15 Best Double Door Refrigerator 2022

No matter how eventful and unpredictable 2022 is, some things always remain the same. For example, a huge demand for large kitchen equipment and good, high-quality, and reliable refrigerators, without which the life of modern man is simply unthinkable. They are bought for a new home or kitchen headset, for the cottage, and existing, in return for outdated or broken models. In the last “tragic” case, when the decision to buy has to be taken urgently, however, as with sufficient time for reflection, from the abundance of options provided by domestic retail, the head can go round – which refrigerator is better to buy, on what copy to stop?!

No matter how trivial, you have to choose the best. That’s just, as they say, each his and that one is good, the other let not death, but quite probable disorder and sadness. As a simple way out of the current situation, we offer to familiarize ourselves with our rating of the best refrigerators at 2022 – the beginning of 2022 with a division into several relevant categories.


By what principles the rating of the best refrigerators was formed

Everyone who has ever faced the problem of choosing a product, most often looking for answers in the most accessible and quite rational way – study reviews various resources to take advantage of other people’s experience and avoid unnecessary mistakes. The method is working, but not 100%. After all, some companies have launched a real information war on the Internet, and not everything should be blindly trusted.

We may not have as long hands as the mafia, but we managed to use a few reliable sources. Experts who left reviews and shared their opinion were representatives of trade organizations, leading sales statistics and complaints, conducting questionnaires of buyers to form a product matrix with minimal losses from returns, service professionals, for whom it is not a secret some typical shortcomings of certain models or manufacturers in general, real owners of popular refrigerators and even a couple of regional representatives of leading brands. By the way, customer feedback about refrigerators was also studied.


How we test our products (Why you should trust us)

Bestindian.org takes product testing seriously. Hands-on testing provides the basis for our reviews and guides, which in turn influence our recommendations for products.

In our review lab, we use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct all tests. Product testing is done in health, kitchen, grooming & electronics niches. To ensure our results are accurate and unbiased, we evaluate each product against a set of objective criteria. We test different categories of performance for different types of products.

Our product testing team is comprised of experts with years of experience. As a result of this commitment, we can make product recommendations that are inclusive of all Indians.


Buying Guide For Double Door Refrigerator

Single Door refrigerators

As the name suggests, you only have one door for the entire fridge. The freezer is part of a larger compartment.

This refrigerator has its own individual advantages and disadvantages.

The downside is that these refrigerators tend to accumulate frost in the freezer. Therefore, require frequent defrosting of the refrigerator.

Besides, you will not find such refrigerators with a capacity of more than 300 liters. If you want to buy an inexpensive and small refrigerator, you will fit a one-door refrigerator.


Double Door refrigerators

The name implies that you have two separate compartments with separate doors.

The freezer is not dependent on the main refrigeration unit. They have a separate heating element that prevents the formation of Naledi.

These refrigerators are very popular.

According to the location of the freezer, there are two versions of refrigerators with different door layouts.

Typically, the ratio of the refrigerator to the freezer is 70:30 or even 80:20.

Many people do not feel the need to store frozen foods such as fish, meat, etc. So the freezer may seem like a waste of space.

With transformable refrigerators, this is not the case as you can turn the freezer into a regular part of the refrigerator and increase the overall capacity.


The transformable refrigerator has other advantages.

They do not need to invest in a separate device, as the transformable refrigerator allows them to change the freezer and refrigeration chambers if necessary.

How does the refrigerator-transformer solve both of these seemingly opposite problems?

Settings In Transformable Fridge Are These That The Freezer and Refrigeration Camera Have Independent Cooling Mechanisms. It Allows You to Shut Off Any of These Compartments Or Even Change Their Places When It’s Necessary.

Well-known manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Haier, and Hitachi offer transformable refrigerators with unique modes of operation.

Normal mode

The normal working mode is the default mode in which all refrigerators work. In this mode, the device works like a regular refrigerator.


Seasonal mode

As winter approaches, you may feel the need to give up the freezer. You can’t do that in a regular refrigerator, so the refrigerator consumes excess energy to keep the freezer running. A transformable refrigerator allows you to change settings and turn the freezer into a refrigerator or vice versa, depending on the requirements.


Holiday mode

The refrigerator is a device that usually works continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are on a short holiday, you don’t have to turn off the entire fridge. In vacation mode, you can turn off the refrigeration chamber and let it work normally. By moving the food to the freezer, you can keep them fresh, and the appliance consumes less energy.


Home one mode

In the same way, you can stay at home alone, and the rest of the family will go somewhere. You can turn off the refrigeration compartment and allow the freezer to work like a refrigerator by changing its settings.

The names of these different modes may be different for each manufacturer.

  • A pioneer of this technology, Samsung offers two variants of the transformable device: 5-in-1 and 3-in-1.
  • Whirlpool offers a similar transformable refrigerator 5-in-1.
  • LG offers a dual transformable option to use the device as a regular refrigerator or only as a refrigerator without a freezer.
  • Haier offers an 8-in-1 transformable object, offering several additional transformable options.

The goal is to have more storage space, work more efficiently, and meet the consumer’s changing needs.


Refrigerator inverter technology

Everyone knows that the compressor is the most important component of the refrigerator.

It is also one of the most durable parts of any refrigerator. You will find that manufacturers offer an extended warranty on compressors for up to ten years.

Let’s take a look at the compressor.

Anyone who has used the refrigerator knows that a regular compressor turns on and off at certain intervals.

When you turn on the device, the compressor works at full speed to ensure cooling.

The fridge continues to work. When the temperature starts to rise, the compressor is turned on again for cooling. This procedure is repeated throughout the life of the device.

Since the Compressor Works at One Speed, It Consumes Maximum Power. Second, when the Compressor is restarted, there is a surge in tension. Thus, Standard Compressor Consumes a Lot of Electricity.


How do inverter compressors work?

Today, the technology has improved, so you can save electricity by using inverter-based compressors.

In this technology, compressors do not turn off at all as long as there is electricity. However, the compressor does not always work at full speed.

Inverter Technology Identifies Load Inside the Fridge, External Weather Conditions And Temperature Inside the Device And Appropriately Adjusts the Compressor’s Speed.

Thus, the compressor works at lower speeds if the requirements are low. On the contrary, it runs at a higher speed when there is a higher load. Consequently, inverter technology saves electricity.

Secondly, the inverter compressor is not often turned on and off. Therefore, it does not make much noise compared to conventional compressors.

Today, all the latest models of refrigerators are equipped with inverter compressors.


Cooling technology

As a rule, you’ve noticed that earlier-generation refrigerators don’t even provide cooling, especially in single-chamber models.

Cooling is concentrated in places near the freezer, which leads to the formation of ice.

The rest of the areas do not get the same cooling.

Today, cooling technology has undergone tremendous changes. You have refrigerators that ensure the entire space is evenly cooled.

These Fridges Are Equipped With Multiple Vents, Located In Important Places, Too Cold Air Evenly Reached All Corners of the Fridge.

LG models have specially designed air vents located under each shelf. Some of the latest models of refrigerators are also equipped with unique door cooling technology.

This technology ensures that the cooling will not be disrupted, even if you often open and close the fridge door.

  • Haier refrigerators provide 360-degree airflow to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the room.
  • Whirlpool offers a similar tool but calls it 3D Airflow technology.
  • LG refrigerators are equipped with Ice Beam Door Cooling cooling technology by reducing the temperature gap between the doorway and the inner compartments of the refrigerator.
  • The Samsung, Godrej, and Hitachi models come with two fans for separate cooling of refrigerator and freezer portions.


Dealing with power outages

Power outages and disabling loads are common in Russia, especially in small towns and villages.

Sometimes these places can remain without electricity for more than 10 to 12 hours. Such power outages can cause problems of two kinds.

First, Food Can Spoil. Second, Because of the Sharp Voltage, Drops Can Be Damaged Fridge.

Modern models of refrigerators, such as Samsung, Godrej, and Whirlpool, come with a special cooling gel released inside the device in the form of cold gas. Due to this arrangement, the contents of the refrigerator remain cool for a long time.

Samsung offers Cool Wall technology for cooling when power outages. It is also equipped with a Cool Pack that works as a cooling gel, keeping the environment cool for up to 12 hours.

Whirlpool refrigerators offer a unique technological solution in the form of isolated capillaries technology.

Haier models are equipped with additional features that complement cool gel technology. The inner edges of the device have diamond-shaped edges to slow down the melting process of ice.

Today, most refrigerator models are compatible with the home inverter system.

Voltage fluctuations can be dangerous for refrigerators. Previously, external voltage stabilizers were used to regulate input voltage.

Today, Almost All Fridges Are Equipped with Built-in Stress Stabilizers That Can Withstand Voltage Fluctuations In a Range of 100 to 300 B.

Samsung refrigerators are also compatible with solar power.


Transformable interior of the refrigerator

Adjustable refrigerator shelves

Today we have refrigerators with shelves of tempered glass that can withstand up to 175 kg. Glass shelves ensure that the spilled liquid will not seep into other compartments and emphasize the clutter.

The refrigerators are equipped with adjustable shelves, which allows you to store kitchen accessories of different sizes inside the appliance.

Similarly, today you have refrigerators with bottle racks that can hold large bottles.

Some models of refrigerators come with unique attachments of plastic bags with hooks for hanging frozen items. The NSW premium models come with folding wine racks.


Vegetable compartments

A vegetable box is an essential component of any refrigerator.

Today, refrigerators offer different types of clearer designs. Whirlpool refrigerators come with a lattice lid that absorbs moisture and prevents vegetables from getting wet.

Some of the Latest Models are equipped with Advanced Technology to prevent the rapid loss of fruit.

Haier offers boxes for fruits and vegetables, which are 50% larger than other models. So you can comfortably store more vegetables.

The 90-degree contour door also allows you to remove these boxes for fresh produce without even opening the fridge door completely.


Good fridge lighting

The use of LED lighting has improved the light factor of modern refrigerators.

Aside from the benefit in size, LED bulbs are durable and consume less energy than conventional lamps.

Some of the latest models of refrigerators are illuminated inside the freezer.

Today you have fridges with a backlit motion sensor that automatically turns on when any activity is detected inside the device.


Water dispensers

High-quality models, especially refrigerators with a side door, come with a built-in water dispenser on the door.

So you don’t need to open the fridge to pour a glass of cold water. You can fill your glass with a water dispenser.


15 Best Double Door Refrigerator 2022

Samsung 244L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 244L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

The best budget refrigerators of 2022 in quality and reliability open the refrigerator of the famous German brand. Produced at the B/S/H plant in St. Petersburg, Strelna. The price tag is low, but the quality of production is excellent.

Now the specifics about the model. Design: 185, 59.5 cm wide, Pearl Gray (silver for stainless steel) is the width. The characteristics of the freezer: 94 liters, 2 retractable transparent boxes, and 1 shelf with a folding lid. The cooling principle is LowFrost. That is, to defrost by hand still sometimes will have to, but it should be done quite rarely.

Refrigeration camera: volume – 223 liters, LED lighting, 4 impact-resistant glass shelves, the same number of door pockets, a box for vegetables and fruits MultiBox with a wavy bottom, divider, and humidity control. The principle of thawing is an automatic drip using NatureCool technology, which, in fact, turns the entire compartment into one solid area of freshness (wet).

Key pros:

  • Large capacity at medium size;
  • The horizontal handles integrated into the doors;
  • Energy Efficiency A-Class, a little noise – 40 dB;
  • SuperFreezing feature, FreshSense temperature control sensors;
  • A 10-year engine with a 10-year warranty for the entire manufacturer’s lifespan.


  • One cooling circuit (general temperature control of both chambers);
  • A standard (non-inverter) motor.

Cool chill, albeit without No Frost. Looks solid; the volume of users is very decent. No unnecessary noise effects. Like a showed-up living in a “babushka” machine gun. Soon six months of work and unfreeze, the lower chamber of special need do not see.


Bosch Double Door Refrigerator 401 L (Silver Inox, KDN46XI30I) 

Bosch Double Door Refrigerator 401 L (Silver Inox, KDN46XI30I) 

This model somehow does not turn the language to call budget. A more well-deserved definition is a classic in a pleasant modern design for relatively little money. Atlant XM 4024-000 is not a “lazy fridge” with the No Frost system, but contrary to popular belief, this is not a particular problem. After all, compared to the notorious “automatics” of the same size, it has several obvious advantages:

  • Increased total volume – 367 (252/115) liters;
  • Low noise level – 40 dB;
  • No effect on food covenants;
  • With a “drop” system, there is no special need in the “wet” fresh zone;
  • Less cost, after all.

Of course, the freezer compartment will have to defrost, but once every 3-4 months or even less. But many homemakers wash the refrigerator more often, disconnecting it from the network regardless of the design.

Key pros:

  • Simple and reliable electromechanical control;
  • Strong glass shelves with many accommodation options;
  • Freezing performance – 4.5 kg/day;
  • Autonomous temperature retention up to 17 hours;
  • Class A energy consumption.


  • There is no shelf for bottles;
  • Not the most comfortable door pockets.

I use more than six months, and I can already conclude that the refrigerator is the best for its price. I don’t know if I’m right or wrong, but I’ve never defrosted it. And somehow, there is no special need. The sound of the work is audible but quite moderate.


LG 308 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

LG 308 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double-Door Refrigerator

One of the most inexpensive and prevalent due to the good ratio of price, quality, and reliability No Frost refrigerators from a well-known South Korean company. Equipped with a good compressor, although not linear, still refers to the “smart inverter.” That’s why the overall energy efficiency is high – class AJ, and the stated value of noise level is small – up to 39 dB. The LG GA-B419 SWJL case is white, 59.5 in width, and 190.7 cm high.

The refrigeration chamber (223 liters) has a Multi-Air-Flow system. Inside: LED lighting, 4 glass shelves, a box for fruits/vegetables, which with a certain imagination and very great desire can be considered something like the simplest “wet” area of freshness, 6 “pockets” on the door. The lower freezer (79 liters) is equipped with 4 transparent drawers: 3 large and 1 small tray for semi-finished products.

Key pros:

  • Total No Frost (both cameras don’t need manual maintenance);
  • Electronic control with a touchscreen display (internal);
  • Express-freezing function;
  • Hidden “drowning” door handles;
  • The warranty period for the compressor is 10 years.


  • Not the best location of the back wall on the back wall (behind the products);
  • There is no full-fledged Fresh zone;
  • A strange tray for 8 eggs.

Cool chill for your price. And pretty spacious inside. Especially pleased with the refrigeration compartment, which, of course, we use more often. Freezers are also enough for the needs of a family of 3 people.


Bosch Double-Door (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)

Bosch Double-Door (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)

A large refrigerator with a classic top freezer. This format has been going through something like “second birth” lately and is becoming more popular again. And since this configuration is mainly inherent in the products of Japanese brands, it is not surprising that one of the best is the model from Mitsubishi Electric. And let MR-FR62K-SB-R is produced not in the “Land of the Rising Sun” but Thailand, but the price tag is not sky-high.

The design is black metallic, full of useful volume – 501 liters (144/357)—Frost freezer with two partitions (3 shelves in the end) and a turning tray for ice. The refrigeration chamber has 4 glass shelves, 3 of which are adjustable in height. There is a “dry” area of freshness (zero) for meat and fish, a compartment for vegetables and fruits with special lighting. The cooling system is uniform – Multi Air-Flow.

At an altitude of 177.7 and a width of 75.2 cm, in the depth of the refrigerator, 75.6 cm. And this should be taken into account when planning because it simply can act from a standard niche. It’s not a fact that it’s a problem, but it’s better if there are no surprises.

Key pros:

  • Full No Frost;
  • Air purification system, ionizer, odor absorption filter;
  • There is a depth-adjustable shelf and a bottle stand;
  • Vitamin Factory function;
  • Antibacterial coating.


  • Silent, but not silent (45 dB);
  • A standard compressor.

Very nice fridge. Perfectly fit into our kitchen—a little unusual at first the upper freezer, but now normal. I like the icebox. Actually, everything suits and money is not spent.


Whirlpool Double-Door (NEO FR 258 CLS Plus 2S, Wine Regalia)

Whirlpool Double-Door (NEO FR 258 CLS Plus 2S, Wine Regalia)

A real German refrigerator in a great performance. The design is stylish and solid; the color is silver with a smart steel protective coating. The fact that the touch display is not located outside and hidden under the door, impressions do not spoil but only make the “picture” more solid and concise. Comfortable aluminum handles with a pusher provide an opening without much effort.

The freezer is not small – 101 liters, is at the bottom, the principle of action – No Frost. Inside 2 glass shelves and 3 containers. Space can be modeled for size products (VarioSpace). The refrigeration compartment is 242 liters, of which 94 are reserved for BioFresh freshness zones: “wet” for vegetables/fruits, “dry” for meat/fish. Unfreezing automatic “drop” type. The circulating fan evenly distributes the temperature.

Key pros:

  • High class of energy efficiency – AJ, almost silent work – 34 dB;
  • A two-contour scheme, independent temperature setting in the chambers;
  • Coal filter to eliminate odors, folding shelf, ceiling LED lighting;
  • Guarantee obligations are valid for 2 years, the life of 10 years (the brand supports the practice of replacements in case of inability to repair during this time);
  • Production – Germany.


  • High price.

Big, comfortable, beautiful. At first, it seemed that the areas of freshness “steal” the volume of the refrigeration cupboard, but quickly learned to distribute the products in places properly. The problem fell away by itself.


Godrej 311 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Godrej 311 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Next in the ranking – incredibly stylish, functional, and comfortable refrigerator. Expensive, but it is a real premium class and even “native” Japanese production. The style of the facade is brown glass; there are also analogs of white and black color. In terms of dimensions, the model is large but not bulky (VHSHG) – 182 x75 x74 cm. The total volume is decent – 657 liters, useful – 473. However, the format “5 cameras, 6 doors” is designed not so much for fans banal to fill cabinets “pro stock” as on true gourmets.

The largest capacity (298 liters) has a refrigerator with swinging French Door shutters. Internal content: wide shelves, door pockets adjustable in height, point cooling compartment. Below is a high-tech vacuum compartment (40 liters) for fish, meat, dairy products—next, the freezer (106 liters) with several levels. Finally, a unique Vege Aero-care camera with a platinum catalyst perfectly preserves the freshness of fruits and vegetables. And then there’s the automatic ice generator section.

Key pros:

  • The Frost System;
  • Energy Efficiency – AJ, additional ECO mode;
  • Triple air filtration system;
  • Noise background – up to 41 dB;
  • Inverter compressor.


  • The price tag is not for everyone.

For me, this refrigerator is perfect. The only thing not immediately came the understanding of how to use some sections, but when we sorted out – everything fell into place! In a literal sense. How all the Japanese have thought through well.


AmazonBasics 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

AmazonBasics 564 L Frost Free Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Continues our ranking of the best refrigerators in the category of the inexpensive excellent domestic refrigerator from the legendary “Sergo Factory” from Tatarstan, now part of the Rostec concern. Interestingly, the manufacturer usually puts on their devices compressors of the best brands, which clearly contributes to quiet work, economy, and high reliability. However, it makes sense to check just in case when buying.

The design of Pozis RK-149 may not be the most refined but quite worthy. Moreover, the company offers as many as 7 variants of the color of the case. The freezer is downstairs. We have to defrost. The refrigeration cabinet works automatically on “drop” technology. The shelves are glass, withstanding a load of up to 40 kg.

The height of the refrigerator is 196 cm. You can change the direction of opening the doors if you want: conclusion – a great option of a quality refrigerator for relatively modest money.

Key pros:

  • Large capacity – 240 litres (hall.) /130 (frost);
  • Low noise – up to 40 dB;
  • High class of energy consumption – AJ;
  • LED module of internal illumination;
  • The warranty period is 3 years.


  • The need for manual defrosting;
  • Opaque boxes in the lower chamber.

Parents such a white for several years works perfectly. Without hesitation, I bought and myself, but more suitable for the kitchen silver color. It is even strange that the domestic refrigerator can be so quiet. The family is pretty.


LG Double-Door (GL-I292RPZL)

LG Double-Door (GL-I292RPZL)

Excellent offer from the Korean brand for those eager to get a good efficient, and reliable refrigerator at a reasonable price. The model is available to a wide range of consumers and amazingly combines technology and ease of operation, compact dimensions, and decent capacity. There’s also order with functionality.

Like all “Koreans” in Samsung RB-3000WW, the Technology No Frost is used, thanks to which you can forget forever about manual thawing, and products much better retain their useful properties and appearance. The heart of the refrigerator is a highly efficient inverter compressor, providing uniform and fast cooling, quiet (40 dBA), economical work.

At an altitude of 178 and a classical width of the case 60 (59.5) cm, useful volume is not much for a little 311 liters, of which 98 falls on the freezer compartment and 213 on the refrigeration (excellent). The model has a silver analog; however, a little more expensive—production – Poland.

Key pros:

  • Inverter compressor with a 10-year warranty;
  • Easy Slide’s convenient retractable shelf;
  • Bright and economical top LED lighting;
  • All-around Cooling technology with lots of vents for even cooling on each shelf;
  • 3 boxes in the freezer with transparent lids.


  • The first time the smell of plastic;
  • A tray for 6 eggs (we usually take dozens).

Relatively small but roomy and cute externally refrigerator of classic white color perfectly fit into the kitchen. And it was cheap. The work is quiet; shelves are transparent, beautiful illumination. Satisfied!


Haier 258 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Haier 258 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

Careful, cute on the outside, and, most valuable and inexpensive refrigerator of the Belarusian brand from the Comfort series. And with a full No Frost. You can forget about manual thawing, although knowledgeable people, including those who have learned bitter experience, recommend about once a year still disconnect, wash, give a natural way to thaw the internal vaporizer.

Model sizes: height – 186.5, width – the usual 59.5 cm. About the design: traditional white color, comfortable curved inside door handles-scraps with metal finish. The freezer is located at the bottom, carrying 3 transparent boxes—useful volume – 85 liters.

The refrigeration unit has useful liters as much as 203. Filling: 4 shelves (glass, 3 refiled), 2 separate boxes for fruits and vegetables, 4 door baskets. The system of multi-threading even distribution of cold air on Smart Air Flow levels are supported.

Key pros:

  • Electronic control (internal), 2 cooling contours;
  • Accelerated freezing, cooling, Beverage Cooling, Vacation;
  • Self-diagnosis, sound alert about an open door;
  • Autonomy to maintain temperature up to 15 hours;
  • Guarantee support for 3 years.


  • Not the quietest job – 43 dB;
  • The usual internal illumination on the base of the incandescent light bulb.

A normal refrigerator for a small family. It was fundamental that not very high and No Frost. Naturally, the affordability of the price played a significant role. Works well. It’s a little noisy, but no strain.


Godrej Double-Door (RF EON 236B 25 HI SC DR, Scarlet Dremin)

Godrej Double-Door (RF EON 236B 25 HI SC DR, Scarlet Dremin)

Next in our ranking of the best refrigerators of 2022 – a chic No Frost refrigerator from a solid company. Such as the representative of the premium Serie 8 should be. Developed in Germany, produced in Russia. The latter fact is not a problem, and there are no other assembly options for Bosch in the class of detached models 60 cm wide in the Russian market.

Dimensions: 203 x60 x66 cm. Design is excellent: the facade “quartz under glass,” stylish LCD control, practical recessed vertical door handles (to all height). The compressor, according to modern trends, only 1, but the cooling contours – 2. Frost in European average – 87 liters – with 3 transparent boxes.

Refrigeration camera: volume – 255 liters, cooling system – multi-thread MultiAir-Flow, 4 shelves. The bottom part is occupied by the VitaFresh Pro freshness section with two retractable telescopic guide containers: a “zero” zone for meat and fish (with a controlled temperature), a compartment for fruits and vegetables with adjustable humidity.

Key pros:

  • A quiet and highly efficient inverter motor (with a warranty period of 10 years);
  • Low overall noise is 38 dB, energy efficiency following the class of AJ;
  • Electronic control panel with separate temperature setting in cameras, fast cooling modes, freezing, “Vacation”;
  • Side TwinLED interior lighting, point for freshness area;
  • The presence of special, absorbing smells, filters.


  • It is not a democratic price at all;
  • Small capacity of the freezer.

I wanted a wonderful new fridge. This one was liked more than others. The color is exciting, the kitchen came. Silent, though not silent. I like pens, but internally we try to teach ourselves not to grab our fingers at the glass.


Whirlpool Galaxy Steel Double-Door (IF 305 ELT)

Whirlpool Galaxy Steel Double-Door (IF 305 ELT)

Beautiful and technological refrigerator SpaceMax from one of the Korean giants. It is not to say that it is directly affordable. Still, if we consider the optimal balance between characteristics, functionality, and quality, the price tag for this refrigerator does not seem unnecessarily ambitious.

The capacity for the model with the System Total No Frost is quite decent – 367 liters. Manual maintenance does not need (unless only sometimes wash). Fast freeze mode is available.

The refrigeration cabinet is large – 269 liters from the usual inside: LED-lighting, box for fruits and vegetables. More advanced elements: a retractable container Fresh zone for meat and fish, a folding glass shelf, a metal wine.

Key pros:

  • Pleasant design of the color “stainless steel”;
  • External electronic control with separate temperature adjustment in each of the chambers;
  • A quiet and reliable inverter compressor;
  • The energy efficiency of class AJ, low noise level – 37 dB;
  • All-Around Cooling system for the most uniform cooling.


  • At first, the palpable smell of plastic;
  • No Metal Cooling plate.
  • The price still bites a little bit.

Very like, comfortable and cool. To be honest, there’s not much to complain about. It is only the facade to wipe with a soft cloth periodically. And he shines on. Specially chosen with a freshness zone for meat.


Samsung 253 L 2 Star Double Door (RT28M3022UZ/HL)

Samsung 253 L 2 Star Double Door (RT28M3022UZ/HL)

Next in our ranking of the best refrigerators of 2022 – a large, beautiful, and modern refrigerator beige color from the South Korean brand, collected at the Russian factory. Supports DoorCooling technology, which is the essence of an additional upper air distribution panel, provides faster and more even cooling products. As a result, their freshness is maintained for longer.

The design is a two-camera with a lower freezer position. There is no need for defrosting, thanks to the Total No Frost system. The “heart” of the model is a linear inverter compressor (with a 10-year warranty). The opening of the doors at 90 degrees occurs with a zero-gap. As for the useful volume, the one is very decent – 384 liters (277/107).

The refrigeration chamber is equipped with wine, folding, and glass shelves. Fruit and vegetable box with relief lid Moist Balance Crisper. Egg tray (Oh, miracle!) for 10 pieces in the freezer 3 transparent boxes.

Key pros:

  • Stylish design;
  • Energy efficiency class – AJ, declared noise – 36 dB;
  • External LED display, Wi-Fi management, Smart Diagnostics;
  • Express cooling, freezing, locking from children, a signal of an open door;
  • Antibacterial sealer.


  • There is no 0C freshness zone for fish, meat;
  • The upper LED lighting is not the best solution for the lower shelves.

Roomy looks great. It freezes, cools quickly and efficiently. Someone’s complaining about the high-profile job, and we’re doing great. Not silent but almost ignores himself—the areas of freshness like.


Haier Double-Door (HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E)

Haier Double-Door (HRB-3404BS-R/HRB-3404BS-E)

A product of German “engineering thought” in the Russian version. Everyone is a good refrigerator, even if the price tag is more democratic. The set is clearly cheaper than the one that the German company pleases consumers from the European Union. Oh, that double standard!

Good news. The quality of materials and assembly, in general, is at a very decent level. Plastic and casting are great. The design is solid; the door trim is “stainless” with EasyClean coating. Circulation contours – 2, the external electronic display is responsible for the management.

The refrigeration compartment is impressive – 279 liters of the cooling system – automatic multi-thread Multi-Airflow. The lower container is a freshness zone of VitaFresh with a customizable humidity level to preserve fruits and vegetables better. Freezer – No Frost, no maintenance requires. Inside 3 transparent boxes with a total volume of 87 liters.

Key pros:

  • Automatic super-freezing and super-refrigeration modes;
  • Effective LED lighting;
  • Odor-absorbing filter with activated coal;
  • Food storage calendar, warning signal about an unlocked door;
  • Energy consumption class AJ.


  • The price tag is somewhat inflated;
  • A regular piston compressor.

Externally liked at once. The size of the refrigeration cabinet finally impressed me. We use a few months – everything is fine. Not that it’s downright quiet, but for kitchen norms. Traces of fingers remain, easily removed by a conventional rag.


Bosch Double Door Refrigerator 347 L (Silver, KDN43VS30I) 

Bosch Double Door Refrigerator 347 L (Silver, KDN43VS30I) 

Multi-camera refrigerators are a classic “chip” of leading Japanese brands. Some companies from other Asian regions imitate them, habitually pretending that everything came up with themselves; the original technique is still preferable. The real example is a relatively compact but with excellent functionality model from Mitsubishi Electric. And the price tag for this manufacturer is quite democratic.

The fridge No Frost is made in a modern and at the same time strict design, even despite the original color of the case “sparkling peach. Constructively consists of three compartments:

  • Multi Air Flow refrigeration camera;
  • Freezer compartment with automatic ice generator;
  • Medium box with the function of “Vitamin Factory” (auto-regulation of humidity to optimize the storage of vegetables, fruits, and special LED lighting promotes vitamin C production).

Produced model in Thailand, available analogs in several colors.

Key pros:

  • Excellent implementation of internal space (folding, adjustable in height, shelf width, bottle stand, LED lighting);
  • Antibacterial coating, active filter bio deodorant;
  • 8 temperature sensors, sound display of the open door;
  • Reduced noise level to 37 dB;
  • Energy efficiency by class AJ.


  • The manufacturer has established only 12 months of warranty support;
  • A small useful volume of the freezer.

A beautiful and comfortable model of the refrigerator from a good manufacturer for a small family. Works not silently, but quite quietly. The refrigeration compartment can be used in a strong cooling mode (up to -2 degrees Celsius). Excellent set-up.


Panasonic Double-Door (NR-BY608XSX1)

Panasonic Double-Door (NR-BY608XSX1)

A big cute fridge from one of Japan’s most famous brands. The silver model with the AJ class is equipped with a high-performance JTECH INVERTER compressor with 36 steps of intensity. The noise level is only 27 dB, but you need to understand that this option is for the engine itself, not for the device as a whole.

The freezer is No Frost. Located on the top, the volume is serious – 148 liters. The cooling system is a hybrid system that allows you to distribute the temperature evenly throughout the interior space and, at the same time to maintain optimal humidity to maintain freshness, avoiding the effect of covenanting.

The PlasmaCluster air purification system, by producing negatively and positively charged ions, inhibits the growth and development of bacteria, mold spores, which contributes to longer food preservation.

Key pros:

  • Stylish design;
  • No defrosting is required;
  • LED lighting at both the top and lower chambers;
  • Express Freeze and Extra Cool features;
  • Double sections for cooking ice in the freezer.


  • The immutable direction of opening doors;
  • price.

The most convenient for our family refrigerator format. In the kitchen opening, however, passed almost in the laundry. External performance at a high level, the capacity is excellent, does not make much noise.


Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator 265 L (Alpha Steel, Neo DF278 PRM 3S)

Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator 265 L (Alpha Steel, Neo DF278 PRM 3S)

Whirlpool Double Door Refrigerator, a standard of European side-by-side premium refrigerators, cannot be included in the rating of the best refrigerators. The color design is stainless steel coated with Smart Steel. In the design, there are no hollow shapes, decorative outdoor lights, bright “tablets.” Only laconic and strict minimalism, which is traditionally considered a sign of high style. The price tag, however, is also appropriate.

Dimensions: height – 185, width – 120, depth – 66.5 cm. Full volume (useful) – an impressive 635 liters. The freezer is huge – 268 liters, No Frost. Equipped with 8 transparent containers, shelves of shock-resistant tempered glass. There are 2 cold batteries.

The fridge – 367 liters. The number of glass shelves – 6, of which 5 are re-delivered, one folding. BioFresh’s freshness section, which includes 3 zonal compartments with extension on “telescopes”: 1 xDrySafe (fish, meat), 2 xHydroSafe for vegetables and fruits.

Key pros:

  • Energy efficiency – AJ/AJ, total noise – 38 dB;
  • LED lighting in the freezer, in the refrigerator, and the freshness zone;
  • Door-opener, aluminum handles with pusher mechanism for easy opening;
  • The ability to place close to the wall, embedding in a niche;
  • Production – Germany, the corporate warranty period is 24 months.


  • price.

This is the best you can find in a Side-by-Side class. Made a refrigerator combine perfectly, almost no noise. And the “wagon and a small cart” will intervene. The freshness areas are elegant, adjustable—many options for setting the temperature, fast modes, Holiday.


Frequently asked questions about refrigerators.

What should be the ideal temperature for my fridge?

The ideal temperature for a refrigeration chamber should be 1 to 5 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is higher, it can lead to spoiling your food. You should also consider the fact that you will often open and close the refrigerator. The freezer should have a temperature of -18 degrees.

Are all refrigerators equipped with automatic defrost?

No, the single-door refrigerators have the option of manual defrosting. Two-camera refrigerators with automatic defrosting function. Some of the last single-door refrigerators have this capability. Therefore, it is better to check the characteristics before buying a refrigerator.

Why are the fridges heated on the sides?

The fridges with automatic defrosting have internal snakes, which are regularly heated to prevent the accumulation of frost. So you can feel that the walls of these refrigerators sometimes get hot. However, this does not affect its cooling ability.

Which option is better: the freezer at the top or bottom?

Typically, the freezer is at the top of the device. In the latest models today, the freezer is at the bottom. People are usually less likely to use the freezer compared to refrigeration. Thus, the freezer below reduces the number of times you bend your back to get vegetables and other foods. So this is a good option for people with back problems. The rest is a matter of individual choice.


in conclusion

Our ranking of the best refrigerators of 2022-2021, of course, does not include all popular models. Here are not represented by the most budget varieties, but the purpose of the review to choose the best, not what is cheaper. There are no ultra-expensive refrigerators from specialized prestigious brands, which are sold quite rarely, and their functionality is not necessarily better than those listed above.

We tried to select on your court really relevant versions of different formats and price categories. However, to draw conclusions and decide, you still have to independently based on their own needs and stylistic preferences.

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