Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions

Each of us has a favourite posture for sleeping, and the position on the side is one of the most popular and versatile, suitable even for pregnant women. Orthopedists also classify this posture as one of the most correct and beneficial for the human musculoskeletal system’s health. Adult, unlike infants, sleeping without a pillow is quite harmful because the spine takes the wrong position. On the side, falling asleep without support under the head is simply unrealistic. But how to choose the “right” pillow, which will bring you comfort and save you from cervical osteochondrosis and other unpleasant diagnoses?

It is important to know the general criteria for choosing pillows because any orthopedic or anatomical pillow will show its useful properties 100% only in the right selection case. There is no universal solution – too soft or rigid, too high or low pillow will spoil the whole impression even from rest on the highest quality and expensive mattress.


Optimal height and stiffness are the main conditions of healthy sleep

It seems that the choice of a pillow for sleep is much easier than choosing a mattress, but certainly, it is no less responsible. This will confirm to you anyone who could not sleep or woke up in the morning with a heavy head and feeling tired after a night on an uncomfortable pillow. The main factors influencing the choice of a product are:

  • Preferred posture for sleep
  • The width of a person’s shoulders;
  • health (musculoskeletal diseases, respiratory organs, allergic reactions);
  • The level of rigidity of the mattress;
  • individual preferences.

The first thing to pay attention to is the height of the pillow. It should be equal to or just over half the shoulders’ width for a comfortable sleep on the side. With such a pillow, you will notice that you no longer need to constantly put your hand under your head (even if you thought it was your habit) or endlessly toss in bed and wake up with pain in the cervical department. All other things being equal, men will fit a higher pillow than women. The head should lie on a level with the body, not above and below, to ensure the spine’s natural position and rest to the back muscles. That’s why hard mattresses do not sleep on low pillows.

As for the pillow’s rigidity, comfortable sleep on the side will suit products with a level of rigidity above average. It is also required that the head in the sleep does not fall inside the pillow, which automatically leads to the spinal column’s curvature. The ideal option is a hard pillow with an anatomical filler: natural latex or memorial forms are good for such material. Various synthetic components are a great alternative to more expensive latex.

There are also orthopedic pillows with independent mini springs and products filled with special cooling gel, which are pleasant to sleep on even on hot summer days. Pillows with natural filler have many advantages:

  • Antibacterial properties;
  • Excellent air circulation inside the product;
  • Excellent orthopedic properties;
  • Absence of dust and dust mites inside;
  • versatility (suitable for almost any posture).

The shape of the pillow has the least effect on the comfort level, and it should be remembered that the rollers under the head are suitable only for short rest, but in any case, not for sleep throughout the night. The best option for fans to sleep on the side will be a product with different high-rise wickets, but you can also consider the product of the classic rectangular shape.


How can you make sleeping on your side even more comfortable?

How can you make sleeping on your side even more comfortable

You can put extra pillows under the lower back or between the knees for greater convenience during sleep. Special attention deserves U-shaped pillows for the whole body, providing additional softness and pleasant sensations in certain areas of the body. You can also combine the pleasant with the useful: buy pillows with filler of medicinal herbs to fall asleep and wake up in aromas useful for the respiratory and nervous system.

Very often, when buying a new pillow (especially if it is your first orthopedic pillow), people complain of difficulties in getting used to it. This is normal: in just a few days, you will notice that you have become almost instantly asleep, and you wake up in the same position as lying down. A quality pillow guarantees you a strong and healthy sleep, and every morning will definitely be kind!

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