Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 in India 2022

With the world going completely wireless, it is necessary for us to jump on the bandwagon. The easiest way to start is by investing in a Bluetooth speaker, especially if you are a music lover and love to hold gatherings at your place.

Since Bluetooth speakers can cost an arm and a leg, it can be difficult to convince you to buy one. But what if you can get a reliable one under ₹5000? Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

Well, the following article consists of detailed reviews of the 10 best Bluetooth speakers under ₹5000 for you to enjoy the quality without drilling a hole in your pocket.


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Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

These are the Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000

  • Zoook Rocker Torpedo Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • boAt Stone 1400 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  • UE Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Speaker
  • Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Digital Music Player
  • boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 Portable Speakers
  • Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Philips BT6000B Portable Bluetooth Speakers
  • Philips MMS2141B/94 2.1 Bluetooth Speakers


Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under Rs 5000 in India 2022

Here we have reviewed the 10 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers under 5000 available in the Indian market.

Zoook Rocker Torpedo Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Zoook Rocker Torpedo, Best Bluetooth Speaker under 5000

With a large set of audio speakers, the Zoook Rocker Torpedo stands true to its name. The unit gives a powerful sound, which extends to a wider range. The design is totally waterproof to be carried along the beachside, poolside, and even in your bathroom fearlessly.

Not only that, but you can expect the device to be your home music buddy, which gives you a powerful yet high-definition sound output. With a 50-watt power, the device is much stronger than the other device in the similar line and gives you extended battery life.

Talking about the battery life, this high-performance device can easily give a playtime of around 8 hours from a single charge. The design is derived from modern technology and is rugged and manufactured, keeping the masculine quotient in mind and also for it to be ready for anything.

With the superior Bluetooth v 4.1 connectivity, the device is easy to connect to. In fact, the connection is so seamless that it doesn’t go off when you play your music extremely loud at a house party. The design is also shockproof (with IPX5 certification), making it suitable for EDM music as it creates a loud yet crystal clear thumping bass sound with high precision.

The rubber coating around the surface protects the device from any kind of wear and tear and adds to its durability to a wider extent. All in all, the device is just perfect to be taken anywhere from long drives to a poolside party, pretty much conveniently.

Other features include:

  • Multi connectivity options including AUX, Bluetooth, and USB Drive
  • Clear Bluetooth audio quality with much easier pairing
  • Rough and tough design configuration with waterproof and shockproof features
  • Amplifies lower bass sound to create a thumping sound

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boAt Stone 1400 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

boAt Stone 1400 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With an Army Green color and extremely powerful design, this device will provide you with extremely advanced durability as compared to other products falling in the range. This device, by the looks of it, gives extremely powerful audio quality and an extremely high bass output from stronger and upbeat music.

To gear up its performance, the device comes along with a 2500 mAh battery that gives up to 7 hours of playtime without any interruption. Also, the sturdy build of this high-quality sound unit is just enough to make it an outdoor-perfect music unit with extremely rich and sporty aesthetics.

Convenient buttons and control options are integrated over the surface of the device that allows you to switch tracks, operate calls, and up and down the volume as per your wish.

Like to play your favorite tracks while taking a shower, as most people do? The IPX5 waterproof feature of the device and an urban outdoor finish of the design will allow you to take this device absolutely anywhere to enjoy a powerful sound.

To our surprise, the device has a dual external equalizer control option that lets you switch between 2 modes when you want to play music in different audio modes. Suppose when you are inside your house and want to enjoy slow music while working, you can choose to set the equalizer to the indoor mode while you can set it to outdoors when you are at the poolside or on an open gypsy long drive.

Other features include:

  • Supports AUX and USB drive connection apart from seamless Bluetooth connectivity
  • 30 Watt High definition sound to create a thumping audio
  • Water resistant and shockproof design to make it highly durable and high performing when taken outdoors.

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Ultimate Ears (UE) Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The ultimate Ears WonderBoom Portable Bluetooth Speakers are truly a treat to the ears. Despite being extremely compact, sleek, and portable, the device has a bomb sound that could easily be audible from a wider range. If you’re looking for a device that can produce a powerful thumping sound under the range of 5000 bucks, go for this piece as this one is rated as the device which is capable of giving extremely rich thumping sound.

With a 365-degree sound mode, crisp and clear audio, and massive quality, you’d feel like you’re at some party when you play songs on this device. On a single charge, this device runs seamlessly for up to 10 hours without reminding you to charge and disturbing your music in between.

Many of the old technology Bluetooth speaker devices produce a sound break just when they turn the volume up, but this device is specially designed for party music, so you can only expect this device to produce a daunting sound when being played at high volume.

Coming to the safety part, the device is extremely feasible to be taken along in a carry case since it is IPX7 waterproof and won’t damage on occasional splashes. Apart from that, the ruggedness of the design makes it safe from any kind of outdoor wear and tear.

The is an interesting feature that marks this device different from the others, which are known as
the “double up” feature where you just need to hold the UE button for a couple of minutes, and the device will let you connect it to other devices.

Other features include:

  • Available in various colors, including Cashmere Pink, Fireball Red, Lilac, Stone Grey, Phantom Black, and Subzero Blue.
  • 10 hours long battery life from a single charge
  • Up to 30 m of Bluetooth Connectivity

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JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof Portable Best Bluetooth Speaker under 5000 in India 2022

All the features in the specification list of the JBL Flip 3 Stealth Waterproof portable Bluetooth speakers are well worth a place in your tech arsenal. It is definitely one of our top picks since the audio set comes with a powerful JBL signature sound that beats the one from any other device.

While this device offers great audio quality, you can expect nothing less from its battery life. The device offers a stunning battery life that extends up to 10 hours from a single charge without any kind of interruption. Moreover, there is a unique noise cancelation feature that does the work providing only quality sound as the output.

These JBL speakers have taken the term “set the base high” quite seriously. The JBL bass radiators make you hear set the base to an optimum high and make it sound extremely fantastic, which is just about perfect for those who love to groove to EDM music.

Don’t worry about occasional splashes and spills since the device comes with IPX5 waterproof quality, which is just about enough to make this device absolutely incredible to be used outdoors.

The design is sleek yet powerful, and the design quality has assured its user that the device is rough and tough enough to be taken outside for a thrilling musical experience outdoors.

Other features include:

  • Rechargeable 3000 mAh battery that provides up to 10 hours of playtime without the need to recharge
  • IPX7 rated exteriors making it perfect to be used outdoors
  • Ultra-compact device with matte black aesthetics to give a sporty look and feel
  • Built-in microphone to also enable hands-free calling features

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Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Waterproof Speaker

Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass Portable Waterproof Speaker, Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 5000 (2022)

Perfect for EDM music, the Sony SRS-XB12 is one of the customer’s top-rated Bluetooth speakers under the range of 5000 bucks. This powerful device is capable of producing amazing sound quality for both low-end and upbeat music equally.

Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, this device doesn’t produce an awkward drum sound but produces high-definition sound for EDM music lovers. The small and compact design of the product doesn’t compromise even a bit on the durability part since the Sony SRS-XB12 Extra Bass speakers are extremely waterproof and dustproof.

Going to a camp? Or a poolside? Or even to a house party? Carry this device along anywhere and enjoy high-quality music like never before. Coming to the most awesome feature that stands this device apart from any other similar device is the longevity of its battery life. On a single charge, one is able to enjoy a playtime of up to 16 hours without any kind of interruption whatsoever.

Keeping the style quotient in check, the device comes in a variety of color variants such as Black, Blue, Red, Green, and Grey, respectively. In the overall packaging of the device, you’ll find a detachable strap that makes it convenient for you to hang the device on the move.

Other features include:

  • Extremely dustproof so that you can enjoy your music outdoors
  • Extremely high performing 16 hours battery life on a single continuous charge
  • Extremely portable (fits easily inside your palms)
  • Extra bass to give a top-notch boost to your music
  • This waterproof device resists accidental water or liquid spills

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Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Digital Music Player (SKU-R20008)

Saregama Carvaan Hindi Portable Digital Music Player (SKU-R20008)

Who needs just a speaker when you can have a speaker with built-in retro songs from legendary artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Mohammad Ragi, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle, etc. This device is not only reduced to great speakers but also makes for perfect gifting material.

If you are considering gifting this to someone elderly in your family, be sure to seal the deal since they’d love diving into the nostalgia of beautiful old retro songs from Bollywood.

The Saregama Carvaan provides a stunning battery life that lasts up to 5 hours. Moreover, the device produces a 6-watt sound which is stunning when compared to other devices of a similar range. This brilliantly designed retro radio-shaped device also lets you connect to FM if you want to listen to shuffled tracks or podcasts on channels.

Moreover, the battery is rechargeable, so you don’t have to connect the device to the charging board every time you want to listen to music. Performance-wise, you can expect nothing less from this device than from high-end electronic speakers.

Apart from the Bluetooth connectivity, this device also has a USB connectivity option which is feasible when you have music in your pen drive and don’t feel like connecting the device to your phone.

The most exciting feature of Saregama Carvaan is that it comes with an inbuilt playlist of 5000 Hindi songs that would remind you of your good old days and will take you on a trip of sweet nostalgia.

Other features:

  • 5000 songs classified based on mood, singers, and genre
  • In-built powerful radio speakers
  • Easy Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • FM radio connectivity is enabled
  • Deep treble and clear bass in the audio

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boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 Portable Bluetooth Speakers

boAt Stone SpinX 2.0 Porttable Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are supposed to be compact, comfortable to carry, and hassle-free to use. Keeping all the 3 essential pointers in mind, the boat Stone SpinX 2.0 portable Bluetooth speakers are designed. The sleek cylindrical shape of the device gives the speaker a long surface, and therefore, the device can produce a clear thumping sound.

Perfect for day parties, outdoor picnics, and poolside hangout parties, these speakers are just what you need, honestly. Thanks to the optimum Bluetooth v4 connectivity, now you don’t have to take your phone extremely close to the device to establish a connection. The connectivity range is enough to enjoy the music.

The Bluetooth connectivity is seamless, and the audio doesn’t lack when you’re watching some movie on Netflix. Who likes all the mess that the wire connections create? Be at your own convenience when you connect your device to these Bluetooth speakers.

With its 40 mm dynamic speakers, the device produces high-definition sound with its auto noise cancellation feature. Boat is a popular brand that comes with durability and trust. Keeping this in mind, the boat Stone SpinX 2.0 is designed as a rough and tough set that can bear occasional wear and tears.

Like many other Bluetooth speakers, this one is also dust and waterproof so that you can enjoy quality music outdoors as well as indoors.

Other features include:

  • 360 degrees cylindrical sound creates high-quality audio in all directions no matter which side the device is facing
  • Extremely suitable for Ruff and Tuff usage since the device is waterproof
  • Dynamic HD sound with dual 24-watt speakers
  • Rechargeable, 2000 mAh battery that runs the device for up to 7 hours without a need to charge

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Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Portable Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa


Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Portable Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa


Need a Bluetooth speakers device that is also your assistant aside from being your one true music buddy? The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Portable Smart Bluetooth Speaker with Alexa fits the job description perfectly. As the name suggests, you can give your commands to Alexa, and she’ll do the titbits herself.

Want to know where your phone is or just want the current weather updates from Alexa? Just give her a command, and she’ll tell you everything that you need to know.

By the looks of it, the device might give you a feel of a compressed cylinder to increase the compatibility and sleekness of the device. You can conveniently put the device in your carry case and take it anywhere you want to.

Coming to the music quality, the device comes with the latest technology-inspired speakers that can produce loud and crisp audio of your favorite tracks. There is an option in the device with which you can connect it to multiple music-based applications such as Saavn, Gaana, and Prime Music. Apart from that, there are other utility-based applications with which you can connect your Amazon Echo device: Zomato, NDTV, and ESPN Cricinfo.

For a rich stereo sound, this Alexa device provides a one-tap efficient connection with Bluetooth and an easy connection with a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Other features include:

  • Multiple speakers connectivity to produce even more powerful sound through a 3.5mm aux jack
  • Inbuilt microphone to enable the feature of hands-free calling
  • Ask Alexa to play the tracks according to your mood
  • The enhanced noise cancellation feature
  • An extremely lightweight device that weighs just 300 grams

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Philips BT6000B Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Philips BT6000B Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The Phillips BT6000B Portable Bluetooth Speakers live up to the expectations that one has from the brand of Phillips. Forget bulky speaker devices when this compact device gives you super powerful, crisp, and clear sound under the budget of 5000 INR.

When you go outdoors, you often want a music device that sets your mood right with awesome upbeat songs. The Phillips BT6000B can be your travel buddy as it is just the perfect size to be kept in your handbag as you move.

Moreover, the splash-proof nature of the device keeps the speaker free of creaky voice when you take it along at a poolside or in your bathroom when you want to listen to your favorite tracks while taking a relaxing shower.

The device has dual (twin) speakers on both sides that provide a feel of 365 degrees sound, which ranges up to 30 meters of Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you choose to play songs on this device indoors or outdoors, you’ll get a top-notch sound quality with high performing battery.

Connection to these compact and sturdy Bluetooth speakers is easy since it connects seamlessly with iPod, Android Devices, iPad, and even your laptops with a one-tap connectivity feature. Phillips is a popular and recognized brand when it comes to high-performing definition sound, and this speaker box lives up to the definition that one has from the brand name.

Other features include:

  • NFC-enabled technology lets you connect your device with one tap pairing
  • Has an inbuilt Aux Port, which connects with a 3.5 mm sized Aux cable
  • Full range twin speakers giving you a perfect 360-degree sound quality
  • Up to 7 hours of a brilliant performance from a single continuous charge
  • In-built sound processor to provide refined low and high-end sound


Philips MMS2141B/94 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers


Philips MMS2141B 94 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers


This Phillips device has extremely compact aesthetics with equally powerful sound output. The sleekness of the device doesn’t make it any less durable than other Bluetooth speakers since the device is designed keeping superior technology in mind to keep itself water and dust-resistant.

The 40W output power RMS is just enough to turn a regular room into a disco set. All thanks to the control features mounted over the surface of the device, now you can operate the settings of this device as per your convenience, like changing the volume or turning the device off/on.

The cabinet structure is curvilinear so that the sound reaches all corners of the room with equal intensity, all thanks to the smart design of this Phillips device. If you are not in the mood to shuffle your playlist, you can always tune into the inbuilt FM radio when you are laying music on this device to enjoy excellent podcasts and songs that surprise you.

The wireless connection through Bluetooth from this device is convenient and fast enough that it doesn’t interrupt the experience of the music that you’re playing. You can also connect this device to iPod, iPad, iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, and Android phones.

The device also has a USB jack through which you can enjoy the playlist saved in your pen drive.

Other features include:

  • The item weighs 2.1 KG making it portable and convenient to carry along
  • Enjoy music on this device through the built-in FM Tuner
  • Extremely luxurious charcoal grey finish
  • Power control mounted over the surface of the device
  • Vibrant bass to produce a high thumping sound




We believe that under the budget of 5000 bucks, you will be willing to buy a Bluetooth speaker device that is capable of producing extremely rich audio quality both indoors and outdoors. Considering the same fact, we declare the Zoook Rocker Torpedo Portable Bluetooth Speaker as the winner of the list. Although, we would love to know from you which one of these devices do you think is the best one?

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