10 Best Air Fryers in India 2022 that You Can Buy on Amazon

Air Fryers, more commonly known as electric fryers, are essential appliances for those looking for a healthier diet, whether to boost the food preparation process or for those who are simply tired of dealing with oil frying.

Even so, there are still many questions about how they work, what they serve, if there is any danger, among several other issues that run through the internet.

That’s why we’ve put together a complete explanation of everything you need to know before deciding whether or not to buy a device like this, and if you decide you want one of them at your counter, we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best Air Fryers to buy in 2022, right below!


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Best Air Fryers In India 2022

1. Oster Multifunctional Fryer

Oster Multifunctional Fryer


This Oster electric fryer was not chosen for nothing. Among the top three best-selling deep fryers and carrying Amazon’s label, Oster’s Air Fryer has incredible Hot Air technology to make your food prepared at the highest quality and speed possible, while maintaining all the necessary safety standards.

Air Fryer comes with two regulators, one for temperature and one for time, plus a touch-sensitive digital panel, so you can directly select which food you want to prepare within a list of the most commonly prepared items in the fryer.

Main Features:

  • Capacidade de até 3,2 litros
  • Includes baking pan, grill and a book with 30 recipes
  • Digital Touch Panel


2. Midea 4L AirFryer

Midea 4L AirFryer

Midea’s oil-free AirFryer didn’t make our list by chance. The first thing that draws attention among the functions that are offered by this fryer is the safety it offers in its handling. While the AirFryer is operating, a safety lock prevents the internal basket from being removed. If the lock is turned off, a sensor automatically switches off the device for safe removal from the tray.

Another great differential is in the design and materials used in the internal tray and basket itself, made of non-stick material for greater practicality, allowing them to be washed not only by hand but also using a dishwasher.

Main Features:

  • Capacity up to 4 litres
  • The inner basket that can be washed both manually and in the dishwasher
  • Safety lock and shutdown sensor


3. Arno Electric Fryer


Another option among the top 3 sellers on Amazon, this fryer is a great choice for those who do not have much space on the counter and do not want to have to worry about storing a large appliance after use every time. Its compact design allows it to fit in almost all kitchens and its ease of use ensures healthy and tasty foods.

Another major problem that some electric fryers encounter is cleaning. When the basket and the inner tub are made without proper care, parts of the food such as the bottom of cheese bread, for example, may become glued due to the temperature inside the appliance. With Arno’s non-stick tub and a basket of materials, this does not happen.

Main Features:

  • Compact design that doesn’t take up much space (capacity up to 1.6 litres)
  • Non-stick basket and tub so that food does not stick during preparation
  • Can be used for frying, baking, gratin and grilling


4. Mondial Oil-Free Fryer

Mondial Oil-Free Fryer

Mondial is known for its high-quality products, and this Airfryer is not out of the rule. Its distinctive design and red colour are immediately noticeable and will bring life and colourful touch to the kitchen.

The panel is made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust or corrosion through the damp kitchen environment. On the front, two lamps indicate whether the product is on and if it is heated, so you know immediately if everything is working properly.

If you want to prepare food with a lot of quality, without having to worry about dirt or smoke around the house, but still keeping the taste, this fryer is a great choice with an affordable price, amazing features and nice appearance.

Main Features:

  • Capacidade de até 3,2 litros
  • Lamps on the front panel indicate the operation and heating of the product.
  • Stainless steel panel


5. Multilaser Air Fryer

Multilaser Air Fryer

Sometimes simplicity is the best option. Although this Multilaser Air Fryer doesn’t have as many differentiated functions as some of our lists, that’s exactly why it’s here.

You may not want a fryer with a digital panel or smart sensors, with advanced settings and numerous indicators. These functions are interesting, but they raise the price of the product a lot and are not always used.

If you want an electric fryer that can fry, bake, toast and gratin your food quickly and healthily, without using oil or fats, this option is indicated, with a very affordable price.

Main Features:

  • Capacity up to 4 litres
  • Non-stick tub to prevent food from sticking
  • Comes with a metal handle


6. Philips Walita Airfryer Live

Philips Walita Airfryer Live

The Philips Walita fryer is a good choice with a distinctive design, in white colour with details in red.

The Phillips brand is a brand of extreme confidence that offers a warranty on all its products and has technical assistance in all corners of Brazil, something important to consider when buying an appliance because even the best products can still be defective or need maintenance after some time.

Using Philips Rapid Air’s unique technology, Airfryer Viva prepares food quickly and healthily with a sound timer to let you know that food is ready and an automatic shutdown sensor to keep food from passing the point.

Main Features:

  • The capacity of 2.2 litres
  • Timer with an alarm so you can hear from afar.
  • Shutdown sensor to prevent food from burning


7. Britain Air Fry Digital


It’s past 2022, so no more huge buttons and unnecessarily large timers. Touch screen technology has taken over mobile phones, computers, so why not embrace it in your home appliances too?

All the functions of this fryer are controlled by a digital panel at the top, with incredible touch sensitivity and immediate response.

Also, the timer function turns off the appliance automatically when the time comes to an end, i.e. you can put your cheese or potato bread in the basket, enter the frying time and temperature (or use the automatic buttons already programmed on the panel) and relax until the food is ready!

Main Features:

  • Capacidade de até 3,2 litros
  • Touch Screen Panel
  • Automatic shutdown sensor


8. Agratto Silver Airfryer

Agratto Silver Airfryer

An excellent option for those who value a quality product with an excellent price, Agratto’s Silver Airfryer is a compact fryer with a beautiful yet simple design, making it very well positioned regardless of the colours or materials of your kitchen.

Among its various benefits, the non-stick material of the tub and grill stands out, making it much easier at the time of cleaning and ensuring that food scraps are not accumulated. In the safety area, the handle of the tank has an automatic lock so that it cannot be accidentally removed while the appliance is in operation, ideal for those who have children at home.

Main Features:

  • Capacidade de 2,5 litres
  • Handle with safety lock
  • Non-stick tub and grill


9. Cadence Fryer Cook

Cadence Fryer Cook

Cadence’s fryer is made down to the smallest details thinking about practicality. With 7 different temperature levels (100ºC, 120ºC, 140ºC, 160ºC, 180ºC and 200ºC and defrost function), it ensures that you can prepare your food without worrying about burning it or overheating it.

To help with this, on its front, it includes a guide with time and temperature suggestions for the various types of foods that are commonly made in the fryer.

As for cleaning, it facilitates because all liquids and waste expelled during the frying process are deposited on a removable base, making cleaning both the grill and this base much easier and practical.

Main Features:

  • Capacity up to 2.6 litres
  • Easy-to-clean docked base
  • 6 temperature levels and defrost function


10. Mallory Grand Smart Air Fryer

Mallory Grand Smart Air Fryer

This is an option that combines a little bit of everything that electric fryers have special. Mallory’s Air Fryer is robust and powerful, with a simple yet enjoyable design.

In its functions and features, stands out the audible alarm that goes off when the timer comes to an end, so you can relax anywhere in your home while waiting for the preparation of your food.

For your safety, there is also a shutdown sensor in the tray, causing the product to be automatically turned off or cannot be turned on if the tray is removed or not properly seated, ensuring that your food is prepared safely.

Main Features:

  • The capacity of 4 litres
  • Audible alarm
  • Shutdown sensor


The Biggest Benefits Of Air Fryer

Nowadays, some several utensils and appliances promise to facilitate or improve our lives, but many of these products are very expensive and do not deliver what they promise. Therefore, it is important to know what real benefits such equipment will bring to your life, to avoid acquiring another appliance that will accumulate dust inside the cabinet.

Fortunately, this is not the case with Air Fryers, as they can not only be used efficiently and present an incredible efficiency, as preparing your food with one of these can bring several other benefits, such as the ones we will see below:

1. Does not use oil

One of the main problems of frying is in the presence of vegetable cooking oil that is commonly used in these dishes. Even for those who do not use oil, it is still common to use lard, the fat itself of the meat or several other ingredients to prepare the frying pan to receive the food that will be fried.

Although frying makes food taste better, everyone has read, heard or watched several warnings about how fat and oil are harmful to health, responsible for cardiovascular diseases, increased cholesterol and blood pressure shooting. This is because fat (whether it is natural from food or from frying the oil) clogs the arteries and causes severe damage to health.

Airfryer, however, does not need oil to “fry” the food. For those who really like the taste of frying, a slight amount of oil can be added, but the amounts are so smaller compared to that health risks are greatly diminished. Remembering that it fries as well as without oil, depends only on the personal preferences of those who are preparing the food.

2. Fast and convenient

Another big difference from standard frying is the speed and shape in which the Air Fryer does its function. Place the product in the food compartment, select the desired time via a panel of buttons and wait.

There is no need to be present in front of the stove or the worry of accidentally burning the food, as the whole process is stopped immediately when the timer comes to an end, usually with a sound or alarm loud and clear to warn you that your food is ready.

3. Easy to clean

Another essential part of this product is its hygiene and cleaning care. For starters, by not using oil or fats normally, the walls, the counter and even the ceiling of your kitchen will be free of splashes and stains caused during the frying process.

But in addition to containing all the waste within the Air Fryer itself, most products still have a specific area at the bottom for the accumulation of fluids or debris that have been expelled during frying.

All components that will come into contact with food and waste compartment (if any) are removable and dismountable, so you can wash and clean easily and conveniently, all while leaving electrical components elsewhere, so there is no risk of shock or short circuit.

4. Safety first

As mentioned earlier, Air Fryers do not generate splashes that can burn those who are preparing food, do not use oil that can be poured when hot, and have a timer to prevent food (or a curtain, papers, packaging, whatever is nearby) from burning and burning.

Therefore, it is much safer than a frying pan or other products related to hot food preparation, with some brands such as Phillips stating that even an eight-year-old can use an electric fryer without any problem or risk whatsoever.


What’s an Air Fryer?

Air Fryers in Brazil are more commonly known as “electric fryers”. In short, they are an appliance used to prepare food in a much healthier way, often even faster.

Precisely because they do not use (or use very little) oil and because the process of “frying” happens through hot air, food is prepared faster, much safer and generally healthier.

How does Air Fryer work?

The technology uses a cooking technique, i.e. uses hot air to achieve an effect equivalent to frying. Thanks to a propeller on the inside that ventilates the heated air at an extremely high speed, the food is cooked from the inside and creates a crispy layer on its surface.

The temperature reached inside the appliance is higher than that of an electric oven, but different from an oven where only heat is acting on food. At Air Fryer, contact with hot air at high speed is responsible for frying food.

Is there a risk when using an Air Fryer?

Because they do not use the oil by default, the health risks of the food consumed are greatly minimized.

As for the use of the device itself, the risks are minimized thanks to the state-of-the-art technology that is used in the production of this equipment. Almost all brands include timers and alarms to interrupt the frying process after a certain time and warn the user that the food is ready.

They may also include a safety tool, which prevents the frying compartment from opening during the process, or that interrupts the process if the compartment is opened, depending on the mark.


Conclusion on air fryers

Now that you know all the benefits and have taken your questions about electric fryers take a look at our selection of the 10 best Air Fryers to buy in 2022 and select a product that meets all your needs and fits in your pocket.

Remember to check the voltage of the device against the standard of your region to avoid problems with a newly purchased product. Also remember that although there are several brands and models, the main advantage of Air Fryer remains the same: the practical and healthy preparation of food safely and quickly!

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