Best Hybrid Cycles in India 2022

Bicycle is a symbol of freedom and pollution-free transportation. By commuting through bicycles, you can have your daily routine of exercise and a sense of liberty. This is the most simple and cheap form of transportation and does not need any fuel. A hybrid cycle is a cross between road and MTB bicycles. It is designed for terrain riding along with the speed and comfort of the users. But can be used in urban and rural areas also.

But before heading to your nearest bicycle shop, it is important to know all the aspects of the hybrid cycles that will make your buying process unproblematic. If you carry on to reading below, you will get to know about the reviews for the best 10 hybrid cycles in India that offer astonishing specs.


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Best Hybrid Cycles in India

These are Best Hybrid Cycles in India 2022

  1. Omobikes Model-1.0 Hybrid Cycle
  2. Hercules Roadeo A50 26T Hybrid Cycle
  3. Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid Bicycle
  4. Firefox Bikes Rapide Hybrid Cycle
  5. Btwin Riverside 120 Hybrid Bicycle
  6. Hercules Roadeo Fugitive 26T Hybrid Cycle
  7. Hercules Roadeo Hank 27.5T Hybrid Cycle
  8. Hero Firefly SS 26T Hybrid Bicycle
  9. Firefox Bikes Flip-Flop Fixie 26T Hybrid Cycle
  10. Firefox Bikes Volante 27.5T Hybrid Cycle


Top 10 Best Hybrid Cycle Under 15000 in India 2022

Based on the frame, brakes, wheels, contact points, drivetrain, suspension, comfort, and maintenance cost, we have selected the finest 10 hybrid bicycles in India. They are:


Omobikes Model-1.0 LightWeight Hybrid Cycle:

Omobikes Model-1.0 Lightweight 13kg Fast Light Weight Hybrid Cycle with Alloy Rims, Anti Rust Frame, Best Hybrid Cycle


Omo bikes is a startup project for Mr. Bhishma Choudhary and Deepak Chauhan (IIT graduates) to make India healthy and green by providing a world-class cycle at an affordable budget. This 1.0 Light Weight Hybrid Cycle is now the fastest commute vehicle with 12.9kg of weight and 26X1.75 tires.

This ultra-stylish model is now a popular choice by the selected as the colorful and trendy cycle of this year. It has a quick adjustable seat that easily fits with a user with 5-6 feet height.

The high tensile steel frame of this model is tested with a double load of 95Kg and comes with anti-rust coating and double-wall alloy rims.  You can run it at a fast and comfortable speed with its high-quality road bike tires.

The model from Omo Bikes is featured with puncture-resistant tires to provide you fearless riding experience even in long distance. The comfortable grip and adjustable seat of this bike make it more attractive for the customers.

It is packed with all necessary accessories like a strong stand, bell, lock, and tools and takes only 10 minutes to properly assemble the kits. The company plants 5 trees for every Omo Bikes model 1.0 cycle sold to keep the world green and healthy. Let us check all the useful features of this product at a glance.

Important Features:

  • High tensile lightweight steel frame
  • Double-wall alloy rims
  • Puncture-resistant tires for better speed
  • Quick adjustable & comfortable Seat
  • Comfortable grips with durable pedals
  • Ideal for 5’0″ to 6’0″ height people
  • The best lightest, stylish and quickest bicycle


Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 Gear Hybrid Cycle:

Hercules Roadeo A50 26T 21 Gear Hybrid Cycle


If you are searching for an aluminum-alloy body bicycle that is infused with the latest features and technology, then Hercules Roadeo A50 26T can be the best option for you that comes with 21 Gear Aluminum-Alloy Hybrid body. The product comes with 85% assembled condition and you need to install little accessories to run it.

It comes with a toolkit that provides all the useful tools inside. The model from Hercules is specially designed for men and boys. The wheel size of this model is 26″, 18.5″ frame and is equipped with 21 gears for smooth cycling experience.

The sturdy product is made up of pure Aluminum-Alloy and has suspension only in the front. It has 26″ x 2.1″ Nylon Black tire and disk brake system in the front wheel.

The Bird type 600mm XMR handlebar is a little oversized that enhances the look of this model. It looks great in black color and if you are a professional cyclist, then the lightweight of this product can help you a lot to win your race.

All the 21 gears are thumb shifters and Shimano that help you to increase speed without heavy pressure. It is highly recommended by the company to keep this model in a dry area to enjoy its ride for long. Let us take a quick look at the key factors of this product.

Important Features:

  • Aluminum-Alloy material cycle best for 15+ Years
  • 26″ x 2.1″ Nylon Black tire with disc brake facility
  • Equipped with 600mm XMR handlebar
  • 5 inches frame size
  • Comes with 21 gear
  • Front suspension technology
  • Looks great in black color


Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle:

Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid Cycle - White


Btwin Riverside 100 Hybrid is the value for money bicycles that are backed with various features and facilities in it. Btwin emphasizes on innovative design. The product is the perfect model to confirm it.

This bike is specially designed for 30 minutes to 1-hour road-worthy trails in the park to stay fit and active. This model is the first one from Btwin that lets you switch the roads without missing a beat.

The bicycle has a strong rigid steel fork that enhances power. The six-speed bicycle is equipped with Shimano TZ-20 and Microshift 6-Speed grip shifters that make the shifting relatively smooth and provide leisure in riding. The brake levers of this cycle are technically placed on the handlebar that ensures comfortable reach to use them.

It comes with an optimized frame geometry that is suitable for both the boys and girls perfectly. The Height-adjustable stem makes it the most efficient model.

It has Duro Cordoba hybrid/trail 700x42c tires that ensure you about road safety. The semi-raised, 620mm wide handlebar confirms its easy handling ability for its users with a powerful grip that is made with soft materials.

The attractive look of this product with white color is enough to draw the buyer’s attention. Below take a quick look at the overall features of this product quickly.

Important Features:

  • Perfect for short leisure riding
  • Road/Trail compatible tires
  • Single-chainring 6-speed drivetrain
  • Height-adjustable stem
  • Equipped with Duro Cordoba hybrid/trail 700x42c tires
  • Shimano TZ-20 and Microshift 6-speed grip shifters
  • Wide 620mm handlebar


Firefox Bikes Rapide 21 Speed Hybrid Cycle:

Firefox Bikes Rapide 21 Speed Hybrid Cycle


FIREFOX Bikes has introduced its latest alloy material Rapide 21 Speed Hybrid Cycle that comes in a semi-assembled condition (90% assembled) with many advanced techniques for its users. It has 18″ (45 Cms) X 19.5″ (49 Cms) X 21″ (53 Cms) frame size with alloy hybrid front body that is very hard and light in weight.

One can easily enhance his ride quality by this impressive Tourney/Acera 21-Speed drivetrain. The total weight of this fitness product is nearly 12.6 KGs.

Undoubtedly, it is the perfect combination of comfort and aggressiveness to stay fit. You need to bend a little forward to make sure the ideal position for spirited riding.

The model comes with a 600mm handlebar along with a 30mm raise that is the perfect length for a comfortable riding posture for long. The adjustable quill stem feature of this model enables the rider to change the handlebar angle according to their aggressive or comfortable position.

This Rapide 21s is equipped with 700x35C a tire that is backed with double-walled alloy rims. It is also manufactured with Rigid Fork front suspension to assist the user to maintain the overall weight in check.

The cycle is controlled by Shimano EF-51 shifters to make your road easy for you. Let us check all the helpful features of his product at a glance.

Important Features:

  • Comes in semi-assembled condition
  • Alloy hybrid front suspension
  • Rigid fork rear suspension
  • Equipped with SHIMANO EF500 shifters
  • 7-speed crankset for better speed
  • 6 KGs of weight
  • Attractive grey primary and orange color


Btwin Riverside 120 Hybrid Cycle:

Btwin Riverside 120 Hybrid Cycle


Cycling is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy for long. So if you are looking for the best bicycle, then Btwin has introduced its latest Riverside 120 Hybrid Cycle model made with strong and durable aluminum composition. The model is specially designed for sports lover that equipped with single-chainring with the 8-speed drivetrain for better comfort and speed.

It comes with a welded handlebars and stems for quick release. The bicycle is backed with 700X38 tires with its optimized geometry unisex steel frame that contains a height-adjustable stem option for its users.

The lowered geometry of this model makes it easy to get on/off the bike. The brake levers are made up of plastic that provides a better grip to the wheels to control with its steel front and rear V-brake calipers.

The model is designed with an aluminum rear hub and steel front hub for better control and quick-release to make it easy to take the wheels off.  Its steel welded seat is strong enough to take heavy loads.

It is suggested by the company to store this bicycle model in a dry place to maintain the cycle in good condition for long. Let us check all the key facilities of this product at a glance.

Important Features:

  • A unisex sturdy designed bicycle
  • Single-chainring with the 8-speed drivetrain
  • Welded stem and handlebar for quick-release
  • Comes with the optimized frame geometry
  • Made with an Aluminum composition
  • Steel front & rear V-brake calipers
  • Steel front hub and aluminum rear hub


Hercules Roadeo Fugitive 26T 21 Gear Steel Hybrid Cycle:

Hercules Roadeo Fugitive 26T 21 Gear Steel Hybrid Cycle (Blue) 17inch Frame, Best Hybrid Cycle in India 2022


Hercules Roadeo is the most famous name in the hybrid cycle industry and now it has launched its new Fugitive 26T 21 Gear Steel Hybrid Cycle model that is equipped with various functionalities. The bike comes in 85% assembled condition with a toolbox provided by the company that contains all the required tools inside.

The model is featured with 21 gears with large size 26 inches wheels and 17 inches strong frame. The frame is made up of high-class steel materials and has an only a front-wheel suspension system that absorbs the entire road jerking smoothly.

The bicycle is backed with 26″ x 2.1″ Nylon Black tires and has a disc brake system on both the front and rear wheels. The bird type has an oversized 600mm XMR handlebar that is enough to handle it perfectly.

The Dual-disc brake system is the most convenient facility for active and long-lasting braking experience for its users. The sleek designed saddle is there for ergonomic comfort.

It also has a quick-release seat post for micro-adjust according to your comfort. Its double-walled alloy rims stay for long without any damage issues.  Its traction MTB 29*2.1 progressive tires are specially designed for smooth rolling.

The model is a crafted duel colored TPR grip that ensures easy handling for its users. Let us check all the key facilities of this product.

Important Features:

  • Ideal bicycle for boys/men 15+ Years of age
  • Equipped with 21 gear
  • Thumb shifters gear for smooth handling
  • Comes with double brake disc
  • Only front suspension facility
  • 5 inches tires & 17-inch frame
  • Oversized 600mm XMR handlebar


Hercules Roadeo Hank 27.5T 21 Gear Steel Hybrid Cycle:

Hercules Roadeo Hank 27


Hercules Roadeo Hank 27.5T Steel Hybrid Cycle is the perfect steel hardtail bike that is designed with a curved bottom tube and comes with 21 gears for easy riding experience. The bike is manufactured with various attractive matt finish colors along with eye-catching graphics that draw the buyer’s attention to buy this.

The green color model has a 5-coat neon paint finish that shines fantastically from the outside. The aggressive geometry is 27.5” of this Hank model with 27.5” big sized wheels that confirms its better acceleration quality.

This is a mountain terrain bike that is ready with 21-speed easy fire thumb shifters to make it so easy to run for any road. The sturdy body of this cycle makes it a durable product that stays for long with you.

Its quick-release seat post for micro-adjust is the best part for you to mark it according to your height. Its high-grade steel frame provides superior ride quality for adventurous sports.

The model is prepared with friction-free black cables that are attached with dual disc 160mm rotor plates to control the brake system to make it strong and robust. The model is backed with Shimano derailleur & friction-free BB cartridge that enhances the braking power strongly. Le us take a quick look at the important features of this Hercules model.

Important Features:

  • Delivered in 85% assembled condition
  • Comes with a useful tool kits
  • Designed with 21 gear facility
  • 5 inches wheels size
  • 17 inches frame size
  • 5″ x 2.1″ Nylon Black tire
  • 600mm XMR handlebar and dual disc brake


Hero Firefly SS 26T 1-Speed Cycle:

Hero Firefly SS 26T 1-Speed Cycle, Best Hybrid Cycles in India 2022


HERO is the most trusted and famous brand among the bicycle manufacturer and now it comes with its new Firefly SS 26T 1-Speed adult cycle that is delivered in semi-assembled (85%) condition. You just need to assemble a little with Allen Key & Spanner that is provided with this model in the toolkits.

The tire and frame both are sized as 17 inches that makes a perfect combination for real comfort while riding. The Firefly model from HERO is specially designed for men and boys with 5 to 5.5 feet of height.

The cycle is backed with front and rear caliper brakes to ensure high quality gripping on the road. The model is equipped with single speed gear along with rigid suspension that provides ultimate support and balance for the rider while riding it.

The frame of this model is composed of high-grade safety steel that guarantees its durability and long-lasting quality of this cycle. The wheel size of this model is 26 inches that give better control over the cycle.

This bicycle is manufactured with comfortable frame geometry to suit both boys and girls finely to enjoy the ride. This is one of the best cycle models to take a long ride with better safety and features.

Important Features:

  • Comes with semi-assembled condition
  • 17 inches tire size
  • 17 inches frame size
  • Ideal product for 5-5.5 feet men
  • Front and rear caliper brakes
  • Equipped with rigid suspension
  • Single-speed gear function


Firefox Bikes Flip-Flop Fixie 26T Single Speed Hybrid Cycle:

Firefox Bikes Flip-Flop Fixie 26T Single Speed Hybrid Cycle


If you are looking for a high-quality elegantly designed bike, then Flip-Flop Fixie 26T Single Speed Hybrid Cycle from Firefox Bikes can be the best alternative for you. This woman’s fun cycle is assembled with 26 inches sized tire and 55 inches sized robust body frame.

There is a V brake in front and rear single speed hub. It is made up of steel material that ensures its continuing ability. The model is designed with front and rear reflectors and is delivered within a semi-assembled condition.

The front wheel of this cycle is made with a sturdy steel fork that provides a controlled riding experience in your off-road trail adventures. You can easily increase or decrease the seat height according to your comfort.

The model is designed with anti-skid tires that are thick enough to give you a stable and safe ride experience with better visibility. Its sturdy steel frame with steel tubing crafting is designed to provide the edge on off-road adventure trails.

The anti-friction crankset used in this model is very light and is made with first-class metals for the optimum blend of strength and better handling. The cycle is built with lightweight and durable steel materials that make it a most light-weighted product for its users. Let us check all the useful features at a glance.

Important Features:

  • Steel hybrid frame for better safety and comfort
  • Efficient design and attractive color
  • Front and rear steel disc brakes
  • Equipped with anti-friction crankset
  • A light-weighted and durable product
  • Ideal bicycle model for off-road adventure


Firefox Bikes Volante 27.5T 27 Speed Hybrid Cycle:

Firefox Bikes Volante 27.5T 27 Speed Hybrid Cycle


Firefox Bikes has launched its Volante 27.5T a 27-Speed Hybrid Cycle for adventure lovers. The bike model is featured with 27.5 inches tires and 18 inches frame that makes it a strong and robust cycle for your off-road experience.

It comes with V brake suspension along with 27 speed hub that can enhance your cycling ability to a higher level. Its aluminum body confirms its ongoing life. It is crammed with a stand and two side reflectors for front and rear wheels.

It comes in a semi-assembled condition and you just need to attach the additional fittings as per your requirements to enjoy your ride. The aluminum frame with alloy rigid fork is enabled inside the bicycle to give you a premium shock absorption facility in riding.

The efficient design of this product is especially for mountain trail adventures and off-road sports. It comes with a convenient option for increasing & decreasing the seat according to your height.

It backed with thick anti-skid tires to experience a stable ride and also ensures you about plenty of visibility. The sturdy aluminum frame with aluminum tubing body is crafted with smooth welds for better handling.

Its anti-friction crankset and light-weighted durable wheels make all the difference from the other products. Let us check all the useful features of the product at a glance.

Important Features:

  • Alloy hybrid smooth weld frame
  • Internal cabling system for the rear brake
  • Equipped with alloy rigid fork
  • Premium quality shock absorption
  • Anti-friction crankset with high-tech metals
  • Lightweight & durable wheels for better performance
  • V Brake for front and rear


Conclusion for Best Hybrid Cycle

Now that you know everything about hybrid bicycles, you can ask your shop authorities if you cannot find any particular element in your cycle. So before making a purchasing decision, make a list of your requirements and budget, and bring home your most favourite model. Among the above 10, our recommendation will be Omobikes Model-1.0 Light Weight Hybrid Cycle due to the size of the wheels, gearing system, type of brakes, handlebars, and material of the frame.

If you want to know anything more about hybrid cycles, then please do comment in the section below. We will get back to you soon with the best possible answer.

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