

Ascorbic acid:

This is the most natural form of Vitamin C available in citrus fruits and vegetables. However, for people who have a sensitive gut, it may cause digestive issues and acidity.



These are specific antioxidant-like materials found in plants. These are added along with Vitamin C to increase the potency and bioavailability of Vitamin C.


Mineral ascorbate:

Ascorbic acid, when combined with certain minerals like calcium and magnesium, is better digested by the gut. In fact, these are milder forms of Vitamin C supplements.

But, one should be careful about the composition of you are consuming these tablets in higher doses not to cause mineral deposition in your body.


Extended-release Vitamin C tablets:

The actual benefits of vitamin C are best noted when taken in multiple small doses over the day.

Instead of taking multiple small dose tablets, you can take a single extended-release tablet that releases the ascorbic acid content in small proportions that sustains throughout the day.


Ester forms of Vitamin C:

Like mineral ascorbates, esters are also a good combination with Vitamin C. These are well tolerated by the gut, just like mineral ascorbates, and have minimal side effects due to deposition.



To determine the ingredients, you must carry out proper research. It is essential to check the ingredient label carefully that is usually provided behind the package of the Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C can usually be combined with esters, bioflavonoids, etc., to increase its potency and nutritional value. However, if you see ingredients that are not relevant to you or seem dangerous, you should not purchase such supplements.

We have reviewed and suggested some excellent quality brands below that have a good range of beneficial ingredients for overall health and welfare. You can choose from any of them and trust us!!


Contraindications and Dosage

According to NIH, the ideal recommended dosage for Vitamin C is 75mg for women and 90mg for men. Slightly beyond this dosage is also acceptable.

However, if you overdo the intake of Vitamin C, you could suffer from nausea and gastrointestinal disorders. It can also cause headaches, acidity, flushed skin, etc.

Consuming a Vitamin C supplement or even consuming a kiwi for the day would fulfill your daily Vitamin C requirements. From the total Vitamin C that we consume, only 50% is absorbed by our kidneys and filtered rapidly.

Therefore, doctors recommend small and multiple doses of Vitamin C; else, they suggest extended-release tablets that stay in your body for longer periods.

When it comes to contradictions about consuming Vitamin C, it is always better to consult your doctor before you start a supplement.



When it comes to choosing high-quality Vitamin C supplements, then certifications matter as much as the ingredients. The certifications determine the ingredient quality and help in developing trust in the brand.

You must look for various certifications, mainly ISO, FSSAI, FDA, and GMP. These ensure that the tablets are edible, food-grade, made with quality standards, and that the brand follows good manufacturing practices.

The ingredients used in the making are sourced thoughtfully and stand true to the nutritional value mentioned in the label.


Price and Quality

When it comes to supplements, price and quality go hand in hand. Most products that are of good quality are priced high as per the industry standards.

However, that is not always true, because you can also find good quality products of a mediocre range and fit your budget.

Vitamin C supplements can range between Rs.300 to as good as over Rs.3000. It is essential to check the quality standards and reviews before making the right choice.

Moreover, each body has specific requirements. Just because a particular Vitamin C supplement costs low, it may not necessarily benefit your body.

One has to consider the overall factors mentioned above and the price before buying the ultimate supplement for yourself.


Who needs a vitamin C supplement?

Ideally, we can avail Vitamin C from our diet by including food sources rich in the nutrient. However, certain people need more than what is available in natural food sources.

There can be several health factors for which we need more than the available quantity of Vitamin C. So, is a Vitamin C supplement meant for everyone, and who should be consuming it the most? Read below.

People with compromised immunity

If you have recently undergone chemotherapy, suffered from a deadly infection, or are prone to catching infections easily, then you have compromised immunity. The best way to boost your immune system is to consume Vitamin C.

It helps develop your white blood cells, T cells, and B cells that help fight against infectious pathogens and invade their entry into your body.


People with risks of developing heart diseases

Heart diseases like cholesterol and high blood pressure are usually caused due to increased LDL levels, high levels of triglycerides, and low HDL levels. Studies have proven that Vitamin C can help reduce LDL and triglycerides in your blood while boosting the absorption of essential nutrients and maintaining the levels of HDL.


People with high uric acid levels

Joint inflammation and arthritis can be a result of uric acid deposition. Excessive deposition of Uric Acid in the joints can lead to Gout. Vitamin C is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and inflammation of the joints. It decreases Uric Acid levels in your blood, thereby reducing the risk of joint pains and arthritis.


People having skin problems

Vitamin C supplements are the ultimate solution in your diet for people with skin pigmentations, scars, and marks due to pimple breakouts. It helps eliminate toxic radicals in your body that cause your skin and face to look stressed and tired.

Vitamin C supplements also help build collagen, which removes dead skin cells, makes your skin feel rejuvenated and spot-free, and lightens your skin tone.



Now that you know most of it about Vitamin C through our reviews above, the best one, according to us, is the Fast & UP Vitamin C effervescent tablets. They are refreshing, flavorful, contain Vitamin C from amla extracts, zinc, immunity booster, and are relatively easy to consume.

We don’t think you would NOT want to consume these supplements with so many benefits to offer. Including Vitamin C in our daily routines helps maintain an adequate balance of the skin and immune health. It also helps in improving our cognitive abilities and maintains good heart health.

What are you waiting for? Start consuming Vitamin C supplements and tell us which is your favorite one from the list above through the comments section below.

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