10 Best Glue for Shoes in India 2022 | How to Use Shoe Glue

Even your most expensive shoes are bound to succumb to wear and tear. This might prompt one to throw them away, even with a heavy heart. But can one avoid this situation with a simple fix? 

Most definitely, with glue. It can help you fix the holes in the soles or repair any broken parts. But this is only possible when you buy qualitative glue for shoes, the absence of which can harm your precious footwear. 

If you want to avoid such circumstances, we suggest going through the following article as we discuss the 10 best glue for shoes. Along with that, the informative buying guide will make it easier for you to make the right call. 

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How to pick up and apply the glue for shoes

When we wear shoes, they wear out and deform. Even expensive high-quality shoes, when wearing a sock, lose their appearance. Often, due to the impact of bad weather conditions, the tightness of the shoe is lost, and the sole is unstuck. In such situations, we are faced with how to choose and apply glue for shoes. After all, you can repair your favorite couple and go in it the next day instead of wasting time and additional funds going to the shoemaker.

Fortunately, to glue shoes under the power of everyone, do not necessarily consult a specialist. However, it is important to choose the right adhesive composition.


Types of glue

Several types of shoe glue are known. All of them vary in composition and method of application.

The most common species are epoxy, rubber, polyurethane, “Superglue,” “Moment,” and others. The main rule of choice is to pay attention to the fact that the packaging has the inscription “for shoes.” Each adhesive has its own pros and cons, which should not be forgotten.

Each shoe glue is suitable for a certain material.

Polychloroprene adhesive composition (nitrite). This type is used to glue the soles of rubber, as well as felt and leather steles. In this case, the shoe top can be made of both natural leather and textiles. This composition is waterproof, frost-resistant, and strong. Its main advantage is that gluing does not require long-term fixation of surfaces. Glue shoe Nayarit specialists call one of the best compositions. However, it should not be used to repair shoes made of polyurethane material.

Polyurethane glue for shoes is a particularly durable synthetic composition made from elements used to synthesize polyurethane. When glued, it hardens. The downside is that when it dries, the volume increases. Therefore, it is more suitable for bonding parts made of porous material. They are usually glued polyurethane and rubber sole to a synthetic, leather, or textile top.

The most famous glue of this type is the professional “Dismacol,” which is great for leather and rubber. It captures even difficult materials that are poorly glued together. It is they who can repair damaged sneakers.

Advice! Polyurethane composition is difficult to clean from the surface. Therefore, you should be careful when working.

Glue shoe rubber-operwinil. Used for support work. They have usually glued together leather and fabric layers of stems, pasted tape, and attached a rubber sole to the domain top. This composition is used mainly to restore summer shoes, as their moisture and frost resistance is low. Not suitable for basic shoe repairs.

Combined shoe glue. It perfectly copes with the bond of leather or synthetic top with a platform and serves as a good sealant for seams.

Polychlorvinyl glue shoe. The polychlorvinyl resin, which is part of the composition, gives it plasticity. Therefore, this composition is glued edging, fastened textile parts with leather details. In addition, it is great for sealing the sock side of the shoe, protecting it from hydration.

Glue shoe universal is often found on sale. It is a good option for a small repair. You can attach a sole or a small part. This composition is easy to use but effective, is available in convenient packages, and is suitable for bonding any materials.

Advice! Before applying the adhesive composition, carefully read the instructions, which say what materials it is suitable for.


Properties required by shoe glue for the sole

Good shoe glue has the following qualities:

  • It is easy and firmly to fasten parts of shoes of different thicknesses;
  • Parts should not change shape and appearance when processed.
  • The shoe adhesive should be able to fasten the parts qualitatively and for a long time;
  • Posted seams should have elasticity;
  • In the joints, shoes should not miss frost and moisture.


How to stick your shoes on at home

It is easy to repair your favorite shoes with your own hands:

  1. The glued parts should be thoroughly washed, skinned, treated with a low-fat composition (acetone or gasoline), and rubbed with a dry clean cloth.
  2. Apply the glue with a layer of about 3 mm. For some types of glue for shoes, you need to apply several layers.
  3. Allow drying of the glue for about 10 minutes.
  4. Now you can connect and crush the glued parts. To fix it, you should use the load.
  5. For the final drying of glue, the product should be left alone for a day. Bond is usually three to ten hours long.
  6. Excess adhesive mass, which appears on the surface when the parts are compressed, should be removed.

Advice! Repair shoes in a room that are well-ventilated.


How to make shoe glue with your own hands

Casein glue is a good fit for bonding. It has a high level of resistance. Casein is usually available for sale in the form of powder, but you can get it yourself. To do this, skimmed milk is placed in a warm place for souring. Then it is filtered through a cloth or wet. Casein stays on the filter. It is washed, tied into a cloth, placed in water, and boiled to get rid of fat. The finished casein is left to dry on paper.

To prepare the adhesive mass on 10 parts of the casein, take 1 part of the borax and 2 parts of the water. Stir until smooth. Two more parts of the water are poured in. The resulting adhesive composition is suitable for use for 2-3 hours, after which it becomes solid.

Casein glue can be made by adding to the curd mass the washing alcohol drops to the formation of a student transparent mass applied on glued surfaces. A little formalin is added to the finished glue to increase water resistance.

To glue together the rubber surfaces, you can make the next adhesive composition. A little soft rubber crumbles into small pieces. Infuse these pieces in pure aviation gasoline for three days. The resulting rubber solution is drained, filtered, and left to dry in a warm place until a thick mass is formed. This mixture is used for bonding, having previously cleaned the surfaces of dirt and fat.

The right glue for shoes will help extend its life and significantly save on appeal to professional artisans. It would help if you chose shoe glue, taking into account the composition of the material of the connected surfaces and the amount of work to come—no need to save on the quality of glue. If you follow these simple rules, your favorite shoes will keep an attractive look for a long time.


Top 10 best shoe adhesives

Loctite 401 25Ml Instant Adhesive Ultra Fast Super Glue

Loctite 401 25Ml Instant Adhesive Ultra Fast Super Glue

  • country: United States
  • Average price: 780 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.9 

Universal glue, which is used mainly for skin glue, rubber, and fiberglass, and is also suitable for shoe repair. After application, the tool dries quickly enough and becomes elastic, which allows it not to crack and not to dry. It is recommended that a brush be used for even application. Usually, you should leave the product to dry for a time of 12 hours. Then it will firmly glue the necessary parts.

This tool has earned a lot of positive comments in reviews. This is because it performs its function qualitatively and is easy to use. Seam Grip will allow you to glue the damaged, worn sole and return the shoe’s presentable appearance. Glue is water-resistant; after drying, you can safely walk in the rain and not be afraid of the appearance of new damage. Shoe repair makers actively recommend the purchase of Seam Grip. The only thing that scares away can be a high price.


Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel

Gorilla 7700104 Super Glue Gel

  • country: Italy
  • Average price: 500 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 5.0 

Italian manufacturers have developed the highest quality glue. Today it is used in shoe production and leaves only the best impressions about itself. It is mainly designed to glue leather materials with any other species. It also performs well when applied to wood, glass, and other surfaces. Long-term fixation of parts will not be required – glue for a few minutes “grabs” the necessary parts. It should be used at a temperature not lower than 17 degrees.

Skimming and stripping the surface are recommended before application. The product is applied in 2-3 layers with intervals of 10 minutes. Shoes will be ready to wear in 4 hours, provided the product is heated to a temperature of 90 degrees. KENDA Farben SAR 30E is resistant to cold and heat and is excellent when water hits. Buyers note that the glue does not have a pronounced smell, which is an undoubted plus. And minus they consider the high cost.


LOCTITE FT 220 – Henkel’s Adhesive is exclusively designed for Footwear application

LOCTITE FT 220 - Henkel's Adhesive exclusively designed for Footwear application

  • country: Russia (produced in China)
  • Average price: 37 rubles
  • Rating (2022): 4.6 

More than 10 years ago, the domestic company “Rosel” developed an excellent glue for shoes. In 2002, the range represented only instant glues. However, in 2008, contact and epoxy glues went on sale. Contact is second in the market in terms of sales, second only to Momentum. At the same time, the price of the first is much lower than the second.

The contact is suitable for bonding leather, rubber, ceramics, porcelain, and many other materials. They can very efficiently repair shoes. The glue perfectly fills the cracks and gaps. The contact is 100% fulfilling its functions. When all the recommendations on the packaging are implemented, the substance is glued “dead.” Buyers speak about it only from the positive side.


Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix High Strength Durable Shoe and Footwear Repair Adhesive

Pidilite Fevicol Shoefix High Strength Durable Shoe and Footwear Repair Adhesive

  • Cost-effective
  • country: Taiwan
  • Average price: 100 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.6 

The glue for Eva shoes fully justifies the characteristics stated by the manufacturer. That’s why I deserve a place in our ranking. Consumers can’t find a single drawback. The glue “dead” glues and angular, lateral cuts and gaps at the bend. It keeps on the shoe for a very long time, keeping the damaged area from repeated damage.

“Eva” is water-resistant. The sun doesn’t flow. Even oblique cuts are glued to “hurrah.” Moreover, the place of the cut after the treatment with glue is almost not noticeable. Buyers recommend “Eva” as the best glue, which perfectly copes with the task, is spent sparingly, and is inexpensive. The shelf life is 2 years.


Fevicol Shoefix High Strength Durable Shoe Repair Adhesive 

Fevicol Shoefix High Strength Durable Shoe Repair Adhesive 

  • country: China
  • Average price: 85 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.7 

One of the best and best means for gluing shoes. Instantly “grabs” the right parts of the surface. The glue will leave no stains and will dry quickly. Shoe repair masters actively recommend the use of Second. After the application, the shoes can be worn in different conditions without fear of new damage. The remedy is resistant to lye, fat, and moisture. It consists of polyurethane, acetone, methylethylketone, and various additives. It has a helium consistency and a transparent color.

The tube is small and convenient; users note that it is easy to use and has quick action. In addition, the ridiculous price suits all buyers. A second will firmly stick the sole for a long time—the efficiency and versatility of the glue please customers. After full hardening, the product has neither smell nor color. It can also be used in various household tasks: glue interior elements or bring to life creative ideas. Despite all the above advantages, Second has negative aspects – uneconomical application and characteristic smell.


Loctite 495 Instant Adhesive Bottle

Loctite 495 Instant Adhesive Bottle

  • country: Ireland
  • Average price: 149 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.7 

Henkel has made a glue gel specifically designed for shoes. Its main advantages are efficiency, cost-saving, and ease to use. The bonding process is fast enough to save time. The tube contains only 3 grams of the substance; however, it is enough for a long time.

The glue is water-resistant and elastic, and it has high strength. Due to the consistency, it does not flow. This makes it easier to use. A special thin spout allows you to apply glue with precision to those areas where repairs are required, and it is easy to control the dosage. User feedback shows a good quality of “Moment.” They say that the glue copes perfectly with the repair of shoes and other repairs of leather products.


MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose compatible with Industrial Glue Semi Fluid transparent Adhesive 50 m

MMOBIEL B-7000 50ML Multipurpose compatible with Industrial Glue Semi Fluid transparent Adhesive 50 m

  • country: United States
  • Average price: 185 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.8 

A glue that fits almost all materials. It can be used to paste inflatable mattresses, boats, tourist equipment, shoes, sports equipment, and more. It connects things of heterogeneous origin – rubber with metal, plastic with wood, glass with leather. The tool perfectly tolerates the temperature difference and is reliably kept at low and high rates – from -45 to 105 degrees. The sealant best glues the sole or top of the shoe. A strong connection will allow you to wear shoes for more than one season.

Apply glue on both surfaces. Then he will quickly and reliably “grab.” A thin layer is a prerequisite. Within 24 hours, the consistency completely hardens and dries up. To speed up the process will help heat the glue to 70-80 degrees. Customer reviews are mostly positive. Celebrate a convenient tube and easy use. In the flaws graph, you can find comments about a sharp smell.


Pacificdeals T7000 Multipurpose Black Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue Compatible

Pacificdeals T7000 Multipurpose Black Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue Compatible

  • country: Germany
  • Average price: 167 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.8 

A reliable tool designed to glue hard and soft materials together. After application, it dries quickly. One of the most significant advantages is the resistance of the glue to the effects of moisture. When water hits, it will not soften and will not lose its basic properties. It is used most often for shoes. UHU SCHUH and LEDER do not dissipate for a long time and are firmly held, even at extremely high temperatures – up to 125 degrees.

The main rules before application: be sure that the shoes were clean and dry. Apply with a thin layer if necessary several times until a barely noticeable film is formed. Users note that the glue does not leave unwanted stains. In addition, the well holds glued surfaces of paper, skin, and others. In addition to all these benefits, the product has some flaws that can be found in reviews. The disadvantages include not the most convenient tube, as well as the sharp smell of glue.


Pacificdeals Traditional Multipurpose Black Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue

Pacificdeals Traditional Multipurpose Black Adhesive Waterproof Washable Glue

  • country: Russia
  • Average price: 175 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.8 

Shoe glue is praised for quality and reliability. Polyurethane resins are at the heart of the composition. Due to this, it quickly connects the surfaces of various materials and holds them firmly for a long period of time. Desmokol is subject to even hard parts of shoes. Often, it is used to glue the top of the shoe or sole. It is also suitable for plastic, metal, or glass. It has water-repellent properties and plasticity.

Before using it, you need to prepare the product for the application. It is recommended to clean the shoes from the contaminants, remove the remnants of old dried glue and skim the desired part of the surface. It is essential to apply the product in a thin layer and wait for about 10 minutes until it dries up. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated before the film is formed. The additional compression of the glue does not require enough to connect the desired parts firmly. Buyers are satisfied with the purchase and willingly advise this glue. The disadvantages include only an unpleasant smell.


dilite Fevikwik 203 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive 100 ml

dilite Fevikwik 203 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive 100 ml

  • country: Russia
  • Average price: 299 руб.
  • Rating (2022): 4.9 

One of the best shoe adhesives is Nayarit. Numerous customer reviews tell its effectiveness. Thanks to a wide range of bondable materials, Nayarit can be used in different household areas. The strength of the clutch depends on the technology of the work and the specifics of the material.

In the course of his work, Nayarit forms a water-resistant, elastic seam of high strength. If you need to handle a large area – Adhesive Ryrit is an indispensable assistant, as the layer applied to them remains sticky for a long time. The substance is safe to use. It does not contain any solvents of narcotic action, such as toluene. The glue can process most of the materials in any combination. It can be leather, rubber, fabric, wood, and more. The methods of bonding are hot and cold. In the first version, the product can be used after 4 hours, with the second – in a day.


These were the 10 best types of glue for shoes that one can use to fix their footwear. If the problem persists, it is best to allow a professional to handle the situation. If not, it is best to toss them out and gift yourself a brand new pair!

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