All In One Home Theatre Systems

A home theatre set definitely adds something to your home experience. However, while some prefer to choose piece by piece each component of their set to have a bespoke experience, others seek simplicity while having better quality.

An all-in-one home theatre gives you the simplicity these users are looking for while having a much better experience than your TV would have on its own.

Different options are available for all budgets as well as all needs.

As the name suggests, these sets have everything you need: the speakers, the centre console, and sometimes even a soundbar and a subwoofer.

In many cases, the console also serves as a video manager, so it’s also important to make sure it has all the connectivity you want for your various HDMI devices.

Without further ado, here are some options that should give you an overall idea of is products available on the market.


What is an all in one home theatre system?

A compact all-in-one home theatre option

A compact all-in-one home theatre option

Sony offers its all-in-one home theatre, the BDVE3100. This set is relatively simple to install and doesn’t take up much space.

The set includes 4 stereo speakers, a central speaker and a subwoofer for a 5.1 experience with a power of 1000 watts.

The console has many connectivity features. However, it is limited to 1080p. On the other hand, the speakers’ small size limits the sound’s magnitude, which will be taken into account if you expect a deafening sound.


A more massive all-in-one home theatre option

One option in the same price range but much more massive is the Onkyo HT-S3800 5.1set.

This set 5.1 has the same number of speakers, but these are a little bigger, bringing a richer sound.

This model supports 4k audio and video to accompany the latest generation of TVs.

You have to consider that the console is much more massive, but for the higher specifications, I think this product is worth it.

You’ll have to consider the wires to pass to connect the entire system, but if you have a location dedicated to your home theatre, this shouldn’t be a problem.

In conclusion, for a relatively affordable price, you can equip yourself with an all-in-one home theatre set for a much higher viewing experience, at a relatively low cost, without having to make a complex choice for each component of your set once you’ve switched to a home theatre sound, hard to get back to the basic one of your TV.

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