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We regularly address the best mattresses‘ theme: these are cheaper than mattresses sold in stores for a minimum quality of the same level. However, buying a quality mattress without having a good pillow doesn’t make sense. Microfibre pillow, memory form or inflating, the players of bedding on the internet have thought of everything to offer you the best pillow.

Sleepyhead, Hypnia or Simba and Eve all display trendy pillow designs. After a detailed study of the market, we selected the best pillows from each of these bedding experts on the internet. Without further ado, discover our comparison of pillows based on the comfort provided, the price, the quality of the materials and the advantages offered.


Best Pillow In India

The choice of your mattress should not be overlooked: it is also the same for the pillow. Essential to good sleep comfort, it has a cost, however, less important than a bed. Some criteria are fundamental to make sure that you choose the right pillow: prices, benefits, comfort, etc. We’ve produced a comparison guide to the best pillows on the internet – which you can now discover.

The White Willow Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow

The White Willow Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow

To continue comparing the best pillows found on the internet, here is the inflating pillow (or Refuge) of the brand Eve. It contains no down or feathers. But judging by its comfort, it presents such an inflating that it will be tough for you to resist it. Let’s talk about this Eve pillow’s composition, which appears as one of the best pillows online.

Produced in Scotland, this inflating pillow will remind you of a night spent in a luxury hotel as it displays the airiest comforts. Made entirely of Aerelle Soft Flex fibres, it has absolutely nothing to envy comfort to the best down pillows/feathers. However, it has an undeniable comparative advantage: its fibre composition makes it anti-allergic. Its cotton cover and 150 yarn weaving complete this optimum comfort.

Comfortable yet provides optimal support; this Eve pillow will satisfy you on all levels. Its soft side of luxury hotels’ pillows comes to associate with its aerial side that will make you feel like a cloud. This pillow has no place for nothing in the best pillows on the internet, especially as it also has an excellent value for money.

Available in two formats, it displays the following prices:

  • 50×75 cm – 59 euros
  • 65×65 cm – 69 euros

Showing excellent value for money, the Eve pillow doesn’t just have that asset up to its sleeve. It will also be delivered free of charge, but you won’t have a trial period. Sure of its quality, the British brand will also offer you 3 years guarantee. Finally, Eve will offer you the payment in 3 or 4 times without charge from the 249 euros purchase, so you will have to combine it with another product to reach this level.


Mojorest Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Mojorest Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

Number 3 of our comparison guide to the best pillows, this pillow innovates and will seduce. The Fresher Hypnia pillow (French leader in online bedding) is a bestseller on the internet. It is in line with its Vitality mattress, which seeks to combine comfort and active recovery. By opting for this pillow, you will sleep better and recover better from a possible sports session.

Hypnia is the internet specialist in memory foam form. In this sense, if the Fresh Pillow had been a “simple” memory-shaped pillow, it would have already been premium. But lo and behold, the French brand did not stop there: it added a plate of thermoregulatory gel on the top, and it covered its pillow with a tick made of bamboo fibre (ultra-breathing).

Providing soft comfort and an incomparable feeling of freshness, this Hypnia pillow is second to none. It is formidable to fight against excess heat, humidity and perspiration. This is how it will perfectly regulate the temperature for your head and contribute to a much higher quality of sleep than normal. Finally, of course, this Fresh Pillow will give you the best support for your neck and neck.

Existing in a single model (60×40 cm), it has the advantage of going in a washing machine at 40oC. This is a crucial point in terms of hygiene, which is highly appreciated. Displayed at 55 euros, it will be delivered to you free of charge at home with 2 years guarantee. You will also be able to benefit from 14 days of testing on the principle of “satisfied or refunded”. If it doesn’t suit you, the return fee will be at your own expense. However, the pillow will be refunded.


Recron Certified Dream Fibre Pillow

Recron Certified Dream Fibre Pillow

We will finish comparing the best pillows on the internet with a “hybrid” pillow model. Simba is well known for its hybrid range of mattresses on the internet. She was also one of the hybrid pioneers with her Hybrid mattress that made the brand known in Europe. Of course, she declined a pillow with the same know-how. Luxurious and showing absolute comfort, this model has almost everything for it.

In terms of composition, Simba has done well. A hypoallergenic microfibre filling is found at the base. Nano-cubes of light, breathable foam is then deposited. Finally, Simba displayed on the top a layer of hypoallergenic Aerelle fibre. These three layers are covered with a durable cotton cover that will give good breathability to this pillow and pleasant and delicate touch.

As always at Simba Matelas, this Hybrid pillow is condensed with cutting-edge technology. For example, Stratos technology will allow optimal temperature regulation. Directly inspired by Nasa, this technology will keep your head cool in the summer and warm in the winter by a mechanism for absorbing and releasing heat.

Finally, a key point again is that you will choose your ideal degree of flexibility or firmness. Just remove or add nanocubes for softness/firmness.

Available in 2 dimensions, it has a unique price of 115 euros. It is the most expensive of our comparison of the best pillows on the internet, but it is also the only hybrid. As with mattresses, the hybrid is more expensive because the materials and technologies used are more expensive. You have here, without a doubt, one of the best pillows you can find on the market.

Delivered for free at home with a year’s warranty, this Simba pillow does not have a trial period. That said, like all merchants who are active in France, you have a 14-day period to change your mind. However, the pillow will have to be returned as new (free). This is different from the promise we find at Sleepyhead, where you can fully test her product.


4Sleepyhead pillow Single Piece

4Sleepyhead pillow Single Piece

Sleepyhead, Europe’s leading online mattress company, takes the lead in our comparison of pillows. This is no surprise since the German brand already has in its ranks the favourite mattress of the French, the Original model, and the Black Diamond “Elected product of the year 2022”. Sleepyhead has a nice range of sleeping accessories, including this excellent pillow, number 1 on the internet.

Featuring 3 layers of foam, this pillow has the great advantage of being flexible at will: it will adapt to each of the customers according to their desire and according to the well-being they are looking for. It displays a layer of memory foam form, a Hypersoft foam, and new Hypergel-shaped memory foam in composition.

The first layer is used to distribute the pressure exerted equally at all points of the pillow. As for the second, firmer, it will act as an optimal counterweight to the pressure. Finally, the third layer will provide optimal support for the neck and neck. The breathable fabric cover allows good ventilation of the pillow’s air to prevent heat from setting in and affecting sleep quality.

In memory foam shape, this best pillow is soft and very comfortable. But it will also provide you with a perfect posture for the head and especially the neck and neck. No matter where you sleep, it will be a tremendous help not to suffer from various ailments when you wake up. We also appreciate the good temperature management in this pillow that will not allow moisture or heat to settle. It is the number one in our comparison of the best memory shaped pillows.

Here are the special features of this Sleepyhead pillow:

  • Flexible, it will allow you to choose the type of comfort you desire according to your sleep position and felt. For those who sleep in the side position, you can leave the 3 layers intact. On the other hand, if you sleep on your back, two layers will suffice. Finally, if you sleep on your stomach, a layer will do just fine to keep the spine aligned with the rest of your body.
  • Breathing will allow the heat to dissipate well so that the heat does not stay inside the pillow. You’ll be done with excessive sweating, humidity and heat with the Sleepyhead pillow.

Presented as a unique model, this pillow only exists in 40×70 cm format. Its price is 69 euros, excluding discounts. If you take a mattress from Sleepyhead’s, you will be entitled to an immediate 30% discount on the pillow. During sales/highlights, you can also save on this pillow if you take it independently.

Sleepyhead is the only bedding brand on the internet to display the same benefits to her pillows as her mattresses: you will be entitled to 100 days of free and non-binding trial. This means that you will have 3 months to try your pillow at home, without any commitment. Not to mention that the German brand also offers you 10 years of warranty and free shipping (as well as a possible return representing 3% of cases). Finally, you will have the option to pay for your Sleepyhead pillow 3 or 4 times at no cost.


How Do You Choose Your Pillow?

It is essential not to be wrong about the choice of your pillow. This makes sense because, as with a mattress, it can hurt the quality of your sleep. Especially since the impact of a bad pillow will be immediate on your joints (neck and neck), you may experience ailments at this level, and it is not uncommon for it to even cause insomnia.

Size and shape of the pillow

Choosing a pillow is just as difficult as choosing a mattress because there are many choices. However, it is noted that in terms of shape, the vast majority of pillows are either square or rectangular. Depending on the country and customs, they have different dimensions. In France, the pillow’s most popular sizes are the 65×65 cm or the 60×60 cm square size. For rectangles, it will be 40×60 cm or 50×70 cm.

However, some pillows may be displayed in slightly less conventional formats. This is what will happen for some memory-shaped pillows, for example, with sizes in 50×75 cm. For example, the best Sleepyhead pillow is 40×70 cm. Non-standard format pillows include travel pillows, ergonomic pillows, anti-stress pillows and some microfiber models.

Don’t forget to take the time to choose the shape and size of your pillow. If this is not the case, it could impact your sleep comfort. Some settings sometimes seem illusory but are not. This is clearly the case here with the size and shape of your pillow.


Material of the pillow

That’s a key parameter. There are many different comforts and materials to get there. Each having his own feeling; this creates as many possible combinations of sleep comfort. Now let’s study what it’s crucial to know about the material for your pillow right now.

At more than 90%, the comfort of sleep comes from the material in which your pillow is made. The cover (also called a tick) is also important in terms of breathability, for example. But everything about comfort and holding at pressure points comes from inside the pillow. At some point, one pillow is no better than another. It’s just that it will bring different comfort and support.

The pillow can be in feathers, microfibre, shape memory or wool and foam in composition. It should also be noted that there are synthetic pillows that last less over time (need to change every 6 to 12 months). Each subject has its advantage:

  • Wool pillow: it brings this very breathable side and asleep at the right temperature, which is essential to sleep well
  • Feather pillow: it will give a feeling of inflating and volume in comfort
  • Pillow in memory of form: it will come to relieve the body by marrying its forms in all seams
  • Synthetic pillow: it is healthier and more hygienic

A good pillow is a pillow that corresponds to your expectations in terms of comfort and feeling. Not considering the material’s parameter would be risky as this would directly impact the quality of your sleep.

We talked about it earlier, but what’s inside the pillow determines sleep comfort. As comfort is subjective, it is tough to tell which of the materials provides the best comforts. However, to help you better understand some things, here are the pros and cons of each of the materials for a pillow:

Feather pillows

  • Benefits: Flexible in terms of flexibility/firmness. They provide delightful sleep comfort.
  • Cons: They tend to heat up and keep the summer heat, which will not suit allergic people.

Shape memory pillows

  • Pros: They will fit the shapes of the head, whatever it is.
  • Cons: Moelleux is not favoured by people who prefer sustained firmness.

Latex pillows

  • Benefits: The elasticity of the latex will allow good support of the neck.
  • Cons: Often, they give off an odour when the packaging is opened that can be important at high prices.

Hair pillows

  • Benefits: They show the right temperature at all times and help fight perspiration.
  • Cons: They are not suitable for people with allergies.

Polyester fibre pillows

  • Benefits: Soft to the touch, they are breathable and instrumental against allergies.
  • Cons: Their lifespan is relatively short, which is a pity.

Ergonomic pillows

  • Benefits: They allow excellent maintenance of the neck and neck.
  • Cons: They are expensive and are only suitable for a certain number of people.


Flexibility and firmness

Another essential criterion when choosing a pillow is flexibility and firmness. Obviously, depending on the material you choose, the flexibility displayed will not be the same. But in any case, what is important is the proper maintenance of your head. Whether it’s soft or firm, your pillow should hold your neck and neck perfectly. Of course, depending on your sleeping position, the firmness will not be the same.

If most of the time you sleep in the side position, then a firm pillow looks ideal. On the other hand, if you opt for a sleeping position on your back, then a light firmness will be recommended. Finally, for sleepers on the belly, a soft and fluffy pillow will do just fine.



The quest for the best pillow is complex. Simply because the choice is vast. Between quality, comfort and price, you have to find the right compromise. If everyone has a different approach, one thing is for sure: a pillow is crucial to sleeping well, just like a mattress and a box spring. We must not neglect this choice, even if it means investing a little more. Over time, the investment will be largely depreciated.

In our pillow comparison, it’s the Sleepyhead model that stands out. The German bedding brand has perfect control over the quality of all its products. Besides the fact that it has already sold millions of mattresses all over Europe, each of its accessories is excellent. This is the case with its memory foam pillow, which is affordable at a price.

Since experts recommend changing all the bedding simultaneously (to maximize the benefits and avoid premature wear), Sleepyhead has imagined a complete range: a pillow, a duvet, a box spring or even a bed. You can even enjoy discounts on these accessories if you take the mattress home.

In addition to Sleepyhead’s product, The Eve pillow and Hypnia’s Fresh Pillow are perfect sleep accessories. With beautiful value for money, they also display comfort, support and good heat management. If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, the Simba Hybrid pillow will be a great choice. However, it is much more expensive than a lambda pillow.

Buying your pillow on the internet has many advantages, such as free home delivery or even the guarantee of several years. However, what catches our attention the most is the test on the principle of “satisfied or refunded” and the value for money that is unbeatable compared to the price displayed in a traditional bedding shop. Beware, for accessories like pillows; only Sleepyhead offers such a promise.

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