Best TDS Meter in India 2022 for Drinking Water

What is TDS water tester (TDS meter)?

A TDS tester or a TDS meter is equipment that shows the amount of total dissolved solids in a solution. In other words, we can say that a TDS meter indicates the concentration of dissolved solid particles in a solution. Some dissolved ionized solids like salts and minerals increase the solution’s conductivity which is measured by TDS meter to estimate the value of TDS.

TDS meter is quite essential equipment that tends to increase the pH of the water and thus makes the water safe for drinking. It also makes the water taste right for the users by preserving the needed minerals in the water and indicating the measure of unwanted minerals. Another way is getting Water Purifiers with Inbuilt TDS meter.


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Best TDS Meter in India (TDS Tester)

These are Best TDS Meter in India 2022

  • HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS Meter)
  • Divinext Digital TDS Meter (Water Quality Tester TDS)
  • Wellon Pocket Digital TDS Meter for Drinking Water


You don’t want to drink unsafe water, isn’t it? And neither would you want your loved ones to suffer from any health risks due to unsafe water. This is where the role of the best TDS meter comes in. Make use of the accurate and best TDS water and get to know about the levels of total dissolved solid particles in your drinking water.


Best Tds Meter for Drinking Water in India

HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS Meter)

HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS Meter), Best TDS Meter in India

This HM AquaPro is a handheld device for testing the quality of the water one of the most affordable Tds water tester tool. This device is specially designed for health-conscious users. With the changing times, this water tester device has become one of the essential types of equipment available in almost every user’s place.

With this water quality tester available at your place, you would never have to worry about the available TDS levels in the water. This TDS meter offers the combined benefits of simultaneous TDS and temperature readings.

This water quality tester is also enabled with a large screen so that the users won’t have to face any problems for reading the displayed figures. The easy-to-read screen of this machine is one of the major benefits of this TDS meter.

The digital calibration ensures that the generated results from this device are of high and quality accuracy. The high accuracy of this TDS meter against the reference standards is the main reason for the trust and reliability of the users on this machine. Also, the water-resistant housing body of this TDS meter ensures that the machine doesn’t get ruined with its improper use.

One great benefit that the users can get with this efficient water quality tester is that of its magnetic body. It is made perfect for the fridge as it can easily stick to the fridge’s body. The automatic temperature compensation of this device accurately captures the values for the changing temperature of the solution.


  • Water resistant and magnetic body
  • Accuracy: +/- 2%
  • TDS range: 0-5000mg/L
  • Temperature range: 0-80 degree Celsius
  • EC to TDS conversion factor: NaCl
  • Digital Calibration

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Divinext Digital TDS Meter (Water Quality Tester TDS)

Divinext Digital TDS Meter (Water Quality Tester TDS), Bets TDS Meter

Coming from one reliable brand name like Divinext, this device can be accurately used for finding the TDS value of the solution, for finding the value of electrical conductivity and also for analyzing the temperature of the solution.

Thanks to the professional built of this TDS meter, it generates accurate results for all of its 3 functions. You can also rely on the water resistant body of this quality tester and can be sure that it will face no damage even with the improper use.

Along with these functions, the TDS meter also offers automatic temperature compensation so that the users can get sure of the accuracy of the results generated. This machine is so designed that it preserves and saves energy even during its use. This power saving mode of this machine also extends its battery life and thus makes sure that the users can use it for maximum time.

Want to know the best part of this water quality tester? The tester will automatically shut down after 9-minutes if left un-operated. This TDS tester is available in a portable size and is also easy to use and carry along. The digital calibration and easy-to-read screen complete the overall performance of this machine.


  • Offered TDS range: 0-4999mg/L
  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Temperature range: 0-99 degree Celsius
  • 1000 hours of battery life for continuous tests
  • Water resistant body

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Wellon Pocket Digital TDS Meter for Drinking Water

Wellon Pocket Digital TDS Meter for Drinking Water, Best TDS Water tester available in india 2022

This TDS meter not only offer the best and accurate results for the available TDS levels in the water but is also used for finding the hardness in the water. With the use of this machine, you can always be sure that you are drinking safe and high-quality water.

As the water quality tester does not have a water-resistant body, you should be careful with its use so as to avoid any damages caused. Besides this, the meter is calibrated with 342ppm NaCl solution and easy to read large LCD screen design ensures to offer the expected performance.

The users can also be sure of the accuracy of the generated results from this machine because of the use of advanced microprocessor technology. This TDS tester also saves the measurements so that the users can conveniently read and record them.

This quality tester automatically goes off when not used for more than 10-minutes to conserve the batteries. It can be suitably used for filters, purifiers, vegetables, fruits, and other eatables along with monitoring the drink quality of different solutions.


  • Accuracy: +/-2%
  • Body is not water resistant
  • TDA range: 0 to 9990 mg/L
  • Easy to use
  • Large and easy to read LCD screen display

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FAQs for TDS Meter/TDS Tester


How to use TDS meter?

How to use TDS meter, TDS meter is placed in the cup to test the TDS level of water

Using the TDS meter is very easy and thus can be used at homes also. All you need to do is to follow these steps for properly using the meter.

  • Remove the bottom cover and switch on the device. Make sure that it displays the initial value as 000
  • Dip the end tip of the meter in the water and wait for sometime
  • The displayed unit after some time is the TDS level in the solution
  • Switch off the TDS meter after use


What is the best TDS level for drinking water?

Higher the TDS level, higher will be the risks in the solution. Any solution having higher TDS concentration becomes unacceptable with its quality for the users. The TDS value here is measured in per litre quantity of the solution. As you can see the best TDS level with excellent quality of the solution is the one with the minimum value.

  • Excellent quality of the solution: 300mg/litre
  • Good quality of the solution: in between 300 to 600mg/litre
  • Fair quality of the solution: in between 600 to 900mg/litre
  • Poor quality of the solution: in between 900 to 1200mg/litre
  • Unacceptable quality of the solution: greater than 1200mg/litre


How accurate are TDS meters?

The TDS meters are quite accurate for determining the value of TDS for the various solutions. In general, the chances for any uncertainty in the result of these TDS meters are only 2% and for the remaining 98% cases, the generated results are accurate and can be trusted for all the solutions.


How does TDS meter work?

TDS meter works using 2 electrodes which are equally spaced. These electrodes are inserted in the water and they result in measuring the charge available in the water. The result generated or displayed on the TDS meter is the TDS level present in the water, which is generally converted into a PPM figure for convenience.

If your water is safe and does not contain any TDS level, then the TDS meter will flash the value as 000. On the other hand, if the water is unsafe and is high with the TDS level, the same would be reflected on the TDS meter. The prime reason behind the working of TDS meter is the conduction of electric charges, between the electrodes, present in dissolved solids.


Final Conclusion:

Out of the 3 mentioned names of water quality testers, we would like to recommend the HM Digital AP-1 AquaPro Water Quality Tester (TDS Meter) as the best TDS meter. The reason behind this is quite simple, this TDS meter delivers the most accurate results within no time.

Also, the machine has been designed for delivering ease and convenience to the user with its features and maintenance. The water-resistant body, automatic temperature compensation, etc. are some of the other reasons for choosing this particular TDS meter.

If you still have any doubts, please do comment them below. We will get back to you with the best possible information.

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