Air Conditioning Support: The Importance of Installing a Quality Product

When purchasing an air conditioner, several factors must be taken into account. The make, model, amount of BTU and place where it will be installed are the main concerns that arise at the time of purchase. But the type of bracket that will fix and hold the device on the wall should also be very well observed.

Product quality is extremely important for air conditioning safety. But the lack of information on the subject ends up leading consumers to buy the support for the price, that is, to buy the cheapest. “You have to take into account the products that best suit the technical procedures, but today the price of the product is making a difference. Quality does not always take into account,” explains Jober Galardinowait, Climario’s business representative.

For Continental Supports Commercial Manager Nizilda García, when developing an air conditioning support, the manufacturer needs to have some basic care, such as the use of good quality raw materials, qualified labour, among others. In addition, the product must go through strict quality control.


Air Conditioning Support | Materials Most Commonly Used in the Manufacture of Air Conditioning Support

Materials Most Commonly Used in the Manufacture of Air Conditioning Support


Plastic air conditioner brackets are the cheapest on the market. They are lighter, more vulnerable and should not be exposed directly to the sun. They are suitable for places with higher humidity, as they are immune to corrosion. But their lifespan is a maximum of two years, when they need to be replaced to avoid accidents.


Carbon steel

It is the most common material in the manufacture of supports, as it has higher strength and low cost. But this material is the most sensitive to corrosion, so it is not suitable for coastal or wet regions. Like plastic, its lifespan is also not two years at most.


Stainless steel

Without a doubt, stainless steel is the most suitable material for any type of region. Supports made of stainless steel last more than ten years and do not need to be replaced. They are immune to sunlight and corrosion.


Other materials used


The supports manufactured with this material have characteristics similar to plastic but are more sun-resistant and more expensive.


They are lighter and corrosion-resistant. Its service life is longer than that of steel, plastic and fibreglass. They’re more expensive than fibreglass.


Lifespan by material

  • Steel: 1 to 3 years
  • Plastic: 1 to 3 years
  • Fibreglass: 2 to 5 years
  • Aluminium: More than 5 years
  • Stainless steel: More than 10 years


Why worry about the material and quality of the support

Why worry about the material and quality of the support

According to the installers, incorrect choice of support can cause many problems. They can occur from the simplest situations, such as wall stains, to more serious accidents, such as condenser drop, which in addition to material damage, can damage a pedestrian.

In addition, it is not economically feasible for installers to install air conditioning on substrates that do not originate or are not suitable for the external condition type.

“A lot of problems can occur, from the loss of equipment to the injured if we have to go back to the customer’s house to make repairs to the facility due to poor support quality,” says Marcos Junior of Seven Refrigeration.


What precautions should the user take when purchasing good quality support?

  • Observe the quality and strength of the support;
  • The user must require products that resist the weather;
  • Verify the origin of the manufacturer of the product on the market;
  • Think about the quality of the product and not the price.
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