Auto-Clean Chimney VS Filter-Less Chimney: Which Is One Better?

A kitchen chimney is an essential piece of equipment that vents smoke, moisture, and grease-filled air caused due to cooking out of your house. It helps reduce indoor pollution caused by oil and cooking smoke preventing breathing problems and keeps your kitchen clean.

Cooking releases many soil and liquid micro-particles called particulates or particulate matter, which is harmful to health and can cause respiratory problems. These particles are removed through chimneys, windows, ventilators, and exhaust fans.

Due to the nature of modern Indian home cuisine, chimneys have essentially become essential and a piece of much-needed equipment in the kitchen. Indian cuisine requires a lot of oil and spices, which can cause a lot of smoke, making it hard to breathe. Indian cooking also needs a lot of frying and sauteing. Most Indian dishes have the familiar “tadka”style of making food which produces clouds of oil-filled fumes, spices, and other organic matter and moisture.

These particles, if not removed, will stick to the walls of your kitchen, your cabinets, appliances and leave a yellowish tinge to the things over time, making them look old and dirty while giving the kitchen a grimy and nasty look. Chimneys help you preventing your kitchen and its appliances from looking grimy and old.

There are many types of chimneys, such as auto-clean chimneys and filterless chimneys. And in this article, we will discuss which one of these is better.


Auto-clean chimney

Auto Clean Chimney

Auto-clean chimneys are best for those who are too busy in their daily lives and job to clean the chimney frequently or are just lazy like me. Many chimney designs are available, but the best chimney recommended for an Indian household is the Auto-clean chimney.

These Auto-clean chimneys come with a particular oil collector that helps separate the oil from smokes and fumes, effectively purifying the kitchen’s air and the whole house, making it more breathable. The automatic cleaning feature of the kitchen chimney makes it low maintenance and reduces its overall upkeep, increasing the longevity and functioning of the filter.

Advantages of Auto-clean chimney

  • The aluminum non-stick turbine blower of the kitchen chimney prevents the clogging of oil on its internal parts.
  • The oil collector in the vent doesn’t require frequent cleaning of It reduces its overall maintenance of cleaning the filters.
  • Suction power-It prevents oily and greasy particles from sticking to the filter, which affects its suction power and also reduces the performance of the kitchen chimney.
  • Usage of more power– In a conventional chimney, the suction power is lower than that of the auto-clean chimney. The oil in a traditional chimney stays trapped in it and ends up clogging it, which affects its functionality. This leads to more use of power. But in an auto-clean chimney, the filters trap oil and smoke particles separately, reducing its chances of clogging, thus increasing its functioning without much power.
  • Lower in maintenance-In an old conventional chimney, the filters need to be cleaned frequently to work properly and perform efficiently. But in the auto-clean chimney, there is no need to clean the chimney frequently as the blower is fitted with oil filters reducing its chances of clogging. Thus, the auto-clean chimney is low in maintenance than other chimneys.
  • An easier cleaning-An auto-clean chimney is much easier to clean than a conventional chimney as the oil in an auto-clean chimney is trapped in the filter’s blower, which requires cleaning only at specified times.
  • Life span and longevity- the auto-clean kitchen chimney comes with automatic cleaning features. This keeps it fresh and workable for a more extended period of time. The auto-clean filters increase the longevity and the lifespan of the chimneys. Due to this reason, the auto-clean chimney is a better option.


Filterless chimney

Filter Less Chimney

As the name suggests, a filterless chimney doesn’t have any filters, and all the grease and smoke particles directly get sucked in by the motor. And since it has no filters, it is also low in maintenance.

Because the filterless chimney has no filters, the motor in it is able to work on its maximum range, and the suction capacity is also on its top level to remove the oil and smoke particles from the kitchen caused during cooking.

Due to having no filters, the clogging occurs during the long period of using it like baffle filters. And with the auto-clean option, you can easily clean your chimney by just clicking the button. The whole process of the chimney cleaning hardly takes 10 – 15 minutes only.

Because of this filter-less design, one layer of filter is eliminated. For this reason, the motor of this chimney can give an excellent performance with only minimum suction power. And also provide silent operation during cooking.

Advantages of filterless chimney

  • Requires nearly no cleaning or maintenance of the chimney, making it easier to maintain.
  • It gives you a silent operation during cooking
  • It lasts longer than most of the chimneys. Due to it having no filters, there are no clogging problems, so its life span is longer than other chimneys comparatively.
  • It provides you with a good cleaning experience. Its auto-clean button cleans the filters making it easier for you.



Indian cuisine requires a lot of oil and spices in our food and due to this getting a suitable chimney for our kitchen is quite essential. The right duct will provide you with a smoke-free kitchen. It will give you a tremendous cooking experience. It will keep your kitchen clean and odorless.

As the filterless chimneys can not handle heavy frying with a lot of smoke and spices, it is not suitable for an Indian household. The most suitable kitchen chimney for an Indian kitchen is the Auto-clean chimney as it can handle all the spices you need in your food.

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