Best Air Purifier in India 2022

After 18 hours of search and comparison among 14 models, the Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL stands out as the most attractive solution.In addition to its Night mode silent and its sensors for the automatic adjustment of the speed, it has four levels of filtration, including one named “NanoCaptur”, which is particularly effective on formaldehyde, it picks up and retains in its small granules.


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How to Choose Best Air Purifier?

Useful for controlling the indoor air quality (who, according to Air&me, is eight times more polluted than the air outside), and necessary if you suffer from allergies, asthma or other breathing problems, air purifiers are difficult to choose, if only because of the many models present on the market and the use one wants to make.

Note that an air purifier does not have the same role as a fan (which has been brewing in the air) or an air-conditioner (that cools), although some devices combine the functionality.

To establish this selection, we first looked at the different types of existing filters :

  • HEPA filter: this is the best known and most effective of them all. It consists of a paper that is very dense, which filter most of the airborne pollutants, the most harmful. Products that are certified True HEPA are the most reliable, as they eliminate up to 99.97% of microscopic particles! However, this type of filter has no action against odours and chemical fumes.
  • The filter ionic: it is a technology of filtration by the emission of a cloud of negatively charged ions in the air. It removes dust, spores and fungi, VOCS, and even some bacteria and viruses. This filtration system, however, is not recommended for people with asthma, because the ion generator to release the residue of ozone in the air, which are considered as irritants to the lungs.
  • The filter of carbon or activated charcoal: with this system, millions of pores absorbent aspire, smoke, gases and odours. This filter is never used alone because its primary function is not to eliminate the particles that are harmful to health but rather to rid the air of those who give off bad smells.
  • The UV filter: it is a technology that emits an invisible light which attacks the pollutants using the UV-C ray ultra-violet. Its main objective is to kill the bacteria and virus to keep the environment clean and sterile.
  • The pre-filtering of the air: it allows to identify the large particles present in the air (such as hair and pet hair) before passing through the filter itself. Indeed, if the latter was in constant contact with these large particles, the air purifier would be less effective and less sustainable. The pre-filter, usually washable, is often composed of woven nylon or foam.


Here are also some clues that are useful to know :

  • The index ACH: this coefficient indicates the number of changes of air made by the air purifier every hour and determines the efficiency of your device. Generally, the devices will indicate an ACH 4x, 5x, 6x, etc, the higher this number is, the more the air purifier is efficient.
  • The CADR: it indicates the rate of production of clean air to the device and represents the ability of the purifier to eliminate cigarette smoke, dust and pollen. The higher this number is, the more the air purifier is effective. Unfortunately, not all air purifiers do not display this information on their packaging. Once these concepts are acquired, it is important to orient themselves to the main features related to the purifiers which will enable us to refine our searches and get only the best.
  • The noise level: the noise is obviously an important criterion to take into account, especially if your purifier is designed for a professional environment or night use. Air purifiers with HEPA filters or charcoal still have a fan to accumulate the air to purify, making them noisier at full speed. Some carry, however, a night mode or silent, during which the fan turns slower for less noise.
  • Maintenance costs: the equipment with a HEPA filter and an activated carbon require a routine change of the filter to strictly adhere if you want an air purifier that lasts. It is quite normal, given that these filters capture particles that may eventually clog and prevent it from correctly do their work of purification. So look at the recommendations of the manufacturer and evaluate the price it’s going to cost at each filter change.
  • Consumption of electricity: you have the choice between devices that do not consume more than 50 W and others that may use up to 200 W when they turn back. You see the duration for which you want to use your air purifier (the peaks in your electricity bill will depend on it). We decided to focus on our selection of templates to use on a regular basis or to clean up a large part (up to 27 m2 for the smallest scope).
  • The dedicated application: some air cleaners operate with an application smartphone/tablet that gives you access to many more or less interesting during the phase of cleaning the air. Some applications can even choose the type of pollutants to eliminate and give an indication of the quality of the air in real-time. This feature, however, is generally reserved for high-end devices.

Taking into account all of these characteristics, we are able to perform initial filtering to keep only a dozen models on the twenty available.

Then, by consulting specialized sites, as well as numerous user reviews on sites dedicated to and trust, we have made our selection of the 6 best air purifiers on the market today.


10 Best Air Purifier in India 2022-2021

Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL PU6020F0

Rowenta Intense Pure Air XL PU6020F0

Effective thanks to its four levels of filtration, including the NanoCaptur that retains the formaldehyde, this purifier has an indicator light telling you in real-time the quality of the ambient air.

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The Intense Pure Air XL Rowenta is distinguished by the presence, among its four filtration systems, a filter NanoCaptur. It is composed of small granules with the aim to capture the formaldehyde gas commonly present in indoor air but potentially carcinogenic, and especially not to release it.

It is complemented by a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. Therefore, it is effective also on the most pollutants, dust and odours. It displays a flow of air CADR 310 m3/h, suitable for an area up to 80 m2.

The banner command is judged to be rather intuitive by the users. Its slight incline allows you to quickly view the settings.

In addition to the four-speed, this purifier can be set on a Night mode, more discreet, or on an Auto mode. The latter is only possible thanks to the presence of two sensors, one for ambient pollution, the other for gases, in which the sensitivity can be adjusted in three levels. The device adjusts its speed to the quality measured in the air.

An indicator light tells you the state of pollution of the room: it then passes to blue (good air quality) to purple (medium) to red (bad). You can use it both in automatic mode as in manual mode, to know at any time what speed to choose.

It is also possible to set a start or a delayed stop of 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours, thanks to the timer.

Two indicators let you know when it is time to change the HEPA filter and the active carbon filter. The pre-filter cleans, itself, regularly with a vacuum cleaner or even water.

It is, however, unfortunate that no witness indicates the saturation of the filter NanoCaptur so that it is located behind all the others. Only your regular monitoring of the colour of the granule (become reddish) you can find, demounted, therefore, the entire filtration system.

This default set aside, the Intense Pure Air XL from Rowenta is an efficient appliance for large areas, with average energy use and noise levels particularly low in Night mode (at around 30 dB only, compared with more than 50 dB at high speed).


Pro Breeze 5-in-1 Air Purifier

Pro Breeze 5-in-1

As its name suggests, this purifier carries no less than four filtration systems and a generator of negative ions for performance is effective over an area up to 45 m2.

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This purifier displays of amazing performance for a price that is so affordable. In addition to its 4 filter systems, it features a negative ion generator for an optimal purification of all types of pollutants present in the air.

It displays as a flow of clean air to 218 m3/h making it suitable to cover a surface area of 45 m2. Therefore, it can be as good a room as a stay or an office. It is also easy to move since it only weighs 4.5 kg. His power of 45 W remains in a reasonable average.

The touch-sensitive control panel is located on the top of the device and allows you to select the settings of the air purifier, among which are the speed (on three levels), the activation of the ion generator the negative, but also a timer (to start and automatic stop after 1, 2 or 4 hours) and a night mode, rather silent after the users.

What surprising in the Pro Breeze, this is the number of filters it uses. In addition to the prefilter, it is equipped with a HEPA filter, a carbon filter, a filter catalyst cold that eliminates any impurity remaining, and a system of negative ion generator, in a very large sum, allows them to attach themselves to the effects of the positive ions in the air and make them fall.

The filter is driven for about 5000 hours of use, at which time the standby button starts to flash. Of course, it is advisable to perform a cleansing on a regular basis with a vacuum cleaner to prolong the life, all the more that the replacement filters are not given.

In the end, it is an air purifier, which integrates some interesting technologies for a price yet accessible. Of course, this is not the most compact of its range, but it has the big advantage of being able to be used on a larger surface.


Philips AC2887/10 Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

With its three automatic modes and a system of dual display of the quality of the air, this purifier offers a management system seems to be rather complete. Its Night mode is also really quiet.

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Equipped with three filters, this purifier has sensors that can analyze the air quality according to three modes intelligent Auto, Allergens and Viruses and bacteria. The operating speed can be adjusted in five levels, to treat surfaces up to 80 m2, with a flow of air announced to 333 m3/h.

The pre-filter blocks large particles such as hair and pet dander, while the carbon filter traps gases and odours, and the HEPA filter takes care of the nanoparticles.

The automatic is connected to a sensor AeraSense, which identifies the fine particles and allergens, and adapts the settings of the air purifier to the level of air quality detected. A digital display shows you exactly the number of fine particles (PM2,5) to be filtered.

A ring of light shows you in real-time the quality of the ambient air. If it is blue, the air is clean. Depending on the degree of pollution detected, it then switches gradually to pink, purple, and red. Note that the light intensity is adjustable, which is great depending on the sensitivity of each individual.

The control panel is clear and easy to use. Three-speed basic can be selected, in addition to a Silent mode for the night, and a Turbo mode in which the intensity is particularly effective. An indicator light will illuminate when it is time to replace the filters (pre-filter maintains, independently, with a vacuum cleaner and/or water).

If it is truly silent in Night mode, the sound level increases to 53 dB in Turbo mode, which will therefore be to focus on a short period of time in a room where you are not present. And in spite of a consequent size (7,7 kg), it is easy to move thanks to the integrated handle.


Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier

Levoit LV-H132

Basic but effective, it is a compact model, the scope of which is 20 m2 (the equivalent of a room or an office). It features three levels of filtration and is very easy to use.

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Very compact, this air purifier is a model of the basic but effective. It features three levels of filtration and is very easy to use. Its scope is 20 m2, which is equivalent to an office or a bedroom.

In addition to the pre-filter used to collect the dust thick, one finds the traditional HEPA filter, allowing for the elimination of impurities of microscopic size, and activated carbon filter for odours. These last two are not washable and must be changed every 6 to 9 months approximately.

The device features four intuitive buttons: the first one indicating the power, the second to adjust the fan speed (according to three intensities), the third indicating the need for a filter change, and the last to adjust the intensity of the light.

Indeed, this device shows a constant blue light, more or less intense (two levels) according to your preferences. This may bother the more sensitive during the night, but many appreciate this little night light.

Thanks to its small 3 pounds and its diameter of only 20 cm, you can easily move it from room to room in the house. It must be borne in mind that, despite an index CADR of 68 m3/h, its effectiveness is the best on the first eight meters square. To take advantage of its benefits, it is necessary, therefore, to be in its field of action direct.

The noise level is, finally, varies from 25 to 40 dB depending on the intensity chosen. The majority of the users find it quite a little noisy to sleep with, but some are inconvenienced. As for the intensity of the light diodes, it depends on the sensibilities of everyone.

Interesting Alternative for smaller budgets, we must not expect too much out of the Levoit LV-H132, but the opinions converge to say that he did what we asked of him, neither more nor less. If you are looking for more capacity, the model LV-PUR131, more complete, and with a CADR of 230 m3/h (30 m2), represents a price/quality ratio is just as interesting.


Alps Technology Alps XL Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier

With its five levels of filtration and a flow of purified air to 215 m3/h, this purifier represents an interesting alternative in its price range, suited to virtually all parts of the house.

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Thanks to a flow of purified air (CADR) of 215 m3/h, this purifier is suitable for most rooms in the house (up to 40 m2). Very complete, it features five levels of filtration.

In addition to the usual HEPA filters H13 (for small particles), activated charcoal (for odours) and dust, it provides a filter to the catalysis of cold, targeting formaldehyde, and an ionizer. This last double the effectiveness of other filters acting on air pollution (viruses, pollen, exhaust gases, etc). It shows a performance of 10 million ions/cm3/second and is deactivated by a simple button.

Note that these filters, located at the rear of the unit, are all very easy to access for maintenance and renewal of facilities.

The touch control panel is simple to use. The ventilation can be adjusted in three intensities, but the device also features a Night mode that switches to slow speed and reduces the intensity of the leds. It also offers a timer and off delay (1, 2, or 4 hours).

Despite a sound level little discreet (30 to 60 dB depending on the speed of ventilation), most users say they are very satisfied with its operation and effectiveness. They enjoy, moreover, that it is fairly easy to get replacement filters and that the company provide a SERVICE effective.

For the number of levels of filtration it uses and a CADR honourable, it seems to us, represent an interesting alternative in its price range.


De’longhi AC230 Air Purifier

De'longhi AC230

Equipped with intelligent sensors and five filters, including an ionizer and a filter to UV radiation, this purifier has a system of an air handling especially efficient and quiet.

If Delonghi ad on this purifier, suitable for surfaces up to 80 m2, not less than five filtration systems different, especially it is the only model of our selection to offer a filter to UV radiation, which is effective against bacteria and gases, and requiring no maintenance.

It is complemented by a filter, NANO-silver, effective to 99% against most of the pathogens, a filter 2-in-1 HEPA and activated carbon to the particles and smells, and a pre-filter for particles thicker. Of all these, only the HEPA filter/active carbon must be replaced (about every 6 months), which limits frankly, the cost.

The ionizer built-in comes double the efficiency of the purifier by neutralizing the positive ions, charged particles of pollution, bacteria and other allergens. The flow of fresh air, then, is 255 m3/h.

The quality of the air can be seen in a glance thanks to the LED lights that change colour according to the level detected, orange if it is bad, green is average, blue is good). They work with sensors, AQS (Air Quality System), as is the Automatic mode which adjusts only the speed of the device (on three levels possible).

The control panel is simple and intuitive. The timer lets you program the automatic shutdown after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours, but it is rather surprising not to find on this model for Night mode, however, the usual product of this price range. However, the noise level at low speed is judged to be fairly low-key by the users as well as for night-time operation.

If the AC 230 clearly is not the purifier, the most elegant of our selection, it is nevertheless effective in terms of filtration, with an energy consumption reasonable, making it a good high-end alternative.


Honourable Mentions

Honeywell HPA100WE:

with a flow of pure air of 170 m3/h, this small purifier is a device perfect to clean up from time to time a room or a room in your home (up to 14 m2). Thanks to its pre-filter and its filter, True HEPA, the most users also felt that it is effective without being too noisy. However, we have focused on in this selection of devices that are intended to ensure that the quality of air more constant in a room to live in.


Blueair Pure Blue 411: 

extremely compact, this purifier is suitable for smaller spaces up to 15 m2. It uses mechanical filtration and electrostatic, but is no less powerful, with a flow of air from all the same of 180 m3/h (for the fumes) to 200 m3/h (dust and pollens). It is a purifier is also very simple to use since only one button is to trigger to control speed. For the price, its features are very limited.


Dyson TP04: 

this model combines the functions of a fan and a purifier. He embarked for this second feature a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. It can also oscillate at 350° for projecting the purified air throughout the room. Its sensors analyze in real-time the quality of the air, adjust the performance of the device and send the data to your smartphone. Finally, it is controlled remotely, either via Alexa (voice command) or via the remote control. Its price is, however, as many devices Dyson, very high.

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