Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000

Music is the ultimate stress buster, isn’t it?

But hey, wait which earphone do you use for listening to music? Are you still using those wired earphones? If yes, then it’s time to move on with something that is the latest and trending in terms of earphones.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones are the next attractive thing that you should have in your collection for sure. It not only makes you look cool but also assures to deliver the required ease of doing certain tasks without hassles.

Buying that perfect earphone can be really confusing especially when you have so many choices in the market and also are looking earphone within an affordable price range. To deliver you the needed ease, we have collected together some of the Best wireless earphones under INR 3000.


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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000 Prices
OnePlus Buds Z True Wireless Earphones Check Price
Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Headset Check Price
Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Earphones Check Price
Mivi Thunder Beats Wireless Earphones Check Price
CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Earphone Check Price
Focal Spark Wireless Earphones Check Price
TAGG Inferno Bluetooth Headset Check Price
JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Headset Check Price
JBL T110BT In-Ear Wireless Headphone Check Price
TaoTronics BH07 Wireless Earphones Check Price

Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000 in India 2022 [Bluetooth Headset]

OnePlus Buds Z True Wireless Earphones

OnePlus Buds Z

If you are looking for an earphone that can offer you great comfort along with an elegant design, then you should buy this earphone. It is the earphone that comes with ease of use along with being the most preferred choice for sport-loving people. It comes loaded with features that will give you an amazing sound quality along with fitting within an affordable price range.

Talking firstly about its design, it comes with an ergonomic design with a 45-degree oblique angled design that can comfortably fit in the ears. Moreover, these earphones do not move out or tangle in between them when you are moving or using them during your sports activities because these don’t even have wire.

It makes use of bluetooth v5.0 with latest Dirac Audio Tuner digital technology to stream HD music in the best possible manner. This earbud protects the eardrums of the users from possible damage and outside noises. And if you are one of those who doesn’t like to miss any music beat, then the offered impedance of 32 ohm of this earphone will do complete justice to that need.

It offers a good experience in music delivery along with balanced output. This particular model of earphone comes with a better bass response than the previous models. This earphone is sweat-resistant and thus can be comfortably used during workouts and running activities as well.

This earphone offers a battery life of 20-hours and takes around 1 complete hour for getting charged. You will love using this earphone for its offered comfort, attractive design, and amazing sound quality.


  • No disturbance from outside noise
  • Adjustable fit
  • Can be used during sport activities
  • Inlined Microphone
  • Truly Wireless

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Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Handset (Neckband)

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000, Skullcandy Ink'd Bluetooth Handset (Neckband)

This earphone is one of the popular choices of many people when it comes to budget earphones. Considering the popularity of this brand, they have launched this bluetooth earphone within 3000 for their users. And believe us, this earphone is something that you will love for every bit that it has to offer.

This earphone comes with an interesting design that attracts the eyes of everyone instantly. It also has the potential to add the needed cool factor to its users and thus is preferred by most of the younger generation. Along with the attractive design, this earphone is quite comfortable when it comes to its features and usage.

The earphone is light-weight and thus you can easily carry it all day long without feeling a thing around your neck. The rubber neckband of this earphone is comfortable as well as sweat resistant and thus makes the perfect choice to be used in all the seasons. Also, the neckband is flexible and thus can be packed anywhere without breaking it.

Moving to the quality features that it gives for the amazing sound. The inline remote and the mic of this earphone are of high-quality and thus you can enjoy uninterrupted voice calls. The 8-hours battery life of this earphone makes it quite convenient to have continuous talks with your loved ones.

It comes with 2-years warranty along with an in-built microphone. The bluetooth version available in this earphone is that of v4.1 which offers an amazing response to the user’s needs.

All the control buttons are placed on the neckband which balances the weight distribution of this earphone and makes it even more comfortable. This earphone lets you enjoy every beat of your favorite music without any interruptions. Overall, this earphone is the best combination of fashion accessory and amazing sound quality.


  • Elegant design
  • Amazing build quality
  • Excellent sound quality with Extra bass
  • 33 Feet wireless range
  • 8hr Battery life only in 2hrs charging
  • Comes with Inbuilt Mic

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Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Earphones (Neckband)

Samsung Level U

If you are looking for an earphone that can offer you some amazing sound quality and also comes under the reliability of a well-known and popular brand name, then you can try this Samsung earphone. It is a behind the neck earphone which is well-suited for listening to music and voice calls on the go. The build quality of this earphone is of high-quality and you will never face any issues while using this earphone.

The long-lasting battery life and the pleasing sound output are two of its strongest points which tend to impress the users. The neckband is perfect for those who don’t like their earphones hanging around. Also, the neckband is extremely light-weight and thus can be easily carried along during the travel and journey.

All the buttons controls are available on the neck of this earphone and thus are easily accessible. The ergonomic design of this bluetooth headset helps the users to get the perfect fit along with maximum noise cancellation. The earpieces adjust their fitting in such a manner that these earphones become one preferred choice to be used for outdoor activities.

The speaker and the mic available inside this earphone offer the maximum sound quality. Along with this, the bass quality offered by this earphone does not feel artificial and do complete justification with the desired sound quality. One effective feature of this earphone is that it comes with 2 mic facility; one out of which cancels the outdoor noise and the other ensures to deliver the best sound quality.

It offers 10-hours battery life both for listening to music and talking on the voice calls. The bluetooth connection of this earphone is stable and does not fluctuate with movements and distance.


  • Excellent battery life
  • Great sound quality
  • Amazing build quality

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Mivi Thunder Beats (BE41-SG) Wireless Earphones

Mivi Thunder Beats Wireless Earphones

Within no time, this earphone has become one of the most popular wireless bluetooth earphones in India. Thanks to its amazing design and comfortable usage, this earphone would make your experience of using earphones to reach another level. In general, this earphone best suits the bass head users.

The design of this earphone is so made that it will make you nostalgic along with making you remember the old design.  The outer packing of this earphone comes in a hard case which makes it easy to travel with these earphones. The build quality of this earphone completely justifies the price charged for this earphone.

The earpieces fit perfectly in the ear and thus offer an amazing and comfortable listening experience. The metal casing of this earphone looks and feels premium and thus adds the needed style quotient for its users. Along with this, the outer casing of this earphone is magnetic which allows the two earpieces to stick with one another without actually tangling around.

You will love the use of this earphone if you are a bass head. As the name suggests, this earphone comes with extra heavy bass which totally impresses the users. However, this model is not suitable if you are planning to listen more of the vocals.

It comes with 1-year of warranty along with 7-hours of battery life. The bluetooth version used in this earphone is that of v4.1 which assures the users to deliver only quality sound. The connection offered by this earphone is stable and does not drop the signals within the radius.

One great advantage that comes with this earphone is that it can be paired with 2 devices at a time. Overall, it will impress you with its design and thumping bass sound.


  • Robust remote functions
  • Impressive magnetic look
  • Bass-rich sound quality
  • Tangle Free Cord
  • 20m  Bluetooth range

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CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Headset

CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Headset

CrossBeats is one such brand that designs earphones for each and every one. These are designed for every possible ear types and size and thus provide an incredibly comfortable fitting to the users. It comes with ear hooks with which it stabilizes its adjustment in the ears and offers the maximum comfort to the users.

It has been so designed to offer incredible HD sound through the earpiece. Therefore, if you don’t want to miss any single beat of your music when listening to the songs on the earphones, then this earphone would make the best choice out of the available options. It makes use of bluetooth version v4.1 which ensures to offer a stable connection between the earphone and the device.

If you don’t want to get disturbed from the outside noises, then the ear-tip design of this earphone blocks all the unnecessary noise from the outside. This feature also helps in offering the maximum protection to the user’s eardrums. Other than this, these earphones also offer the maximum flexibility to its users so that they can use this model as and when needed.

Another amazing quality that you get with this earphone is that of sweat resistance and water resistance. You can use these earphones under all weather conditions without any problems and hassles.

This earphone can be used for a maximum time of 8-hours of continuous talking and listening to music. Along with this, you also get 1-year of warranty on this earphone against the possible defects and problems that may occur. Overall, this earphone is designed to offer you with the maximum convenience and comfort while using and an uninterrupted crystal clear sound quality which you will fall in love with.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Water and sweat resistant (IPX-7 Rated Bluetooth Headset)
  • High flexibility
  • Upto 08 hrs battery Life

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Focal Spark Wireless Earphones

Focal Spark Wireless Earphones

If you are looking for an earphone that offers you the exact value for your money, then this earphone would be the best choice to pick. Known for its high-quality products in the European market, within no time Focal Spark has made its distinguished position in the Indian market as well. This earphone will offer you an amazing music listening experience along with high-quality voice calls which totally impress you.

It has been launched with a premium design that will impress you by catching your attention. The material used for building this earphone is also high-quality and thus you will face no problem while using these earphones for any of your use. These earphones will last longer than you can expect for an earphone.

The ear tips are semi-transparent and are made using silicone and thus are sweat resistant. They also offer you with anti-slip fitting in the ear, which makes them comfortable to be used during motion or running time. The flat style cable is a little short but yet is strong enough to resist tangling and other damages.

The electrodynamic driver that is used in this earphone is so that it offers maximum bass sound with very minimal noise interruptions. With the offered sensitivity of 103dB, these earphones know how to strike a balance between the desired output and outside noise. Along with expecting best bass sound, this earphone can also be used for amazing mid and high-level sounds.

The in-built aptX codec functionality of this earphone helps in improving the sound quality, especially during the call. It offers a battery life up to 8-hours and takes about 2-hours for getting completely charged. The elegant and attractive design along with pleasing performance makes this earphone one of the best in the market.


  • Excellent sound output
  • Tangle-resistant cable
  • Decent build

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TAGG Inferno Wireless Earphones

TAGG Inferno Wireless Earphones, Best Bluetooth Earphones under 3000 (2022)

TAGG has been active in the Indian market for quite some time now and thus has been successful in developing a distinguished position for itself in the market. It is an earphone which is the best for being used for sports activities along with offering better battery life. This is an earphone that offers value for your money in all the best possible ways.

The very first thing that you will notice and appreciate in this earphone is its design. The ergonomic design of this earphone along with the supportive ear tips makes sure that it maintains its position, irrespective of the varying activities. Also, all the buttons available on this earphone are tactile and easy to use without any problem of hanging or false feedback.

The bluetooth quality of this earphone is that similar to the Qualcomm which ensures delivering the desired value for money. Other than this, all the buttons available on this earphone are easily accessible and thus delivers the maximum comfort to the users. Along with this, this earphone can be effectively used for getting the on-point bass sound quality without any artificial sound effects.

The Qualcomm CVC 6.0 technology ensures to reduce the outside noise and thus promises to deliver the clear and accurate listening experience. The nano-coating on the earpieces makes them sweat and water resistant and as a result, you can use them as and when needed. You can be sure of the fact that the earpiece will not fall out abruptly when in use.

With this earphone, you will get a battery life of 9-hours with which you can continue listening to music and calls to your loved ones without any interruptions. Overall, this earphone has solid design and also offers high-quality sound.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Effective noise reduction technology
  • May feel bulky at times

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JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless Earbud

JBL T205BT Pure Bass Wireless Earbud

JBL products have a loyal and huge fan following throughout the world and the same thing can be seen in the Indian market. The JBL earphone will offer you amazing sound quality within an affordable price range. JBL earphone is one of the best earphones that deliver natural sound quality for the vocals and light music.

This JBL earphone is designed using plastic which is of high-quality and thus you can expect no hassles and problems while using this earphone model. Thanks to the use of plastic for making this earphone, it feels light-weight and thus is easy to travel with. The earpieces available of these earphones fit in perfectly in the ears of the users and as a result, it can be used during running and other outdoor activities.

The dynamic drives used in this earphone ensure to deliver an amazing sound quality to all those who love to listen to light music using this earphone. The natural bass sound quality along with minimum distortions never fails to impress its users. The frequency of this earphone ranges in between 20-20,000Hz with which you can be sure of never missing any of the music beat.

It comes with 3-button universal remote which is compatible with almost all the smartphones in the market. The volume and call button are placed at a feasible distance and thus can be easily accessed. The microphone is located at the bottom side and is quite very efficient in picking up crystal clear sound.

It offers an uninterrupted battery life of 8-hours and also gets charged very quickly. If you love JBL brand and want an earphone that can deliver you with natural sound quality, then this earphone would do complete justice to your needs.


  • Elegant design
  • High-end compatibility
  • Effective microphone quality

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JBL T110BT In-Ear Wireless Headphone

JBL T110BT In-Ear Wireless Headphone

JBL is one of the popular brands that come with some effective features and design to offer to its users. It can be your perfect companion when you are looking for an effective yet affordable earphone that delivers amazing sound quality. With this JBL model, you can get amazing sound quality without compromising much on the budget.

The one thing that you can be sure of when buying this JBL earphone is to get an amazing bass sound quality. Other than this, you can also expect to get perfect sound quality during the voice calls. The in-built microphone in this earphone picks every bit of sound while listening to music and on calls along with reducing the maximum of outdoor noises.

It comes with magnetic cable management which ensures that the earphone remains at its position, even when it is used during the outdoor activities. The earphones remain tangle-free and do not cause any irritation when wrapped around the neck. It comes with 3-button universal remote which is compatible with all the available smartphones.

This earphone offers 6-hours of battery life and also comes with 1-year of warranty against the possible defects and problems. Its use is comfortable and you can try your hands on this earphone without any hassles and problems. Another feature that you will love about this earphone is that it is extremely light-weight.

If you are looking for an earphone that can offer you heavy bass, then this earphone would not do complete justification to that. This earphone is designed to offer moderate bass sound quality. Overall, this earphone will do complete justice to all your needs and expectations that you have from your earphone.


  • Amazing sound quality
  • Meant for moderate bass and not for heavy bass
  • High impedance and long battery life

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TaoTronics BH07 Wireless Earphones

TaoTronics BH07 Wireless Earphones

These are one of the best earphones available in the Indian market. It has a minimal design yet it attracts the users towards it with its good looks. You will instantly fall in love with the design and looks of this earphone.

If you are a sports lover and want an earphone that you can use during your workouts, then this earphone is something that you need. The earpieces of these earphones are so made that they do not get tangled around also do they fall out of the ear quite frequently. Thus, these earphones are also the best and preferred choice to be used in gyms.

The built-in magnets attached to the earpieces allow you to keep them sticking to one another when not in use. This makes the traveling quite easy and convenient with the earphones. It is flexible enough to be used as and when needed by the users along with being comfortable in the use.

You can also be sure of receiving only the best sound quality as this earphone comes with CVC noise isolation technology that cuts the outside noise efficiently. The use of the latest bluetooth version of v4.1 offers a stable connection with almost all types of smartphones. You can enjoy the seamless experience with the latest bluetooth version without facing any interruptions.

It comes with a battery life of 5-hours along with the standby time of 175-hours. This means you can enjoy the amazing sound quality without any hassles. Overall, this earphone is great for users who are looking for a stylish and affordable model of earphone that can work well with all types of smartphones and devices with maximum convenience and comfort.


  • Excellent and attractive design
  • Suitable for moderate bass sound quality
  • Easy and convenient to use earpieces


Skullcandy JIB Wireless Earphones

Skullcandy JIB Wireless Earphones

This is another amazing earphone from the Skullcandy that is designed for offering the best sound quality to the user. Coming from the well-known brand, the users can totally rely on the build quality and also for the sound quality. Along with this, the earphone comes in an attractive design that can attract any user instantly.

The in-built microphone of this earphone is so that it only catches the desired sounds of the voice calls and music and avoids or cuts the unnecessary noises. The in-line microphone and multi-function remote of this earphone allow the users to access all the desired functions without even touching the phone. All the buttons are available at accessible positions and this increases the convenience of usage for the users.

This earphone offers you a battery life of 6-hours with which you can enjoy continuous and long-lasting calls and music. You also get an indication when the battery gets low with the help of wireless jib. Thanks to the bluetooth version of v4.0, you get a stable connection throughout all your needs and requirements.


  • Attractive design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Easy and convenient to use and travel


Best Bluetooth Earphones Under 3000

These are Best Bluetooth Earphones Under  3000

  • OnePlus Buds Z True Wireless Earphones
  • Skullcandy Ink’d Bluetooth Headset (Neckband)
  • Samsung Level U Pro Wireless Earphones (Neckband)
  • Mivi Thunder Beats Wireless Earphones
  • CrossBeats Wave Bluetooth Earphone
  • Focal Spark Wireless Earphones
  • TAGG Inferno Bluetooth Headset
  • JBL T205BT Pure Bass Bluetooth Headset
  • JBL T110BT In-Ear Wireless Headphone
  • TaoTronics BH07 Wireless Earphones
  • Skullcandy Jib Wireless Earphones



Without a doubt, the OnePlus Buds Z True Wireless Earphones is the winner when you are looking for an earphone that can deliver you with best sound quality and also looks stylish in its appearance. With this earphone, you can be sure to just receive the desired sound quality with a maximum reduction in the outside noises.

If you still have any doubts and concerns about any of the earphone model, then please do comment below. We will reach out to you with the best possible information and information. We would be really happy to help you choose the best and the most suitable earphone for you.

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