Advantages and Disadvantages of Top Load Washing Machine

Machines are made to make our lives simpler and less complicated. Over the years, with the advent of technology, there have been several modifications, including household machines like the washing machine or the refrigerator.

When it comes to the washing machine, you see two types: top-load and front-load washing machine. As we are talking about a top-load washing machine in this article, let us keep our focus limited to that.

If you are thinking of buying a top-load washing machine, you must know the benefits and drawbacks that might come with it. Therefore, to make your shopping spree easier, we have enunciated the advantages and disadvantages of the top load washing machine with an unbiased opinion.


What is a Top Load Washing Machine?

top load washing machine

The top-load washing machine freed the people from breaking their backs while trying to do laundry. As the machine’s structure is such that you can add the clothes to the machine without bending, this variation came out as a relief to many.

For a better comparison, let us quickly talk about the mechanism of a front-load washing machine.

They fill the inner tub’s bottom with a small quantity of water. The clothes move through the tub with the help of the tub’s rotation as well as gravity. The side paddles on the inner part of the drum lift the clothes and submerge the clothes in the water and remove them in continuous motions. This means that the clothes are not in constant contact with water while in the machine.

But when it comes to the top load washing machines, they have agitators or impellers to wash the clothes with ease.

The top load washing machine with agitators moves the clothes from the bottom to the top of the washer. This cycle continues till the end of the washing period. This mechanism allows the water and detergent to penetrate through the fabrics, removing any stains or dirt.

The ones with the impeller on the drum’s floor spin and similarly wash the clothes. They have a drum rotating around the horizontal axis along with a top load lid that can be lifted easily. It helps in reducing any wear and tear to the clothes.


Advantages of Top Load Washing Machine

Advantages of Top Load Washing Machine

As every story has two sides, you must know the ups and downs of the top load washing machine to frame a better purchase decision.

More Convenient

In the early days, women were to sit at home and take care of the household chores. They had to bend their backs, in a literal sense, to do their laundry.

But with the introduction of top load washing machines, the task was made simpler.

The structure is such that you will have to load the dirty laundry from the top. Along with that, you also have the convenience to add the detergent from the top part as well.

Due to this, you can give some relief to your back and get your laundry done in peace without any pain.


Shorter Wash Cycle Programs

Nobody has the time to spend hours doing laundry. So, you will need a machine that would get the work done in less time, correct?

Top load washing machines with agitators are considered to be the best options when it comes to shorter wash cycle programs. This mechanism helps in washing the clothes faster, in a more efficient manner.

On average, their wash cycles last for 15-30 minutes. On the other hand, the wash cycles of front load washing machines might go till one hour.

Even the ones without the agitators clean more clothes at once, saving your laundry time.


Costs Less

Typically, top load washing machines are less expensive as compared to front load washing machines.

This can be due to the structure, technology, and also in terms of energy efficiency. Regardless, if you are on a tight budget, you must go with a top load washing machine without blinking an eye.



The technology used in the top load washing machines is highly reliable and dependable. It has been around in use for years. Moreover, it has been tried and tested.

If you do not want to make a risky purchase, getting a top load washing machine is one way out.


Add clothes During a Wash Cycle

We are sure all of us have had clumsy days where we forget to add the entire batch of laundry at once. Some bedsheets or a pair of socks might spring up after you have started a wash cycle.

In such circumstances, people wait for the next wash cycle after the present one is completed. But you need not wait when it comes to the top load washing machines. Instead, you can simply pop in the extra clothes in the middle of an ongoing wash cycle.

The machine will recognize it and wash it as efficiently as the other clothes.


No Special Detergent

Front-load washing machines require special types of detergents for seamless and smooth functioning. But that is not the case with top load washing machines.

All types of detergents, including liquids, can work in top load washing machines.


Easy to Repair

At the end of the day, a washing machine is a machine, after all, and it will need a repair at some point.

You might not find the spare parts of a front-load washing machine easily. But top load washing machines can be repaired quickly. Their spare parts are readily available, giving them the upper hand.


Not Heavy

The weight of the machine is prominent and important, especially during the installation process. Moreover, it is more convenient if the machine is lighter if you want to shift it.

Top load washing machines do not weigh as much as the front load washing machines. This makes it easier to shift or move them around with the help of a trolley.


Disadvantages of Top Load Washing Machine

Disadvantages of Top Load Washing Machine

As there are two sides to a story, we shall now look at some of the disadvantages of the top load washing machines:

Consumes More Water

As the world is dealing with severe water scarcity, it is our moral responsibility to talk about the water consumption of top load washing machines.

The biggest drawback of the top load washing machine is that it consumes more water. On average, it consumes 40 gallons per load.

As it required the drum to be completely filled with water, more water is required to get the clothes submerged before washing them.

Moreover, it requires a constant water connection due to its washing procedure. The top load washing machine empties the soapy water before rinsing the clothes. This requires clean water again, in the same wash cycle.

So, if you are looking to save some money on the water bills, a top load washing machine is not recommended.


Consumes More Energy

You can easily check the energy consumption of any machine with the help of its energy-star ratings. Despite that, it must be noted that top load washing machines require more electricity to get the work done.

For reference purposes, front load washing machines consume 50% less energy than the top load washing machine.

As they use more water for the cleaning and rinsing process, it is obvious that they would require more energy. Hence, you might see a spike in your electricity bills with a top load washing machine.


Needs More Detergent

As mentioned earlier, top load washing machines remove the soapy water and fill the tub with a fresh batch of water for the further cleaning process.

Due to the second influx of water, you will have to add in more amount of detergent to wash your clothes in a top load washing machine.


Takes More Space

Before buying any home appliances, you must check the space at your home. If you have compact space, top load washing machines are not the best choice.

When it comes to front-load washing machines, you can easily stack other stuff on top of it. Unfortunately, you cannot apply the same hack when it comes to top load washing machines.


Less Capacity

Top load washing machines have less capacity due to the agitators fixated in the drums.

Due to such a structure, you get lesser space to fill it with clothes.

As compared to front-load washing machines, you might have to segregate your clothes into two parts to do the laundry.


Tough on Clothes

Top load washing machines work best in removing the stains from the clothes. But along with that, it might also be a little bit too tough on delicate fabrics.

The agitator present in the top load washing machines might tangle your laundry. If you are trying to wash delicate fabrics, you might want to give it a second thought.

But you can rectify this drawback by getting the top load washing machine without the agitator.



Washing machines are meant to make our lives easier. Buying the right kind can help in fulfilling its purpose.

Top load washing machines have their set of merits and demerits. However, we suggest that you cannot go wrong with a qualitative top load washing machine if you have more space in your home and fewer people. If not, you have the option of getting a front-load washing machine.

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