10 Essentials Your Bedroom Needs Right Now

On average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. It is therefore particularly important that our bedroom is perfectly suited to the long hours we spend in the arms of Morpheus. When you set up a bedroom, what do you think of to make it a safe haven? What should it contain? What should you remember?


A mattress & a comfortable bed

This seems to flow from the source, but the quality of the bed, and especially the mattress, is paramount. It should be quite firm, but not too strong, suitable for your height and weight, not too high or too low, etc. It is true that it is an expensive item, but it will accompany your sleep for many years. Don’t hesitate to try several when you buy it, to make sure you really choose the most comfortable mattress for you.



They are not only decorative when you make the bed in the morning, but also very practical! Make sure you have a good amount of cushions and pillows so you can sit down, sit in a semi-extended position, sit on one side or the other, etc.


An armchair

Not all bedrooms are big enough, but if yours is, an armchair is always a good idea. It allows you to sit there to chat or read, put your clothes on before you sleep, put on your stockings and shoes, etc.



Your room should be customized. Choose a theme and a few colors (such as those on your bed top), then opt for objects or paintings that recall this theme, but most importantly, that you like and soothe you. However, do not overload furniture and walls with trinkets. Too many “babies” could undermine the atmosphere of relaxation needed for rest, in addition to picking up dust!


Proper lighting

Do not hesitate to have several light sources in the room: a ceiling light that lights up well to choose your clothes, bedside lamps for reading, a nightlight or a small ambient lamp when you want more intimate lighting… or candles! The important thing is to have all the options at your disposal. You can also choose to install a dimmer lamp that will adapt to all atmospheres.


From bedside tables to drawers

We always have a lot of things hanging around on bedside tables: books and magazines, hair elastics, pill boxes, etc. If your nightstand has several drawers, you can store all these items properly so that you can keep only the minimum close by. We always sleep better in a well-ordered environment.


A coat rack

Whether you choose hooks to install behind the door or a foot rack, it’s a good idea to have a place to drop off your clothes at night, rather than on the floor.


A carpet

What could be more uncomfortable than having to put your feet on a cold floor after a good night’s sleep under the blankets? To avoid this inconvenience, the solution is simple: a thick carpet will do the trick. And if you can’t afford to buy a big rug, a small rug that is placed at the edge of the bed will prevent you from waking up on the wrong foot!


Thick blinds or curtains

It’s never pleasant to wake up at dawn in a bright sun when you could sleep for a few more hours. To make sure this doesn’t happen, choose to dress your windows with opaque blinds or curtains. However, be sure to leave a slight opening so that the morning sun enters the room quietly and promotes a gradual awakening. Some people even acquire a progressive light lamp that mimics the sun’s natural tendencies.


Enough storage

Convenience, desks, wardrobes, hairdresser, etc., it all depends on the space you have and the size of the wardrobe already existing in the room. Choose good quality furniture that blends well with the decor and theme of your bedroom. Having enough storage space avoids piles of clothing everywhere.


What to avoid

The bedroom should be reserved for only three activities: night sleep, relaxation (reading, nap in the day, meditation) and sex. Everything else, such as work or important discussions, should ideally take place elsewhere in the house. This is not always feasible, but to maintain an atmosphere conducive to rest and calm, it is generally recommended not to have the following objects in the bedroom:

  • Television;
  • training equipment (stationary bike, etc.);
  • Workplace;
  • computer, games console and other tablets, smart phones, etc. (Not easy, but your sleep will be better!);
  • colors that are too bright, which excite rather than soothe. (You can have touches of bright colors in the accessories, but not on the entire walls!)
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