Are Standard Mattresses Really Suitable for Everyone?

One fits for everyone: with this promise, standard mattresses from the mail-order business mix up the market. According to the advertisement, a test lying is not necessary, all body shapes could rest comfortably on it. The Stiftung Warentest tested this in a sample.

Even if the advertisement promises it: On hardly any mattress, all types of sleep and body can lie equally well. This was the result of a sample of mattresses with uniform dimensions from the Stiftung Warentest. The five models in the test were only suitable for specific types of sleep at a time.

However, the product testers of a mattress attested to good results in seven of the eight mattress variants tested: the foam mattress “Casper”. According to the testers, most people lie on it in a back-friendly manner. And the experts point out that in an earlier test in 2022, the advertised principle of “one fits all” was confirmed for a mattress.


Are Standard Mattresses Really Suitable for Everyone?

Goods test examines mattresses: 13 models are “good”

Goods test examines mattresses 13 models are good

Among all-foam mattresses in the current test, 13 models scored “good”, five with “satisfactory” and two with “sufficient”. The cheapest good mattress that has been tested is “Morgedal” from Ikea. “Joko” from Hn8 and “Sensation 19” from Tempur performed the worst in the test.

Five “one-fits-all” mattresses from direct sales as well as 15 standard foam models from established brands have now been tested. The testers matched the four most common body shapes and lay down on both the back and the side. All in all, it can be said that on the five standard mattresses, mostly small, light persons were good, reports the magazine “test”(issue 09/2017). They did not fit perfectly with the needs of many large, heavy people.


Startups launch mattresses where everyone should be able to sleep well

should be able to sleep well

The standard mattresses from the mail-order business are currently stirring up the market. The models, which have only one degree of hardness and on which all body shapes without testbeds can rest comfortably according to advertising promises, come mainly from small startups. Buyers get their mattress delivered free of charge, can sleep for up to 100 days and can return the mattress free of charge if necessary.

The established mattress industry counters that without testbeds, no mattress purchase is possible and uniform dimensions are not optimal. Because a mattress should be adapted to the height, weight, stature and sleeping habits of its owner – a very individual mixture. For example, the Mattress Industry Association stresses that there is no right mattress, only the mattress that matches the sleeper.


Mattress purchase: Stiftung Warentest advises to sleep for a trial

After its mattress test, the Stiftung Warentest also advises not to give up a testbed – because it has also been shown that there is no reliance on vendor information on the hardness of the document. Ten mattresses were already softer than promised in the new condition, and two of the 20 products had no information on the degree of hardness.

However, the goods testers also recommend buyers in the brick-and-mortar specialist shop to a more detailed test than a minute-long test in-store. In addition, it is best to choose a company with a full right of return and to try out a few nights at home sleeping on the mattress.

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