Best Room Heaters in India 2022

We are in the mid-winter and the contemporary ecological imbalance has turned the winter colder than ever. Shivering and wrapping yourself with thick warm clothes you must be crazy about spending some time out under the sun because being inside your cold rooms is no more pleasant. The worst is the night constantly hampering your sleep in spite of you being under your blankets.

You must have thought of getting a room heater or if you already have one but not happy due to its poor functioning and inadequate features, you’re true; it’s really complex and not as easy as people assume. But no worry, you’re at the right place. This article will provide you exactly what you want and answer you all doubts. Before exploring product review you can check our Room Heaters Buying Guide.


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Room Heaters Buying Guide:

Choose Your Room Heater as per Their Types:

The primary thing to know about room heater is the types or model of room heaters. There are three basic types of room heaters available in the market (1) Convection heater, otherwise known as ceramic heater, blower heater, and fan heater; (2) Radiant heater, also known as halogen heater, infrared heater, or quartz heater; and (3) Oil-filled heater, or oil heater.

  • Convection Heater: The best room heater for bedrooms are the convection heaters. They heat up your rooms through a slow gradual process by circulating hot air through a fan. The convection heater generates heat through transfer oil and the heat can be regulated by a thermostat. Choosing a convection room heater gives you the benefit of low maintenance. You are neither required to clean the convection heater again and again regularly nor refill the transfer oil. However, if you prefer quick heating up of your room then convection heater may not serve your purpose because it gradually increases the healing process and consumes high energy.
  • Radiant Heater: If your preference is a quick and instant heating up of your rooms then best room heater for you is the radiant heater. Radiant heaters function through infrared rays and thus generate quick heat. The radiant room heater is energy-friendly and good for dining space and living rooms. Some radiant heaters look like wooden furniture because of their wooden case adding to the decorum of your living room at the same time providing direct heat without noise. The only precaution with the radiant heater is they are not child-friendly.
  • Oil-filled Heater: The Oil-filled Heater or popularly known as Oil Heater is normally counted as the best room heater because of its features to fit for both small as well as big rooms, particularly effective for large spaced rooms, and for its safety. The electric energy as channelized through the stored diathermic oil in an oil heater gets converted to heat and thus generates heat. But since the diathermic oil is not consumed as the fuel you need not refill the oil to run the machine. The only thing for your concern is that the oil heaters are not easily movable and comparatively expensive.


Choose your room heater according to the size of your room :

You must measure the size of your room before you purchase your room heater. In general, 144 square feet of space requires 1500 watt to keep the room adequately warm for you. But besides this, you’ll have to take a few more things into consideration like the height of the ceiling of your room, the windows, the degree of insulation, and the temperature outside etc. to ensure maximum benefit out of your room heater. Take the following parameters into consideration before getting your best room heater:

  • BTU: British Thermal Units (BTU) is a standard measurement unit generally used in air conditioners to regulate the cooling temperature either to raise the cooling or decrease. Similarly, BTU is also used in heaters to raise or decrease the heat. The standard regulation of BTU is 1 watt for 3.41 BTUs.
  • R-value: R-value is used to measure the thermal resistance of your room particularly the walls and the ceilings, and it again differs from cold regions to hot regions. In a normal hot region, the recommended R-value is 13 to 15 in the walls and 30 to 49 in the attic. On the other hand in a colder region, the recommended R-value is 13 to 21 in the walls and 49 to 60 in the attic.

Choose your room heater based on their features :

There are basically five or six features you need to know while purchasing the best room heater to ensure that you are going to get the right room heater which will serve your purpose. Note the following:

  • Heater type: You need to first decide what type of heater you require. As described above, there are three basic types of heater: (1) Convection heater, (2) Radiant heater, and (3) Oil-filled heater. The three different types of heaters have different heat generation processes, the different heating process either slow (Convection heater) or speed (Radiant heater), some are effective for small rooms (Convection heater) whereas some for large spaces (Radiant heater), and some effects for both small and large (Oil heater). Besides this consider the portability and energy consumption as well as the safety aspect which are equally important. However, the oil heaters have all in one types and the first preference of the majority of customers as the best room heater but are expensive.
  • Heating capacity: In general a standard room heater has a capacity of 5100 BTUs or 1500 watts which is adequate enough to keep a 144 square feet of room warm. In order to know the appropriate heating capacity of your room heater, you need to first measure your room size and then calculate the wattage. Take approximately 10 watts per square foot and multiply by the total square feet of your room. If your room is of 150 square feet, a 1500 watts room heater will be the best room heater for you.
  • Energy efficiency: Most room heater users tell that they can afford to buy one but it is painful to maintain if the energy consumption is high. They are perfectly right in their opinion because most room heaters consume a lot of energy. Take a simple calculation of a standard 1500 watt room heater: 1500 watt X 24 hours, divided by per unit cost, you will get the energy consumption cost of your device. Radiant heaters and Oil heaters are considered the best energy-friendly room heaters despite other limitations they have.
  • Safety features: The general caution for the room heater users warn that though the modern room heater has adequate safety measures, still there are elements in the room heaters which can start a fire if overheated. Therefore it is never advised to turn on your room heater overnight and sleep. However, there are modern room heaters with extra safety measures like automatic shut off switch button, overheat protection switch-off feature particularly in ceramic heaters, etc. you need carefully see before you finalize a room heater.
  • Cord length: All types of room heaters are essentially needed to be directly connected to the outlet plug and never to an extension board. If your room heater is fixed you do not have any cord related problem. But if you prefer a movable room heater or want to use your room heater constantly changing in different places, then you must see that your room heater has sufficient cord length. However, if you have but no other way than of using an extension, choose a branded and high-quality extension outlet with adequate power capacity.
  • Noise level: You may find a variety of room heaters in multiple types which claim noiseless functioning. However, the convection heaters may not be entirely noiseless because it involves a fan. You can choose the latest from the radiant and oil heater type as the best room heater as far as noiselessness is concerned.


Best Room Heaters in India 2022

Here are all the most affordable best Room Heaters that you can buy in India 2022


Havells OFR 11-Fin PTC 2900-Watt Fan Heater

Havells OFR 11-Fin PTC 2900-Watt Fan Heater

One of the best room heaters with PTC ceramic heating type providing a multi-directional heating mechanism to ensure faster warming to your rooms. The device is incorporated with maximum modern facilities like energy adjustment from 1000 watts to 1500 watts to 2500 watts.

You can effectively use the room heater in either smaller rooms or in medium rooms or even in large spaces. Of course, the blower fan requires another 400 watts to instantly warm up the room within a few seconds. This fan heater incorporates dust filter to safeguard the machine which has to be cleaned regularly on short intervals.

A special feature of the device enables automatic switch off the system when this PTC fan heater falls or tips over and turns it off immediately. The machine has special automatic arrangements for automatic shutdown in case of overheat and automatic turning on in normal temperature with a special thermostatic heat control mechanism.

The body of the Havells OFR 11 is made of heatproof hard plastic to avoid any unforeseen burn injury. It is completely children friendly and even if the children by mistake touch the machine while functioning there is such risks of an accident.

However, as far as the features and the mechanisms are concerned the Havells OFR 11 is no doubt the best room heater.


Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watts Oil Filled Heater

Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000-Watts Oil Filled Heater

The Morphy Richard OFR 09 2000 Watts Oil Filled Room Heater is one more the best room heater available in the market serving the best purpose of warming the rooms. This is one of the oil room heaters which can be best used irrespective of sizes of rooms.

The heating device uses 9 fin oil for its heat generation and evenly circulates the heat around the room. The device is incorporated with a maximum of the modern and sophisticated features to ensure adequate safety like automatic thermostat heat control and relating features, necessary safety automatic cut off the system, double power sources system, easy mobility mechanisms etc.

However, the Morphy Richards OFR 09, despite the best room heater in the market is quite expensive may not be affordable for a common man. Even if some take the pleasure of purchasing the device due to its wonderful features and performances, it is difficult to maintain the machine due to its high consumption of energy.


Lasko 5309 Oscillating Ceramic 1500-Watt Heater

Lasko 5309 Oscillating Ceramic 1500-Watt Heater

The Lasko 5309 Oscillating Ceramic room heater is again the best room heater with all the modern and sophisticated features ensuring maximum benefit and security for the users. The device has automatic thermostat heat control and regulating mechanism to fit into any smaller as well as large spaced rooms.

As an extra security measure, the machine is incorporated with an inbuilt automatic cut out systems. It is child-friendly and you can safely put it on and go to sleep without any worry.

However, unlike other branded room heaters this device also is a very expensive room heater beyond the capacity of a common man. Adding to the perils the energy consumption of the device is high resulting inexpensive maintenance of the machine.



Usha HC 812T 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

Usha HC 812T 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

The Usha HC 812 T has modern features like thermostat control with twin blade fan providing facility to regulate the heat as per your convenience.

This is a portable room heater with 230 volts of operating voltage. There is a feature by which you can change the setting and keep the energy consumption between 1000 watts to 2000 watts to fit the measurement of your room. Which means you can effectively use this room heater both in your small rooms as well as in larger spaces. You can also adjust the height of the device to focus the heat to your target location.

As a necessary safety measure, the Usha HC 812 T has an inbuilt thermal cut-out to control excess power fluctuations. The automatic overheat protection switch off feature provides you with the option of putting the device on overnight and go to sleep.

In our test we found the Usha HC 812 T reveals that the room heater instantly heats the room maximum within 5 minutes and gives you a pleasant warm stay in your room.


Orpat ORH-1260 (2000-Watt) Fan Room Heater

Orpat ORH-1260 (2000-Watt) Fan Room Heater

The Orpat ORH-1260 room heater is a low-cost device with a 2 years warranty for heating up small and medium rooms at its minimum of 1000 and maximum 2000 watts energy consumption.

The device is designed with the dual feature of heater and fan. When you do not require the heater you can turn on the device to fan mode and can get it to work as a table fan.

The heat setting knobs function as power regulators to adjust the functioning of the device according to the size of the rooms. If your room size is lesser square feet you can regulate the machine’s power capacity to the minimum of 1000 watts and can raise it up to 2000 watts in case of larger square feet.

The Orpat ORH-1260 has a thermal cut off automatic adjustment to control the heat. It regulates the temperature particularly putting it automatically off when overheat and putting on when in normal. Besides this, as a safety measure, the device is incorporated with inbuilt safety cut off the system in case the automatic heat regulator fails.

This device is better suited for single room users where it provides pleasant and satisfactory functioning. However the blower may not be child-friendly, so you need to be cautious in case you have children.


Usha Quartz-3002 (800-Watt) Room Heater

Usha Quartz-3002 (800-Watt) Room Heater

This is a low cost portable 800 watts room heater from Usha named as Usha Quarts-3002 with 230 volts of power functioning and specially designed for small rooms comprising 120 square feet space.

The device has automatic heat regulator feature with automatic switch-off when overheated and again turning on the machine in normal temperature. As a special safety measure, the device has inbuilt cut off mechanism in case of dysfunction of automatic heat regulator. You can place the device in two different positions as per your choice.

The Usha Quartz-3002 does not block the heat. It generates heat through the filament and heat gets circulated by itself.

This product also has a 1-year guaranty period you can avail filament free of cost as soon as it is fused. Adding to this, you will have to be extra cautious in case you have children because it lacks the necessary security measures, particularly for children. Above all, Usha Quartz 3002 is most suitable for students and bachelors who have a single room stay.


Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

Bajaj Blow Hot 2000-Watt Fan Room Heater

This Bajaj Blow Hot room heater is a portable device with two heating elements consisting of 1-kilowatt power each. The special feature of 1000 to 2000 watts energy consumption of the product allows you to adjust your need of maintaining the machine in smaller rooms as well as in larger rooms.

Besides this, there is also an automatic thermostat feature which controls and regulates the level of heat and in case if it fails the inbuilt overheat cut out feature automatically put offs the device to avoid fire and other dangers. As per the manufacturer, the device has multifunction features; you can use this as a room heater or as an air circulator or as a drier.

The Bajaj Blow Hot is equipped with a control key by which you can avail cool, warm, and hot air as per your requirement. A stand is fixed to this room heater to raise it upward or to push the face downward for the up and down flow of the air. There is an indicator to ensure whether the machine is on or off.

The Bajaj Blow Hot room heater gives instant heat because of its effective hair flow. However, the device lacks child-friendly safety measures and children need to be kept away from the machine while functioning.


Eveready QH 800 (800 – Watt) Room Heater

Eveready QH 800 (800 - Watt) Room Heater

The Eveready QH 800 room heater can be used for dual purposes. If you want to get cool air you can put off the heater feature and switch on the cool air button to get a cool effect.

The room heater feature functions with its twin quarts tubes which generate heat and warms the room. The device is designed especially for smaller rooms with less square feet spaces. The body of the room heater is made out of hardcore plastic with a safety tip-over switch at the bottom of the machine to control the overheat of the device and put it off when required.

There is a LED power indicator to ensure if the switch is on or off to avoid unnecessary risks of fire and shock accidents.

However, We found that there are various lacking in the security aspects of the device and there is a high possibility of accidents if not handled cautiously especially in case of children.

The Eveready QH 800 is better for the single room staying users for pleasant warming of the smaller spaced room provided they take uttermost care in switching off the machine when unattended or asleep.


Orpat OEH-1220 (200-Watt) Fan Room Heater

Orpat OEH-1220 (200-Watt) Fan Room Heater

The Orpat OEH-1220 is a very low-cost room heater but with advanced features, machine one can happily afford and avail the benefits of modern featured room heaters. This is One of the most affordable room heaters with a 1-year warranty.

This room heater has 220 to 240 volts of operating power volume and is adjustable between 1000 to 2000 watts energy as per your square feet of the rooms. You can shift the room heater from your smaller sized room to a more spacious room and adjust the maximum watts to ensure sufficient heat to warm up your bigger room.

However, except the inbuilt thermal cut out system in case of overheats shut down, you do not have automatic heat regulation mechanism in the device. You will have to manually control and regulate the heat as per your requirement.

The Orpat OEH-1220 room heater has a heatproof and cool-to-touch exterior element to ensure non-injury when controlling and regulating the heat during functioning. This device has a blower and can function as a table fan when not used as a heater. However, you need to be extra careful about the children due to their insufficient security measures.


Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt Room Heater

Bajaj Minor 1000-Watt Room Heater

The Bajaj Minor is the most affordable room Heater ideal for a small room. This is a fixed 1000 watt device and you do not have any heat adjustment or regulating feature incorporated with the mechanism. Similarly, the device has to be handled manually to put off in case of overheating and will have to put on to start the machine.

However, the Bajaj Minor room heater can produce the required temperature due to its nickel chrome plated reflector which reflects the heat directly to the surface keeping the room warmer within a short time.

One has to take extra care while using the device due to the insecurity factors. You can just put it on and go to sleep. You need to be careful enough to put it off to avoid fire accidents. Besides this, the children must be kept away while functioning machine to protect them from electric and burn injuries.



There are different features in each of the 3 types of room heaters. However, by Observing Quality, Safety and affordability we have found the Usha HC B12 T the best room Heater.

Which heater you gonna buy to protect yourself from this winter let me know in the comment.

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