Food, lifestyle, stress or extreme exercise produce an effect on our body called acidification. In essence, it means that we have lost the electrolyte balance and that positive ions predominate. To feel better, what we need to do is restore that balance. One solution that is becoming very popular is alkaline water consumption. This drink is new to the market has and benefits that we will go on to analyze.


A brief lesson in chemistry

Let’s remember that substances are made up of atoms. Atoms are like small clouds with a nucleus around which electrons move. The nucleus contains protons, which are particles with a positive electrical charge. And electrons, on the other hand, have negative charges.

Atoms are in balance, i.e. they have the same amount of protons as electrons. However, by relating to other atoms during any metabolic process, they can gain or lose electrons. An atom that has lost its balance is called an ion. This can be positive or negative, depending on predominate protons or electrons. Simple, isn’t it?


What is pH?

Substances that have a predominance of positive ions are called acids. In contrast, alkaline substances are those that have negative I onization.

The degree of acidity or alkalinity of a substance is expressed by pH. It measures the concentration of hydrogen in that element. The substance with the highest concentration of hydrogen is hydrochloric acid, and the lowest is sodium hydroxide.

Hydrochloric acid has 14 times more hydrogen than sodium hydroxide. Therefore, the pH of hydrochloric acid is equal to 1. In turn, the pH of sodium hydroxide is14. The higher the pH, the more alkaline the substance.

Most fluids in the body have a pH of 7 called “neutral”. As for the water of the canilla, the values are variable. HOWever, PAHO (Pan American Health Organization) reports that it is tolerable up to pH 0.5. According to Essap, Paraguay’s Health Services Company, the water it provides to the 30 cities it supplies has a pH of 7.1.

Electrolytic imbalance causes many disorders. For example, premature aging is attributed to acidification. It also causes physical, chemical and mental discomfort, obesity, migraines and other diseases.

To restore lost balance, we must incorporate alkaline electrolytes into our body. These are found in foods that contain sodium, calcium, potassium or magnesium, and, of course, in water. For this reason, sports drinks are trendy, intended to replenish lost electrolytes.


Types of alkaline water and benefits

Lately, so-called “alkaline water” have appeared on the market. They are waters with a high pH: 8 or higher. These substances can be found in different types:

  • Alkaline mineral water: which by its volcanic origin contains minerals that naturally raise pH.
  • Ionized waters: increase their alkalinity by an electrolysis process.
  • Alkalinized water: domestic drinking water that is reduced by the level of acid by alkalizing equipment.

Among the benefits of alkaline waterare:

  • They increase hydration three times more than tap water. Also, they are more beneficial for high-performance athletes for their increased hydration power by increasing electrolyte concentration.
  • They improve blood pressure.
  • They neutralize acidity, reducing the risk of gastritis and ulcers.
  • They detoxify, helping to eliminate toxins and preventing the formation of ferments.
  • They have anti-aging properties. Because they are antioxidants, they regenerate cells and provide energy by increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood.
  • They regulate blood pressure.
  • They protect the bone system.
  • Improve cardiovascular function.
  • They increase the feeling of satiety and facilitate digestion, helping to combat obesity.


Our recommendations on alkaline water consumption

  • Alkaline water consumption should not be overstated. Excess can be harmful, causing hypercalcaemia and other diseases. It can also affect the population of beneficial gut bacteria. It is preferable to combine alkaline water with purified water.
  • Pay attention to other possible problems. Examples include skin irritation, nausea, vomiting, tremors, muscle spasms and tingling sensation in the hands or face.
  • Read the labels carefully. There are dozens of mineral water brands, but the label must clearly report what type it is. Often the term“alkaline pH” is used that the public identifies with health benefits, but these are common mineral waters and not alkaline water.

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