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What is the recommended power for a blender? How do I know which blender to buy? All this and more, I will solve it with these fantastic tips to acquire your new appliance.


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How to Buy The Best Blender For Your Kitchen

How to Buy The Best Blender For Your Kitchen


broadly speaking, we find 3 levels. It is best to have at least 325 watts of power, preferably with a jar, glass or metal container and two possible rod changes. If the pocket tightens, don’t worry, there are very economical options with these features. It’s just a matter of looking!


300 watts:

they are the cheapest blenders. Beware of intensive use and tough ingredients.


500-600 watts:

The rest watts provide more strength and resistance to the engine. It will make it longer to use.


700 watts or more:

from this power, it will not only mix and crush whatever you want but will hold you to use it daily.



the more speeds the appliance allows us, the better finishes and textures we can achieve. It also allows us to take better care of the engine. In cup mixers or kneaders, the control can be a swivel wheel, although, in the high ranges, you can also find touch and programmable buttons.


Size and weight:

some blenders weigh 3, 4 and up to 8 kilos, so they have to be fixed in the kitchen usually. Is your kitchen big enough for it? Do you think you can handle it easily? Do you really need one that big if there’s only two of you at home?


Materials and design:

Depending on the type of blender, you can find some stainless steel or plastic pieces. Steel will always make the appliance better withstand the passage of time.


Vessel material:

the glass can have three materials: plastic (not recommended), reinforced glass and stainless steel.



this point is critical if, at home, you are several people. The glass’s capacity will involve how much mixture or dough you will be able to make at a time.



in the case of hand mixers, you have to take special care with this point. In the most basic range, the blender has only two blades. Ideally, you have four, two that move and lift while the other two are the ones that cut.


Speeds and programs:

the more speeds, the more precision you can give your recipes. Preset pre-programs or features also go great to make things easier for us.


Ease of access to spare parts:

sometimes it is inevitable, and we break a blender piece. Many brands allow us to buy loose spare parts. It is always interesting to check this before making the purchase.



exceptional at this point in hand mixers and kneading mixers. Only the measuring cup is usually included as an accessory in the most basic range for hand mixers. Instead, if we invest a little more money, you can bring the chopper and the mounting rods.



it is clear that the more professional and the more accessories you have, the more expensive it will be. That’s why it’s best to take a look at comparisons, wait for special days like Black Friday or stick to your budget. There is quality, always!


Buy a Blender According to the Price

As with any small appliance, the price of the blender will also determine its quality. It is normally always to find three ranges:

Low prices in blenders:

in this basic range, the powers are usually minimal. This influences your stamina and strength when crushing.


Average prices:

the watts go up and with them the ability to crush. Power will make you able to achieve finer or smoother textures. In this range, you will also see better finishes.


Professional blenders:

as we said, the price results in quality. In this range, the power hits an important rise. Also, it is normal that almost the entire appliance is finished in stainless steel.

Besides hand mixers and kneaders, the blender usually brings more accessories in this price range.

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