What Are The Benefits of Mixer Grinder?

In India, the mixer grinder takes about 20% of the distribution of the consumer appliance market. This was in the year 2022, which means that the rates would have gone up significantly. A mixer grinder is used almost every day in most houses, and it has come to a point where we heavily depend on it.

A mixer grinder is easier to use and is less time-consuming than the traditional method, which involves a grinding stone. So, in this article, we will brief you on the many benefits of a mixer grinder.


Benefits Of A Mixer Grinder

There are many benefits that a mixer grinder offers, and a few of them are listed below.

Versatile Cooking

Multipurpose Mixer Grinder

A mixer grinder makes versatile cooking possible, i.e., it is a multipurpose appliance. This means that you can use a mixer grinder to grind different food items, whether dry or even wet ingredients.

With a good quality mixer grinder, you can whisk or whip liquids and cream, chop fruits and vegetables, juice liquids, mincemeat, grind hard ingredients like nuts, make batter, knead chapati dough, and so on.

Basically, you can juice, mince, grind, knead and chop using a single appliance. This is possible because a mixer grinder is equipped with special blades and jars to suit your every need.


Uncompromised Food Quality

Uncompromised Food Quality

Did you know that most families refuse to buy milkshakes, juice, or even masala powder from a store because they don’t want to compromise the quality?? So, these families go for the traditional method with grinding stone.

But what they don’t realize is that you get the same quality while using a mixer grinder. You can chop or grind according to the consistency you want, and the end product is mixed thoroughly.


Different Types Of Speed

Mixer Grinder Speed Type

Most brands offer mixers with different speed controls that can be adjusted according to your needs. We adjust it using knobs or buttons. Start from the lowest speed first, then slowly move to the other speed levels.

However, the motor controls the speed and the performance. So, ensure the mixer grinder has a powerful motor if you want the work to be done effectively. You can use a grinder with 500 watts or 750 watts for small and average families but if you have a large family with high grinding requirements, opt for a 1000 watts mixer grinder.


Efficient And Time Saving

Time Saving

Using traditional methods to grind your spices, chop your vegetables, or even whip cream is time-consuming. All this is quickly done using a mixer grinder. So, not only does it make our job easier, but it is efficient, convenient and even saves time.

With a mixer grinder, you save about twice the time you spend on the traditional method. If you aren’t interested in storing food in the refrigerator, then a mixer grinder will also solve this problem since you can make fresh food as and when required.


Easy To Use And Clean

Even though a variety of food can be made using a mixer grinder, it’s pretty easy to use. Make sure there is sufficient space to place the grinder (it doesn’t take a lot of space) somewhere near a plug point. Even if you get stuck up, you can always refer to the user’s manual.

The device is not only user-friendly, but it is also easy to clean. You will not need any professional help when it comes to cleaning the mixer grinder. However, make sure you clean the appliance after each usage since it will be more challenging to clean it when food particles stick onto it for a long time.


Effortless Handling With Minimum Wastage

Since the mixer grinder is user-friendly, we can conclude that it can be effortlessly handled. The ingredients put in the grinder are thoroughly ground and mixed, which means zero wastage. Even while juicing a fruit or a vegetable, the pulp is completely squeezed so as to not waste the nutrients.


Affordability Price


Most appliance brands offer mixer grinders. So, since the competition is high and it is a widely used appliance, the price is affordable. Before buying a mixer grinder, compare different brands’ features and choose one according to your requirements and budget.


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Even though a mixer grinder has many benefits, it also has a few disadvantages like all the other appliances. Two notable demerits are vibration which can lead to excessive noise pollution, and the sharp blades can be dangerous. But, we tend to ignore these because of how efficient and valuable the appliance is. It is easy to clean and maintain while saving time.

Comment down below if you agree with the benefits listed above. Have you found any other disadvantages other than the ones mentioned here?

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