The 10 Best Condom Brand for Safety in India 2022

Knowing the best brand or the best type of condom for you is difficult and the subject is delicate, after all, how to know which condom is ideal when you do not feel comfortable talking about it with the pharmacist or acquaintances?

Condoms have not only different flavours, textures and effects (such as retarding effects or heats and cools) but also have different sizes and thicknesses.

Do you want to protect yourself and want to avoid contracting STDs and STIs, but are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the number of options?

Don’t worry, we have a complete article covering all these subjects and more, plus listing the top 10 condom brands in the 2022 market, so you make the right decision when buying the best product for the occasion.


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Top 10 Best Condom Brands to Buy in India 2022

1. Olla Ice Condom

As you’ll soon realize, Olla’s condoms are among the best on the market, and that’s no accident. Made of high-quality latex and covered by lubricants for more comfortable intercourse, the Olla Ice Flavored condom has two main distinct characteristics; the taste and refreshing effect.

The taste and aroma of mint added to the refreshing effect provided by this condom bring a refreshing freshness to warmer relationships, available in this package with 6 units.

Main Features:

  • Mint flavour and aroma
  • Refreshing effect
  • 6 standard size units (52mm)


2. Olla Sensitive Condom

The Olla Sensitive condom is a great option for those who want to keep their care and protect themselves without sacrificing sensitivity at the time of the relationship.

With a smaller thickness, but still retaining all the protective capabilities of a standard condom type, the Sensitive line leaves the relationship more pleasurable for the couple.

In a package containing 8 units, but charged for the standard price of 6, it is a great option for those who want to be always prepared.

Main Features:

  • Thinner, providing more sensitivity
  • 8 standard size units (52 mm)
  • Latex condom with a lubricant


3. Condom Olla 3 Flavors

If you’re looking to try different condom flavours, this is the product for you. Containing a total of 9 condoms made of latex and covered with lubricant, the Olla 3 Sabores package offers the flavours of Strawberry, Mint and Grape condoms to sweeten your relationship.

Ideal for those who want to differentiate things during the relationship, bringing freshness, sweetness and acidity to the couple, these condoms ensure fun and pleasure while protecting you from STDs, STIs and act as a contraceptive method.

Main Features:

  • 3 flavours: Strawberry, Mint and Grape
  • 9 standard size units (52 mm)
  • Latex condom with a lubricant


4. Olla Prolong Condom

But what if the will is to last a little longer? Olla’s Prolong condom set was made precisely for these occasions.

The condom has in its lubricant oil based on silicone and benzocaine, causing a retardant effect and causing there is no rush or worries of ejaculating too fast at the time of the relationship.

The standard package includes 6 retardant condoms, all made of latex and with its own lubricant.

Main Features:

  • Retardant effect, making the ratio last longer
  • 6 unidades de tamanho padrão (52 mm)
  • Latex condom with lubricant


5. SKYN Extra Lubricated

If latex allergy is a recurring problem during your relationship, then maybe it’s time to consider a condom with some other composition.

Among the best known, Blowtex’s Skyn series is renowned for not only being composed of synthetic polyisoprene (therefore, it does not contain latex), but also have a thinner thickness than the market standard.

In particular, the Skyn Extra Lubricated condom takes this one step further, bringing not only all the technology and quality of the Skyn series as an extra dose of lubricant to ensure there is no discomfort at the time of the relationship.

Main Features:

  • Extra lubricant for added comfort
  • Contains no latex
  • Thinner, providing greater sensitivity


6. SKYN Selection Condoms

Sometimes the best option is to choose a little bit of everything. If you agree with this statement or if you are in doubt about which type of condom is best for you, then take a look at Skyn’s Selection condom set.

Containing 6 units, two of which are of each type, the set provides two units of Skyn’s Original condom type, two units of the extra lubricated condom type and two elite condom type units.

Main Features:

  • 2 condoms with extra lubricant
  • 2 ultra-thin condoms
  • 2 standard Skyn condoms, none containing latex


7. SKYN Elite Condoms

Being the thinnest condom in the entire Skyn line (which by itself tends to be thinner than standard condoms), the Elite condom is the pinnacle of synfuel technology developed by Blowtex, ensuring a product that will not only protect you, but that will be almost imperceptible while doing so.

The basic package contains 3 units but is also found in versions with 6 units, all for an affordable price and completely latex-free.

Main Features:

  • 20% thinner than the Original Skyn condom
  • Skin feel technology to be ultra-thin without compromising your safety
  • Contains lubricant and contains no latex


8. Jontex Orgasm in Tune

A prevalent thing in movies, but that, unfortunately, is not so common in real life is that a couple reaches orgasm at the same time. Who has never wanted to share the climax with an important person?

To help you realize this fantasy, the Condom Jontex Orgasm in Tune has two innovations: the first is the already explained retardant effect on the inside of the condom, but outside the condom has balls and lines in high relief to enhance female pleasure.

Main Features:

  • Retardant effect on the inside
  • Textured to increase the pleasure of the partner
  • Made of natural latex


9. Jontex Skin with Skin

If the most sensitive options of the Skyn series do not please you, maybe the Jontex Pele com Pele condom is ideal for those who have a latex allergy and want a feeling closer to the natural.

Being thinner than the other standard condoms on the market, this condom contains a soft aroma and an anatomical shape so that nothing but the sensations of the relationship are noticeable and pleasure is better enjoyed.

Main Features:

  • Ideal for those who are allergic to latex
  • Feeling closer to nature.
  • Thinner condom for greater sensitivity


10. Blowtex + Orgazmax

As well as the condom mentioned earlier, blowtex’s Orgazmax condom has a benzocaine-based retardant gel on its inner part and texture of balls on the inside, seeking greater pleasure and prolongation of relationships.

If the idea of a condom that helps the two members of the couple achieve orgasm together is something that interests you, then here is another option to ensure that this fantasy becomes a reality.

Main Features:

Retardant gel on the inside
The texture of balls on the outside
Made of natural rubber latex


What Type of Condom Should I Buy?

That’s the question you won’t shut up about. In our list, you can see textured condoms, flavoured or flavoured condoms, condoms of different flavours, and even sizes have been mentioned. How do you know which condom is right for you?

Condom material

The first thing to consider is what material you’re looking for in your condom. In general, condoms are divided into two groups: latex and different materials.

Latex condoms are the most common, but some people report being allergic to the material, so some companies produce condoms with other types of materials, such as skin alloy, which are made of synthetic polyisoprene.

Condom Sensitivity

One of the most common complaints we see about condom use is about its thickness and sensitivity. No one wants to feel uncomfortable at the H-hour, and this can be remedied by choosing a condom with greater sensitivity and less thickness.

Texture and Flavors

Also, another important factor is the taste and aroma of the condom and whether or not it has any external texture. The flavours and aromas serve both to mask the plastic aroma of latex and to provide different sensations at the time of oral sex. The textures, on the other hand, are embossed shapes on the outside of the condom to give more pleasure to the partner and are almost imperceptible for those who use the condom.


What Size of Condom Should I Buy?

The size of the condom, on the other hand, directly impacts not only on the sensation during the relationship but on the protection that the condom provides during sex. If the condom is too loose, it may fall during the relationship and risk contact with STIs and STDs. So to find out which condom is best for you, you’ll need to measure your penis.

The length is not so important, see that the latex and the materials that simulate it have elastic property, so the important thing for the discovery of the ideal condom is the diameter or circumference of your penis.

The standard measure adopted by Brazilian brands is 52 mm, so this is the size you will find in condoms that normally do not specify any size variation.

If you search for different sizes, you can find the “teen” models, which have a nominal circumference of 49 mm, the “extra” models with a nominal size of 55 mm and the less common models as “extra-large” or “extra-large”, with a nominal size of 58 mm or more.


Conclusion on the best condoms

Now you understand what really matters when choosing condoms and can decide much more safely.

Remember to pay attention to what material, sensitivity, size and extra benefits condoms have and test them to get to know your body better and what works best for you.

Use our top 10 to find out where to start and which are the best condoms on the market in 2022. Remember to always use condoms, not only as a contraceptive method but to protect yourself from infections and diseases and ensure pleasurable and risk-free relationships.

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