Best Shampoo for Hair Fall in India 2022

Hair loss is, unfortunately, a common problem for both men and women.

Every day, capillary fall occurs in millions of people around the world, whether by androgenetic alopecia, by stress, for hormonal reasons, or simply by the use of shampoos with a high concentration of sulphate, which despite being a common detergent in shampoos worldwide, can be aggressive to more sensitive scalps.

Many of these problems, though, are easily treated with using proper shampoos. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 hair loss shampoos and talk a little bit about choosing the best shampoo for you based on your hair type, sensitivities, optimal pH and more!


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The 10 Best Shampoo for Hair Fall in India 2022

1. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo

If you are looking for a solution that associates several ingredients to combat your hair loss on several fronts, Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo features an exclusive formula with made cassoside, an Asian herbaceous plant well known for its healing, anti-inflammatory properties and for encouraging collagen production.

Dove is a brand that stands out in the international market for specializing in sensitive skin and non-aggressive products, focusing on active ingredients that prevent inflammation, irritation or allergy.

Being a brand under the umbrella of the giant L’oréal, the worldwide presence of its products serves to guarantee the quality of them further! Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo was chosen for our list because, in addition to coming from a very well established and reliable brand, it is also suitable for all hair types.

Main Features:

  • Exclusive madecassoside formula
  • The brand recognized for sensitive skincare products.
  • Suitable for all hair types


2. Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo

But what if you’ve lost a lot of hair? Is there any way? It is this solution that Mamaearth Onion Hair Fall Control Shampoo brings efficiently and directly.

The kit comes with three different products: a shampoo, a conditioner and a leave-in cream without rinsing. The antique shampoo serves to remove sebum, acids and residues that clog the hair follicles, allowing a strengthening of the new strands that will grow.

The conditioner moisturizes the scalp and harmonizes the pH, increasing resistance to future falls. The leave-in cream revitalizes and increases the volume of existing hair, decreasing the appearance of rarefaction that hair loss generates when it is very intense.

Main Features:

  • Includes shampoo, conditioner and leave-in cream
  • Cleans follicles moisturize and revitalizes.
  • Increases volume and reduces capillary rarefaction


3. Indulekha Bringha Hair Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Indulekha Bringha Hair Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Now, if the problem is the density of the wires, then the Indulekha Bringha Hair Anti-Hairfall Shampoo line is the best requested. Made specifically for hair with low density or thinning, the line strengthens and full-bodied the strands while still providing resistance and movement.

Its formula has hyaluronic acid and gluten peptides, responsible for hydration, repair and protection of the hair fibre, making the cuticle more uniform and resistant.

Also, it has Intra-Cylane technology, a pump of minerals that strengthen the structure of the wires in a three-dimensional way, from the inside out.

The line has shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, hair ampoule and modelling paste. The main products have both the unisex version and a more aggressive version of the treatment for men with fragile hair.

Main Features:

  • The specific line to treat low yarn density
  • It has a complete line with various products and unisex or male version.
  • Uses acids, minerals and amino acids to strengthen the strands better


4. Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner Shampoo

Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner Shampoo

Another widespread problem that causes hair loss is the lack of hydration. Dry hair, whether naturally dry or affected by the continuous use of the dryer and flat iron or recurrent use of tinctures, is brittle and fragile.

Joico’s Moisture Recovery line seeks to gently cleanse your scalp while restoring moisture levels and moisturizing your strands. If you suffer from dry and lifeless hair, this is the antique shampoo that will help revitalize your strands, making them more elastic and soft.

Its formula has several marine amino acids, combined with Murumuru Butter, Oliva and Shea to recover the natural elasticity together and soften the cuticles, providing hydration, softness and shine.

But it doesn’t stop there; the formula also features a Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, to rebuild the strands and strengthen them, making them healthier and brighter.

Main Features:

  • Ideal for treating dry hair
  • Extremely moisturizing and strengthening
  • Formula with Murumuru Butter, Oliva, Shea and more


5. Pielus Mantecorp Antique Shampoo 200ml

Pielus Mantecorp Antique Shampoo 200ml

Another product intended for the treatment of fall caused by several sources, plus antique shampoo seeks to reduce the fall and hair break by increasing the resistance and strength of the strands. The product is suitable for both men and women, and decreases fall without drying hair.

The shampoo stimulates the healthy growth of new yarns through its innovative formula that includes a complex of nanoencapsulation antique assets, conditioning agents and a blend of potent amino acids.

In this way, it can strengthen the resistance to breakage and raise the capillary density, all while restoring the vitality of the fibre without dehydrating it.

Main Features:

  • Stimulates healthy growth of new yarns
  • Strengthens yarn strength and density
  • Decreases the fall without drying the wires


6. Ada Tina Antiqueda Amplexe Concentrated Lotion

Ada Tina Antiqueda Amplexe Concentrated Lotion

A hair lotion to give a messy list, the Amplexe Loção Antiqueda is powerful and serves to decrease both male and female hair loss, leaving hair more voluminous, healthier and stimulating the growth of new strands.

Recommended for the vast majority of types of fall, such as postmenopausal fall of the hormonal cause, androgenetic alopecia, telogen fluoride, capillary and postpartum chemistry, the lotion strengthens the root of the hair and promotes the growth of new strands, leaving them stronger, bulky and healthier.

Its formula contains Copper Tripeptide-1, an antique bioidentical peptide and hair root stimulant, with active caffeine and a concentrate of Carnitine amino acids. These ingredients together act directly on the root of the hair, promoting the growth of new strands.

Main Features:

  • Para todos os tipos de cabelo
  • Trata diversas causas de queda capilar
  • Fortalece a raiz e promove o crescimento de novos fios


7. KERASTASE Specifique Bain prevention

KERASTASE Specifique Bain prevention

Kérastase’s Spécifique line has been developed to treat various scalp problems such as irritation and itching, oily or sebum roots, hair loss and dandruff.

Precisely because it is so ambitious and wants to solve so many problems with a single product, the shampoo has a silicone-free formula with Système Pro-Actif technology, composed of three different agents.

An antibacterial agent that directly fights inflammations and infections in the scalp, a calming agent to restore the damage and relieve irritations and a regulatory agency to stimulate microcirculation in the scalp and strengthen the strands and make them grow again.

When cleaning the strands without dehydrating, the hair becomes loose and soft. With continuous use, you will notice that capillary fall will be normalized (remembering that up to 100 strands per day are considered normal) in addition to giving volume and density to the hair.

Main Features:

  • Addresses multiple problems at once
  • It has an antibacterial, calming and regulatory agent.
  • Gives volume and density to the hair


8. Acquaflora Shampoo Balance Fall

Acquaflora Shampoo Balance Fall

As we will talk soon, understanding your hair type and the causes of the fall are very important to treat it correctly and choose the best antique shampoo for you.

Therefore, Acquaflora has developed a shampoo specifically for people with oily root and dry tips, with ingredients and formula designed to combat the loss of the strands and stimulate a healthy environment on their scalp.

Like all good shampoo for hair loss treatment and scalp balance, this shampoo does not contain salt in its composition, which has as an active ingredient the diamino oxide pyrimidine, recognized for its restorative and neutralizing function of acids and oils secreted by the scalp.

Main Features:

  • Specific for oily roots and dry tips
  • Neutralizes and harmonizes oils and acids on the scalp
  • Diamino pyrimidine oxide


9. Paul Mitchell Original Shampoo One

Paul Mitchell Original Shampoo One

This antique shampoo made for thinner hair has as its base the panthenol. Panthenol is a precursor of vitamin B5, also known as pro-vitamin B5. On the scalp, the panthenol accelerates the growth of the hair, besides forming stronger and thicker strands, also acting in the fight against fall.

O shampoo possui uma ação hidratante e umectante (protege contra a perda de umidade) bem rápida. Ele não apresenta nenhum aspecto gorduroso ou seboso e por isso resulta em uma maior maciez dos fios.

In addition to the panthenol, it also has conditioning agents of wheat, algae, aloe vera, henna, rosemary and jojoba that have been proven to improve hair malleability and prolong the duration of dyeing of the strands.

Main Features:

  • Ideal for treating fine hair
  • Thickens and strengthens the strands
  • Extends the duration of dyed yarns


10. Uncle Nacho Shampoo Antiqueda Thickener

Uncle Nacho Shampoo Antiqueda Thickener

And finally, one more option for thin, fragile hair. The Antiqued Thickener shampoo of the brand Tío Nacho is ideal for increasing the thickness of the strands and combating the capillary fall caused by brittle wires and difficulty in retaining liquids (porosity).

Having an exclusive combination of Royal Jelly with several other extracts of natural origin, the shampoo revitalizes and leaves the strands strengthened, bulky and healthy, giving life to the hair with a much more natural appearance and greater filling in areas suffering from hair rarefaction.

Main Features:

  • Royal Jelly Formula and Natural Extracts
  • For fine, fragile hair
  • Gives volume, strengthens the strands and leaves the scalp healthier.


How to Choose An Antiqued Shampoo?

There are dozens of antique shampoo options on the market, and they are all vying for a spot in your shower, most of which make pretty serious promises. So how do you know which ones are perfect and which are just ball? How to choose the best shampoo possible to avoid your hair fall?

We analyze studies and research products to bring you the most accurate information about antique shampoos, so see below some tables and information, so you understand which shampoo is best for you.

Hair Types

Not every shampoo that promises to solve your problems will work for you. This is because, as mentioned earlier, capillary fall has several causes, and many factors can cause it.

So to decide what your hair type is, take a look at the table below:

Clarification Hair Types
Hair density (Amount of hair per cm²) Too much hair, medium amount or too little hair
Amount of oil (tallow) secreted by the scalp. Normal, oily, dry or a combination
Hair diameter (Hair volume) The thick, medium or thin yarn
Porosity or hair ability to retain liquids High, medium or low porosity
Elasticity (the ability of a thread to stretch before returning to the natural state) High, medium or low elasticity
Hair shape Smooth, wavy or curly

By answering these questions, you can figure out what your hair type is. Do you have dense, oily, thick, high porosity, medium elasticity and wavy hair, or a low density, dry hair with thin strands, with medium porosity, low elasticity and curly? Knowing this, it’s easier to decide which shampoo is best for you.

Find the Right Ingredient

Now let’s pay attention to the cause of hair loss. Remembering that losing up to a hundred wires a day is something completely normal, but if the fall is too intense, it is worth discovering the cause. When you know the reason for the hair fall, you can look for a shampoo that works specifically on your problem, according to the table below.

Ingredients Function
Activated carbon and salicylic acid derived from gaultéria Encourages hair growth and cleans impurities that crate hair follicles
Zinc, biotin, collagen, glucosamine and omega 3 mixture, rice protein and keratin Strengthen hair
Ketoconazole Antifungal and aid in the treatment of dandruff
Ginger and mint Promotes blood circulation in the scalp
Shea butter Keeps hair hydrated
Antioxidants and essential oils such as grape seed oil Reduces inflammation and irritation scalp
Keratin Helps with hair hydration and adds volume
Pumpkin seed oil, rosemary oil and green tea extract Promotes hair growth

The pH level

The sweat of your scalp blends with oils and sebum forming an acidic layer on your scalp. The pH of this “acid mantle” is between 4.5 and 5.5. Although it sounds like something bad, it is actually something that exists to protect your scalp from the appearance of fungi and bacteria that could cause problems.

So it is important to keep the pH of your scalp healthy and intact. As a rule, look for shampoos whose pH is close to your natural pH to avoid stress and unnecessary damage to the scalp.

What to avoid?

To treat your hair loss healthily, look for shampoos with natural active ingredients. Avoid sulphates, photocopies and derivatives, propylene glycol, paraben and phthalates.



Keeping hair hydrated and healthy is harder than it looks, but with our guide, you will be able to find out what type of hair and which antique shampoo is most suitable for you.

Paying attention to the pH, ingredients, contraindications and your hair type, look on our list for the best antique shampoo for you and then you will be able to do a treatment that will not only prevent the fall of your hair but will strengthen your strands and create a healthier environment on your scalp.

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