Best Strollers in India for Baby -[Choose Perfect Baby Stroller/Pram]

It is always difficult to combine luxury, comfort and a smooth ride, in an attractive frame, for your little ones. This is where an accurately chosen baby stroller comes to the rescue.

Our babies are cute and we simply want to give them the best – even with their strolling rides. But, is it really that easy to get that perfect stroller for your baby? Are all the strollers the same? Do they all offer the same kind of comfort to the baby?

If you find it difficult to choose the most comfortable and suitable stroller for your baby which is also equipped with all the luxuries and facilities, then you are at the right place. We are here to assist you with the best possible options for baby strollers.

We understand, choosing the suitable stroller for their babies is not that easy as it may appear. We, therefore have shortlisted some of the best baby strollers/prams which you can choose for your little ones and give them the required comfort.


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Best Strollers/Pram in India for baby

These are Best Strollers in India 2022 | (Baby Stroller)

  • Chicco Lava Cortina CX Baby Stroller
  • R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride – The Designer Stroller/Pram
  • LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram, Extra Large Seating
  • Fisher-Price Explorer Steel Stroller Cum Pram
  • R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite – The Most Portable Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids
  • LuvLap Joy Stroller/Pram, Compact and Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids
  • Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller (Baby Pram)
  • LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller/Pram, with Mosquito net
  • Babygo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram
  • Little Olive Tweety Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram with Musical Food Tray
  • LuvLap City Stroller/Buggy, Compact & Travel Friendly, for Baby/Kids


Top 10 Best Baby Strollers in India

Here we have listed top 10 Best Stroller for Baby available in India 2022

Chicco Lava Cortina CX Baby Stroller (Baby Pram):

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller (Lava), Strollers for newborn babies and toddlers

You only wish to give your baby the best that you can, isn’t it? Chicco Lava Baby Stroller is one of the best strollers that can offer your baby the needed comfort along with targeting all the required luxuries.

To begin with, this stroller is a unisex stroller and thus makes the best ride for both girls and boys. The recommended baby weight for this stroller is around 23Kg which makes it convenient even for little grown-up kids.

One of the best advantages of using this Chicco baby stroller is its suitcase-type folding handle design. Thanks to this design, it really becomes convenient for the users to open or close the stroller even with a single hand. Along with this, it offers its users with maximum storage space for easily carrying all the baby stuff and also the 5-point safety harness.

Another important benefit that this stroller offers is its key fit car seat adjustments. It can easily be adjusted in the car and thus can be taken to any place; as and when needed. Moreover, it can be adjusted with its 8 reclining backrest positions for delivering maximum comfort to the baby.

Lastly, this stroller is available in multi-color which makes it an attractive catch for all types of parents and kids.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls
  • Maximum baby weight: up to 23kg
  • Offers 8 backrest reclining positions
  • Easy to handle and open even with a single hand
  • Can easily fit in the car seat
  • Available in suitcase type fold design
  • Designed to offer the perfect security and safety for the baby


R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride – The Designer Stroller/Pram:

R for Rabbit Chocolate Ride - The Designer Baby Stroller and Pram

If you are looking for a stroller or pram which is not only stylish and designer for your baby but is also extremely comfortable, then this R for Rabbit stroller should be on your list. This stroller is available in a very attractive rainbow color which works as a great attraction for this product.

To ensure the maximum safety for the babies, this product is designed with European standards which are EN 1888 certified. Every minor aspect of this pram is defined for delivering the needed safety and security for the baby.

It comes with 6.5-inch front wheels to swivel and for long strolling pleasures. Also, the available front wheel brakes ensure total safety during the ride to the users and the baby. Along with this, it comes with the best suspension design to offer the smooth strolling ride, especially on the Indian roads.

Talking about its distinguishing feature, it comes with a link brake. Thanks to this link brake, the users can lock and stop the stroller just with the click of their feet. Along with this, it is given a reversible handle which can be easily adjusted to see your baby smiling while strolling.

Apart from these features, this stroller can easily be adjusted for its desired position with the help of easily accessible fold design and thus can offer the maximum comfort to the baby.


  • Ideal for: both for boys and girls
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kg
  • Front wheel suspension design
  • Enabled with link brake for the easy brake system
  • Available in an attractive rainbow color


LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram; Extra Large Seating:

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller Pram, Extra Large Seating Space, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby Kids, 0-3 Years

This stroller is one of the most recommendable choices for those users who are more into outdoor activities. This stroller is designed according to the European safety standards and thus ensures that your baby is never in danger during strolling.

It is designed as an extra spacious stroller with its heavy duty wheels which makes it perfect for all kinds of outside uses. The 5-point safety harness and extended double layer canopy combine and offer the best safety benefits to the baby and the users.

Moving forward to its design, it is available in an easy to use and access fold design which gives the convenience to the users to handle it even with their one hand. Its reversible handlebar allows the parents to look at their baby while strolling. It also offers 3 different reclining positions – sitting, relaxing and sleeping, for the baby.

Other than these features, the design of this stroller encompasses 360-degree front wheel rotation supporting swivel locks and brakes. The users also get the benefits of link brakes to take care of the brake system with their feet. The adjustable leg support with extra-wide footrest completes the entire design benefits for the users.

You can carry the maximum weight of 15kgs in this stroller which makes it preferable for newborn babies and kids up to 3-years.


  • Ideal for: newborn babies
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kg
  • Offers 3 different reclining positions
  • 5-point safety harness and double layer canopy
  • Enabled with link brakes and reversible handle
  • Easily accessible


Fisher-Price Explorer Steel Stroller Cum Pram:

Fisher-Price Explorer Steel Stroller Cum Pram

Next on the list is another amazing stroller cum pram which is designed for newborn babies and kids up to 3-years. The convenient design and flexible usage of this stroller make it one of the most recommendable options amongst the parents.

One of the best things about this stroller is that it offers multi-position reclining positions for the comfort and convenience of the babies. It targets both the backrest positions as well as the footrest positions. Your baby can thoroughly enjoy his ride when on this stroller or pram.

It offers the benefits of 5-points harness with shoulder pads for making the ride super smooth and relaxing for the baby. Moreover, this Fisher-Price stroller can be easily accessed with a single hand and thus is convenient for maximum users. Its unfolding mechanism is super easy and hassle-free.

Now to make sure that the babies are always away from any possible danger or problems, this stroller is designed with front swivel wheels with ultimate suspension. Moreover, you can easily adjust the available canopy in this stroller for protecting your baby against the harmful sun-rays. Lastly, it is also enabled with a storage basket in which the parents can keep all the required essentialities for their little ones.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls (0-3years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kgs
  • Swivel front wheels with suspension
  • Designed with single hand unfolding mechanism
  • Adjustable canopy for protection against sun-rays
  • Multi-position backrest and footrest positions


R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite – The Most Portable Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby/Kids:

R for Rabbit Pocket Stroller Lite Portable Travel Friendly Pre Installed Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby

Delivering all the desired features and benefits to both the babies and the parents, this is another recommendable baby stroller from a reliable brand called R for Rabbit. This stroller is so designed to bring the best benefits of an all-in-one strolling ride.

The prime concern of this stroller is to offer the maximum security and safety to the little ones and thus it is designed with European standards which are EN 1888 certified. Every single detail in this stroller and pram is designed while keeping the requirements of the babies in mind.

This product is ready to use a product that comes with an easy one-hand unfolding mechanism. This means that the users can use, fold and unfold this pocket stroller as and when needed without any hassles. It also comes with a trolley handle which makes it carrying super easy for the users. Also, consider the fact that it is extremely light-weight weighing just 6.6kgs.

If you are one of those who are constantly traveling outside, then its compact size would be just the right thing for you. It is so compact in its size that it can easily fit it anywhere – your car, flight, train, etc.

Another highlight of this stroller is that it is enabled with front wheels and suspension which are especially perfect and smooth for the Indian roads.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls
  • Maximum baby weight: 20kgs
  • Front wheel suspension for Indian roads
  • Designed with trolley handle for easy carrying
  • The easy one-hand folding mechanism


LuvLap Joy Stroller/Pram, Compact, and Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby/Kids:

LuvLap Joy Stroller, Compact and Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby, 0-3 Years

Tired of dealing with the hassles and complications of strollers and prams? Are you looking for a stroller that is compact and easy to use? If yes, then this LuvLap stroller can be the best option for you.

To begin with, it is a compact stroller which makes it one of the best options for traveling. To accompany this, it is designed with an easy single-hand fold mechanism which further enhances the convenience and ease of the users.

To let your little one enjoy this ride, it offers 3 different seat reclining positions for showering maximum comfort on the baby. Thanks to the detachable extra-soft, extra-padded and washable seat cushions, your baby will never face any problems. It is also equipped with a reversible handlebar which allows the parents to keep an eye on their baby during the ride.

Talking about the offered security, this LuvLap stroller comes with double layer canopy which protects the baby from harmful sun-rays, rain, and harsh winds. It is also designed with a 5-point safety harness to ensure that the baby is in the right place in the stroller. The parents can also rely on the front wheel 360-degree rotation and swivel lock including the brakes.

Lastly, the parents can also use its additional storage basket to keep all the required essential items for the baby.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls (0-3 years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kgs
  • Comes with detachable extra-padded seat cushions
  • 3 seat reclining positions
  • Easy accessibility with one-hand folding mechanism
  • Adjustable leg support for footrest


Little Pumpkin Baby Stroller (Baby Pram):

Little Pumpkin Kiddie Kingdom Stroller and Pram for Baby

There can be no better companion for a mother than a light-weight, compact and travel-friendly stroller. The little pumpkin baby stroller offers all these qualities to the parents and thus is one of the most recommendable options. In simple words, this stroller can be called as a mom-friendly option.

Thanks to its compact size and light-weight, the users can carry it anywhere they need. Also, it is designed to offer maximum convenience during traveling to its users. The easy fold mechanism of this stroller/pram ensures that its accessibility is super comforting for the parents.

To make the ride of your little one smooth and comforting, this product is designed with all terrain wheels. Moreover, the wheels offer proper suspension and brakes to make the ride suitable for the Indian roads. The reversible handle of this baby product assures the fact that the parents can see their babies enjoy during strolling.

Your baby can relax, sit and sleep in this stroller without feeling a thing; thanks to the available 3 reclining positions of this stroller. It offers enough space for your baby to get a comfortable and playful time. It is also designed with a colorful canopy to protect your child against the harsh winds, sunrays, and rains.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls (0-3years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 20kgs
  • Compact size; easy to travel
  • Designed with all terrain wheels
  • Front suspension for smooth rides with maximum safety
  • Available with colorful canopy


LuvLap Sunshine Baby Stroller/Pram, with Mosquito Net:

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller, Easy Fold, for Newborn Baby 0-3 Years

The next stroller that is on our list is this LuvLap stroller which is designed for giving the maximum comfort to the newborn babies and kids up to 3-years. This can carry a maximum of 15kg weight without any hassles.

To begin with its distinguishing quality, it comes with a detachable mosquito net. This mosquito net ensures to keep your child away from the possible attacks of mosquitoes when outside. Along with this, this stroller also comes with detachable and washable soft seat cushions.

Now coming to one of the most essential needs which we all look forward to in the chosen stroller – safety; this LuvLap stroller will never disappoint you. It is designed with a 5-point safety harness to offer desired safety to your child. To make the safety more advanced, you can also get a 360-degree front wheel swivel with locks and brakes.

Thanks to its 3 seat reclining positions, your little one can enjoy to the maximum in this ride. The attached adjustable canopy ensures to keep away the unwanted winds, rains, and sunrays. The adjustable footrest enhances the pleasure for the baby.

This LuvLap Sunshine stroller masters its design with a reversible handlebar for checking on the baby during strolling. Its storage basket and back pocket can be used for storing the maximum amount of essential baby items.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls (0-3 years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kgs
  • Detachable mosquito net and padded cushion
  • Offers maximum security with locks and brakes
  • Comes with adjustable canopy


Babygo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram:

BabyGo Delight Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram with Mosquito Net, Mama Diaper Bag and Wheel Breaks

This is again an attractive looking stroller in our list which doesn’t compromise on the desired and required quality and luxury of the newborns. This attractive stroller will keep your little baby always in a good and refreshing mood.

Without any doubt, this product is an easily accessible and foldable product which can be handled on an individual basis. Its reversible handle is so effective that the users can always keep a check on their babies without putting any special efforts. Its padded cushion seat is really a comforting treat for your baby.

It is also equipped with a mosquito net which keeps all the flies and mosquitoes away from the baby. To ensure that your baby’s ride is free from any disturbance, you also get an attached and adjustable canopy. This canopy will ensure to keep the direct sun rays, winds and rain to reach your child.

This Babygo stroller is an expert to offer the maximum comfort with its 3 different seat reclining positions. Your baby can have a gala time in any position he wants. And as far as your convenience is concerned, you can keep all the needed baby stuff in its attached storage basket and back pocket.

To make this ride safe, this stroller comes with 3-point safety harness and brakes. The front wheel direction fixers will keep your stroller in the right direction.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls (0-3 years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 15-20kg
  • Air-light and compact design
  • Enough storage space
  • 3 position seat recliners with maximum security
  • Available with mosquito net


Little Olive Tweety Reversible Baby Stroller and Pram with Musical Food Tray:

Little Olive Tweety Stroller Pram - Protection Shield and Musical Food Tray - (Wine Colour) for Newborn Baby

This baby stroller comes with an interesting concept of keeping your baby happy and engaged throughout the strolling ride. This stroller can surely be the best companion for you for giving all the attractive luxuries to your baby.

As an interesting concept, this baby stroller brings in a musical food tray. Yes, a musical food tray to help you feed your little one in the best possible manner. All you need to do is to open the duck shaped box, put in the batteries and get it started.

Apart from this interesting concept and innovation, this stroller can easily carry the maximum weight up to 15-20kgs. This makes this Little Olive product suitable for newborn babies as well as kids up to 3-years of age.

To make it more appealing, it adds features like 180-degree reclining seats in its design. This makes the overall ride more comforting for the baby as he can enjoy in the desired position. The reversible handlebar will allow the parents to look at their child as and when they want.

The safety harness and swivel locks/brakes are enabled in the best manner to keep the child’s protection on a high note. You can easily adjust the 4-layer canopy in your desired position to keep your child away from the surroundings hassles.


  • Ideal for: Girls (0-3years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kg
  • Enabled with musical food tray
  • Lockable and swivel wheels
  • Easily accessible foldable design with reversible handlebar
  • 180-degree reclining seats


LuvLap City Stroller/Buggy, Compact and Travel-Friendly, for Baby/Kids:

LuvLap City Buggy, Compact & Travel Friendly, for Baby 6-36 Months

Last but not least on our list is this LuvLap stroller which is designed for babies in between 6-36 months. This is a complete package that is designed to offer comfort to the babies and convenience to the parents.

To begin with, it is a compact size and light-weight stroller. This makes it easy for the parents to carry it anywhere they want and need. This also helps the parents to easily travel with their babies for all the outside fun. Its foldable design further makes traveling an easy job for the users.

It is well-equipped with a 5-point safety harness for delivering the maximum safety to the child while traveling and strolling. Other than this, all the wheels of this product have the right amount of suspension and locks/brakes which make it an easy ride for the Indian roads. It consists of 360-degree front wheel swivel and rear wheel brakes.

Thanks to the 3 position seat recliners, your child will get the needed comfort and smooth ride. It also offers adjustable leg support with a footrest to the baby. The adjustable extended double layer canopy is good enough to protect the baby from surroundings hassles.

This baby stroller is perfect for both boys and girls and also can bear the maximum weight of 15kgs. Parents can get spacious storage basket for keeping their hands free and enjoying with their little babies.


  • Ideal for: both boys and girls (0-3 years)
  • Maximum baby weight: 15kgs
  • Compact and lightweight design with easy accessibility
  • Offers good spacious storage space
  • Adjustable canopy against surrounding hassles


Conclusion for Best Baby Stroller:

Though, you can choose any of the mentioned products but we would like to recommend the use of Chicco Lava Cortina CX Baby Stroller for your baby.

This stroller is ideal for both boys and girls and can carry the maximum weight of 23kgs. To the maximum, it offers 8 reclining positions for the maximum comfort of the baby.

Other than being the perfect choice for the baby, it also impresses the parents with its easy accessibility and easy car fitting design. You also get storage space with this stroller. Moreover, it is an affordable option to put your hands on.

Need more information on baby strollers/prams? If yes, then please do comment below and get in touch with us. We will ensure to offer you the best assistance and help to make the most suitable choice of the baby stroller.

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