Best Action Camera India 2022

How to buy an action camera?

Planning to buy an action camera? Here are some points that you shouldn’t miss on for being sure that you have the right image capturing tool in your hand.

1. The shape, size, and weight of the action camera

Mostly all the action cameras are made in box-shape which makes them suitable for chest mounting. However, if you prefer doing helmet mounting, then you should choose the bullet-shape design of the action cameras.

Talking about the size and weight, then you should look for the action camera which is lightest in weight and compact in size so that they can be used as and when needed


2. Image and video quality

You are buying the action camera for clicking images and thus this is one of the most important things that you should consider. The higher the value of the megapixels, the better will be the quality of image resolution. Also, 4k resolution is the highest video quality resolution available followed by 1080p and 720p value.

Therefore, you should look for an action camera which offers high megapixel value and high video quality option.


3. Field of View (FOV)

This is the area that an action camera can capture at any moment. Mostly the available action cameras offer wide angled FOV which sometimes causes distortion in the image and also appear with a fisheye effect.

So, you should choose the action camera which offers you to choose in between wide, medium and narrow FOV according to the needed image quality.


4. Durability

You should always opt for a camera which is durable since you would be using it for the actions and adventures. Your camera should be strong on the durability aspect so that it can withstand all kinds of situations and conditions.


5. Connectivity

You are obviously capturing all your moments for sharing them with your loved ones, isn’t it? But, if your action camera doesn’t come with enough stable connectivity options, have you ever considered how hard the sharing of content will get.Therefore, you should choose an action camera which offers an effective connection with:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Brand’s app
  • Various available accessories


6. Memory

You also will need memory space for storing all your captured moments. For reducing the drop down and jerky footage, you would need a minimum of class 10 card with your action camera. This card also offers fast enough write speed for avoiding the dropped frames.

If you love preserving your special moments in utmost crystal clear quality, then you need an amazing action camera for the purpose. It can obviously get tough for choosing the right action camera without any proper information. We, therefore, have mentioned the top action cameras available in the market so that you can choose wisely.


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Best Action Camera in India (Best Outdoor Camera 2022)

We are reviewed the top 10 Outdoor Action camera available in India 2022

GoPro Hero7 Black Best Action Camera

GoPro Hero7 Black Best Action Camera

GoPro is without a doubt the market leaders for action cameras. In fact, this brand is the main driving force which started the whole action camera thing and thus it can never go wrong in terms of quality, reliability, and performance. Let us take a look at the features which makes this action camera as the best.

The most unique feature available in this action camera is that of HyperSmooth Image Stabilization technology. It really delivers quality images and videos without any hassles. This is seen as one of the biggest improvements in this GoPro product.

Another amazing and added feature that you will get is TimeWrap video. This combines the benefits of regular frame-by-frame lapse shooting along with hypersmooth element. Delivering the best quality 4k videos is one of the other strengths of this action camera.

Thanks to the rugged and waterproof design of this camera up to 33ft or 10m, you can use it for any of your favorite adventures. This product has been designed for delivering smooth footages even when used in extreme conditions.

This GoPro camera can also be accessed with the voice controls by simply saying the voice command. This camera automatically uses the effects of HDR along with noise reduction to make your photos as the best photos of yours. It uses the image aspect ratio of 16:9 along with its optical zoom of 8X and a max resolution of 12-megapixels for delivering simply the best quality captures.

This action camera is the new king in action cameras market. The quality of the image and videos taken from this action camera along with its numerous benefits make it as one of the best buys. Your money will definitely get worth with this product.


  • Effective hypersmooth image
  • Great 4k video quality
  • Rugged waterproof design
  • Video recording stabilization
  • Smartphone control app
  • Voice controlling enabled
  • Offers streaming support


  • Lengthy Wi-Fi file transfers
  • Battery could have been better

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GoPro Hero 6 Action Camera

GoPro Hero 6 Action Camera, Best Action Camera in India 2022

GoPro will never disappoint you with its products and this action camera is another proof of that. Rather, you will be totally amazed at getting so amazing variations in each of the products from the first ever brand for action cameras. This is one of the top-line action cameras from the brand which you can rely on.

To begin with, this camera comes with waterproof design and thus can be used under all circumstances and for all the adventures within 10m of range. The burst mode and time-lapse mode are available in this camera and delivers quite some quality shots. The 12MP camera lens delivers outstanding performance while recording the images and videos.

Besides, capturing some quality shots, you can also take some amazing glance at its video quality. Using the frames per second value of 60FPS for 4k video and 240FPS at 1080p, this action camera stands out with distinguish and smooth video quality. This GoPro camera is well-enabled with new GP-1 chip which is optimized for all the GoPro captures.

As an added advantages, this product is supported by features like touch zoom, updated UI, etc. The available 2-inch display makes it really convenient to capture frame shots. With the available 5GHz Wi-Fi, you can copy all your videos and images to your smartphone in a much faster way.

The camera also supports the electronic image stabilization process and can also be controlled with the voice commands. This GoPro product is compatible with SD card storage and also offers 0.5MB of flash memory along with the upgraded memory of 128GB.


  • Waterproof design
  • Compact and anywhere-go design
  • Slow-motion video options available
  • Touch zoom and new GP1 chip
  • Strong digital stabilization
  • Voice controlling access


  • Touch quality not justified when wet
  • Battery life could have been better

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Yi 4k+ Outdoor Action Camera

Yi 4k+ Outdoor Action Camera

Yi is the brand which is known to deliver the best value action cameras. All the cameras available under this brand are so effective that you will get all the total value of your invested money. The brand offers some of the best features at an affordable price range which makes it as one of the favorites of many people.

If you want to save money on the features by getting only what you require in a well-framed design, then this Yi camera should be your choice. Though, in some cases, this Yi 4k+ camera is equal to a GoPro model but it does not natively come in a waterproof design which can be a drawback in some cases.

It is the world’s first 4k/60FPS action camera which just got better in its overall performance. This means that it shoots the 4k videos at the frame per second value of 60 which is an incredible experience altogether. Upgrade your world with the benefits from features like EIS, live streaming, the RAW image capture, Ambarella H2 SOC and many more.

The use of Ambarella H2 SOC consumes extremely less power and delivers 4k ultra HD video quality without any hassles. The electronic image stabilization feature ensures to deliver you a stable and still image even on the rocky surfaces and roads. The voice control, interactive user-experience, easily accessible app, and elegant design are some of the other recommendable features available.

This action camera from Yi offers quality images and video but you may feel some of the desired features missing from this model which may make it as the best.


  • Ultra-wide lens
  • 12MP effective pixel available
  • Live streaming and voice control enabled
  • Time-lapse and slow-motion features available
  • A simple and accessible app


  • Not a waterproof design
  • May get heated when shooting long videos

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GoPro Hero 7 Silver Action Camera

GoPro Hero 7 Silver Action Camera the Best Outdoor camera in india 2022 & 2022

As the GoPro hero7 is well-settled on the top spot, this is another amazing GoPro action camera is no less than that. Though, it lacks some of the features available in the hero7 model but still, it manages to deliver an impressive quality and performance to its users. In other words, this action camera can be called as a mid-range marvel by the brand for its users.

Let us begin with the amazing video quality that you can get with the use of this GoPro camera. It offers a crisp and stable 4k video recording which would be as epic as the original moment itself.

The rugged and waterproof design of this camera can take it all. This camera is designed to handle everything that you throw at it in any circumstances along with being waterproof within 10m of range. You also can get stable images even on the rocky surfaces without any hassles or blurriness.

Thanks to its wide dynamic range or WDR in the 10MP lens, you can capture all the natural looking photos with all the needed details even in the dark. You can also make use of the available stickers by sticking them to your captured videos for tracking your speed, distance, elevation, etc. The available time-lapse video also benefits for capturing the long events into something small and sweet.

Though, this action camera from GoPro misses the features such as hypersmooth video and live streaming but the benefits from features like voice control, touch screen, 2X Slo-Mo, etc. balances the overall performance and needs.


  • Waterproof and rugged design
  • Smooth and pleasing 4k video quality
  • Voice control enabled
  • Suitable for the beginners
  • 10MP with Wide dynamic range for capturing in dark


  • Hypersmooth video benefit missing
  • Live steaming not available

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Yi 4k Sports Action Camera

Yi 4k Sports Action Camera

If you love adventures and sports equally and don’t want to miss any of its moment, then this is the camera that would do complete justice to you. With this Yi model sports action camera in your pocket, you will have the luxury to create an impressive collection of all your memorable moments with the best clarity and accuracy.

This Yi camera is an amazing looking camera which is designed to speak with its looks as well. it comes with a 2.19-inch LCD touchscreen and offers 640X360 high-resolution value for getting an easy hand for shooting and previewing it.

This action camera also uses its wide angle lens and 12MP, to capture videos in formats like 4k/30FPS, 1080p/120FPS, 720p/240FPS.It is also well-supported with the Gorilla glass retina to stand strong against all the scratches and daily impacts.

What would you call a camera which comes loaded with all the latest and trending technologies to capture the best quality images and videos? Well, no points for guessing that it’s none other than this Yi camera. It uses and combines the benefits of Ambarella A9SE75 chip for consuming less power, Sony IMX377 image sensor, 7-layers glass sensors, and electronic image stabilization (EIS) for delivering you the utmost quality of images and videos.

Thanks to the available bluetooth technology and in-built 5GHz/2.4GHz Wi-Fi, you can easily transfer all your photos from your camera. The voice-controlled enabled accessing allows capturing all your favorite moments without using your hands. The users can also rely on the Yi Action app for instant photo and video editing needs.


  • Waterproof design with no issues of over-heating
  • Equipped with EIS, Ambarella chip technologies
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Voice control accessing enabled
  • 12MP wide camera lens


  • Raw photo support not implemented yet
  • Too easy to switch on and off

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GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera

GoPro Hero 5 Action Camera the Best Outdoor camera 2022

GoPro Hero 5 is one of the most amazing, powerful and easy to use action cameras available from the brand. Thanks to its simplicity and amazing features, it can be used by all the users, even the ones who are using it for the first time.

GoPro brand is known to enable its products with all the trending features for capturing the super smooth image quality and this GoPro hero 5 models is not an exception for that. You can make use of its 12MP camera photos and 4k videos in a single, burst and time-lapse mode. This camera is durable in its design as it is waterproof to the 10m range without housing.

Thanks to the easy access to the GoPro app, you can easily change the desired settings for your images, preview and playback all your shots, etc. without any hassles. This camera can be controlled using voice control commands and thus offers hands-free operations. The GPS enabled in this camera allows the users to capture their paths, speed, elevation and other details with maximum ease.

If you have to capture your images in low light conditions, you still can get some amazing quality in your images. How? By making use of its advanced image processing feature and its associated benefits, getting a clear and beautiful quality of the image is possible.

This action camera combines the benefits of smooth stabilized video, crystal-clear audio and pro-quality photo capturing benefits for impressing its users. Another great advantage that the users of GoPro hero5 action camera can get is quick accessing and sharing of the captured images. This camera automatically uploads all your captured data to the GoPro Plus cloud account.


  • Waterproof design
  • Effective use of GoPro app and cloud account for storage
  • 12MP camera lens
  • Voice control and GPS accessing enabled
  • Easy functioning and editing features


  • Battery could have been better

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JSD Pro Andoer AN5000 4k Action Camera

JSD Pro Andoer AN5000 4k Action Camera

JSD Pro is one of the brands for action camera which combines the technology and simplicity of accessing in the best possible manner. Even with the use of all the latest technologies, the action cameras of this brand are quite friendly in their access for its users.

This is the action camera which will offer you the ease of accessing all its features along with being able to capture crystal clear shots. This camera combines the benefits of latest technologies like NTK96660 chipset, Sony IMX078 CMOS sensor and HD wide lens with spectacular angles for capturing the essence of the moment in the true reflection. Also, thanks to the waterproof design of this camera, it can be used for all the situations and circumstances within the range of 30m.

Coming to its video recording benefits, the users can use 4k/24FPS and FHD 1080p/60FPS video formats. Both the video formats offer the luxury to capture the detailed videos even in the low light areas. Along with this, the users can also make use of 20MP vivid photography by using the anti-shake and motion detection features available with this action camera.

As this camera is waterproof, it can be used for all types of water activities without any hassles. It is supported with the Wi-Fi functionality with which it can instantly connect with the smartphone and can also edit, share and preview all your captured shots.

Overall, this action camera makes the perfect choice for all the sports enthusiasts who are always on the go and yet want to preserve all their memories in the seamless and best quality possible.


  • Waterproof design
  • Easy usage and handling
  • Stable and amazing video quality
  • Wide lens with spectacular angles
  • Anti-shake and motion detection features available


  • Gets a little heated up with long use
  • Can get little complicated for the beginners

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GoPro Hero Action Camera

GoPro Hero Action Camera

GoPro is the name which is trusted by one and all when it comes to quality action cameras. The brand is one reliable and trending brand names which never fails to impress its users with the quality features wrapped in an attractive look. If you have always wanted a GoPro action camera at an affordable price, then this model is the perfect answer for you.

To begin with, it comes in a waterproof design which can stand all the situations and circumstances within 40m of range. The users can use this GoPro camera to capture 5MP single and time lapse moments along with burst photos up to 5FPS. All the features available in this GoPro model are easy to use and thus ensure the maximum convenience to the users, especially the beginners.

Though, there are some features that you may find missing from this GoPro model, but it does perform amazingly with its available features to stand distinguished from others. This camera does not offer the benefit of shooting 4k videos but it can shoot smooth and seamless full HD videos with 1080p/30FPS and 720p/60FPS. The built-in microphone enables the users to record crystal clear audios without any problems.

This camera is perfectly suitable for the users who don’t want to get in the complexity of choosing the right frame and resolution for shooting and thus makes the perfect choice for the beginners. The users can simply use this camera for capturing their precious moments without worrying about anything else.

The polished control of this action camera and its refined design makes it stand distinguished and highlighted amidst the other cameras in this price range.


  • Durable and waterproof design
  • Easy to use for the beginners
  • Built-in microphone
  • Stunning video quality and mesmerizing image quality


  • Battery life is just 2 hours; which could have been better

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SJCAM SJ8 Pro Real Action Camera

SJCAM SJ8 Pro Real Action Camera

If you have a limited budget and still want a quality action camera, then you can try your hands on this SJCAM model. It offers some of the best features that the users would expect in a low-cost action camera without compromising on the quality.

This action camera comes with 4k 60FPS and Ambarella H22 chipset with which the users can capture all their favorite and brilliant moments. And this goes without saying that with this feature, the essence of your moments is never lost due to any reasons. Thanks to its high-capacity battery of 1200mAh, you can use this camera for as long as you want.

The users will also be impressed with its 2.33-inches UHD touch screen which can display all the images and videos without any disturbances. With the improved 8X digital zoom, this SJCAM SJ8 camera can be used to focus on all the details during capturing the shoots. The available Wi-Fi 2.4GHz/5GHz is totally reliable for connecting this action camera with the smart devices and SJCAM app for instant sharing editing, and uploading the pictures.

The SJ8 camera has a very sleek and sturdy waterproof design which makes it possible for the users to dive up to 30m of range without facing any difficulties. Attach the SJ8 and SJ-Gimbal handheld stabilizer for adding the professional touch to your image capturing. Your images will not only be smoother and stable but will also be longer when captured after combining these two gems together.

This SJCAM camera not only brings innovations in the hardware and software but also with the user-interface. It offers an option to the users to choose between either the colorful 2022 icon set or the classic SJCAM user interface.


  • Sleek and sturdy waterproof design
  • Offers 2 microphones for perfect sound
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • 8X digital zoom for professional photography


  • Raw image conversion support could have been better

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Olympus TG-Tracker Action Cam

Olympus TG-Tracker Action Cam


The TG-tracker futuristic design is hard to miss when we are talking about the best action cameras. Backing up the amazing design, are some of the well-enabled features which makes this action camera as one of the preferred choices to buy.

This is an action camera which can keep up to all your adventurous needs without showing any impacts or hassles. This camera is designed to be with you in all the situations and conditions by being strong and dependable. This Olympus camera is waterproof up to 30m distance range, shockproof up to 2.1m, freeze proof, crushproof and dustproof as well which makes it ready for everything and anything.

For delivering the best quality images, it is well-enabled with the features like electronic image stabilization (EIS). It can also be used to shoot ultra HD 4k videos with its 204-degree extreme angle F2.0 high-speed lens. The built-in Wi-Fi available with this Olympus model establishes an instant connection for editing, sharing, and uploading the captured images.

Along with the available Wi-Fi, this camera is also well-enabled with features like action track sensors, GPS, etc. helps the users to nail all their shots perfectly. It also makes use of a 1/2.3-inch BSI CMOS image sensor for offering the chance to the users to relive their precious moments.

This is the camera which can shoot 4k video at 30FPS, 1080p at 60FPS, and 240FPS at 720p. This camera also features a small LED light to back up shooting in dark or low light areas. The users can also use the available compass, acceleration sensor, barometer and a thermometer for capturing all the needed essential details during shooting.


  • Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof
  • Easy to use
  • Packed with many sensors
  • Can withstand extreme temperatures and pressures


  • No in-app auto editing benefit

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These action cameras are nothing less than a true companion which preserves and secures all your beautiful and favorite moments. According to our recommendations, try using the GoPro Hero7 Black Best Action Camera for getting the best image and video quality.

This GoPro Hero7 is best action camera in india and this is well enabled with voice control allowing hands-free operation. The rugged waterproof design can be used in all types of situations and conditions. Thanks to its effective hypersmooth image quality, video recording stabilization, and great 4k video quality, you will never be disappointed with this buy.

If you have any doubts or need any further help for buying the best action camera, then please do comment below.

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