10 Must have Washing Machine Accessories for a New Washing Machine

Are you looking for ways to make the never-ending task of washing clothes better? Are you looking for hacks that can help you maintain your washing machine? Wondering what other things do you need to buy once you have purchased the best washing machine? Let me help! 

We want to make sure that we get the most out of our washing machine without causing it any damage! As a result, we must adequately equip it! 

An accessory is a helpful or decorative object that is added to complete a look. In this article, we will discuss 10 essential accessories that can come to your rescue! 


10 Must have Washing Machine Accessories

I know we don’t usually jump at the thought of running a load of laundry, and I often keep this last on my list; however, the right equipment’s can turn this taxing task into a pleasurable, manageable and organized experience! 



1. Machine Covers

Washing Machine Cover

  • You must admit that you purchase a phone cover before buying the phone. Why? Because a phone is an expensive investment, you want to ensure it is free from physical damage! Well, so is a washing machine!
  • The first accessory you should get is a washing machine cover! Dust and filth will not be able to settle in your machine if it is covered. Also, let’s say you want to put your washing machine in the kitchen or a bathroom for easy access; covers are a must! But Why?
  • Excess moisture and steam generated during cooking or bathing might interfere with the machine’s regular operation and damage the motor, which can turn out to be a costly affair. Thus, go for a waterproof cover!
  • Choose a cover made for the model you selected; the top-loading washing machines and front-loading machines have different covers with various cuts and styles to guarantee the loading door opens smoothly. Usually, covers have holes for inlet and outlet pipes along with zippers for seamless functioning.
  • If you are a pet owner or have kids, you would not want to ensure that your machine is free from random scratches and stains. A cover can do that for you.


2. Machine Stand

  • A washing machine stand can make your washing machine better accessible and easy. It can also prolong the life of the equipment by enabling you to effortlessly clean the dust and moisture that builds at the bottom of any gadget over time.
  • Any equipment that functions on electricity emits a buzzing sound and vibrations, which many people find unpleasant. Since a powerful motor is used in a washing machine, vibrations can create loud noises when it is in action.
  • Because these iron stands have vibration absorber pads, the entire operation will be smoother and more agreeable for the household members.
  • Furthermore, the stands tyres allow you to quickly relocate the machine to your preferred location without exerting additional effort.


3. Laundry Balls

Laundry Balls

  • Is it possible that you’re using too much fabric softener? Is ironing wrinkled clothes fresh out of a drier pressurizing and time-consuming? Say hello to your new best friend: Dryer Balls.
  • These mini accessories can reduce your drying time by 25%! 
  • Additionally, these balls reduce static; hence, they can help minimize the effort of straightening clothes while ironing. The struggle is real!
  • Silicon dryer balls are created to assist with thorough washing while making your outfits look softer and cleaner. 
  • These laundry balls have grooves and troughs that delicately massage your clothes and impart a soft touch to the textiles without adding any chemicals that might potentially harm the colour and material of your garments.
  • Woollen balls, on the other hand, may provide further advantages. Spritz these balls with your favourite scent or essential oil and toss them in with your clothes. 
  • The final product will have a pleasant smell, wrinkleless appearance and soft fabric!


4. Tidy Cup

  • This one is a life saviour! We have all struggled with leaking liquid detergents and softeners. To avoid spills and drips, attach these gadgets to your detergent or softener containers. 
  • The tidy cup should be fastened to the container’s sprout. The tray’s crevices prevent spills and mess! Hence, no additional cleaning after spilling accidents!


5. Laundry Bag

Laundry Bags

Are you weary of looking at the mountain of messy clothes in your laundry room? A laundry basket comes in every size and shape to accommodate the decor of your laundry room! 

  • Place it in your laundry room and toss your clothes in it! You will be surprised to see how this bag can make your room look organized! 
  • If your hamper is empty, you can store detergents, brushes, hangers, and other items in it! Who can say no to such a versatile piece of equipment like this one? 


6. Filter for Hard Water Protection

Water Filter

  • Hard water is heavy in minerals like calcium and magnesium, which can pose complications for household appliances like washing machines. Minerals in excess can react with detergents, leaving stains on your clothes! 
  • Furthermore, these minerals accumulate in the pipes and valves of your device and damage the hardware. According to an article published in Kent, hard water can reduce the life span of your washing machine by 50%!
  • Filters such as these can be easily added to your machines water supply. They remove impurities like salts or help in breaking down complex crystal particles into smaller particles that won’t damage your machine.


7. Smart Plug

Smart Plug (

  • Voltage fluctuations can occur in equipment that requires a lot of electricity to operate! It causes an increase in the flow of current, which might cause the machine motor to overheat and possibly burn. Hence, a smart plug is indeed a wise investment.
  • In the event of voltage fluctuations, the plugs will not allow power to reach the appliance, and once the voltage is perfect, it will resume the supply automatically.


8. Brushes


  • These wonders come in all shapes and sizes and can creep in every crevice and pipe.
  • A vent brush is a flexible, long brush with thick bristles that aid in cleaning tiny tubes and narrow spaces. It may help eliminate extra built-up and lint inside the dryer and machine vents.
  • A scrub brush is a relatively small brush with rough bristles that can help you clean the inner drum of the washing machine to remove excess detergents and leftover dirt and grime. 
  • Round brushes have strands all around them, and this is used to clean drain pipes and keep them from clogging!
  • A toothbrush can come in very handy when cleaning dispenser areas and lint meshes. A toothbrush can help because the spot has a lot of ridges and is relatively narrow. 


9. Laundry Lasso

Laundry Lasso

  • It is a good idea to clean your washing machines regularly. A lasso is especially beneficial for front-loading devices! 
  • Because the door on the front loading machines is at the front, it is recommended that you leave it open after cleaning it thoroughly to eliminate any strong odours and allow fresh air to enter. 
  • The door swings widely when left open, making it a dangerous plaything for kids and pets. A lasso can help you babyproof the door by securing it and allowing air to flow without making the entrance accessible to kids and pets.


10. Detergents and Descaling Powders! 


  • The more, the better? Naah! Such is not the case with detergents! We often overload on detergents and expect the cleaning process to be better; however, excess detergent can result in allergies and itching! 
  • Depending on your load, you can select the appropriate amount recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • Although liquid detergents are considered more effective since they quickly dissolve in the water, they are heavy on the pocket. Hence, if you are on a budget, a powder detergent can be an excellent choice.
  • Using cold water for washing a load of clothes can leave stains on the clothing because powder detergents cannot dissolve properly in such water. 
  • After you’ve decided on a detergent, you might want to look into descaling powders. These granules are vital since they will help your washing machine run more efficiently and last longer. 
  • Periodically running your device with hot water and descaling powder will leave you with a clean and shining drum. It also prevents blockage by removing limescale and lint build-ups.



The accessories listed above can help you in multiple ways. Pieces of equipment like descaling powders, hard water filters, and smart plugs can help maintain the machine’s overall functioning.

Adds on like a machine cover, laundry hamper, tidy cups can make your cleaning system more organized and pleasurable. 

Ensure that you have the right cleaning brushes that can prevent your clothes from smelling rancid even after washing!

Let us know if you found this article helpful. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments below which accessory changed your laundry experience.

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