Best Toasters In India 2022

We’ve all heard that bread gets fat. However, it is totally false, and more and more people are deciding to introduce toast into their breakfasts.

Heating bread in a toaster and eating it with butter, margarine, olive oil or tomato is a real pleasure. In fact, a healthy toast, together with a coffee or tea, gives us the energy we need to start the day with enthusiasm. Therefore, buying a powerful, beautiful and efficient toaster is basic.

We have taken care of analyzing hundreds of user reviews of toasters on Amazon and El Corte Inglés to decipher, which is, according to its buyers, the best toaster on the market. We can anticipate that this is the Russell Hobbs 21396-56 Adventure, but also that there are excellent alternatives.


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Best Toasters In India Buying Guide 2022

Our choice: Russell Hobbs 21396-56 Adventure

Russell Hobbs 21396-56 Adventure

This stylish toaster is special for oversized bread, as its grooves are designed to toast large slices evenly, so you no longer have to stop the toaster from turning the bread around. It has, among other functions, the option of defrosting, the practical bread warmer holder and its removable crumb tray. All this brings comfort and versatility to the table every day.

63% of people who have purchased this toaster through Amazon have rated it with the 5 stars. That is the case of Luna, who loved it: “It has only one groove, but I fit 2 slices of bread mould and also normal bread, and with the applique that is put on top you roast buns or puppy bread while I make the sausages. The design is beautiful, stainless steel of which there is no footprint left. Without a doubt, the value for money of this toaster is perfect.” The Russell Hobbs, 21396-56 Adventure rating, is 4.3 out of 5.


Second choice: Moulinex Multi pan A15453

Moulinex Multi pan A15453

The Moulinex A1545 760 W is an efficient and compact bread toaster, ideal for roasting any bread, even thicker slices, or croissants. Its capacity is so incredible that, despite its small dimensions, you can roast up to 4 slices at once. This roaster is specially designed to toast bread on one side and has cold handles, perfect for removing toast safely, plus its practical on/off button.

The rating of this toaster is 4.4 out of 5. Marcos has been using it for 6 months: “I bought it because it is the toaster that my parents have always had at home, which I have used all my childhood, so I buy the same model, I am not able to adapt to other toaster designs. Although at first, as soon as you plug it in, it seems to warm up little, once it is 2 or 3 minutes, it starts to heat faster, and with about 60 seconds per side you already have the perfect toast”.


Alternative: Philips Daily HD2581/00

Philips Daily HD2581 00

This Philips toaster is available in two colours: white and an elegant green. Both have the same characteristics, including their eight roasting settings that allow you to toast different types of unused bread to get on fire, its two slots of different size for different sizes of bread, and its integrated tree warmer grid to heat your favourite buns and cakes easily. Also, the reheat function heats the toast in a few seconds, and the defrost function helps to toast frozen bread directly.

The rating of this toaster is 4.6 out of 5. 74% of the people who bought it have rated it with the 5 stars, like David: “I am surprised by the quality of the materials. It doesn’t heat up on the outside, the racks that are raised to place the buns to heat or defrost are thicker and more resistant compared to my previous toaster, and the slots to put the slices in are wide, so it serves for all kinds of slices. It has several levels of heating, crumb collection tray, stop button from stopping the weed. The product came to me fast, and brings the instruction manual, warranty and compliance sheet. The size of the toaster is perfect as it does not take up much space, and the cable is collected so as not to get in the way.”


Russell Hobbs Retro – Vintage Toaster

Russell Hobbs Retro - Vintage Toaster

This Russell Hobbs two slice stainless steel toaster with a high gloss finish and retro design has a novel remaining roast time indicator, indicating how long it will take for bread to roast and the selected roasting fit. Also, this toaster features fast weed technology, which guarantees to be up to 65% faster than any other toaster. Its “lift and see” function allows you to check the level of weeding during the process, without having to cancel the cycle. It also has a removable crumb tray, a roasting level regulator with 6 levels of roasting and the functions of heating, defrosting and reheating.

Russell Hobbs Retro – Vintage Toaster

The rating of this toaster with retro air is 4.5 out of 5. María José is pleased with the purchase as “it looks amazing on the countertop. I love the function of the chatrillite that carries to heat things on top. Sometimes I’ve warmed up some mounted toast by putting baking paper under the toast so it doesn’t drop anything inside the toaster because nothing can fall, and it looks great. You fit short slices, and it’s not as expensive as the toaster you were looking for, which was from another brand and on top had far fewer functions. I’d say it’s even much prettier and has more decorative elements. I love being able to see the indicator of what’s missing for the bread to jump.” 73% of people who have purchased this toaster through Amazon are just as happy as Maria José, scoring this product with the 5 stars.


Severin AT 2509 automatic toaster

Severin AT 2509 automatic toaster

This 2-slot-long toaster can accommodate four slices of bread at a time, and thanks to the centring of slices, a uniform toasting is achieved on both sides. Among its features are the defrosting, heating and roasting function, an integrated device for roasting buns, automatic disconnection in case of jam, crumb collection tray and a practical space to store the cable. It can be found in two colours: stainless steel and black.

69% of people who have bought this toaster have rated it after the 5 stars. “I was sick of the rods inside breaking, as they used to be very scalable and came out of the lane. This toaster, however, seems stronger than others I’ve ever had. At the moment I am thrilled with the purchase,” says Marta. The rating of this toaster is 4.4 out of 5.


Orbegozo 15773 automatic toaster

Orbegozo 15773 automatic toaster

This orbegozo brand toaster with a long groove and 850 W of power has 7 levels of toast to ensure the perfect point according to the tastes and needs of each person. Besides, it incorporates hot rolls that allow heating different types of pastries or bread of different shapes and sizes. It has to defrost and to overheat function for complete performance and a practical drip tray that will help you keep the toaster always flawless.

63% of the people who have bought this product have rated it with the 5 stars, as is the case of Maite, who is delighted with his purchase mainly because it is very functional: “For me the power is perfect. It has 7 levels, and I’m on the 3. It has a wide groove and is sturdy. The casing heats up, but it doesn’t burn. I’m thrilled with the purchase.” A 4.4 out of 5 is the rating of this toaster.


Black+Decker BXTO1000E Bread Toaster

Black+Decker BXTO1000E Bread Toaster

The design offered by the Black & Decker toaster is elegant, durable and anti-fingerprint. It is designed to perfectly fit any space in your kitchen, as its base incorporates non-slip feet to provide greater balance and cable housing, making it easy to store comfortably. With this roaster BXTO1000E, you can toast, reheat and defrost all kinds of bread and thanks to its 7 levels of toast and its 1000 W of power you will get the desired roasting quality at all times.

This toaster features an extra-large slot of 42 x 260 millimetres, ideal for thin, thick slices of bread, as well as baguettes. To keep the toaster always clean, it has an easily removable crumb tray where crumbs and other food scraps are collected. It also has LED indicator lights that will tell you at all times the function that is in action.

“The toaster is made of aluminium in its entirety, on one side is the wheel of its 7 power levels, and three buttons, one to cancel, one to heat and one to defrost—the toaster, when in operation, can be taken from the bottom that does not burn. The grooves are at least 13.5 cm long and 43 cm wide, the width I like to have at least this measurement, so when the bread jumps, it does not get stuck inside the groove. It is a very nice toaster as it is all aluminium and has excellent quality”, says Almudena. The rating of this toaster is 4.3 out of 5.


Smeg Toaster TSF02PBEU

Smeg Toaster TSF02PBEU

This toaster for 4 slices of the Smeg brand is undoubtedly one of the best choices in terms of performance and design. We can find it in different colours, all with that vintage air that always looks good in the kitchen of any home. It is designed with stainless steel coating and a chrome-plated and illuminated ball handle activation lever. As for the performance, it has automatic ejection after roasting, steel crumb collection tray, non-slip feet and 6-degree roasting.

The rating of this toaster is 4.6 out of 5. 77% of people who bought it have rated it after the 5 stars. That is the case of Fran who, he says, “in 20 or 25 years I have used three toasters of well-known brands, and none of them has given me the quality in the toast that I do get with this Smeg. As always, the shipment arrived at me, even earlier than expected and perfectly packed. For my part I recommend it. It is indeed more expensive than the previous ones, but in the longterm, it is more economical, because of the technical quality and service it offers in the kitchen. It’s so elegant, and it’s so good in the kitchen with that retro 1950s air, that I give it a 10!”


Bosch toaster long slot

Bosch toaster long slot

This is a Bosch brand long-slot toaster that features an electronic sensor to ensure bread is roasted evenly. In fact, it has an ergonomic knob for this purpose and an extra lifting function. This slot is ready to insert a long slice. It has an emergency shutdown button, defrosting function and an automatic disconnection system that activates if the bread locks inside. It also has an integrated bread warmer and a functional crumb tray.

Among all the reviews written by its buyers stands out, first of all, that of Jorge, which indicates that it is a “powerful, elegant, robust and very fast toaster”. Antonio, on the other hand, emphasizes that it is “a high-end toaster with a modern stainless steel design that brings modernity to my kitchen”.


Bosch toaster 2 slices

Bosch toaster 2 slices

This model has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 and has a 75 % rating of 5 stars. One of them is given by Begoña, which indicates that it is “an excellent toaster in value for money” since “the power it offers, together with its exquisite design, can not be enjoyed in other cheaper models”. More comprehensive is the opinion of Fernando, who says that he has made a comparison and that”this is the best roaster of the moment by design and performance.”

This Bosch toaster is a good alternative since it has a double slot. In them, there is an automatic bread centring system to ensure a uniform toasting. Besides, it has an integrated roller mechanism that raises its platforms to remove smaller slices easily. It has a defrosting function and offers 1090W of power. Its structure is made of plastic, which lowers its price, and has an interesting design that mixes red and black.


How to choose a bread roaster?

Buying the perfect toaster for each type of user is a task that requires a brief analysis and to take several aspects into account. So here we want to talk about everything we need to consider before we jump into an offer of toasters:

  1. Use: the best toasters allow to heat up to four toasts at the same time. In fact, professional toasters can accommodate even more. These are the recommended toasters for families with children.
  2. Accessories: the best brands of toasters include in their models at least a cable picker at the bottom, a shower tray and an additional lifting system to easily remove small toast without risk of burns.
  3. Functions: All toasters have a timer. However, it is also recommended that they include functions to defrost and reheat bread.
  4. Safety: it doesn’t matter if it’s a high-end toaster, good value for money or cheap. Having an emergency stop button is essential to prevent the bread from ingesting.
  5. Power: large toasters obviously need more power to heat bread quickly. In this sense, toasters for one or two slices can have enough with 500W. In contrast, toasters of four or more slices must have 800W or more of power.
  6. Design: probably, the toaster will be in sight inside the kitchen. Therefore, it is important to choose a model with an aesthetic that integrates perfectly into the style of this room. Today, it’s easy to find modern, retro or vintage toasters, for example.

The best toasters include LCD screens that indicate the remaining roasting time, tweezers to extract bread and grills safely.

Also, if you want to buy one of the best toasters of the moment, it is important to make sure that they include LCD screens indicating the remaining time, tweezers to extract bread safely and grills to heat croissants or bread rolls, for example.


Types of bread roasters

1. Industrial toaster type bar:

these are the professional bread toasters by antonomasia. In fact, taking into account the prices of toasters in general, these are also the most expensive. They are large enough to accommodate enough capacity to heat several slices at once. The user only has to put them on the grills so that they are evenly heated. This model is a great example.


2. Flat or horizontal toaster:

because they simulate the grill effect, this type of toaster has gained whole over traditional vertical toasters. You only need to take a look at this Orbegozo model to check the general features of these devices. Besides, most cheap toasters on the market fall into this category. However, they have the disadvantage that bread is not roasted on both sides at once, but it is the user who must turn them around manually.


3. Vertical toaster:

lifelong toasters. Insert the bread through its grates so that the resistance of the toaster is responsible for heating it on both sides simultaneously. This also makes them the best household toasters. Two types of vertical toasters can be distinguished:

  • Roaster of a slice: they only have a compartment for bread and are quite elongated. This Princess toaster perfectly meets the standards set for this type of device.
  • Two-slice roaster: they have two compartments to heat two slices of bread at a time. They are more compact, as demonstrated by this Godmorn model which, thanks to their design, should be considered as an original and elegant toaster.


How to toast bread

There are 4 ways to toast bread:

  1. Electric toaster: the most common of all. Insert the slice of bread into the compartment, select the time and wait for them to be made.
  2. Fryingpan: roasting bread in a frying pan is also possible. All you have to do is heat the pan without oil or butter and put the slice on it on both sides for as long as you want.
  3. Oven: the least efficient way to toast bread. Requires preheating the oven for 10 minutes to 180 oC and keeping the bread inside at the same temperature for another 4 to 5 minutes.
  4. Grill: option only available for those who have a stove in their kitchen.

Besides, artisan bread and bread made with non-wheat cereals tend to have more crumbs and therefore more flour and less water. Therefore, they require more time inside the electric toasters or in any of the other utensils commented on to become crunchy.


3 toast recipes

The best thing about toast recipes is that they are simple and easy to make. Here are three examples:


1. Asparagus, margarine and mushroom toast

It is only necessary to roast one slice of medium bread per person per serving. As you finish heating it, you have to spread the margarine to melt, and the bread absorbs it. In the meantime, we can take the opportunity to sauté the asparagus and mushrooms in the pan and to season them with a little salt, olive oil and oregano. Then we put it all on the bread, and it’ll be ready to eat.

Brioche toast with avocado and strawberries. Last


2. Cereal toast with fresh cheese and salmon

In this case, we recommend using multi-channel bread to give the recipe a special touch. Once toasted and crunchy, just put on it a slice of fresh cheese and another of salmon. In this sense, it can be raw or smoked—the perfect snack for any family lunch or with friends.


3. Mushroom sandwich, Roncal cheese and egg

An ideal dish to start the day well or to serve during lunch. Scramble the pan with the mushrooms and egg while the bread is heated in the toaster. It is necessary to add, first of all, the cheese so that it is melted a little and then the rest of the ingredients.


What bread gets fat less?

Not all loaves are the same. In fact, some have more calories than others and therefore fatten more, even if this expression is not correct. Here we want to make a shortlist of the calories provided by the different types of bread existing:

  • White bread: the calories of a 100-gram white bread bar are 370.
  • Mould bread: the calories of the bread are, respectively, 250 kcal/100 grams if consumed directly and 360 kcal/100 grams if roasted.
  • Wholemeal bread: 293 kcal/100 grams and 402 kcal/100 grams if roasted.
  • Multicereal bread: 280 kcal/100 grams and 395 kcal/100 grams if roasted.
  • Oatmeal bread: a type of gluten-free bread is made by hand that has 305 kcal/100 grams served normal and 420 kcal/100 grams if roasted.
  • Rye bread: 259 kcal/100 grams and 340 kcal/100 grams if roasted.
  • Spelt bread: 285 kcal/100 grams and 390 kcal/100 grams if roasted.

(*These figures are approximate and may vary depending on the amount of flour, water and additives added during bread processing.)

When it comes to enjoying healthy toast, it will always be advisable to bet on organic and artisanal bread without salt, sugar or industrial yeasts.

We also want to add that when it comes to enjoying healthy toast. However, the caloric volume is greater in theory, and it will always be advisable to bet on organic and artisan pieces of bread without salt, sugar or industrial yeasts.


Biscotti vs toast for you

A slice of homemade toasted bread is always going to be healthier than a biscotti for several reasons:

  • Calories: 100 grams of toast have, depending on the type, between 350 and 420 kcal, while 100 grams of biscuits can reach 450 kcal.
  • Added substances: the user, when making their own bread toast, knows with which ingredients exactly accompanies it. Instead, biscuits bring additional sugar and salt. Besides, oil is used for processing.

We have to make a little point. Toast always has more calories per serving than untoasted bread. This is because, during roasting, a high percentage of the contained water evaporates, but the flour is retained. For example, regular bread or white bread has 250 kcal/100 grams, while toasting reaches 373 kcal/100 grams.


How much bread to eat a day

We’ve all heard on occasion that bread gets fat. However, this is totally false as no food has the ability, by itself, to fatten or lose weight. It all depends, of course, on how much we consume and the effort we make to burn those calories.

We’ve all heard on occasion that bread gets fat. However, this is totally false.

Nutritionists recommend eating approximately 220 to 250 grams of bread a day. In fact, people who exercise enough and follow a healthy, balanced diet can take up to 400 grams a day without any problem. In Spain, in addition, with 150 grams per person per day, we are well below the European average.

In addition, anyone, even if they are dieting to lose weight, should not take less than 100 grams of bread a day as that can result in a carbohydrate deficiency in their body, macromolecules from which we all get the energy we need to perform our vital functions.

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