Avast VPN SecureLine Review | Full test on this VPN provider

To choose a good VPN provider, you need to know what criteria to look at. This review of Avast VPN SecureLine will review this provider’s service to see how it positions itself about market competitors. Whether it’s security, speed, customer support or the server network, what’s the proposed solution worth?


What is Avast VPN SecureLine?

You probably know the company Avast, at least by name. This company specializes in internet security software and has developed an international reputation thanks to its famous anti-virus.

Today, it has diversified its services to offer a more global offering, which includes other features, including a VPN. This is the Virtual Private Network that we will be looking at in this article. You can then find our best VPN comparator here.

Before we get to the heart of this review’s topic on Avast VPN SecureLine, let’s start with a summary of the supplier’s strengths and weaknesses.

Its strengths:

  • The simplicity of installation and use
  • Works with Netflix and torrents
  • Bypasses censorship, especially in China


  • Security: retaining certain data
  • Speed (sharp drop)
  • Number of servers
  • Country network
  • Customer support


How do I install the app?

At the installation level, it will go very fast. Indeed, no problem since you will simply download the application that corresponds to your operating system and follow the usual installation steps.

Personally, we tested this VPN solution on a Mac. But if you’re on Windows or Android, it’s pretty much the same. If you ever run into difficulties, be aware that installation guides are available in the website’s support section. Let’s continue our Avast Secureline VPN review with how to use it.

How do I use VPN?

If this is the first time you’ve used a VPN, you’ll probably wonder about how it works. Here is a small diagram made by the company that allows us to understand better.

This pattern is simple but a little too much. If you want to go into a little more detail, you get access to its servers when you choose a provider. Once this is done, you can log in and automatically get a new IP address that will replace your actual IP address.

Thus, no one will know what your real identity is, and you will be completely anonymous on the internet.

But back to that review on Avast VPN SecureLine. This tool’s use is quite intuitive, and we liked the interface, which was worked to be accessible to all, even the most novice among us.

Note that the app shows your actual IP address, so you can see directly that it changes once your connection to one of the servers is effective.

Here’s the interface once the protection is activated. You see directly in which country the server is located and where you appear for the sites you’re going to connect to. Also, you have access to your IP information.

To go into the settings and features, press the small cog right. The phone is used to download the mobile version if you ever want to install the VPN on your phone—an important point in our opinion on the Avast VPN, the speed test. We’ll see him now.


Speed test

Whether it’s surfing the internet, streaming content or downloading, speeds are important. And while a VPN always creates a slowdown because it’s connected to a remote server, you need to find a provider that minimizes this latency.

To give us our own opinion on Avast VPN SecureLine, we did a test of the proposed speeds.

Speed without VPN

This capture will serve as a reference since it is our naked connection without any protection.


The speed with a server in France

Here we chose a server located in France.

As you can see, the results are quite catastrophic since we have a practically divided by 5 compared to the beginning. It’s a shame because even if we didn’t have too much difficulty streaming, the download is lengthened.


The speed with a server in the United States

To finish with a more distant server, here are the results obtained with a server in the United States. It is quite surprising to see that France and USA’s differences are minimal, whereas often there is a large decline. The problem probably comes mainly from the French server, which must be of poor quality.

As for France, these speeds remain largely acceptable for surfing the internet or streaming content, but to watch in HD or for download, this could quickly be complicated.

We are, therefore, not at all convinced by the speeds offered by this supplier, unfortunately … It’s well below what you can find at ExpressVPN, for example, and it’s a shame for Avast. In our view, this penalizes the Avast Secureline VPN compared to others.


Avast VPN SecureLine testing for streaming

The VPN is a tool that allows you to be anonymous on the internet. As a result, you may suspect that streaming and download users don’t do without it, as it provides them with complete protection of their login data.

But about the Netflix platform, for example, not all providers can offer you a tool that can unlock the geo-blocking of the platform. Indeed, some servers are blacklisted, and you can’t access the contents: an error page appears, commonly called “Proxy error.” You can find out how to get around Blocking Proxy on Netflix here.

We tested Avast SecureLine for Netflix, and it turned out to be positive: we chose a server located in France and did not encounter any proxy error at all. This is a perfect sign if you are a fan of the streaming platform!

But know that this is also true for other sites and other channels! Examples include France TV, TF1, M6, or sports channels. You will access all your favourite channels wherever you are: you have to choose a server located in France and connect to it!


What about downloading?

Some providers block download activities, such as downloading torrents in P2P.

But fortunately, this is not the case with Avast: you will be able to download, in addition to having dedicated servers for this. With OpenVPN, your data will be protected. Be careful, though, because as we have seen, some logs are kept!


Security and privacy policy

Our review of Avast VPN SecureLine continues, this time with an update on the brand’s security and privacy policy.


The security of a supplier depends on many elements. Avast uses millennial-quality encryption, 256-bit AES encryption and its OpenVPN reference protocol to protect against DNS/IPv6 leaks, but what about other features? That’s what we’re going to see throughout this game.

Kill Switch

The app has a Kill Switch: it’s a feature that automatically shuts down your internet connection if your VPN connection is cut off for a few moments.

This ensures the continuity of your protection and thus ensures optimal security without any period of dip.


IP test

A worthy VPN must be able to protect you by hiding your actual IP address. As we explained at the beginning of this review on Avast VPN SecureLine, your IP address will be changed since you will take the one from the server on which you connect. So make sure your actual IP address isn’t visible anywhere.

To verify this, we did some tests: are the addresses DNS, IPv4 and IPv6 well hidden, or is it easy to access? That’s what we’re going to see now.

Here is our actual IP address, which is, therefore, as you can see, visible if we do not use VPN protection.

To do the test, we chose a server located in the United States, in Boston specifically. On ipleak.net, you see no mention of our actual location in France or anything that might suggest that we are not actually in the United States. However, we see the use of a different DNS which is not necessarily serious, as long as it is not your original IP.

This is how we will be able to make the websites believe that we are consulting that we are well in the location indicated by our server. Now let’s see in our opinion on the Avast VPN privacy policy.


Privacy policy

A VPN must have a strict privacy policy and not keep its users’ data (or logs) to actually protect them. Otherwise, it may be forced to disclose this information, for example, in the event of an attack on third parties or, more credibly, by the judicial authorities as part of an investigation (see the PureVPN and FBI scandal).

On the website dedicated to VPN, here is the information you will have access to: it is very little because there is little information about the data collected or not.

It is tough to access the page regarding the privacy policy; it is not really highlighted. It’s not very surprising considering what we’re going to see next. But we were surprised (pleasantly) to see a link to this page from the VPN app. So here’s the information you need to know for this provider.

Unfortunately, our review of Avast SecureLine VPN will not be very positive at this level since the provider keeps the information about you for up to 30 days. This is particularly the case with:

  • Time-stamping your connection
  • Your original IP address: beware, without the last 3 ID numbers, but still.
  • The IP address of the VPN you’re using
  • The amount of data used when you were under VPN protection.

Activities, the history of sites visited, or your name are not saved, but in our opinion, it is still too much: every information kept is information that is not protected.


Does circumventing censorship work?

It’s hard to give you a clear answer at this level. Indeed, we interviewed several people in China (because the country is a reference in the censorship world). Most of them told us of the great difficulties of connecting using this provider.

Indeed, it seems that some servers are still operational, while the government has blacklisted others and therefore no longer allow access to platforms like Facebook or Google. However, there is no list on servers that work or not. It’s a little bit of luck.

It’s a shame because when you go to a censored country, you want to have a 100% safe solution, and that works every time. We do not advise you to opt for this supplier if you are going to China, Turkey or Russia, for example. Other competitors in the market are much better at this level. Let’s move on to our review of the Avast VPN to the number of servers.


The network of countries and servers

You know if this is not the first article you read on this site: to effectively judge a server network, you have to take into account 3 parameters:

  • The overall number of servers,
  • The number of countries in which there is a minimum server: to find out which countries you will be able to unlock
  • the number of servers per country, especially for the most attractive countries such as the United States, is to know what the likely saturation will be.

Our opinion on Avast VPN SecureLine is rather mixed at this level since you will access 55 server locations in 34 countries. The company does not provide any information about the number of servers it has. In our view, this is a rather bad sign because it is most likely a minimal number.

It is a pity to see that in 2022, there are still suppliers hiding vital information at a time when consumers are waiting for a great deal of transparency from companies (especially in the digital and technology world).


Avast VPN SecureLine customer support test

Unfortunately, this is going to be once again a big disappointment with our review on Avast VPN SecureLine 2022.

As with most competitors, you’ll find installation guides and FAQ pages in the support space. They are instrumental in helping you solve the small questions you may have when using the Virtual Private Network daily.

However, the provider does not go any further: it does not offer online chat, for example. A dedicated telephone line is open, but the response times are very long (certainly, less than the ticket system, but it is far from a reference).

Besides, many users have told us of their difficulties with this support service, especially as part of their trial period’s reimbursement. It is hardly acceptable to see a provider trying to take advantage of its users like this.


Offers and pricing

Small originality of this supplier: there are 2 types of offers, which are separated into 3 different pricing depending on your duration of commitment.

For starters, you’ll have to choose whether you want to protect 1 or 5 different devices. For 5, the price will be higher, but if you look at the price per camera, it’s much more interesting. So it all depends on the protection you’re looking for.

In the second step, you will have to choose your duration of the engagement. You can expect this: the longer you commit, the more discounts you get. If you decide to choose Avast VPN, it is more interesting financially speaking to leave on a commitment of 2 or 3 years. This makes the Avast VPN a good choice, in our opinion.

However, some competitors in the market offer much better solutions in terms of protection and cheaper. Therefore, the value for money offered by the supplier we are studying is not at all the most interesting.

It should also be noted that you will be able to get your purchase refunded for 30 days if you are not fully satisfied with your coverage. We must warn you: we have had many complaints from some users, who had to spend hours with the support to get reimbursed… It is far from the services offered by ExpressVPN or NordVPN with an immediate refund; it’s a shame.


More information

To finish this review on Avast VPN SecureLine, we’ll talk about all the features and additional information, which may allow you to finalize your choice.


The number of simultaneous connections

As we’ve seen, the number of simultaneous connections depends on which offer you choose. On duty, it will be either 1 or 5.


No supplier worthy of the name could be on the market without offering a compatible solution with all operating systems on the market. For Avast, too, you will be able to use the VPN on Mac, but also Windows, Android or iOS.

So don’t hesitate, if you opt for the 5-device offer, install it on all your internet-connected devices, without exception. Be careful, though; you will have been warned about the security flaws …



Our opinion on Avast VPN SecureLine is, therefore rather mixed. If you have read our entire article, you should realize that the supplier does not offer a 100% safe solution and that its performance is not very attractive compared to the best competitors in the market.

Speeds, in particular, will not allow you to access high-quality content quickly, whether it’s streaming or downloading. We strongly encourage the provider to expand its server network and offer more efficient services to its users.

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