5 Signs of Sensitive Skin And How to Care

The definition of “sensitive skin” refers to a skin type prone to increased irritability and unpredictable reactions in response to everyday external and internal agents. Sensitive facial skin can react with its external manifestations to fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, cold wind, water, and decorative cosmetics. It tends to tighten, redness, flaring, the appearance of small itchy rashes. Women with blond or red hair, transparent thin skin, blue, gray, or green eyes are most often affected by the hypersensitivity of the skin. Such skin has a weak layer, little pigment; its sebaceous glands secrete sebum insufficiently. All this makes sensitive skin particularly vulnerable to external stimuli and internal stresses. According to surveys, two-thirds of Central Europeans face sensitive skin problems.


Reasons Of Sensitive Skin

The causes of increased sensitivity of the skin formed the basis of the classification of its main types.

  • Sudden arising, lasting for a while, and also a drastically passing state of skin hypersensitivity. Caused by a reactive condition, which the body experiences after neuropsychiatric trauma, severe diseases, medication, ecology, lifestyle.
  • Skin sensitivity occurs against the background of the pathology of internal organs (often gastrointestinal tract), infectious, allergic, skin or endocrine diseases, disorders on the part of the immune system. Reducing skin reactivity occurs after the elimination of the underlying disease.
  • Increased skin sensitivity is caused by improper care, the use of incorrectly selected cosmetics, or low-quality cosmetics.


The upper layer of the epidermis, in its function, is the main barrier to the penetration of harmful agents into the skin. The increased sensitivity of the skin is caused by the depletion of the epidermis layer and, as a result, a decrease in its barrier function. Insufficient protection from adverse external influences leads to unhindered penetration into the skin of various external stimuli. The skin’s protective function is also provided by the immune cells of the skin and the normal functioning of sweat and sebaceous glands.


Some substances, often used for cosmetic procedures or part of cosmetics, can provoke skin sensitivity. These include retinoids – vitamin A derivatives retinoids used in dermatosmetology to improve skin condition. A frequent side effect of retinoids is dryness, peeling, and redness of the skin, and their long-term use causes a special sensitivity of the skin. Among the plant components, the most common phenomena of allergic contact dermatitis are caused by extracts of arnica, rosemary, marigolds, sandalwood oil from synthetic substances, allergic reactions of skin produce preservatives, flavors, lanolin, and emulsifiers.


How To Care Sensitive Skin

Cleansing sensitive facial skin is one of the important steps in skincare. It is believed that owners of sensitive skin scrubs are not contraindicated, but this is not the case. Use them is allowed – it is necessary to help the skin get rid of dead cells and activate new ones. The main thing is to find the most delicate exfoliant. Scrubs with natural abrasives such as crushed apricot or raspberry seeds are not suitable for sensitive skin (exfoliating particles should be as smooth as possible, usually synthetic pellets). Use can not be more often than once every 7- 10 days. Otherwise, there is a risk of violation of the skin’s hydro-lipid mantle, which will lead to the emergence of new redness.

If the skin is susceptible, dermatologists recommend washing with moderately warm water. Ideally – not tap, and mineral or boiled (this will reduce the rigidity). To wash, you need to use a soft gel, milk, or foam, but not soap – it dries the skin. After washing, do not rub your face with a towel; just get a little wet. As the final stage of cleansing, it is necessary to use a tonic; it will restore the skin’s balance and prepare it for the application of care. In summer, as the final stage of care, you can use thermal water in the form of a spray, but do not forget about protection from ultraviolet light. In winter, 30 minutes before going outside, you need to apply a protective, nourishing cream for sensitive skin on the face. It will create a protective barrier against bad weather. In bright sunshine, the use of sunscreen is mandatory.


Cosmetics for sensitive skin

Cosmetics for sensitive skin

To date, the sensitive skin of the face is not a sentence to be accepted. The care of sensitive facial skin should be delicate and cleansing sparing.

As a cleansing without water for dry and sensitive skin, Confort milk is suitable – thanks to honey and almond extracts, it gently cleanses the skin and gives instant comfort. Crime-Mousse Confort with rose extract is a real salvation for the sensitive and red-prone skin who prefers water purification. Extracts of white lotus, French rose, and anise protects the skin, make it soft and give radiance.

The softening of Confort lotion with honey extract and sweet almonds completes the ritual of daily cleansing sensitive skin moisturizes it; it has a light gel texture that gives an instant feeling of comfort. The real salvation for sensitive skin will be Advanced Genifique Sensitive double-action concentrate. It eliminates irritations, redness, perfectly protects the skin from genetic, premature (oxidative) aging, from the negative impact of the environment, and activates 10 signs of youthful skin. And all these thanks to a combination of two unique formulas:


Genifique ExclusiveTM activates the production of “youth proteins” that preserve the youthfulness of the skin. A high concentration of probiotics restores the basic vital functions of skin cells; lactobacillus made Oshie soothe the skin.


The most potent plant-based antioxidant on the cosmetic market is Ferulic acid combined with vitamin one with the strongest skin protection from the environment and UV rays.


Skin balance

Immediately after application, Advanced Genifique Sensitive reduces the feeling of tightness, burning, tingling, and itching; redness becomes less pronounced. Day after day, the balance of the skin is restored; it looks absolutely healthy and better resists external aggression.

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