Air Conditioning Drips Why?

My air conditioner leaks Why? This is a very common question especially in the summer months, as this time of year is when our air conditioning equipment releases more water due to the humidity in the air.

If you are interested in knowing how and why it generates an air conditioner, you can see this article where we explain everything in detail.

Below we will list a series of questions why air conditioning leaks, so that if your team is releasing water you can solve it quickly and without much effort.


Air conditioning drips inside or in front

When a team drips inside there can be several reasons why it happens, so for greater understanding and understanding, we will divide the causes into different sections, so that from an initial glance you can find the solution easily.

Poor installation

Poor installation

When the technician did the A/A installation, he may not take the measurements well, so the machine was somewhat uneven. That’s why water can get into the drain tray itself so that instead of going out into the drain it starts dripping ahead.

How do we know air conditioning leaks for this reason? Well, very easy, because after leaving the installer will start throwing water down the front.

The solution to this problem is to level the machine correctly.

It may also happen that when you open the hole to the street to pass the tubes you have not given it enough inclination for the water to fall by its own weight, so it will start to fall inside.


Drain clogged

As the air conditioner throws away the water by its own weight, it is normal that over time, if we do not do a good maintenance of our equipment, the drain tray is usually filled with small particles of dust and so on, therefore it is very likely that a small block of dirt will form, either in the tray itself or in the same tube that goes to the street. If this happens, it is certain that our team will start dripping inside.

The best way to fix the problem is: First by cleaning the drain tray and the tube that goes out. It is recommended that a person who has knowledge of the subject do so, as we are in danger of an accident. Please note that the appliances are powered by electricity and we will repair a water breakdown.

To avoid this problem, it is advisable to clean the conditioner filters assiduously, so that dirt does not reach the drain tray. 


Bottle or outer bucket full

This may sound a little, but nothing further from reality. There are times when we don’t notice and the drainpipe, the one on the street, practically touches the bottom of the bottle or bucket that we usually put for water. This means that when it starts filling, the same water will be a stopper, so start throwing the water inside. So it is advisable to cut the tube and leave it right at the height of the container that we use or be attentive and empty it once it is full.


Dirty filters

Dirty filters

If the filters on the unit get clogged with dirt or are very dirty, it is safe for our air conditioner to leak through the indoor unit. This happens because by not passing the air through the exchanger we do not steal the cold from the gas that passes inside, so we produce a drop in pressure and temperature in it.

This means that a layer of ice will form and our air conditioner will freeze, and once it starts to melt it will start dripping inside. For this and many other reasons, it is very important to have the filters clean.


Air conditioning drips through the outdoor unit

This can basically happen for a number of things.

  • The first is because the technician who installed the equipment brought the inner drain to the outdoor unit tray, it gets clogged and starts dripping.
  • The second is because the outdoor unit has not been drained. This is very common, as the outdoor unit only throws water in winter when we put it under heating.

As we said, the outdoor unit only throws water in winter when we use it as a heat pump. This is because the cycle is reversed. In summer the unit that expels water is the interior and in winter the outside.


My air drips off

If this happens it may be for the reason we described above. Because a layer of ice has formed because the filters are dirty or for another reason, there is a drop in pressure in the low area, such as a lack of gas.

You can also keep dripping because the drain is clogged and a lot of water has become stagnant.

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