10 Best Chia Seeds Brand in India 2022

Did you know that chia seeds are one of the most sought-after superfoods these days? In fact, it makes to the top 10 list of superfoods too! You cannot ignore the enormous range of benefits these tiny wonder seeds have to offer!

Rich in protein, high in fiber, beneficial in curing most lifestyle disorders, chia seeds are a marvel addition to your daily diet. But many of us may underestimate or not know how to include or consume them.

Chia seeds can improve the nutritional value of any food item ten folds! You will seldom find any side effects if they are consumed the right way! But choosing the right brand can be a challenge. With several brands claiming to be the best, you can be easily fooled with fillers and low-quality additives in the name of chia seeds.

Therefore, we decided to shortlist some of the best and most reliable chia seed brands for you to try. Read our reviews to choose the best brand based on our trustworthy consumer reviews and first-hand ratings.


How we test our products (Why you should trust us)

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In our review lab, we use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct all tests. Product testing is done in health, kitchen, grooming & electronics niches. To ensure our results are accurate and unbiased, we evaluate each product against a set of objective criteria. We test different categories of performance for different types of products.

Our product testing team is comprised of experts with years of experience. As a result of this commitment, we can make product recommendations that are inclusive of all Indians.


How to Choose the Best Chia Seeds Brand in India

There is not much research done on this superfood, and there are not many regulations on this product. This can make it hard to rely on certain chia seed brands based on their authenticity and nutritional value.

Therefore, we decided to do the research for you and mention the most important factors that you ‘must consider’ before choosing the best chia seed brand for yourself.

Renowned Brand with True Claims

The brand name matters a lot! The better the brand, the better is the quality of the product. Renowned brands would never want to hamper their reputation by using cheap products or making false nutritional claims.

Therefore, if you are looking to use reliable chia seeds, check the brand name, or look for websites that prove their authenticity. If the chia seed brand provides false claims of giving overnight results, you must reconsider purchasing such products.


Packaging and Price

We always believe that the better the packaging and price, the better is the product. But, unfortunately, that’s not always true. If one brand costs significantly higher than the other brand, then look for reasons why the price is higher.

The production and packaging process, source location, purification process would differ significantly and would have been more tedious, which leads to increased prices at times. However, if this information seems reliable and justifies the price, then you must go for it! Else, you must also consider the other factors alongside the price and packaging!


Nutritional Value

Chia seeds are a rich source of protein, fiber, and minerals. It is always best to check the nutritional content first by reading the labels carefully. Look for where the seeds have been sourced from, and if all the nutrients mentioned in the label are of benefit to you or not.

Each brand would have a different percentage of protein and fiber content in their chia seeds. They may also have additional nutrients that may or may not be of use to you.

You can even consult your physician or dietitian about choosing the best chia seed brand that suits your unique health requirements.


Raw vs. Roasted

Chia seeds are ideally available in two types, Raw or Roasted

Raw chia seeds have the same nutritional value as the roasted variants, except you need to soak them in water before consuming. The raw seeds expand in water which enhances its nutritional properties. You can also add it into milk or coconut water and then consume it. Do not consume it without soaking it.

On the other hand, roasted variants can be directly consumed or mixed with any recipe of your choice without soaking. They are ready to use and have the nutritional value of the seeds intact. In fact, roasted seeds are tastier and become more edible because roasting eliminates the nutty taste.

Various brands offer both raw and roasted chia seed variants. However, you would want to prefer roasted over raw seeds!


Presence of harmful ingredients

Since there is not much regulation on chia seed products, there are high chances of having adulterants and fillers in their products. Especially in grounded chia seed powders, or other food items containing added chia seeds, there could be contaminants and harmful chemicals present.

Therefore, only choose brands that have undergone multiple quality tests to check the presence of fillers and additives. If they have passed these tests, then the chia seed brand is reliable and safe to consume.



Most food ingredients are certified by FSSAI and FDA, which determines their quality and reliability. Additionally, food products having cGMP certificates indicate that they have undergone safe manufacturing and packaging processes in reliable production units.

Non-GMO certificates are also essential to look for to ensure that the seeds have not been manipulated in any way to change their nutritional value.

FSSAI and FDA certificates indicate that there is no fillers or additives present and that the item is safe to consume. If you find these or any similarly valued credentials mentioned, then you can trust these brands.


Reviews and Ratings

Finally, and most importantly, consumer reviews matter the most! Customers who have used the product first hand can always share their experiences, be it positive or negative, which can influence your purchase decision.

While brands would always claim that their products are the best, the consumers provide genuine reviews and ratings. Such reviews and ratings, as well as comparing several brand reviews and ratings, can make our purchase decision easier and better.


Best Chia Seeds Brand in India

Neuherbs Organic Raw Unroasted Chia seed

Neuherbs Organic Raw Unroasted Chia seed

Neuherbs Organic Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds is one of the best chia seeds in the industry for several apparent reasons. It is enriched with minerals, certified organic and USDA approved, comes in hygienic and convenient packaging, is a rich source of Omega 3, and has lots of fiber!

If your health is your priority and matters to you, Neuherbs is the best chia seed brand you can opt for. The high fiber and protein duo ensures that you feel fuller for longer as it helps curb your appetite. In addition, Neuherbs makes it very convenient for you to have a healthy addition to your daily diet by mixing their chia seeds with almost any meal.

If you soak it in water 10 minutes before consuming it, it imparts a nutty taste which adds to the crunch in your meals. You can add a pleasant taste to your regular bland meals. The high calcium and magnesium content makes your bones and teeth stronger.

Additionally, Neuherbs is rich in antioxidants that nourish your skin and make you feel active and energized throughout the day. The fiber content keeps your digestive tract in control, while the Omega 3 percent ensures you have a healthy heart to keep you young and active!

Users state that it is a mix of black and brown chia seeds, and the product is genuine with no fillers or waste ingredients. The packaging makes it easy to store, and the seeds have helped several consumers lose weight and control their appetite.


  • Quantity: 1kg
  • Type: Raw
  • Packed with Omega 3, minerals, protein, and fiber
  • Gives a pleasant nutty taste
  • Gluten-free
  • USDA certified
  • Overall rating: 4.5/5

With so many benefits under one roof, you would not want to miss out on these chia seeds from Neuherbs for sure!Buy Now Button


True Elements Chia Seeds

True Elements Chia Seeds

True Elements offers a range of chia seeds that sure does not lie to you in terms of quality and nutrition. Their range of chia seeds looks very smooth and finely textured, making it easy to mix with almost any snack!

Each pack of chia seed from True Elements has no added sugar, is a rich source of protein and fiber, and offers a good dose of Omega 3 for a healthy heart. In addition, it has more protein than you would get from eggs, more iron, fiber, and Vitamin K that is essential for skin and hair health.

Additionally, it has no cholesterol, and most of the carbohydrate is fiber that helps your digestive system. Fiber also helps to make you feel fuller and curbs your appetite. The chia seeds from True Elements are also rich in minerals like Calcium, Iron, Phosphorous, etc.

The pure range of chia seeds from True Elements helps maintain weight, keeps your blood sugar levels in check, the calcium content helps in developing strong bones and teeth. In addition, the high levels of antioxidants make you feel active throughout the day and strengthen your immune system.

Chia seeds have a low-calorie content that helps manage weight and does not spike your sugar levels either. You can consume it after soaking in water for 25-30 minutes, or you can even add it in cookies, granola bars, smoothies, oatmeal, etc., to increase its nutritive value.


  • Quantity: 500 gms
  • Type: Raw
  • Gluten-free chia seeds
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians
  • No added sugar and zero cholesterol
  • Offers 17gms of protein and 39gms of fiber per 100g
  • Low in calories and excellent diet food
  • Overall rating: 3.9/5

Users have suggested that the chia seeds work great and are result-oriented. The only tiny issue is the presence of some nuts and other granules since it is made in a facility that processes nuts and seeds. Nevertheless, the brand stands TRUE to its name and offers one of the finest chia seeds you can avail.

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Chia SeedsR R AGRO FOODS Organic Premium Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsR R AGRO FOODS Organic Premium Chia Seeds

If you are looking for a premium quality, certified range of chia seeds that are nutrition-rich as well as easy to store, then R R Agro’s range of chia seeds is the best buy for you. It goes through a double cleaning and refining process, and the quality of the seeds is excellent as it is handpicked from reliable sources.

The seeds are hygienically packed and easy to store in an air-tight zipper pouch. They also provide you a nutrition breakdown in their packaging, as each serving is rich in fiber and protein. In addition, the fine texture of the seeds reflects the quality and purity and makes them easy to incorporate into any of your meals.

These 100% natural chia seeds boast a range of health benefits, being weight loss, improved digestion, etc. It also helps in maintaining your blood pressure and blood sugar levels. In addition, the minerals and antioxidant content ensure a healthy immune system. The presence of minerals also makes sure you remain energetic and active throughout the day.

On the other hand, the omega 3 levels help maintain your skin and hair while also fuelling your brain cells. The presence of Omega 3 and Omega 6 keeps your heart health in check too.

The seeds are lab tested for their quality, and the product is FSSAI approved, making it highly reliable for you to consume.

Users have also been all praise about this range of chia seeds from R R Agro Foods. They have mentioned that the seeds look extremely pure, well processed, packaged, and worth the price.


  • Quantity: 1 kg
  • Type: Raw
  • 100% natural and locally sourced
  • Aids in weight loss
  • High fiber and protein content
  • Rich source of Omega 3
  • Has minerals like phosphorous and magnesium to reduce fatigue
  • Overall rating: 4.0/5

This is a must-try brand for you to go ahead with if you want premium quality, locally sourced chia seeds.

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Rustic Nature Raw Chia Seeds

Rustic Nature Raw Chia Seeds

Rustic Nature comes across as a small enterprise from Coorg, aiming to help local farmers and bridge the gap between your diet and nutrition. We don’t get all the essential nutrients from our food, and therefore, incorporating chia seeds into our daily meals can improve the nutritive value of food.

You can consume 1-2 tablespoons of this superfood every day. Incorporate it into your daily meals as it is easy to mix and use. You can soak it in water for 20 minutes before using it. Each 100g has about 16.54 gms of protein, 34.4 gms of dietary fiber, and minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, etc., which is way more than you can obtain in meat sources or milk.

These chia seeds are loaded with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which improve your heart health. The seeds also have a high ORAC value. You can obtain high levels of potassium, antioxidants, calcium, iron, fiber, etc., from chia seeds than any other natural food source.

Talk about the benefits this incredible superfood has to offer, it helps you to maintain a healthy heart, aids in weight management, is good for your skin and hair health, and also improves your exercise performance. The rich antioxidant content slows your aging process and improves your overall energy levels for the day.


  • Quantity: 1kg
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Locally sourced seeds
  • Rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids with a high ORAC value
  • Non-GMO and Keto friendly seeds
  • Rich in micronutrients and antioxidants
  • Overall rating: 4.0/5

Certain users may have complained about the packaging of the product. The product is not delivered appropriately, but the seeds work effectively. It’s a basic pack of chia seeds to get started with and safe to purchase.

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JIWA healthy by nature Organic Chia Seeds

JIWA healthy by nature Organic Chia Seeds

JIWA organic chia seeds are of Indian origin and extremely rich in antioxidants and Omega fatty acids. The brand name itself represents your soul, bringing in energy and vigor, just as chia seeds do. It makes you feel energetic and helps maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The chia seeds are sourced locally to help Indian farmers grow and sell their produce. These chia seeds from JIWA are available in attractive packaging, as an air-tight slender bottle, making it reasonably easy to store and carry.

You can add it to several preparations as its nutty texture only adds to your meals’ crunch and health factor. Each 100gm serving offers you 17gms of protein, 31 grams of fat, 42 grams of carbohydrate, and 34 grams of fiber. It is a low-calorie, nutrient-dense superfood.

Since it has a high antioxidant content, it helps maintain your immune system and keeps toxic radicals at bay. In addition, the high omega 3 fatty acid content helps develop your brain cells and improves your skin health with regular use.

The brand is FSSAI and FSSC certified, and the seeds are 100% organic. It is a totally reliable brand with no fillers or artificial ingredients. You can also refer to the brans website for details on some additional recipes and how you can add these to several preparations.


  • Quantity: 200gms
  • 100% organic and locally sourced seeds
  • Rich source of fiber and protein
  • Gluten-free chia seeds
  • FSSAI and FSSC approved
  • Overall rating: 4.0/5

Users suggest that the product is value for money, but the quality is not all that great. There is some tampering with the packaging, but the seeds are intact and work best. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a cheaper source of chia seeds that is locally sourced, you can certainly opt for this brand.

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Chia SeedsSorich Organics Chia Seeds

Chia SeedsSorich Organics Chia Seeds

Sorich Organic Chia seeds stand true to its name, being rich in nutrients and combining all the health benefits that chia seeds offer. This 400 gms pack of chia seeds is 100% safe to consume and helps in effective weight management.

Due to the chia seeds being rich in proteins, it suppresses your appetite by making you feel fuller for longer. In addition, these chia seeds are totally raw and not roasted, keeping all the nutrients intact while providing a mild nutty and crunchy flavor.

Give your meals a tasty and healthy crunch with these chia seeds by Sorich. Blend it with curd to make a smoothie, make chia pudding or simply have it with a glass of water. You can incorporate it into almost any meal, it’s that simple to consume.

Talk about the benefits of Sorich chia seeds, it offers a range of health benefits, right from weight management to control your blood sugar levels. It also boosts your energy and metabolism and is good for maintaining heart health, thanks to the omega fatty acid content. Additionally, daily consumption will also improve your skin and hair health in the long run.

These seeds from Sorich have no artificial ingredients or additives, so you can entirely rely on their quality. The texture of the seeds is so fine and smooth; it’s easy to chew and digest and looks very well refined and processed. You will need to soak these seeds in water for 20 minutes before consuming or mixing them with any food item.


  • Quantity: 400gms
  • Type: Raw
  • Gluten-free and safe for Vegans
  • 100% organic and FSSAI approved
  • Good for skin health, weight management and rich in antioxidants
  • Overall rating: 4.2/5

These seeds are certified organic, and FSSAI approved for their safety and quality. It also boosts your immunity, and the rich antioxidant content helps fight toxic radicals in your body.

Users have been highly optimistic about Sorich chia seeds, while the product has indeed given them positive results without compromising on its quality.

You definitely want to purchase this brand; you have no reason not to!

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Go Vegan Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

Go Vegan Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds

If you need plenty of reasons to consume chia seeds, Go Vegan offers you an entire bunch of reasons to choose them. This pack of 250gms has more to offer than you can imagine. Being 100% natural and organic, these raw, unroasted seeds are a great way to make a healthy start for your well-being.

1 tbsp twice a day should be sufficient to boost your nutrition for the day. Each 12g worth serving has 3gms of fat, 5gms of carbohydrate, all of which are dietary fiber, and 3gms of protein. In addition, there are trace quantities of minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous, which are essential to keep you active and maintain bone health.

It has zero trans fat and cholesterol, with no artificial ingredients or fillers, making it a highly reliable brand of chia seeds.

Talk about the range of benefits these seeds have to offer; it provides energy and stamina to keep you going throughout the day. In addition, the antioxidants strengthen your immune system, protein content keeps you fuller and helps you watch your appetite and weight.

The chia seeds are also proven to manage your blood sugar levels and maintain your blood pressure. It cleanses and detoxifies your colon and improves your gut health and digestion, thanks to the high levels of fiber. You can use it as pet food too. The omega 3 fatty acid content promotes healthy skin, nail, and hair growth.


  • Quantity: 250gms
  • Type: Raw
  • Rich in protein and fiber
  • Provides massive amount of nutrients with fewer calories
  • Excellent for weight management
  • Can be used after soaking in various recipes
  • Overall rating: 4.0/5

These chia seeds have five times more calcium than milk, seven times more vitamin c than oranges, three times more iron than spinach, twice the potassium content than a banana, and eight times the omega-three fatty acid content than salmon. Talk about choosing the best, Go Vegan has it all!

Users suggest that the packaging is a bit of a compromise, and the product is not properly sealed. However, the nutritional aspects of the seeds surpass everything and make them worth consuming with almost any meal.

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DiSano Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds with Omega 3 and Fiber

DiSano Raw Unroasted Chia Seeds with Omega 3 and Fiber

Great taste combined with great nutrition, DiSano Chia Seeds are an ideal choice for all health freaks! The packaging itself appeals to you as it comes in a zip-locked pouch that helps maintain the goodness and freshness of the seeds for a long time. It also becomes easy to store the seeds.

The chia seeds have been sourced from the finest fields of PERU; therefore, there is no compromise on the quality of these seeds. Each 100gms of the raw seeds has about 23.98 gms of protein, 37.57 gms of carbohydrate in the form of fiber, 26.73 gms of fat, and zero cholesterol or trans fat!

The seeds are an extremely healthy addition to your everyday meals, while it also has omega-three fatty acids to boost your brain cells and skin and heart health! The high fiber and protein content keep you feeling fuller for longer.

The Omega 3 fatty acids also help increase HDL cholesterol, being the good cholesterol in your body and help you manage your heart health. The high levels of dietary fiber keep your digestive system in check. The protein content helps in curbing your appetite and is excellent for weight watchers.


  • Quantity: 250gms
  • Type: Raw
  • Sourced from Peru
  • Ziplock packaging
  • Helps in reducing cholesterol, managing weight, fuel brain cells.
  • Rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, and Omega 3 fatty acids
  • Has magnesium and phosphorous minerals to boost your energy
  • Overall rating: 4.0/5

You can mix it with various recipes like fruit bowls, puddings, energy drinks, and bars without compromising the taste! It is FSSAI certified, so there is no compromise on the quality. Users have suggested that it tastes great and is a great value for money.

Occasionally, and rarely have consumers complained about finding other particles in the seeds, which could be issues while transporting and packaging. Else, you can undoubtedly rely upon the nutrition and taste of the seeds that make it worth your purchase!

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Vedaka Raw Chia Seeds

Vedaka Raw Chia Seeds

While Chia seeds may be extremely nutritious, it is important to maintain that quality in a hygienic and safe environment. Vedaka promises just that, and ensures that your chia seeds remain of high quality in their hygienically safe premium poly packaging.

The seeds almost appear to be finely grounded, making it easy to mix with nearly anything or simply swallow them. Vedaka stresses more on the healthy packaging of the seeds that meet the safety standards.

The tender texture of the seeds combined with the wholesome goodness of protein and fiber makes it worth every penny! You can improve the nutritive quality of your meals by adding just a handful of chia seeds.

The seeds have no fillers or adulterants and are 100% FSSAI certified while following the best manufacturing practices. There are a variety of packs available, the least being a 100 gms pack you would want to try.


  • Quantity: 100gms
  • Type: Raw
  • Fresh seeds packed in hygienic poly bags
  • High quality smooth textured chia seeds
  • Safe for use
  • FSSAI certified
  • Available with pumpkin and flax seeds as well
  • Overall rating: 3.5/5

We asked several users, and they all suggested that the quality of the seeds is top-notch! They use it after soaking it in water for an hour to avail results. Users have been all praise for the packaging and how Vedaka has ensured to maintain the nutritive quality of the seeds! You won’t be disappointed after buying this one from Vedaka!

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GreenFinity Chia Seeds

GreenFinity Chia Seeds

Consider all the benefits of Chia seeds packed in one jar! GreenFinity Chia Seeds is a quality product that you would not want to miss out on! It comes in compact packaging that is pretty easy to store as well as carry.

The tiny seeds packed into this jar are enriched with the goodness of vital nutrients. Each serving of an ounce has 12g of carbohydrates, 8.7g of fat, 4.7g protein, 9.8g fiber, and only 138 calories. It helps in reducing cholesterol and aids in effective weight management.

You can use it for making smoothies, breakfast cereals, bread, and in most of your daily recipes to increase their nutritive value. Enriched with the goodness of protein and fiber, it makes you feel fuller easily and controls your appetite, thereby helping you watch your weight.

These chia seeds are also enriched with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous that helps in building strong bones. Thus, it is an excellent alternative for vegans and vegetarians who are devoid of meat and milk protein sources.

These chia seeds are nitrogen flushed before packaging to maintain their freshness and improve their shelf life. It also has antioxidants that slow down your aging process. The Omega 3 fatty acids improve your skin health and brain cells, whereas the fiber-enriched seeds aid your digestion.


  • Quantity: 300 gms
  • Type: Raw
  • Best for weight loss, strong muscles, and healthy bones
  • Helps satisfy your daily vitamin and mineral needs
  • Cholesterol, sodium, and gluten-free
  • Nitrogen flushed seeds to maintain freshness and quality
  • Can be chewed raw or mixed with smoothies, cereals, water, etc.
  • Overall rating: 3.0/5

The package does not mention any certifications, but you can always visit and trust the manufacturer’s website if you need authentic details. Consumers have given mixed reviews about the product. While some suggest it is of excellent quality, others may have said that it contains impurities.

Nevertheless, we suggest you try this brand as it has all the goodness of chia seeds packed in one tiny bottle of wholesome goodness!

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What are Chia Seeds?

Chia seeds are derived from a desert plant, Salvia Hispanica, that belongs to the mint family. The seeds of these plants are sold under the common name, ‘chia’, but several regions have different names for these seeds.

Chia seeds and their plants are known to be an origin of Central America, and the seeds used to be a part of their anciently known Aztec Diet. It was also consumed by a group of people called Mayans in parts of America back in the day.

It has more than expected nutritional benefits, and the tiny seed has improved several health and medical conditions amongst patients.

According to the Mayan theory, chia seeds are known to provide a sustainable amount of energy, with a high protein and mineral content,. There is not much research to support the health benefits of Chia seeds, but its nutritional composition supports the dietary benefits that it can provide

However, sportsmen and people with cardiovascular disease have included Chia seeds in their diet, apart from having a proper diet plan. Surprisingly, they have seen some noteworthy results.

Chia seeds can help improve cardiovascular functions, lowers the risk of cholesterol and diabetes. In addition, it reduces the overall triglyceride level and keeps your blood pressure in check.

Chia seeds are an excellent source of Omega – 3 fatty acids and dietary fiber. Omega fatty acids are good for your skin and help in developing your brain cells. On the other hand, the fiber content aids in maintaining your digestion and gut health.

It is also rich in antioxidants that have several health benefits like reduced inflammation, better-developed immunity, good skin and hair health, reduced stress and stress-related disorders, etc.

Chia seeds also contain additional minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, etc. Therefore, it can make a suitable replacement for any multivitamin and is a natural nutrient-rich superfood.


Why consume Chia Seeds?

If you wonder why consume Chia seeds, we can give you ample reasons to get you hooked on this magical superfood!

Don’t be fooled by the size, as it has more to offer than what meets the eye. Read on to know!

Rich Source of Antioxidants

Chia seeds are extremely rich in antioxidants. Ideally, these antioxidants are present in the seeds to prevent the fats from deteriorating and growing rancid. But, the antioxidant level can be beneficial from the nutritional point of view for us as they eliminate toxic radicals from our body.


High Protein Content

These tiny chia seeds have almost 14% of protein content in them. Additionally, it makes for a natural source of protein, a bonus for all vegans and vegetarians who are looking for protein-rich food sources and for people looking to achieve their daily protein goals.

It also has essential amino acids that naturally help the body form protein!

It helps in building new cells, aids in weight loss by making us feel fuller for longer. For all the health freaks, it aids in appetite control and reduces food cravings, thereby leading to lesser calorie consumption.


Fibrous Carbohydrates

One ounce of Chia seeds contains 12 grams of carbs, of which 11 grams is soluble fiber. Thus, it has a very high fiber content; almost 40 % of the seeds contain fiber.

The fibrous part is difficult to digest, which does not raise your blood glucose levels. Instead, the seeds absorb a good amount of water and become almost gel-like in your stomach, making you feel fuller for longer.

Since fiber improves digestion, it also brings your gut bacteria into work and keeps them healthy, leading to an overall healthy digestive system.


Rich in nutrients with fewer calories

What could be better than getting more nutrients while still keeping your calorie count in check? Chia seeds offer the best of both worlds. One ounce of chia seeds is power-packed with nutrients. Overall it has:

  • 4 grams of Protein
  • 9 grams of Fat
  • 12 grams of carbohydrate (11 grams of which is fiber)
  • 18% of Calcium
  • 30% of Magnesium
  • 30% of Phosphorous
  • 30% of Manganese

This is the nutritional content of about 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, with around 137 calories and only 1 gram of carbohydrate out of the total nutrient content. Even if you remove the calories coming from carbohydrates, you are only left with 101 calories per ounce. Talk about getting more nutrition without increasing your daily caloric count!


Helps lose weight

Helps lose weight

The two primary nutrients, being fiber and protein, are sufficient to help you lose weight. This comes with the fact that you need to maintain a regular diet and consume chia seeds.

The soluble fibers absorb more water and bloat in the stomach, making you feel fuller for longer and slowing food absorption.

At the same time, protein is known to reduce appetite and keeps your hunger pangs satiated. This can lead you to consume lesser calories, thereby aiding in weight loss.


Reduce the risk of heart diseases

Heart Problems

There have been very inconclusive results about chia seeds used to maintain heart health. But, experiments under several conditions have proven beneficial. For example, chia seeds have proven to reduce the levels of triglycerides, prevent insulin resistance, and reduce the risk of inflammation in rats.

Chia seeds also help increase the levels of good cholesterol, known as HDL, in our body. Chia seeds are also helpful in regulating blood pressure levels, which is one of the major causes of heart diseases.

However, to improve your heart health with the help of chia seeds, one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.


Reduces risk of chronic inflammation

Inflammation is our body’s response to an infection or injury, characterized by a rise in body temperature, swelling, etc. However, chronic inflammation is difficult to identify as it can result from several direct and indirect factors. It is generally associated with an increased level of inflammatory markers being CRP, PCT, etc.

High levels of these markers can also pose a threat to heart disease and cancer. The primary reason for the increase in these inflammatory markers is a cumulative effect of lifestyle habits like smoking, lack of exercise, etc.

But, chia seeds have proven to reduce the levels of these inflammatory markers significantly. However, more studies are required for authentication.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consuming chia seeds together can keep your inflammatory markers in check. That’s how you can reduce your risk of developing chronic inflammation too.


Keeps blood sugar levels in check

However, if you include chia seeds in your daily diet, it controls the sudden spiking of blood sugar levels and stabilizes the levels. Therefore, people with diabetes are advised to include chia seeds in their diet, especially if you have a high carbohydrate diet.


Keeps bone health in check

Chia seeds have nutrients that are very important for maintaining bone health. These include calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, and proteins. In fact, it has more amounts of calcium compared to any dairy product.

A single ounce of chia seeds has 18% of calcium which can be an excellent nutrient source for vegans! Nevertheless, we all know the benefits of calcium for bone health.


Easy to consume with your diet

Chia seeds practically have no taste. Therefore, there is no question of them altering the taste of any food you add them into. The best part is, they can be a part of almost anything you eat.

Be it smoothies, a bowl of cornflakes, rice, yogurt, vegetables, pudding, anything! Adding chia seeds only improves their nutritional value and fulfills your daily protein requirement as well.

You can mix it with water, use it to prepare sauces, use it as toppings on any food item, etc. and make the food healthier!


Direction and Dosage to use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds may be the healthiest of superfoods in the market, but you need to consume them in particular quantities to avail yourself of its potential benefits. Chia seeds have high amounts of fiber, which can cause digestive issues if consumed in excess.

Therefore, there needs to be an ideal quantity that you consume each day. To start with, you can consume around 20 grams (1.5 tablespoons) of chia seeds twice a day.

The best part is that chia seeds are versatile and can be included in any diet form, be it liquids, smoothies, shakes, etc. However, since they are tasteless, you cannot eat them raw.

The best way to consume it in the most natural form is by soaking 20-40 grams of chia seeds in 1 liter of water for 20 minutes. You can strain the chia seeds or let them be, and mix some honey or lemon juice to add flavor to your drink.

You can create your own recipes with chia seeds, like mixing them with energy bars or mixing them in cake mixes or pizza bases to make healthy recipes. You can ground the chia seeds and blend them into any food item or even use them as toppings.

Mix them with oatmeals, yogurt bowls, salads, or as toppings. You can also add them to bread flours and consume them daily. It mainly increases the fiber and protein content of the food you add it to.

You can ground and keep them stored for a long time, as they have a good shelf life. You can always consult a dietitian to get some healthy chia recipes and include this nutritious superfood in your diet.


Chia Seeds: Precautions and Side effects

Chia seeds are a naturally available plant source of nutrients. Therefore, the risk of side effects minimizes automatically.

But, in some instances, you should avoid them due to its properties. Here is when and why you should be concerned about consuming chia seeds:

Small children

Small children do not have a well-developed digestive system. Therefore, chia seeds have water-absorbing properties that make you feel fuller and curbs your appetite.

This is not regular for small children, as they should be growing, without any restrictions in appetite to avail all nutrients in growing age. Moreover, bloating and water absorption may even cause digestive issues in children, and hence, it is best to avoid it!


People with digestive issues

Chia seeds have a high fiber content. People who have a sensitive digestive system would not digest the fibers, which can cause gastrointestinal disorders. Due to its water absorption properties, it may even cause bloating and gas in certain individuals.


People with Protein allergies

For patients who are allergic to certain forms of protein or lack the enzymes to be able to digest protein well, they must avoid chia seeds.


People with Low Blood Pressure

Chia seeds reduce the viscosity of blood and cause blood thinning. It is excellent for those having high blood pressure. For patients with low blood pressure, it would cause hypotension and hence, must be avoided to not to cause further complications.



After asking several dietitians, first-hand consumers, and researching various brands, the best chia seed brand is the Neuherbs Organic Raw Unroasted Chia seeds.

It has a favorable and hygienic packaging, offers overall health benefits, is power-packed with essential minerals, fiber, and protein, and has positive consumer reviews as well.

Including chia seeds in your daily diet is fairly easy. You can read a range of benefits that chia seeds offer, how to use them, and their side effects in our article above.

Tell us which is your favorite brand of chia seeds from the reviewed list, and share your experiences using the seeds through the comments section below.

Staying healthy just got easier with Chia seeds, right?

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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