The 10 Best Desi Ghee Brands In India 2022

The best desi ghee, having great texture and soothing aroma, is India’s one of the best delicacies that people can’t get enough of!

Buying the best desi ghee may cost you a few hundred, but it can cost you many health complications if not chosen correctly. To help you with your buying decision, we have evaluated the 10 best options of desi ghee.

We have also included the essential factors to consider when buying desi ghee. The article also covers some essential and frequently asked questions to clear all your doubts and confusion on the buying and using of desi ghee.


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Here Are The Best Desi Ghee In India 2022

1. Amul Pure Ghee

Amul Pure Ghee

Without a doubt, Amul is the best desi ghee brand in India. Over the years, the brand has been serving its customers with its delicious and extremely healthy dairy products. Believe us – people are in love with the brand.

The brand comes with its tagline, “The Taste of India”, and it lives up to it with all its excellent texture, taste and quality product. The Amul desi ghee is made using fresh and pure cream and, as a result, has the perfect aroma and rich and high-quality granular texture.

Our detailed research about the product ensured its richness of all the fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K. Just 1 tablespoon of this desi ghee a day can keep you super active and energetic throughout the day.

The regular consumption of this desi ghee also helps in improving digestion and hormone production. The desi ghee is also very popular for enhancing the memory power and intelligence of the consumers.

It is a 100% vegetarian product and is kept free from all artificial colours and preservatives to provide only its best benefits. This desi ghee is also free from bad fats and cholesterol and thus, can be consumed by anyone and everyone.


  • It is a rich source of vitamin A, D, E and K
  • Its consumption is beneficial for better digestion and hormone production
  • It also enhances the memory and intelligence
  • It increases the energy levels of the user
  • It is a vegetarian product; free from preservatives and bad cholesterol
  • It is available in rich granular texture and a soothing aroma

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2. Mother Dairy Pure Healthy Ghee

Mother Dairy Pure Healthy Ghee

Mother Dairy is another hot-selling desi ghee brand in India that came into existence in the year 1974. The brand is very popular amongst users for its high-quality dairy products, fruits, vegetables and other food items.

According to the experts, this desi ghee is a good source of vitamins like A, D and E, which are essential to maintaining energy levels. Its consumption ensures to keep you energetic throughout the day.

Moreover, the mother dairy ghee stimulates muscle movements and strengthens the sense organs for better and healthy body functioning. It deeply nourishes the skin, which in return improves the skin complexion and health. You will visibly notice a glowing attraction on your skin with its regular consumption.

This ghee is absorbed very quickly by the body, thus, makes a suitable choice for everyone. Thanks to its light texture, it doesn’t feel heavy after consumption. It comes with a shelf life of 8-months.

Mother dairy ghee is very famous for its rich granular texture and pleasing aroma, just like homemade ghee. You can enjoy this amazing ghee with every cuisine. Moreover, it comes at a very affordable price.


  • It maintains high energy levels with its richness in vitamins A, D and E
  • It stimulates muscle movements and sense organ’s movements
  • It also deeply nourishes the skin for a glowing complexion
  • It comes in a light yellow colour with a rich granular texture
  • It is a vegetarian product free from all unwanted preservatives

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3. Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee

Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee

Nestle Everyday needs no introduction. It always brings the best tasting, high-quality and trusted dairy products to the users.

What makes this desi ghee one of its kinds?

The Nestle desi ghee is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins to promote a healthy lifestyle. In addition, it is also a good source of omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, which keeps the nourishment levels in the body. It also ensures to keep the users energetic and healthy without feeling nausea or tiredness.

It is also rich in vitamin A and contains zero fat percentage. This helps in its quick absorption and deep nourishment. Its consumption also brings deep nourishment to the skin quality and overall health of the users.

This desi ghee lends itself perfectly and beautifully with all the Indian dishes to enhance its taste and quality. It undergoes various processes for its packaging to retain its rich granular texture and soothing aroma. It is maintained untouched for assuring better hygiene.

The Nestle Everyday Shahi Ghee is 100% natural, fresh and pure desi ghee with no compromises in its quality. No artificial colour or preservatives are added to the desi ghee, making it a healthy choice. It is a vegetarian product assuring great value for your money.


  • It comes enriched with fat-soluble vitamins and omega 3 and 9 fatty acids
  • Nourishes the body to maintain the energy levels
  • Packaged using process for retaining texture and aroma
  • No added preservatives or colours; vegetarian product

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4. Kapiva A2 Shudh Desi Ghee

Kapiva A2 Shudh Desi Ghee

Kapiva desi ghee is all about amazing quality, high-quality nourishment and incredible flavours. Made using the 3,000-old Vedic method (Bilona), it is well-known to retain all the essential nutrients.

One of the major attractions of this desi ghee is that it is prepared using fresh and pure curd made from unprocessed cow milk. The curd is then hand-churned to preserve all the best nutrients in the desi ghee. Also, this desi ghee’s special and unique quality comes from the pure milk of Rajasthan’s grass-fed Tharparkar cows.

Talking about its nutritional value, this desi ghee is rich in fat-soluble vitamins like A, D and E. Also, it contains omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, which deeply nourish the human body.

With its ability to aid the gastric juices (which breaks down the consumed food), the body can easily and quickly absorb this Kapiva desi ghee. It can be trusted to enhance skin health and beauty. Moreover, it makes a suitable choice for people having lactose insensitivities.

As it is free from any artificial preservatives, its regular consumption reduces joint pain and improves normal heart functioning. It makes an excellent remedy for skin burns, thanks to its effective healing properties.


  • It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E with omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
  • It helps in reducing joint pain and improves heart functioning
  • It is a suitable choice for people having lactose insensitivities
  • It comes with its incredible flavours and nutrition to nourish the body

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5. Patanjali Cow Ghee

Patanjali Cows Ghee

Patanjali is a well-known name in the Indian market, delivering healthy and pure products. Its desi ghee is extremely popular as it is purely made using cow’s milk. The ghee is full of nutrients and makes an ideal product for every household.

One of the unique attractions of this desi ghee is its suitability for people struggling with Vata and Pitta imbalance disorders. The ghee calms Pitta and Vata and, thus, is recommended by the experts. Moreover, the oral consumption of this ghee reduces dryness.

This desi ghee is also a good source to maintain high energy levels. It also helps to detoxify the body naturally and regularly. Its regular consumption also improves intelligence and memory power.

It contains 89% short-chain fatty acids and, as a result, helps in the proper functioning of the heart while reducing the chances of blood clotting. The Patanjali Cow Ghee is easy to digest and ensures strengthening cell membranes with balanced production of hormones.

It is a treat to use the Patanjali Cow Ghee in your favourite dishes to enhance its nutritional value and taste. The product is 100% vegetarian and is made free from all kinds of artificial flavours, chemicals, flavours and colours. This desi ghee is highly recommended for people seeking help for weight gain.


  • Improves heart functioning; reducing the chances of blood clotting
  • Suitable for Vata and Pitta imbalance; easy indigestion
  • Strengthens cell membranes and enhances hormone production
  • Detoxify the body and maintains high energy levels

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6. MR Dairy 100% Pure Cow A2 Desi Ghee

MR DAIRY 100% Pure Cow Desi Ghee

If you want desi ghee similar to homemade desi ghee with high nutritional value and amazing taste, we recommend trying the MR Dairy 100% Pure Cow A2 Desi Ghee.

The premium desi ghee, made from the milk of Sahiwal cows, uses a microbe culture. The pure and natural milk is first converted into curd, then hand-churn for hours to obtain butter. Finally, the obtained butter is then boiled to get delicious ghee.

The ghee is made using the traditional method with the help of the latest machines and advanced technologies. To preserve the authenticity of the ghee quality, no added chemicals, preservatives or colours are added.

The regular consumption of this ghee promises a healthy lifestyle. It ensures to reduce the bad cholesterol levels and to improve the good cholesterol. It also reduces inflammation.

The MR Dairy 100% Pure Cow A2 Desi Ghee is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, E and K2, which helps in improving digestion and immunity. It also comes packed with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, nourishing the body and benefits skin health.

The ghee is counted as a trusted and healthy fat source, making it the best alternative for people with dairy allergies. The rich granular texture of this ghee is also one of its impressive qualities.


  • It helps to improve digestion and immunity power
  • Reduces bad cholesterol level and increases good cholesterol level
  • It helps in weight loss and benefits the skin quality and health
  • Made using traditional method without any harmful chemicals

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7. Gowardhan Cow Ghee

Gowardhan Cow Ghee

Gowardhan is one of the leading and trusted manufacturers of dairy products in India. The brand was introduced in 1992, and since then, it has impressed the consumers with its extraordinary quality and impeccable taste.

The ghee is made with 100% natural and pure cow’s milk, ensuring its great taste and rich texture. It comes with a rich granular texture which blends perfectly with all the Indian dishes to make them more delicious.

Special care is taken to extract the ghee using the latest technology and untouched techniques. This helps in assuring its quality standards and delivering only the best benefits to the consumers.

The regular consumption of this ghee is recommended for stronger bones and cell membranes. It is rich in fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids, which improves the body’s digestion power. As it brings complete nourishment to the body, it can be trusted for a healthy lifestyle.

No artificial chemicals, colours and preservatives are added to this amazing vegetarian ghee which makes it suitable for everyone. Moreover, as it gets quickly digested, it can be consumed even by elderly people without any problems.

Its amazing taste will surely remind you of your grandmother’s homemade desi ghee. It can be added to any Indian cuisine as it only enhances the dish with its soothing taste and aroma.


  • It improves digestion with stronger bones and cell membranes
  • Made with pure cow’s milk and comes in rich granular texture
  • Use of untouched technique for ghee extraction
  • Easily digested; free from artificial preservatives and colours

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8. Nandini Pure Cow Ghee

Nandini Pure Cow Ghee

The next name on our list of the best desi ghee in India is Nandini Pure Cow Ghee. This ghee is made using fresh cow’s milk using the traditional methods to meet stringent quality standards.

This ghee is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin E A, D, and K, enhancing its nutritional value. As it is easily absorbed, it can be consumed without feeling any nausea or heaviness. With its regular consumption, you can witness significant improvement in your memory and brain functioning.

The Nandini Pure Cow Ghee also promotes good health and also slows down the aging process. Our research revealed that its consumption nourishes the skin deep to improve its glow and health. You can also trust it to manage and reduce the dark circles.

It is a quality-assured product to enhance the taste and flavours of your favourite food and sweet dishes. It is a pure and 100% natural product made without using any artificial flavours, preservatives or colours.

When compared with other desi ghee options, the Nandini Pure Cow Ghee was found very affordable. With its decent nutritional value, it makes an excellent choice in your kitchen.


  • This vegetarian product is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K
  • It nourishes the skin quality, health and dark circle problem
  • It is excellent in its taste, texture and quality to enhance the food’s flavours
  • It helps to nourish the skin to improve its health and reducing the aging process

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9. RKG GHEE – Pure Cow Ghee

RKG GHEE - Pure Cow Ghee

The RKG GHEE – Pure Cow Ghee brings the goodness of natural cow’s milk using advanced and untouched technology. With its great aroma and fresh flavours, the RKG GHEE – Pure Cow Ghee is no less than a treat in every Indian kitchen. The ghee is extracted with proper care and supervision to ensure no compromises with its quality.

The regular consumption of this ghee helps enhance the overall body strength and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. It is made with the fullest nutrition, which helps in improving immunity strength.

This desi ghee is trusted for better and fast digestion. The ghee brings complete nourishment to the body and overall health. Its continuous use brings a natural glow to the skin and also improves skin health.

The ghee is processed with the most hygienic and safe method to preserve its quality and nutritional value. It contains no artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. It is a vegetarian product and suitable for people looking for lightweight yet nutritional desi ghee.

This healthy, natural, and pure desi ghee is all you need to keep you and your family healthy with the best nutrients. This ghee is the special ingredient to enhance the flavours and taste of all your favourite dishes.


  • It improves immunity and body strength
  • It can be trusted for better digestion
  • It nourishes the skin health and adds a natural glow
  • Contains no added preservatives or harmful chemicals

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10. Annapurna Ghee

Annapurna Ghee

Last but not least, we have Annapurna Ghee on our list of the best desi ghee in India. The Annapurna Ghee signifies 4 main essential qualities – smell, taste, purity and flavour. Undoubtedly, it is quite popular as ‘super ghee’ amongst the users.

As the desi ghee is blessed with various nutrients, it is one of the best alternatives for butter and oil. The ghee is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins D, A, E and K, bringing plenty of health benefits.

The ghee has exceptional healing properties for skin burns and other skin problems. Also, it gets deeply absorbed in the skin, thereby enhancing the skin quality and adding a beautiful and natural glow.

It also improves the body’s energy level to keep its users active all through the day without feeling any tiredness or fatigue. It can also be trusted for enhancing the immune system and overall health of the body. It is one trusted and recommended addition to the diet if you want to gain a healthy weight.

It is a completely vegetarian product and is free from all unwanted preservatives. Moreover, no artificial colours or flavours are added to the desi ghee. It enhances the genuine taste and flavours of all your favourite Indian cuisines.


  • It comes packed with fat-soluble vitamins for a good health
  • Improves skin health and quality with a natural glow
  • It has healing abilities to treat skin burns and other wounds
  • Free from unwanted and harmful preservatives and chemicals


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How to Choose Best Desi Ghee in India?

The plenty of available desi ghee brands and options are indeed the major challenge in making a suitable choice. When looking for the best desi ghee in India, make sure to consider the following points:

Shelf life:

The first thing you shouldn’t miss when buying desi ghee is its shelf life. Generally, desi ghee comes with a shelf life of 12-months; however, it can vary from product to product.

Also, be sure to check the product’s expiry date to avoid facing any health problems after its consumption.



The next thing that should be prioritized is the composition of the ghee. Different ghee comes packed with various nutrients, which benefits the body in different ways.

While checking the composition, look for any artificial flavours or colours which can be harmful to the health.



Whether you are buying desi ghee for your family or yourself, it is crucial to consider its offered quantity. You wouldn’t like buying desi ghee again and again in a month, isn’t it?

Check if the chosen product offers a suitable quantity for consumption to avoid its rebuy.



One of the most important things to consider when buying desi ghee is the brand. Always make sure to buy your desi ghee from an authentic, well-known and reputed brand to ensure getting all its nutritional benefits without any hassles. It also assures the buyers about the purity of the ghee.

Don’t get fooled by any local or unauthentic desi ghee brands. They may cause some serious health problems.



Last but not least, you should check the price of the chosen desi ghee. Many people mistake high-priced desi ghee as top quality; however, you can find high-quality desi ghee even at some affordable price.

Just make sure to decide on a particular budget to avoid spending unnecessary while choosing the suitable desi ghee.



Does ghee help to gain weight?

Yes, ghee is one healthy choice for gaining weight. With its regular consumption, you can witness some significant improvement in your body weight. However, you should avoid consuming it in excess to prevent unwanted health complications.


Are there any side effects of consuming ghee?

Desi ghee (from a reputed brand) brings just nutritional benefits to your health. However, its excess consumption should be avoided.

The excess consumption of desi ghee can cause –

  • Heart diseases
  • Kidney ailments
  • Obesity
  • Stomach related problems
  • High blood pressure

Also, overweight people should be very careful about consuming desi ghee inappropriate dosage.


How much desi ghee is suitable for consumption?

Desi ghee contains saturated fat, which can increase bad cholesterol levels, resulting in a higher risk of heart attacks and other health problems.

Therefore, consuming just 2-3 tablespoons of desi ghee in a day is recommended if you want to enjoy its benefits staying on the healthy and safe side.


What is the best time to consume desi ghee?

Though you can consume desi ghee with any of your meals, according to Ayurveda, the best time for the consumption of desi ghee is in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing this helps to nourish every cell of the body.

Also, consuming a tablespoon of desi ghee in the night followed by few sips of lukewarm water can help in improving digestion and cutting down the body fat.



Shudh desi ghee contains many health benefits, and thus, only the best should be chosen. We strongly recommend buying the Amul Pure Ghee as it brings the complete package of quality, essential nutrients, taste, texture, aroma and flavours.

Amul desi ghee not just brings good health but also makes the food taste heavenly. When are you trying it?

If you have any related doubts, do reach us in the comments.

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