9 Mixer Grinder Blade Types and Uses

Do you have trouble grinding your groundnuts, coffee seeds, and other hard ingredients with your regular mixer grinder blades? Did you know that most companies offer many different types of blades, each with a specific function?

The blades used in a mixer grinder are called impeller blades and are made of steel, aluminum, bronze, and even plastic. You need to choose suitable blades if you want a good result. This article will provide you with a better understanding of these nine mixer grinder blades and their uses.

Nine types of mixer grinder blades

9 Mixer grinder blade types and uses

Nine types of mixer grinder blades, along with their uses, are given below.


  • Dry grinding blade

Dry grinding blades are used to make masala powders as well as coffee powder. Due to their blunted edges, they are suitable for grinding dry spices like cloves, cinnamon, red chilies, turmeric, and so on. You can use it to grind pulses, rice, and even sugar. 

They can grind these spices and pulses quickly, thus giving us an option to have fresh and tasty readymade powders without compromising the nutritional values. These blades are usually attached to small jars, but a few brands offer them as separate attachments.


  • Pounding blade

This is almost similar to the previous grinder blade, but this blade is thicker. Unlike the dry grinding blades, this blade can produce a pounding effect on homemade masala powders. It almost tastes and feels like the masala powder made on the grinding stone. Pounding blades are only used in small jars, but they can be purchased as a separate attachment.


  • Wet grinding blade

As the name suggests, wet grinding blades are used to grind wet mixtures like dosa, idly batter, or even soaked grams or pluses. Apart from these mixtures, you can also use them to make tomato paste and other purees.

Unlike the previous two blades, the wet grinding blade has two sharp-edged arms. They are usually found in large jars with a capacity of more than one liter.


  • Whipping blade

Even though it is called a blade, it does not have any sharp or blunt edges like a regular blade; instead, it is a round-shaped attachment. This round blade has three holes to facilitate proper circulation inside the machine.


Whipping blades help to whip heavy cream, regular cream, and butter from milk. They are also used to make milkshakes and fruit juices. These blades can only be used in large jars, but it comes as separate attachments.


  • Mincing blade

Mining blades have four arms with sharp edges. They are commonly used to mince meat into smaller pieces for patties or sausages and even cutlets. But they can also be used to grind coconuts, cashew nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Surprisingly, mincing blades also help to cut ice cubes!


  • Chutney grinding blade

This is a standard grinding blade, i.e., it is found in most mixer grinders. The dry grinder blades are found in small jars but come as a separate attachment for larger pots.

This is a multipurpose grinding blade in the sense that you can grind both the dry and wet ingredients using a chutney grinding blade. It has two shapes edged arms to quickly grind chutney ingredients like coconut, red and green chilies, dal, and food pastes like ginger garlic paste, coriander paste, etc.


  • Juicer blade

These blades have long and thin arms specially designed to separate the fiber from the juice while juicing the fruit or vegetable. These juicer blades come attached to the juicer jar with a mesh. This makes it easier to pour the liquid into another container while keeping the pulp separated.


  • Blender blades

While juicer blades help to juice and separate the fiber from the liquid, the blender blades help to blend and mix the juice and purees to achieve perfect consistency and taste. Apart from making purees and grinding other semi-solid substances, blender blades also help to make milkshakes and ice creams.


  • Kneading blades

If you have chapattis every night, then you will find this blade extremely useful! Kneading blades are not a standard attachment, and they are usually found in food processors more than in regular mixer grinders. 



Some of the most common blades include dry grinding blades, pounding blades, wet grinding blades, whipping blades, mincing blades, chutney grinding blades, juicer blades, blender blades, and kneading blades. All these blades have different functions, so I would suggest that you buy these attachments according to your usage and the type of jars you have.

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