Best Hand Sanitizer in India 2022

Being safe and taking care of your health is a natural daily human need. However, in pandemics such as coronavirus or the intensification of seasonal infections, this need is particularly acute. How to protect yourself and my family from viruses and bacteria? One of the easiest and most effective ways is to use disinfectant solutions for prevention. They are designed to quickly destroy harmful microorganisms that get and settle on the skin or objects in the house.

The effectiveness of sanitizers depends on the composition and concentration of active substances. However, when choosing should not forget about the individual tolerability of components, some people cannot use alcohol disinfectant. To help you understand various options and choose your right defence, we offer to familiarize yourself with the best antiseptics to help prevent infectious diseases.


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Best Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers in India 2022

1. Dettol Hand Sanitizer

Non-alcoholic disinfectant is a ready-to-use liquid based on chlorhexidine. Its active monocomponent is one of the safest antiseptics – it has 4 classes of low-risk compounds, making it non-toxic when it gets into the stomach or skin. The greedy composition is not dangerous, even in inhalations.

However, the solution has both cons. The most significant is the absence of a prolonged effect. The substance can fight only those bacteria that are already on the skin and powerless against those that will get on the body in a short time after application. According to the instructions, hand disinfectant use, more than 6 times a day is not recommended. During the mass spread of infections such as coronavirus, the remedy is inferior in effectiveness to alcoholic analogues with a more severe chemical composition.


2. Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer

Liquid soap provides the most delicate cleansing of hands from bacteria. It has a delicate texture and is designed for hygienic skin treatment. However, full decontamination should not be expected from him, because the gentle composition for the hands does not allow him to cope with disinfection better than antiseptics with high alcohol content. However, this does not mean that antibacterial soap is useless.

First, regular use reduces the number of bacteria due to 2-phenoxyethanol, an antimicrobial agent that copes well with gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Secondly, hand washing is a separate hygienic procedure, which should be carried out before using a skin sanitizer. In reviews, users note a soft base with moisturizing and conditioning components, thanks to which the skin, regardless of its type, does not dry up.


3. Lifebuoy Total 10 Hand Sanitizer

The popular German sanitary monitor is equally good for disinfecting both the body and various house items. The drug is known for being aggressive to the most common strains of influenza, hepatitis and herpes. Actively fights and fungi bacteria and has a rapid antiseptic effect – just 1 minute after application kills settled bacteria and viruses and continues to destroy new within 1 hour.

Most users note good tolerability of the substance mucous membranes, which is very important during the period of infection, like coronavirus. After all, such a virus enters the body through mucous – eyes, nose, mouth, and extremely important to disinfect them quickly in unprocessed special solutions with hands.


4. Himalaya pure hand Sanitizer

The disinfectant gel contains quite a lot of functional additives. In addition to the main active substances, the composition expresses components that soften and do not injure even the most sensitive skin and soft gel-forming components, so for the hands – this is one of the best options.

Among the cons, users note a rather sharp smell of the gel. With careful and frequent treatment in the house, they recommend opening the windows. The pluses describe convenient packages – it is one of the few antiseptics that are sold in a container of 250 ml, so do not take up much space in the bag and are a convenient portable option for to wear with you and use outdoors. Moreover, the packaging is equipped with a thin sprayer, which allows you to apply the product point.


5. Zuci junior instant hand sanitizer

Neutral smell and taste, safe for wounds

The cheapest, but quite effective disinfectant is used as an antiseptic most often for the hands. It does not contain alcohol, consisting of only two active substances: chlorhexidine beaglyconate and purified water. This carefully cleanses the skin without damaging it. When exposed to tissue, the solution kills infectious bacteria at lightning speed, thus coming into the fight against herpes, hepatitis of all kinds, HIV, adenovirus and many other ailments.

According to reviews, this is the best remedy if you need to decontaminate open wounds or burns because when it hits the damaged tissue, it does not cause a burning sensation, and also has no unpleasant smell and does not taste. To have a jar of solution doctors recommend in each home medicine cabinet all year round, regardless of seasonal outbreaks of viral infections. However, do not forget that chlorhexidine is not compatible with soap, so wash your hands before applying it is not worth it.


6. Savlon hand sanitizer

Long shelf life. The high content of isopropyl alcohol

One of the most effective ready-made products has a high percentage of isopropyl alcohol – 70%. Due to this, it reliably protects against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including tuberculosis pathogens, as well as from fungi of the genus candida and dermatophyte. The gel is also useful in the conditions of the spread of COVID-19 because it has already been proven to be effective in the fight against infections of SARS and herpes. By way of spreading and vitality on the skin are similar to coronavirus.

This antiseptic can be easily taken into the house “pro stock” – so they say in the reviews. After all, the shelf life in unprinted form is 5 years, which is a lot for such a product. The use of the gel is economical, as a synergistic supplement used CHAS – it increases the time of antibacterial action, which allows the use of disinfectant less often than analogues.


7. Miroseptic Express

Skin-friendly acidity

Without color, smell and absolutely safe – it’s about the disinfectant “Miroseptic.” Due to these qualities, it is deservedly recognized as one of the best antiseptics for people who suffer from allergies. Its undoubted advantage is the pH level of 5.5. This value corresponds to the skin’s natural indicator, which is considered ideal for performing protective functions. The liquid provides an antimicrobial action for about 3 hours thanks to an active substance in the composition – chloride cetymonium, enhancing alcohols’ action.

In the line of disinfectant products of the brand, there are not only antiseptics in the classical sense, i.e. liquid or gel-like products. There are also wet wipes; they are convenient to use for quick and thorough cleaning of even the smallest items to contact the person.


8. Desiptol spray

A versatile means of disinfecting different objects

Disinfectant liquid “Deziptol” is very versatile in the application: it is great for the skin and is also the best option for processing the whole house. Antiseptic can be used even on soft furniture – it leaves no traces and divorces, does not discolour the fabric even with the intensive application. Spray without fear of spoiling things can also be on clothes and shoes, including leather and leather. But it is the clearance of everything that people were on the street when coming home, especially in the coronavirus pandemic period.

The product is poured into containers of two sizes – 0.5 litres and 1 litre. However, it is inconvenient to carry such volumes outside the house, so users recommend pouring liquid into bottles for sanitizers, which can be purchased in pharmacies.


9. Hartmann Sterilium

It doesn’t tighten the skin. Balanced line-up

German-made disinfectant has a balanced composition: of 75% of alcohols, 45% are isopropyl. It kills almost 100% of non-controversial bacteria on human skin and almost instantly does so in less than 30c.

The liquid is ideal for the hands: quickly evaporates when rubbing, the texture, unlike other similar means, is not sticky, the smell is weak. In reviews, users note that with frequent use (more than 6-110 times a day) the hands’ skin is not dried, there is no feeling of tightness and discomfort, which is especially important in the cold period of the year. Moreover, antiseptic does not cause irritation or toxic poisoning, so it is used even for young children. The only drawback – in the pocket version, there is no dispenser, and without it, it is inconvenient to control the expense of funds.


10. Janaab Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Best for sensitive skin. Prolonged antimicrobial action

A fairly strong antiseptic agent allows you to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria and care for the skin. This is possible thanks to a special formula that does not contain alcohol. The composition includes a natural additive, the basis for which is carbohydrate syrup. It helps to keep the skin smooth and elastic, moisturizing and nourishing it. The new development is suitable even for hands with, susceptible skin. Disinfectant is recommended for staff who are forced to use skin antiseptics during the day regularly.

Careful attitude to the skin confirms and reviews in the network. Users note that the disinfection does not irritate the cover when used regularly and tightens small scratches and abrasions. However, the gentle formulation does not prevent the disinfector for 30c to deal with all infections. A water-based formula provides a prolonged antimicrobial action for 5 hours.

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