5 Ways to Improve Your Health at Home

We may think that in our day-to-day lives we can do no more for our health within our own homes than the own cleaning tasks we carry out on a regular basis in our homes.

For today, from Decoration, we want to bring you small gestures with which to improve our health that we may have heard or some have not even been passed through our heads. We have to talk about cleaning the air conditioning filters, the air humidifier and the water purifier for the home.


The importance of cleaning air conditioning filters

air conditioning filters

We’ll start with a classic: cleaning our air conditioners is a home health staple. Above all, we mean, of course, it’s filters. When well maintained, air conditioning appliances help us clean air from microparticles that can enter our homes such as pollen or dust, as well as stay in their filters with bacteria and even viruses. Another advantage of a good air conditioner with careful filters is the breakdown of odors. It is good for allergies and to keep our air clean. Not taking proper care of the filters of these devices, it not only makes those benefits unable to be carried out, but it is also that, in addition, the quality of the air they expel may be marked by dirt and bacteria that can contain a dirty filter.

All the benefits on allergies will disappear and our air away from being purer will be worse than simply not having any air conditioning apparatus.

Not to mention things as obvious as dripping or loss of cooling that, while obviously not good symptoms, do not affect our health.


Humidifiers: much more than keeping moisture at bay


Speaking of the air quality of our homes or offices, small humidifier appliances are becoming increasingly fashionable. These devices help us not only moisten the environment (which is a house would have to be between 40 and 60% humidity) but also has other benefits that are more unknown and equally important for the quality of our health at home.

These small appliances reduce static electricity problems, improve symptoms of respiratory diseases such as asthma, rhinitis or allergies. As if that were not enough, it serves to make walls or canvases suffer from the symptoms of moisture or lack there, such as unexpected cracks.


If you want to drink water worry-free, water purifiers are the solution

If breathing is a basic necessity, immediately afterwards you will find the simple fact of drinking water. And we may think that drinking from the tap does not have any bad consequences, and that is, thank God we live in a country in this situation does not create any health problems. But it’s also true that sometimes flavour problems can arise or we’re just suspicious of residue or bacteria, even we just don’t want to spend money buying bottled water every day.

These devices can be in different ways and placed in faucets or jugs. They are true sources of health at home. They are equipment that retains bacteria, viruses or impure substances that can be found in water, purifying it by their cartridges (which are replaceable) that carry out this action. Types differ not only in case we put them in one place or another but, for example, internal osmosis, alkalizer, on Tarja or under Tarja.

So you know, only with a few simple gestures can we substantially improve the health at home and from our day to day that cost very little, but that will give us a lot of peace of mind.

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Dr. Med. Raoul Hasert is a specialist in dermatology and venereology. He is a senior physician in Praxisklinik Dr. Hasert.

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