What Are The Advantages of An Air Cooler

Easier to install, more economical and above all, more environmentally friendly, the air cooler, as the name suggests, is a mobile device that emits air when the heat is sweltering. Let’s see together how an air cooler works and what are the main advantages of this device.


How the Air Cooler Works

Air Cooler

It operates according to the principle of cooling by evacuation. It is a fairly well-known principle that aims to lower a room’s ambient temperature by refreshing it. It’s a natural process that makes all the difference between the cooler and the air conditioner.

To put it simply: The hot air is sucked in and passes through the humidifier’s buffer, which cools it. The buffer is kept continuously moist by the tank. This allows a pleasant diffusion of fresh air.

Warning: However, it is worth remembering that you should keep air coolers away from heat appliances and away from your furniture, as they diffuse moist air; this could quickly bring you to mould or even damage your furniture or walls.


Air cooler maintenance

The air freshener must be cleaned regularly if it is to have a long lifespan. For its maintenance, there is nothing simpler. First of all:

  • check first that it is unplugged.
  • Then, using a cloth, clean the machine to remove all the dust.
  • Then, at least once a month, it is advisable to clean the humidification pad with clean water to avoid bad odours, limestone or even bacteria.
  • As for the tank, it is recommended to clean it with a sponge and soapy water to eliminate waste and the like.
  • Finally, the air filter must also be thoroughly cleaned and possibly with lukewarm water.


Positives of an air cooler

It is a modern technology that is becoming more and more popular. Unlike a conventional air conditioner that needs installation on a wall holder, which can cost between 1000 and 3000 euros, the air cooler installs easily, quickly, with a user guide. It is portable and does not need fixed support.

Besides, it is not necessary to have the technical knowledge to understand how these devices work. It takes up little space and is almost unnoticed. The cooler creates fresh air flows from the water in its tank. It should be added that it is often all-in-one.

Indeed, most refreshers are at the same time fans, refreshers, purifiers, ionizers, etc. they perform several roles at once, making them more attractive than normal air conditioners that create cold with refrigerant gas. This has many drawbacks in terms of water drainage and the durability of the wall to which they are attached.

Besides, given their many uses, air coolers are really cheaper. They have good value for money and do an efficient and satisfying job. They have a shallow level of energy consumption and are mostly environmentally friendly.

Air coolers are quieter than air conditioners. They have a shallow sound level. With them, relaxation takes on a whole new meaning. Unlike air conditioners, doors and windows can remain open while they are in use.



It’s hot. The heatwave is here. And the heat is exhausting. The air freshener is the best way to get fresh air at a lower cost. It reduces heat and increases the feeling of freshness in the environment where it is placed. It has undeniable advantages that will make its use easy and enjoyable—an excellent value for money that places it between a fan and an air conditioner.

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