10 Best Sandwich Makers in India 2022

Tempted for a delicious sandwich? It is time to find you the best sandwich maker in India.

So, now that you are planning to buy a sandwich maker, it is important to find the right one. Though, it is a common kitchen appliance; it can be confusing to buy one, especially amongst the limitless available options.

To ease the buying process, we are here with our comprehensive guide to buying a suitable sandwich maker. We have researched and reviewed the top 10 sandwich makers for your consideration. We included buying guide and FAQs towards the end of the article to dust off all your doubts and confusion.


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Best Sandwich Maker in India 2022

Borosil Super Jumbo 180-degree 2000-W Grill Sandwich Maker:

Borosil Super Jumbo 180-degree 2000-W Grill Sandwich Maker

Overall Score: 4.7/5

Topping the list of the best sandwich maker in India is none other than Borosil Super Jumbo 180-degree 2000W Grill Sandwich Maker. Borosil is one of the leading, reputed and well-known brands in the Indian market. Over time, the brand has impressed its users with its high-quality, high-performing products.

This sandwich maker makes its way straight to the kitchen of large Indian families. It is designed with the capacity of 4-slices and, as a result, can prepare a good amount of food within no time. Moreover, it uses 2000-W power to ensure instant uniform heating.

We really liked the finishing of the non-stick coated plates. Thanks to this, the users can ensure that no food sticks to the surface during cooking. This not only prevents any mess during cooking but also ensures easy cleaning.

One of the best features of this sandwich maker is its oil collector tray. The users can collect all the excess oil in the tray to make healthy sandwiches and dishes. Moreover, the users can also control the required temperature of different dishes by using the temperature control knob.

Amongst the various unique features, we fell in love with the safety measures enabled by this sandwich maker. It comes with a slide lock and thermal fuse to avoid any mishappenings. Also, the cool touch and body design instantly cool the body after use.

Talking about its design, it is made with 180-degree flexible gates for easy access by users in any way needed. Also, it is designed with neon lights to alert the users when the food is all prepared. The users benefit from the available 1.4m long cord and the available 2-years warranty.


  • Large capacity with 4-slices sandwich making
  • Non-stick plate coating
  • 180-degree opening gate for easy access
  • Temperature control knob and oil collector tray
  • Thermal fuse and slide lock for maximum safety
  • Cool touch design for instant cooling after use


Havells Toastino 4-Slice Grill and BBQ with Timer 2000W Sandwich Toaster:

Havells Toastino 4-Slice Grill and BBQ with Timer 2000W Sandwich Toaster

Overall Score: 4.5/5

It is hard to miss mentioning Havells when talking about one of the best brands for kitchen appliances. The brand holds a distinguishing place and trust amongst the users for delivering reliable and high-quality products.

One of the best qualities of this Havells sandwich maker is that it heats up really fast and thus, makes your delicious food quicker than you can imagine. It is also backed with a 2000-W power source to ensure its efficient working with uniform heat distribution.

The sandwich maker is capable of cooking 4-slices at once. You can make many delicious dishes without struggling in the kitchen for long hours. As a result, it makes an ideal choice if you have a large family who loves cooking and eating.

This sandwich maker was a treat while using. The grilling plate surface is designed with non-stick coating for the ease and convenience of its users. It can be used to prepare any kind of food without any worries about the food items sticking to the surface.

This sandwich maker is also enabled with a temperature control feature to further enhance the fun of cooking. Thanks to this, the users can adjust the required temperature for cooking any particular dish. We also loved the oil collector tray available to collect all the excess amount of oil to make your food 100% healthy and nutritious.

This sandwich maker also cares for the safety of its users. To avoid any mishappenings, it is designed with heat resistant body. The users can also make the most of its comfortable grip for easy handling and the available 2-years warranty.


  • 4-slice sandwich maker backed with 2000W power consumption
  • Non-stick plate coating; grilling option available
  • Adjustable temperature with temperature-control knob
  • Oil collector tray to collect all excess oil
  • Neon light indicator to alert for cooked food


Borosil Jumbo 1000-W Grill Sandwich Maker:

Borosil Jumbo 1000-W Grill Sandwich Maker

Overall Score: 4.4/5

You can never get enough of Borosil products. With its wide range of valuable, useful, and user-oriented products, the brand has become a trusted and reliable name amongst users.

After the use, we really liked the fast working of the sandwich maker. It uses 1000-W of power, and as a result, it can deliver delicious sandwiches just within a few minutes. It can be used to prepare 2 sandwiches and thus, makes an ideal product for small and medium-sized Indian families.

Not just 1 or 2, you can rely on this sandwich maker to prepare all kinds of grilled sandwiches. Thus, if you are looking for a sandwich maker to make healthy and different varieties of sandwiches every day, you won’t be disappointed with its work.

We were thoroughly impressed with the non-stick coated plates of the sandwich maker. The plates are performance-oriented, and as a result, no food sticks on the surface. Moreover, it also ensures that the users get all the convenience and ease to clean the sandwich maker.

The only benefit that this sandwich maker misses is the temperature control knob. LED lights alert the users when the food is cooked and prepared. Therefore, the users can cook different sandwiches, from all sides, only at a constant temperature.

Coming to its design, it comes in an attractive mirror body, which will surely catch your attention. Though it will consume some space in your kitchen, you will be all satisfied with its presence in your kitchen.

Lastly, we also like to mention the safety benefits this sandwich maker offers. It is enabled with an auto-lock latch and anti-skid base to get the required stability and avoid mishaps. The users can enjoy the maximum warranty time of 2-years with this product.


  • It can be used for preparing all types of grilled sandwiches
  • Cooks only at a constant temperature
  • Auto-lock latch and anti-skid base
  • Non-stick coated plates
  • Can make 2 grilled sandwiches within no time


Philips HD 2393 820-W Sandwich Maker:

Philips HD 2393 820-W Sandwich Maker


Overall Score: 4.3/5

The Philips products can win anyone’s heart with their wide range of high-quality features, reliability, and efficient performance. The brand is one of the most reputed names amongst the users and thus, can be completely trusted. Thus, it was hard not to include this fantastic Philips sandwich maker in our list.

It is designed to make 4 sandwiches to be the ideal choice for large Indian families. Thanks to its instant heating, it can prepare maximum food at once to reduce the hassles and efforts of the users. Moreover, the convenient and easy use is an added benefit for the users.

You will surely like the non-stick plate coating available in this sandwich maker. The users can forget about any mess or hassle during the use as the food will never stick to the surface. Along with this, it also helps in easy cleaning of the machine to maintain the maximum hygiene, even with its regular use.

The machine is backed with 820-W of power supply for instant cooking without any waiting. It alerts about the cooked food with the help of available light indicators. However, we missed the temperature control feature during the use.

You can use this sandwich maker without worrying about any risks of accidental mishappenings. It is enabled with adequate safety measures like a push-down lock system and cool body touch. You will not face any kind of problems during or after using this Philips sandwich maker.

Lastly, this sandwich maker attracted us with its compact size. If you have limited storage space, you will not face any problems storing it. Finally, the users are also benefitted from the offered 2-years warranty time.


  • Can make 4-slices at once; suitable for large Indian families
  • Non-stick coating with easy cleaning
  • Push-down lock technology and cool body design for maximum safety
  • Enabled with instant heating for faster cooking
  • Compact size for convenient storage


Prestige PSMFB 800-W Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Plates:

Prestige PSMFB 800-W Sandwich Toaster with Fixed Plates

Overall Score: 4.1/5

We can only think of Prestige when we think of a reputed and affordable common household name. The brand has been in the market for many years; thus, it understands the needs of Indian users.

This sandwich maker is a reliable choice for small to medium Indian families. It can make 2 complete sandwiches, which are 4-triangular slices, at one time. Thanks to the Teflon cooking plates, the users can enjoy quick cooking without any hassles.

The device also consumes minimal energy of 800-W, making it an energy-efficient model. However, this Prestige model does not have grill plates; as a result, it can be used for making toast sandwiches very easily.

Another essential thing to know is that this model has no temperature control. The sandwiches are prepared at a constant temperature. The users are alerted for cooked food with a green light, while the red light indicates that the food is still cooking.

Quick tip – allow the machine to cool down for a few minutes after use to avoid any unwanted mishappenings.

We liked the plates’ non-stick coating, which ensures that no food sticks on the surface. This helps the users to prepare food without any mess. On the other hand, it also helps in the easy cleaning of the sandwich maker without any hassles.

Apart from all these appealing features, we also liked the attractive design of the sandwich maker. The sleek and simple design can quickly grab all the attention. It also offers a 1-year warranty to its users.


  • Energy-efficient model with minimal power consumption
  • 2 full sandwiches with a 4-slice design for medium-sized families
  • Non-stick coating with easy use and cleaning benefits
  • Enabled with light indicators to alert when the food is cooked
  • Affordable price


Wonderchef Prato 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker:

Wonderchef Prato 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker

Overall Score: 4.1/5

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable sandwich maker which will never disappoint you with its working, then you should try using the Wonderchef Prato 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker. This machine offers the benefits of all the advanced features to the users for an easy, convenient, and fun cooking experience.

The most distinguishing feature of this product is its wide range of functionalities. With the help of its interchangeable plates, it can be used for more than preparing sandwiches. It can be used for making – waffles, kebabs, etc., to enjoy a luxurious meal.

To offer its users all the convenience, it uses minimal power of 830-W. As a result, you can relax about the electricity bill and can enjoy the delicious food. It instantly prepares 2 complete sandwiches or 4-triangular slices with its uniform and quick heating.

We also liked the use of minimal oil for preparing the various varieties. As it is designed with non-stick coated plates, no food sticks on the surface. It reduces the chances of any mess or hassles, not just during the use but for cleaning.

The users can rely on its efficient temperature control feature. Thanks to this feature, the users can be sure to prepare the special dishes at the right temperature. It also assures that the food is thoroughly and completely cooked from all sides.

Along with its working, the offered safety is also on-point. It comes with a cool-touch body design to prevent any unwanted mishappenings. It is also designed with an anti-skid base to get the required stability during use.

You will also fall in love with its simple yet eye-catchy design. It is compact, sleek, portable, and attractive to impress each and every one. You also get a warranty time of 1-year.


  • Designed with cool touch body, lock system, and anti-skid base
  • Offers multi-purpose uses for making sandwiches, waffles, kebabs, etc.
  • Consumes minimal energy to cook food using its non-stick coated plates
  • Simple yet attractive design


iBELL SM112 Sandwich Maker:

iBELL SM112 Sandwich Maker

Overall Score: 4.1/5

The next brand that has secured its position on our list of the best sandwich maker in India is none other than the iBELL SM112 Sandwich Maker. The brand is one of the leading brands to offer high-performing and affordable products to users.

The machine can be used for preparing 2 sandwich slices at one time without any hassles. It can be completely relied on to satisfy the needs of small and medium Indian families. Along with this, the sandwich maker also consumes minimal energy of 750-W to perform its functions effortlessly.

Though it consumes minimal energy for its working, it never compromises with the performance. Using the 750-W power, it ensures distributing uniform heat throughout the plates to cook the food from all the sides. Also, as it heats up really fast, there isn’t any waiting time for the users to enjoy their favorite sandwiches.

We also loved the quality of the non-stick plate coating of the sandwich maker. The users can be absolutely sure that no food sticks to the surface to create any mess. Moreover, the users also get an easy hand for its cleaning and maintenance.

The one thing that we really missed in this sandwich maker is the temperature control benefit. It works at a constant temperature; however, it indicates the users about the cooking with the available LED light display.

This iBELL sandwich maker takes full care to offer maximum security benefits to the users. It is designed with a cool body to avoid any mishappenings. Also, it comes with an anti-skid base to offer the users a stable base for hassle-free working.

The design of this sandwich maker is simple yet appealing. It is simply hard to take your eyes off this sleek and compact sandwich maker, which comes with a warranty time of 6-months.


  • Can prepare 2 sandwich slices at once
  • Non-stick coated plates for easy cooking and cleaning
  • LED light alert display for cooked food
  • Anti-skid base with cool body and ergonomically designed handle


Pigeon by Stovekraft 750-W Egnite Plus Bread Sandwich Maker:

Pigeon by Stovekraft 750-W Egnite Plus Bread Sandwich Maker

Overall Score: 4/5

Soon after its inception, Pigeon has won many hearts with its reliable, efficient, durable, and affordable products. The brand ensures that its products fulfill all the essential needs of the users. Within no time, the brand has become a familiar and trusted name in many households.

The sandwich maker can be used to prepare 4-slice sandwiches within no time. Its large capacity makes it a suitable product for large Indian families. Also, as it consumes only 750-W energy, it can be termed as an energy-efficient model.

It has been designed with a non-stick coating on the interior plates. Thanks to this, the users can be sure to avoid any mess or hassles while preparing sandwiches. It also offers the maximum convenience to the users to clean the sandwich maker to keep it hygienic.

The sandwich maker is also famous for its advanced safety measures and offering these essential features. It is designed with a lock system to prevent the stuffing from falling out. Also, its anti-skid base offers the required stability during its use.

We also liked the benefits of a cool touch body, which reduces the risks of any accidental mishappenings. Thanks to the ergonomically designed handle, the users get the most comfortable grip of the sandwich maker.

We cannot miss mentioning the sleek, attractive, and compact design of the machine. The users can easily use and store the sandwich maker anywhere they need without bothering about its space. As a result of its portability, it can be easily carried from one place to another.

Last but not least, the users are also given the maximum warranty time of 1-year with this Pigeon sandwich maker.


  • 4-slice sandwiches to satisfy large Indian families
  • Anti-skid base, advanced lock system, cool touch body, etc. for advanced safety
  • Consumes minimal energy for its working
  • Easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • Designed in compact, sleek, and portable look


Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-W Grill Toaster:

Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-W Grill Toaster

Overall Score: 4/5

Designed with many amazing features, the Bajaj Majesty New SWX 4 750-W Grill Toaster gives all the convenience to its users to enjoy delicious sandwiches within no time. The sandwich maker stands distinguished with its amazing benefits and hard to resist attractive design.

The sandwich maker is backed with 750-W energy and thus, can be trusted to be an energy-efficient model. You can use this machine regularly without worrying about getting high electricity bills.

You can rely on this machine to cook for large Indian families. You can use this machine to prepare 4-slice sandwiches in one attempt. As a result, it also saves the users from putting extra effort into preparing delicious food.

You can be sure to prepare the sandwiches all neat and clean without any mess. The available interior surface coating of the machine is non-stick to ensure that no food sticks on the surface during cooking. Moreover, this feature ensures easy and convenient cleaning of the sandwich maker.

This sandwich maker is also a trusted choice for its safety features. It is designed with anti-skid feet to maintain maximum stability by avoiding unwanted slipping. Also, it has a cool touch body to prevent accidental mishappenings.

We also liked the sandwich maker’s compact design, which ensures its easy storage anywhere needed. It is also portable to easily carry anywhere and everywhere.

This is an excellent product for beginners with its ease of use and maintenance. It also offers an overall warranty of 1-year warranty time. Without a doubt, it is truly an appreciable product as it delivers value for money.


  • Prepares 4-slices of sandwiches instantly
  • Energy-efficient model with 750-W power consumption
  • Non-stick interior coating to avoid a mess
  • Easy cleaning and convenient use
  • Compact size and portable design


Lifelong LLSM115G 750-W 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker:

Lifelong LLSM115G 750-W 4-Slice Grill Sandwich Maker

Overall Score: 4/5

Justifying its name, the Lifelong sandwich maker is your lifelong companion. It is accompanied by all the essential features to offer convenient and hassle-free use to the users. Moreover, the brand understands the needs of Indian users.

This sandwich maker can be used to prepare 4 delicious sandwiches within no time. It consumes 750-W of energy to not just thoroughly cook sandwiches but also for being an energy-efficient model. Thanks to optimal energy consumption, it delivers uniform heat for instant cooking.

To further enhance the ease and convenience for its users, this sandwich maker is designed with non-stick coated plates. As a result, the users can prepare all kinds of sandwiches without worrying about any mess or hassles. Moreover, the users can be sure to easily clean the machine after use.

We also liked the well-thought and designed safety features in this sandwich maker. It is designed with a hinged lock benefit to ensure that all the stuffing remains inside the sandwich without falling off. Also, the anti-skid base of the model offers just the proper stability to the users for its effortless use.

The cool touch body is designed to reduce the risks of any unwanted mishappenings during or after use. We also liked the compact, sleek and eye-catchy design of the sandwich maker. It will indeed become the center of attraction in the modern décor of your kitchen.

The brand also offers a maximum warranty of 2-years to its users to effectively handle any kind of issues in working or maintenance.


  • It can be used for making 4 sandwiches for large Indian families
  • Consumes minimal power of 750-W
  • Designed with non-stick coated plates
  • Easy to use and clean


Benefits of using the best sandwich maker:

A sandwich maker is not just for making delicious sandwiches; it also offers the following benefits to the users:

  • Minimizes the time and hassles for preparing delicious and favorite food
  • These are user-friendly and thus, easy to use, clean, and maintain
  • They can be used for trying a different kinds of recipes
  • They need minimal storage space
  • They cook food at the right temperature and thus, are energy-efficient


Buying Guide – How to choose the best sandwich maker?

Love to start your day by enjoying delicious sandwiches? Well, you got to do some hard work of choosing the best sandwich maker in India.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to choose the right sandwich maker. You just need to focus on some of the important essential factors while deciding. Care enough to explore the essential factors?

Here are some of the critical factors to consider that can make your decision super easy:

1. Type of sandwich maker:

The first thing that you should decide is the type of sandwich maker. There are mainly 2 types of sandwich makers available in the market:

  • Panini type – it is the type which contains grill on top and lower surface for even and quick cooking. You can cook meat, bread, vegetables, etc. using this type
  • 4-triangle – it is a common type in the most household which quickly cooks and cuts the sandwiches in 4 triangular shape slices


2. The capacity of the sandwich maker:

The next thing that you should consider is the total capacity of the sandwich maker. Choose the accurate capacity of the sandwich maker depending upon your family size and eating habits.

  • If you have a large family that loves to eat, you would need a sandwich maker with 4 sandwich slices.
  • On the other hand, for a small family, a sandwich maker with 2 sandwich slices will be enough.


3. Power consumption:

The total power consumption of the sandwich maker determines the total time it takes to make sandwiches. For example – if a sandwich maker consumes more power, it can cook food quickly. On the other hand, a sandwich maker consuming less power will take some time to cook sandwiches.

However, you should also be aware that the more the power consumption, the higher will be your electricity bill. Therefore, you should choose a sandwich maker which consumes average power to give you faster cooking with the minimal electricity bill.


4. Surface coating:

One of the most important things to consider in a sandwich maker is its surface coating. Just imagine the mess you will get if you use a sandwich maker without a non-stick surface coating. Therefore, choosing a sandwich maker with a non-stick surface coating is suggested to avoid any mess during its use.

Moreover, using a non-stick coated sandwich maker will be easier to clean and maintain to ensure its lasting performance.


5. Temperature Control:

If you plan to make different recipes using your sandwich maker, you would undoubtedly need the temperature control feature to cook the food perfectly. The temperature control feature ensures that the users can easily adjust the desired temperature for cooking different dishes.

Moreover, the feature is also beneficial to maintain an even and uniform heat distribution for cooking without any hassles.


6. Brand:

When choosing the best sandwich maker in India, you should never ignore the importance of choosing a branded model. The branded model assures the users of its quality, authentication, and genuine making. The users can be sure that they have invested their hard-earned money in a high-quality product.

Apart from this, a branded sandwich maker also offers 24*7 assistance and customer care services to its users for any hassles or working issues.


7. Ease of cleaning and maintenance:

It is not just the ease of using the sandwich maker but also the ease of its maintenance that matters. There isn’t any point in buying a sandwich maker, which is hard to clean and maintain. The cleaning of your sandwich maker shouldn’t be a battle you have to fight every single day.

Therefore, you should be sure that the cleaning and maintenance of the chosen sandwich maker require minimal effort. You should be able to clean it using the normal cleaning methods and ways.


8. Price and Warranty:

Price is one of the major concerns of most users. The price of the sandwich maker usually depends on its advanced features and size. A sandwich maker with many advanced features will be a little more expensive than the one with fewer features.

If you are one of those who are never bothered about the available warranty with their chosen product, we suggest changing your perspective. Choosing a product with the maximum warranty ensures to get the required help and assistance to handle any issues in the working. Thus, it is recommended to choose a sandwich maker with the maximum warranty.



1. Why do sandwich makers produce smoke?

Normally, a sandwich maker produces smoke and unpleasant smells during its initial use. The excess heat on the surface causes the smoke; thus, it is nothing to worry about.

However, if the sandwich maker emits smoke in every use, you should get it checked.


2. How much maximum power is consumed by a sandwich maker?

A sandwich maker’s maximum power consumption range is between 700 to 1000W. Choosing a sandwich maker that consumes minimal power is recommended to save the maximum on your electricity bill.

You can also look for sandwich makers, which heats up quickly and thus, needs less power for its functioning.


3. How is a sandwich maker different from a grill?

Both the appliances are almost the same except for the slight difference in their plates. To be precise, a griller is designed with horizontal plates, whereas the sandwich maker plates have diagonal lines for quickly cutting the sandwich.

Another significant difference is that the sandwich maker seals the edges of the sandwich to avoid the filling coming out.


4. How can you clean a sandwich maker?

It is quite easy to clean the sandwich maker. Take some lukewarm water and add liquid detergent to it. Dip a sponge in this solution to clean the plates of the sandwich maker.

Additional tip – gently scrub off the remaining food particles from the plates. Remember to be gentle and not harsh while scrubbing.

You can lately use a fresh kitchen sponge to remove the soapy liquid from the plates.


5. How to use the sandwich maker?

Start with buttering both the plates of the sandwich maker. You can also butter the outer side of the bread.

Now put the stuffed bread in the sandwich maker and switch on the power supply. Wait for about 2-3 minutes, and your delicious and fresh sandwich is ready.


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Sandwiches are loved by one and all; thus, an investment in buying the best sandwich maker is totally worth it.

Amongst all the mentioned names, we would like to recommend Borosil Super Jumbo 180-degree 2000-W Grill Sandwich Maker. It is reliable working, attractive design, non-stick coated plates, ease of use and cleaning, and effective safety measures contribute to making this sandwich maker stand out from the crowd.

If you still feel confused about choosing a suitable sandwich maker, you can write to us in the comments. We will provide you with the best possible information to make the right decision.

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