What is a 3 Way Suction Chimney? How Does it Work?

Do you know? According to United Nations Environmental Programme Report, Indoor Pollution in India contributes up to 52% to air pollution. And most of the indoor pollution comes from household cooking which is further responsible for 5% of infant mortality in India.

That is why a chimney is essential in kitchens to cleanse the air around. But now, kitchen chimneys have evolved with the evolution of kitchens. Now, apart from purifying air, it has other advantages.

So, with lots of options for you, you might get confused in the market. Some chimneys are specially designed to reduce noise; some are designed to offer a pollution-free environment.

But we suggest you go for a 3-way Suction Chimney if you want an all-rounder kitchen chimney. You may wonder what is it and how does it work?

Don’t worry! This article has got you all covered. Let’s get started.


What is a 3-Way Suction Chimney?

3 Way Suction Chimney

As the name suggests, it is a kitchen chimney having a suction system on three sides. It is especially invented to suck all the dust and smell from the kitchen.

Unlike traditional chimneys, a 3-way suction chimney is modern and way more functional due to multiple suction inlets on the top of the chimney.

Suction inlets present in three different angles (on edges and one mounted beneath the hood) helps in sucking all the dust particles, dirty vapors, and smell quickly, leaving behind nothing!

It keeps your kitchen clean and healthy, as it should be! There are numerous benefits of a 3-way suction chimney. Let’s understand them in detail.


Benefits of a 3-way Suction Chimney

Until now, you would have known that a 3-way suction chimney sucks all the dust particles and smell from the kitchen with its multiple suction inlets. But you may wonder then how it is different from a regular chimney?

Well, a regular chimney has motors and filters that only suck dust and oil particles, but a 3-way suction chimney sucks all the present gasses, odor, and dust particles.

Also, unlike regular chimneys, a 3-way suction chimney works efficiently within less time. Some other benefits of a 3-way suction chimney are the following:

  • 3-suction chimney has an advanced suction motor which gives no chance to smoke to blacken your kitchen’s ceiling.
  • Another benefit is that it provides a noise-free environment. Multiple suction inlets at three angles reduce noise, and that is why it is preferred in restaurants.
  • Multiple suction inlets also help in reducing the pressure on the motor. This technique diversifies the inhaling of dust and smoke. Thus, it helps in cleansing the air, not only in the kitchen but at home.
  • As it has three balanced suction systems, failing one doesn’t make the chimney useless. If somehow one suction gets damaged, the other two inlets suck all the dust particles and smoke.
  • A 3-way suction chimney is worth value. It is an innovative and modern technology to provide you the clean and neat surroundings.

Overall, getting rid of smoke vapors is easy, but 3-way suction chimneys give you a clean environment the whole day.


How Does the 3-Way Suction Chimney Work?

How Does the 3-Way Suction Chimney Work

No doubt, new technologies have changed the entire look of the kitchen. Earlier, kitchens were like jail for a person, but modern machines have made it so easy for a person to cook.

Seeing all the benefits of the 3-way suction chimney, you might be curious to know how it works? Let’s see. Well, it runs on electricity so, first of all, you have to turn on the chimney.

The 3-way suction chimney works in two stages:

Suction and Filtration to provide a super clean environment.

I Stage:

The first stage is suction, where multiple suction inlets suck all the dust particles and smoke from the entire kitchen so you can cook quickly.

The amazing fact is that these inlets are angled so that all fumes from all directions get sucked.

So, it gives no chance for a smoke particle to roam free in the kitchen. Unlike other chimneys, in a 3-way suction chimney, all the inlets have an advanced and electric motor.

In short, no gas and smells can get past away from such technique.


II Stage:

After sucking all the dust particles, gas, smoke, and vapors, the next stage is filtration. All the smoke and oil particles get filtered in the filtration stages.

And other air particles get released through the duck system installed in the chimney.

Mechanically, a 3-ways suction chimney has a different suction power that sucks waste heat, oily and greasy particles.


Suction Power:

basically measures the amount of air the chimney can suck and throw out of the kitchen. It is usually estimated in m3/ hour.

Many people think that suction power depends on the size of the family; however, it’s a myth!

The suction power of a chimney depends upon the following factors:

  • Size of Duct: It differs from home to home. But usually, it ranges from 6 feet-9 feet in this chimney.
  • Style of cooking: The suction power for non-vegetarians requires higher than for vegetarians.
  • Design and Style of Duct: A straight line chimney duct requires 700 m3/hr of suction power. However, the suction power of designer ducts ranges from 800-1200 m3/hr.



A 3-way suction chimney is best in all categories such as working, design, benefits, and environment-friendly.

One can expect a clean and pollution-free kitchen from the 3-way suction chimney. Its multiple suction inlet with advanced motor is a technology that leaves no stone unturned in removing the dust particles and smell from the kitchen.

You must have seen a 3-way suction chimney in the neighborhood, but buying it and seeing it working smoothly in front of you is a great feeling.

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