Best Mineral Water in India

Do you know, you are risking your health with the consumption of tap water?

The quality of drinking water has always been a troubling situation in India. Won’t you agree?

As a promising solution to this situation enters the need for mineral water. Thanks to the well-treated and processed mineral water, you can actually be sure of the water you are drinking.

When you are choosing mineral water in India processed with the best water purifier, make sure that it is from the best brand.

Now, which brand is the best to opt for mineral water? Confused?

Here is the roundup of some of the best mineral water brands in India that can be relied on for quality drinking water.


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Top 10 Best Mineral Water Brands in India

  1. Himalayan
  2. Bisleri
  3. Kinley
  4. Aquafina
  5. Bailley
  6. Tata Water Plus
  7. Qua
  8. Kingfisher
  9. Manikchand Oxyrich
  10. Pure Life


Best Mineral Water in India

We Have reviewed the 10 Best Mineral Water brands available in India 2022


Himalayan Mineral Water:

Himalayan Mineral Water, Best Mineral Water in India

For all those who are looking for pure and clean drinking mineral water, Himalayan water is the name for you. The brand totally believes in its tagline of ‘Live Pure’ and thus guarantees pure drinking water to its customers.

When you are looking for the best brand of mineral water, you can never go wrong with the Himalayan brand.

This product is the result of the joint venture of Tata Global Beverages and PepsiCo. Himalayan boosts the quality of the natural drinking water by adding the required minerals in it without any chemical processing.

It stands with its distinguished position in the mineral water markets in India because of the unmatched purity standards delivered to its customer base.


Bisleri Mineral Water:

Bisleri Mineral Water

Talking about Parle’s Bisleri, it is one of the most popular and reputed brands of mineral water in India. Thanks to the high-quality of the water served, the brand has gained quite a large customer base. Moreover, the brand is roaring in the packed drinking water industry with its 70% market share.

To offer quality drinking water to its customers, Bisleri water undergoes a 6-steps distillation process. This ensures that the water is germ-free and equipped with minerals to be known as a healthy bottle of water. Every Bisleri bottle is safe, healthy, pure and hygienic and is available in different sizes.


Kinley Mineral Water:

Kinley Mineral Water

Next on the list of the best mineral water in India is Kinley.

Kinley mineral water bottle is owned by Coca Cola Company and is yet another trusted mineral water brand in India. The brand ensures to have quite a several quality tests before bringing their mineral water in the market for the customers.

One of the leading attraction which makes Kinley as the leading name in the list of best mineral water in India is the fact that it uses the latest technology for processing their water. The brand Kinley makes the best use of reverse osmosis for purifying their water and to remove all unwanted germs and bacteria from it.\


Aquafina Mineral Water:

Aquafina Water Bottle

Despite the fact that this brand entered the Indian market a little late, Aquafina has successfully created a distinguished place for itself in the India market for mineral water. This brand which comes under the PepsiCo Company is counted amongst the best-selling and popular brands.

Intending to supply pure and healthy water to the people, this brand is moving right to the straight path of becoming a reliable and faithful name amongst the customers. It uses the 5-steps purification process to make its water clean and safe for drinking.


Bailley Mineral Water:

Bailly Water

Launched in the year 1993, Bailley has been one consistent player in the market of mineral water in India. The brand was amongst the first few names which encouraged the concept of mineral water amongst the Indian audience.

To make sure that it continues to attract enough number of users, the brand offers quality water at an affordable price. Also, you can very easily find the required quantity of the bottle according to your requirements.

This product of Parle Agro enhances the quality and purity of the drinking water by adding the right amount of minerals in it.


Tata water plus Mineral Water:

Tata water plus Mineral Water

Thanks to the high purity level of the water, Tata water plus is one of the leading and reputed mineral water brands in India. This product is the joint venture of PepsiCo and Tata Global Beverages Limited and comes with the tagline “goodness of copper.”

The brand makes sure to offer the goodness of old traditions to its users in the best possible manner. The packed mineral water from the brand is loaded with copper, zinc, and magnesium. It simply doesn’t hydrate the body but it also improves your immune system along with keeping you healthy.


Qua Mineral Water:

Qua Mineral Water

This brand is owned by the Rahul Narang group and stands distinguished from the other brands because of the use of organic products. Qua became popular amongst the users as it relies on the use of 100% natural and organic products which is free from all the chemicals.

The water used by the brand is sourced from the Himalayan foothills which are again present in the natural form. To improve the water with quality, it is loaded with many minerals. You can be sure of the high-quality of the water as it is processed without any human touch during all its processing stages.


Kingfisher Mineral Water:

This brand of mineral water will truly be your companion of good times. It takes good care of the quality parameters and thus is known to be one of the cleanest drinking mineral water in the Indian markets. With its customer base of 1 million, this product of United Breweries one leading name in the Indian markets.

The impressing quality of this brand is the fact that it ensures to remove all the dissolved gases, suspended and dissolved solids and contaminations from the water before packing it. This means that you can be sure of getting only the purest form of drinking water.


Manikchand Oxyrich Mineral Water:

This is the only mineral water brand in India which is enriched with 200% oxygen in its product. The brand represents quality and purity without any compromises in quality. The high standards of the brand are also certified by the ‘Food Safety Management System.’

One of the best qualities of this brand is that it is easily available even in remote areas and that too at an affordable price. With the right amount of minerals and unique coconut essence, this product is trending amongst the customers.

It seems the brand will go a long way without any looking back. The popularity of the brand amongst the customers simply indicates the same.


Pure Life Mineral Water:

Signifying its name, the brand is well-known to deliver pure water to the people. The product of the Nestle group is considered one of the most reputed names in terms of superior quality and purity. The brand also focuses on customer convenience along with delivering them with quality drinking water.

To match up with the expectation of the users and to offer them a satisfying product, Pure Life is loaded with many minerals. There is no denying that the brand assures its users to only serve them with high-quality superior drinking water.

So, the next time you want to quench your thirst along with getting the right amount of minerals, Pure Life is the name you can trust.


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