10 Cheap and Best SoundBar in India 2022

Cheap and Best Soundbar For TV You Can Buy

All of us love listening to the rich bass and crystal clear audio of a movie in a cinema hall, isn’t it? But it might not be possible to enjoy every movie at a theatre. So if you are looking to upgrade your audio equipment in your home to get a resonating and more revamped sound quality within the four walls of your house, you will need a Good soundbar.

As there are several soundbars by different manufacturers, it might be confusing for you to choose the right product. So in this article, we have brought you fantastic Budget oriented soundbars that you can buy in 2022. Have a look!


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Cheap and Best SoundBar in India for LED TV

These are cheap and best Soundbar for TV in India

  • boAt Bluetooth Soundbar  with Subwoofer
  • Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar  with Subwoofer
  • JBL Wireless Audio Sound bar
  • Mitashi SB 2575 Bluetooth Sound bar with Sub Woofer
  • Philips HTL1032 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer
  • Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer
  • Iball BT10 Bluetooth Sound Bar
  • F&D T180X 2.0 Audio TV Soundbar
  • Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936 Wireless Bluetooth
  • F&D E200 Plus Audio Sound Bar


10 Best Budget-Friendly Sound Bar for TV

As we mentioned in the above paragraph, here are the Only Cheap and Best Soundbars that are available to the Indian consumers in 2022.


boAt Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer

[Best Soundbar Under Rs.10,000]

Cheap and Best Soundbar in India

This Boat Soundbar is Best Soundbar Under 10000 rupees,  It is Bluetooth Soundbar which comes with an external subwoofer which makes it a great option to consider. This is available in a sleek and sophisticated style, the soundbar comes with a black tone finish.

A first glance to this gadget is enough for you to fall in love with it. The excellent design of this soundbar allows you to place it in any interior you like. Therefore it is an amazing way to revamp your style.

The product is a 2.1 channel soundbar that will never fail to deliver a rich and true cinematic experience. The surround sound and bass from the subwoofer will surely keep all the viewers engaged with an ecstatic sound quality that has the right balance between bass and treble.

Have a look at the other features of this boAt Bluetooth Soundbar.

  • Comes with a plethora of connectivity options like Bluetooth, HDMI port etc. which will allow you to get uninterrupted and seamless connection always.
  • 60 Watt subwoofer gives out an excellent bass that will surely make you feel every beat of the music you are listening to. Now you can upgrade your sound system with this soundbar.
  • High-end sound system technology creates a transcendental audio experience that is surely going to keep you mesmerized throughout the time.
  • 2.1 channel audio output delivers an ecstatic surround sound that helps to enhance the way you listen to music or whilst watching a movie.

boAt Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer is a very good upgrade for those who are looking for serious audio quality. 2.1 channel output and 60-watt subwoofer will surely deliver the audio quality you were looking for. It also comes with a 1-year replacement warranty by boAt.

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Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer


Cheap and Best Soundbar, Best Budget SoundBar in India 2022


Philips has been one of the most trusted companies out there. Their soundbars come with the durable build quality and also offers consistent performance.

Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar is one of their best soundbars that you can purchase and upgrade your existing audio system. If you are not satisfied with the inbuilt speakers of your TV, then this soundbar will surely impress you.

Connecting your TV with this Philips soundbar is easier than ever. With a myriad of so many connectivity options, you will be able to use this soundbar the way you want to. Philips HTL1193B/94 soundbar is integrated with 2.1 channel output that will deliver a great audio experience.

Have a look at some more features of this product.

  • 80 watt subwoofer and 2.1 channel output make sure that it reflects every detail and gives you better audio quality in every sense. The thumping bass and sharp treble will keep you engaged.
  • You can connect your TV with your soundbar using Bluetooth, AUX, HDMI port and many other connectivity options.
  • This soundbar also supports USB connectivity so that you can easily stream your music and videos by connecting a portable device.
  • Do you want to connect your mobile with this device? Then you can easily do so. It supports mobile Bluetooth connectivity for quick music streaming service.

So as you can see that Philips HTL1193B/94 Bluetooth Soundbar is a brilliant soundbar that comes with a lot of different features. The soundbar will make sure that your audio needs are taken care of. Available with a myriad of different connectivity options, easily use this device whenever you want to and in whichever settings you feel.

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JBL 2.0 Wireless Audio Soundbar


Cheap Soundbar for Tv, JBL 2.0 Bluetooth Audio Soundbar


The JBL is one of the most trusted companies when it comes to audio equipment. it integrates their top-class sound systems with state-of-the-art design and sophisticated finish.

JBL Wireless Audio Soundbar is one of their most affordable and reliable soundbar that you can buy. It comes with an aesthetic design that will look great in any place you want to keep it.

JBL Surround Sound system brings to you a sublime audio experience whenever you turn it on. It offers a seamless connection with your TV via Bluetooth connectivity.

Here are some more features of this JBL soundbar.

  • Whether you are watching a movie, football match or listening to a music video, Built-in Dual Bass Port design will help you get crystal clear sound always.
  • Now you can control this soundbar with the help of your TV remote and not have to worry about learning the mechanics of different remotes.
  • 30 watts of power output delivers all the bass and treble that is required to make every sound and dialogue even more engaging.
  • HDMI, Bluetooth, AUX connectivity options are available with this JBL soundbar. So you can now easily connect this soundbar efficiently.

JBL Wireless Audio Soundbar will surely satisfy you with the well-balanced sound quality and overall 2.0 channel acoustics. This soundbar can be easily connected with your television and the Bluetooth integration makes it possible for you to wirelessly use it whenever you want to.

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Mitashi SB 2575 Bluetooth Soundbar with SubWoofer

Best Soundbar for TV, Mitashi SB 2575 Bluetooth Soundbar with Sub Woofer

Japanese brand Mitashi has been in the Indian market for a long time now. Mitashi SB 2575 Bluetooth Soundbar comes with a 2.1 channel audio output which delivers excellent sound quality and bass. Available in a pure black tone colour with a matte finish, this soundbar will look good in any interior that you are going to place it in.

2.1 channel tower speaker will make sure the sound reaches every part of your room to get a better surround quality. Extended subwoofer bass levels deliver a sublime bass quality that is well balanced in terms of loudness and treble.

  • The fully functional remote control that allows you to control this soundbar very easily just at the tap of a single button. So you don’t have to get up to change any settings of this soundbar.
  • This soundbar supports 4000 Watts PMPO which never fails to deliver a strong and matchless audio performance without any interruption.
  • USB connectivity of this soundbar allows you to stream any music file or video by just plugging your portable device. It also comes with AUX support, making it compatible with PC, laptop etc.

Mitashi SB 2575 Bluetooth Soundbar is one of the best soundbar in this list which ensures highest standards of sound quality and increases overall your experience. Be it a movie or your favourite music, feel a sound quality that you have never before.

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Philips HTL1032 Bluetooth Soundbar with Sub-Woofer

[Best Soundbar Under Rs.5000]

Best Soundbar Under 5000, Philips HTL1032 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer


This is another Philips product that will surely snatch your attention. Philips HTL1032 Bluetooth Soundbar comes with an external subwoofer that delivers heart thumping bass and ecstatic loudness. Experience your movies and music like you have never before.

You can place this soundbar in front of your television or even mount it on your wall. No matter wherever you have positioned this soundbar, it will not fail to deliver a brilliant sound experience. 30 watts power output makes sure everyone gets to listen a brilliant audio quality. Now we will have a look at some more features of this feature.

  • Sophisticated and good quality body construction delivers durable and long lasting service. The low-rise design enables you to place it easily in front of your television without any problem.
  • Now you can easily enjoy your music or any video that is stored in your portable hard drive by connecting it to USB port integrated in the device.
  • External subwoofers of this soundbar add more thrill. Get superior quality sound quality whenever you plug it to your television.
  • Do you like listening to the radio? Then the inbuilt radio tuner will help you to change between channels without any hassles.

Philips HTL1032 Bluetooth Soundbar will not fail to impress you and surely satisfy your audio needs. It delivers everything that Philips has promised. This soundbar will surely impress your guests and family members whenever you watch a movie together or listen to music, That’s why it is considered as Best soundbar under 5000 budget.

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Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer

Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 wireless Soundbar with Subwoofer

2.1 channel outputs are very popular among the people who are looking for a sound system upgrade in their home. Envent Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 is therefore a good option when you are looking for a serious upgrade of audio quality. Connect it with your television and start enjoying a much better and revamped sound quality.

Slim and sleek design will compliment well with your LED television. Envent has made sure that sound quality from this soundbar keeps you engaged in every movie or sports match you are watching.

  • 50 watts of audio power delivers strong and high-quality audio experience always. Want to impress your friends and family with heart-thumping sound quality? Then this soundbar will help you do so.
  • It comes with a 10 feet range remote control which you will be able to use very easily.
  • 5.25-Inch Woofer and 3Inch Satellite Speakers setup is perfect for any size of room you own. Get ready to experience a brilliant and immersive surround sound with this soundbar.
  • A wide range of different connectivity options like Bluetooth, HDMI, AUX etc. will enable you to easily connect your TV with Envent soundbar.

Event Horizon 502 ET-SP21600 is one of the most affordable soundbars on our list. With so many different features, isn’t it a true value for money product? We bet it is. The high-quality sound and bass from this soundbar is very promising.

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iBall BT10 Bluetooth Soundbar

[Best Soundbar Under Rs.3000]


Best Soundbar Under 3000, iBall BT10 Bluetooth Soundbar


If your Budget is around Rs.3000 and you are looking for Good Soundbar Under 3000 which is able to provide a realistic and immersive sound experience within the four walls of your house? Then, iBall BT10 Bluetooth Soundbar is a gadget that you will need to keep an eye on. It surrounds your room with ecstatic audio quality and powerful bass. Black tone finish and slim design of this soundbar are ideal to compliment with your LED television.

The single unit device ensures that your television is connected with this soundbar without any hassles. It also looks neat without any wires here and there. Seamless and easy to use Bluetooth connectivity make it possible for you to connect this soundbar with your television. Take a look at more features of this soundbar.

  • 40 watts of power output gives out crystal clear sound quality along with a powerful bass that gives you the sound quality you always wanted.
  • Neat and clean installation with this single unit soundbar will surely allow you to maintain an aesthetic appearance in any interior.
  • Built-in Wall brackets allow you to easily mount this soundbar on the wall as well if you do not have any space in front of your television.
  • Several connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX, HDMI etc. make sure you can connect this soundbar with your TV set very easily.

Iball BT10 Bluetooth Soundbar is a great choice for those who are looking for an upgrade from their existing audio equipment. Surround your house with ecstatic sound and decent bass that this soundbar will not fail to deliver. It is affordable and comes at a value for money price.

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F&D T180X 2.0 Audio TV Soundbar


F&D T180X 2.0 Audio TV Soundbar


F&D T180X 2.0 Audio TV Soundbar is the perfect companion to your television if you are not satisfied with your TV speakers audio quality. With black tone finish, this soundbar goes well in any interior you want to place it and compliments your LED tv brilliantly as well.

One of the most interesting integrations that have been made into this soundbar is the inclusion of a silk tweeter. This tweeter delivers ecstatic and mesmerising surround sound.

To know about other features of this soundbar, have a look at these points that we have mentioned below.

  • 3D Surrounding Sound technology for sterling sound quality all around your room. Powerful bass and balanced treble supports make it possible for this soundbar to produce an amazing audio quality.
  • It comes with several connectivity options like Bluetooth, HDMI ARC, USB port etc. So connecting your television or any other portable device with this soundbar is very easy and will take only a few seconds before you can start enjoying.
  • 3 full range drivers and silk tweeter ensure an immersive surround sound. The slim and sleek design of all components will not take much space in your room, which is very convenient.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity provides seamless connection everytime you turn it on.

So here are various details about F&D T180X 2.0 Audio TV Soundbar. If you are looking to use a soundbar that allows you to connect with your television wirelessly, then this will be your favourite device. Bluetooth 4.0 is also integrated into this soundbar which provides a seamless connection.

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Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936 Wireless Bluetooth

Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936 Wireless Bluetooth

Easy to operate and very convenient to setup, Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936 will take care of all your audio needs the moment you turn it on. It comes with 40 watts of stereo sound which will keep you engaged in your movie or sports match every time. This soundbar has a matte black finish which looks absolutely premium and stunning.

Compact, lightweight and very easy to carry, you can use this device wherever you feel like and even take it to different places without any hassles. Now we will take a quick look at some interesting features of this soundbar.

  • 2x20W of drivers which together delivers 40W of stereo sound which is very pleasing to hear and the rich bass satisfies your craving for good quality audio.
  • Whether you place the soundbar in your bedroom or your living room, clean and sharp aesthetics will compliment well with any interior you keep it in.
  • Latest Bluetooth 4.2 has been integrated into this soundbar which allows you to very easily connect your television or mobile device with this gadget.
  • AUX, USB and HDMI ports have also been provided with this soundbar for more options for connecting this soundbar with your television.

With Portronics Sound Slick II POR-936 you will get the best convenience while using the soundbar on a daily basis. It comes with all those important benefits which you were looking for. So make sure to have a look at this excellent and affordable soundbar.

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F&D E200 Plus Audio Soundbar

 [Best Soundbar Under Rs.2000]


Best Soundbar Under 2000, F&D E200 Plus Audio Soundbar


Eye-catching design and sophisticated look of F&D E200 Plus Audio Soundbar will snatch your glance very quickly. It looks absolutely stunning and aesthetic when you place it in front of your television or whether mount it on the wall. It comes with 11 degrees of tilt design that delivers an equal level of surround sound to all over your room.

2.0 channel output, F&D E200 Plus Audio soundbar is a good option to connect to your speakers or you can even use your mobile phone to connect it with. Bluetooth 4.0 enables seamless and uninterrupted audio connectivity service. Come and take a look at more features of it.

  • 2600 mAh battery backup that will allow you to use this soundbar even when you are travelling and make sure you do not run out of charge.
  • A subtle and magnificent design that compliments well with your style and LED television when you place this soundbar in front of it.
  • 2″ full range driver revamps the whole audio experience and takes it to a whole new level. It will surely deliver an immersive and powerful sound quality to everyone present in your room.

F&D E200 Plus Audio Soundbar allows you to experience a high quality and wide range of consistent audio performance. Very affordable, this soundbar is available at brilliant value for money price. If you budget is very tight then you might consider it this is Best Soundbar Under 2000.

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Conclusion –

Among all the soundbars mentioned above that we have discussed with you on this list, the winner is the boAt Bluetooth Soundbar with Subwoofer. Why? This is because it delivers an ethereal sound experience which is well balanced between bass and treble. 60 watts of the subwoofer and various connectivity option make it a true value for money product.

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