All About Memory Foam Mattresses? (An Ultimate Guide)

Memory foam mattresses have made a massive name for themselves in the mattress industry. It has majorly gained popularity due to its ability to provide back pain relief and support while sleeping. According to research, around 80% of people deal with back pain issues worldwide, making memory foam an obvious choice for everyone.

With so much rise in the market, you might wonder what memory foam mattress is and how it provides us all these benefits.

If you are facing these questions, then no worries because in this article, we discuss memory foam mattresses, their construction, components, benefits, and more.


What Are Memory Foam Mattresses? 

Memory foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is made by combining several memory foam layers and spring and support foam to provide comfort and support. These mattresses include polyurethane, and it gets molded onto your shape by using your weight and pressure during sleep.

Memory foam has been around for a while. It was designed for the use of a NASA spaceship in the 1960s.

The seatbelts, seats, shock-absorbing, memory foam that can relieve pressure were also used in shoes and helmet cushioning, along with wheelchair and prosthetics seating pads.

Even though memory foam was used for designing in the 1960s, it was the 1990s when memory foam was introduced explicitly as a mattress material.

It was fagerdella world foams that produced their flagship Tempurpedic Swedish mattress. Since then, these memory foam mattresses have been widely used in the market.


Main Components Of Memory Foam 

Polymer is the main component in memory foam. It is a substance that contains large molecules which consist of similar small subunits which are bonded together, known as polyurethane.

Polyurethane is a versatile plastic polymer used to produce a high range of products and materials such as different types of furniture like mattresses and sofa.

Apart from furniture, they also include products like liquid paints and their primers, elastic fibers, insulation, spray foam, and more.

Memory foam is also known as low-resistance polyurethane or viscoelastic polyurethane foam. They are made by adding several additives and compounds to polyurethane, which gets changed as per the type of foam required.

The chemical used in memory foam majorly affects two qualities of memory foam elasticity and viscosity. Elastic means the material can contort or stretch as per the need or force added and then come back to the original size when the force is removed.

While viscous means the material can take a significant amount of time to change the size to transfer the energy from one place to another. Therefore, we can say chemicals highly affect the function of the memory foam product.

However, the viscoelastic foam used in almost all the mattresses produced by memory foam contains some level of a compound known as polyether polyol, which provides the foam with both viscosity and elasticity.


Construction Of Memory Foam Mattress

Construction Of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses include several types of construction to provide specific qualities as per people’s needs.

However, most memory foam mattresses contain a similar template regardless of the unique components used in the mattress. The three major components that mattresses include are:

Comfort Layer

Comfort Layer

This is the topmost section of the mattress. It is composed of either a single or more layers of foam included providing cushioning and contouring, depending on the firmness level of the bed.

Many mattresses are composed of more breathable foam in the top or upper section to keep the heat away from the sleeping surface.


Transition Layer

Transition Layer

This is the section that works in between the core and comfort layers of the mattress. It is also composed of a single, or more foam layers included.

These layers tend to be firmer than foam in comfort and often keep the heat away from the comfort layer in the mattress.



This is the base section of the memory foam mattress. It is the most extensive layer and is composed of firmer foam. It works in providing support and stability through other foam layers to the mattress.


Types of Memory Foam Mattress 

Traditional Memory Foam Mattress

Traditional Memory Foam Mattress

A traditional memory foam mattress is composed of a conventional polymer that is petroleum-based. It was also the first type of memory foam mattress that entered the market.

The material of this mattress is soft and denser than others. It also helps in retaining the heat provided by your body and get softer as per the temperature.

This kind of mattress is also more affordable than others, making it an excellent option for people with strict budgets.

The traditional mattress also has a closely packed structure that is sensitive to the heat and pressure of your body and can cover your body evenly—providing relief to all the painful areas of your body.

A traditional mattress can be an outstanding option for people living in cold weather areas as it provides warmness. In case you reside in a hot region then, it might not be a great idea to purchase this mattress as it can be too hot for you.



Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Gel memory foam mattress uses gel-based microbeads in the foam. This gel absorbs and helps release heat from your body, due to which they leave more room for ventilation, so rather than just letting the air pass away from the mattress.

Also, gel memory foam mattresses include tiny beads of cooling gel or a liquid gel layer. These small beads help the material to breathe in between through the gel.

This infusion of gel beads also provides a faster reaction time in memory foam. A gel-based mattress is also one of the most accepted mattresses in India.

This kind of mattress is also suitable for returning to the shape once the pressure is removed if you are looking for a mattress that can provide comfort and good support, then a gel memory foam mattress can be a good option.


Open-Cell Foam Mattress 

Open Cell Memory Foam Mattress

Open-cell memory foam mattress includes an interior pocket that can help move air within the mattress.

Such mattresses are denser than other mattresses, and sometimes it can even affect the firmness, resulting in less support while sleeping.

However, with new inventions and techniques, the issue of less support has been solved by retaining the open-cell structure.


Benefits Of Memory Foam Mattress 

Since memory foam mattresses are top-rated in the market, you might be wondering about the advantages provided by these mattresses. Therefore, here are some of the benefits provided by memory foam mattresses:

Pain Relief

Pain Relief

Memory foam mattresses are great for relieving pain, soreness, and body aches. The material present in the memory foam displaces the pressure from the areas of pain in your body.

It can help in healing and recovering your body from issues such as back pain, neck pain, and more.

Memory foam mattresses detect pain areas as they contain a bit higher temperature than the rest of your body and mold into those areas by reducing or adding pressure.

It even promotes neutral spinal alignment that can assist in providing you with an extremely supportive and comfortable surface for you when you sleep.


High Comfort Level 

Delivers comfort

One of the best qualities of a memory foam mattress is its ability to react to your body as per your heat level. This mattress instantly molds into your body in response to your body heat and pressure.

So, as the temperature of your body increases, the mattress becomes softer. It even allows the surface to equally distribute your body weight, almost like it is hugging you and then come back to its original shape when the pressure is removed.




If you suffer from allergies or asthma, then a memory foam mattress can be perfect for you. Memory foam mattresses are composed of polyurethane which prevents the bed from causing dust mites.

It also helps prevent the build-up of allergens and contains a dense structure that is considered significant for people with respiratory issues.


Less Disturbance

Less Disturbance In Mattress

Motion or movements from your partner can cause disturbance and affect your sleep. However, this isn’t the case in a memory foam mattress, as they include a unique feature that limits the transfer of motion or movement and helps you get asleep without any disturbance. It absorbs energy and reduces movement or potential trouble, making it a great mattress option for couples.


Disadvantages Of Memory Foam Mattress 

Now that we have talked about the benefits provided by memory foam mattresses, let look into the cons of memory foam mattresses:

Too Hot In Summers 

Too Hot Mattress

Even though providing heat as per the consumer’s body is considered as a benefit of a memory foam mattress, it might not be the same for everyone. Some people find this mattress way hotter than one requires resulting in making people uncomfortable. 

Therefore, these mattresses might not be the obvious choice in summers or people living in hot regions. Instead, it can be a great choice for winters or people living in cold areas as they require more heating and will be suitable for such a scenario.


Heavier Than Usual Mattresses

The weight of memory foam mattresses is likely to be heavier than the rest of the mattresses available.

This might be an issue while rotating or shifting purposes as the heavyweight can make the process more difficult.

Because moving a mattress from one place to another will require more time and strength, and with more weight, it makes the process harder than the other lightweight mattress.


Stickiness Or Getting Stuck

Memory foam has a feature to form the shape of the person as per their body weight and pressure.

This ability to develop and provide a body fit shape can be an issue for some people as it might give the feeling of getting stuck in the bed or getting sink in the mattress.

This issue is majorly felt by people who are oversized or overweight as the body fit might not work for everyone, which doesn’t make it an ideal choice of mattress in such cases.


It Might Take Time To Adjust To Different Sleeping Positions

Sleeping Positions

The memory foam mattresses might take up a bit more time to adjust from one position to another.

This can be an issue for those people who tend to roll around a lot during the night and try to find out the most comfortable position while sleeping, and since the mattress can’t react to a new position right away, it might not be suitable for all.

However, this isn’t the case in all mattresses, as the majority of them might right away react to the new position and provide the comfort and support required.




During the beginning stage of memory, foam products are likely to provide a chemical-like smell.

This smell is basically caused by off-gassing, which is caused due to VOCs, any manufactured product with plastic, foam, or thick adhesives is likely to produce this smell.

The gases produced by memory foam aren’t harmful but just a bit irritating for people with sensitive noses. Usually, this smell can air out after a few days.


High Price

High Price

Memory foam mattresses can be high in price, which can be an issue for people with tight budgets as the price range of high-quality memory foam mattresses can be higher than others.



Can a memory foam mattress last for ten years? 

Yes, if your memory foam mattress is well maintained through years, then it can last for ten years.


Can liquid affect memory foam mattresses? 

A contact of a mattress with moisture or liquid can damage the foam, which can decrease the lifespan of your mattress. Therefore, it’s better to keep the mattress protected from liquid or moisture-related products.



Mattress plays a vital role in providing us with a night of peaceful and healthy sleep, and memory foam mattresses have become one of the most used and popular mattresses in the market.

Here we have mentioned almost everything related to a memory foam mattress, along with its types, benefits, disadvantages, construction, and more.

If you face any doubts or queries related to memory foam mattresses, then let us know in the comments.

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